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Stanford University | MBA & MS in Mechanical Engineering 2014 2018

Pursuing dual degree to learn about launching and scaling breakthrough consumer products. Coursework highlights:
Interpersonal Dynamics, Entrepreneurship & VC with Eric Schmidt, courses at the, and Smart Product Design.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | BSc in Product Design, Chinese 2007 2011

Learned mechanical engineering & design fundamentals they pushed me to deeply consider layers within systems.
I can now hold a basic conversation in Mandarin. MIT has this incredible pulse you get to help invent the future.

Hustle and Play Design Studio, Creative Lead 2013 2014
After leaving my prior startup, I wanted to prove myself and recharge. So, I built a design studio in Austin, TX with my
friends. I learned about guerrilla marketing as we strove to make new products, but the studio failed as a business.
I expected the level of success Id just left, forgetting the years of work required to get beyond early sales to real growth.

I re-focused my time and re-purposed the space to do two things 1) focus on personal growth. I read a ton, ran my first
marathon, learned to fly, and had deeper conversations Id missed. 2) I invited my peers and colleagues to the studio for
weekend design retreats. I love teaching, and guiding them through the design process with our laser-cutter (mostly word
art) was a wonderful way to spend time learning with them. I wrote an article detailing that time.

Ministry of Supply Inc. (MoS), Early Stage High-Tech Apparel Startup, Co-Founder 2010 2012
I co-founded a multi-million dollar breathable business apparel company during my senior year at MIT.

Went from two of us living in a walk-in closet (6 months) to setting a Kickstarter category record: $429K. I led business
development and hiring, helped raise $400K+ from angel investors, designed our first store, and worked PR until I could
pitch in my sleep. We won $50k from MassChallenge (global startup competition), ranking in the top 16 of 1,237 teams.

This company comprises so much learning for me - on early teams, user research, and product-market fit. Leaving wasnt
easy. I gave a talk at Stanford that speaks to both the circumstances and my values.

MIT Undergraduate Thesis: Early Steps of Entrepreneurship 2011

Interviewed author Seth Godin and John Harthorne, MassChallenge CEO. The interview process taught me to listen
carefully to lessons from others experience. The thesis can be found here.

Apple Inc., iPhone 5 Design & Manufacturing, Intern 2010

I assessed how to make the speaker hole design for the iPhone 5. Working inside Steve Jobs and Jony Ives design
organization during its renaissance was so important. Apple introduced me to an entirely new level of detail and elegance.
I traveled to Foxconn in China for prototyping and surveyed manufacturing processes. The new design is still in use.


Podcast on Resilience: 2014 (prototyping) Present Interviewing entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, Olympians, and others
on what resilience means to them. The title of the podcast is Up Up! Listen here.
Vehicle Enthusiast: 2004 Present I got my drivers license at age 15. Since, Ive learned to drive stick, ride a road-
bicycle, ride a motorcycle, and fly a small plane. I love the perspective that motion brings.
Athletics: 2014 Present I have run 4 marathons. My best time thus far - 3:37:24 (Chicago 2016). Beginning to train for
triathlons. Training is (from Shoe Dog) the art of forgettingyour limitsand when [you cannot forget], you must negotiate.
MIT Interviewer for Undergraduate Applicants: 2011 Present Interviewed dozens prospective MIT students. I
enjoy hearing these students dreams and listening closely to how they hope to bring them to life.

Mustard Seed Foundation Harvey Fellow, 2015 Christian graduate fellowship for students with varying disciplines.
They approach their work as a calling. This has helped me better connect my faith and my work.
Congressional Testimony, 2013 Testified before House Subcommittee on Small Business. The testimony
Rhodes & Marshall Scholarship Finalist, 2010 One of 14 & 20 respectively selected from my region.
MIT Student Leader Award, 2010 Live Music Connection, Most Remarkable New Student Group.
MIT Luis deFlorez Award for Innovation, 2009 Awarded 3rd prize for Cool Pool. Our presentation

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