Hinckley Legacy Chapter 7.

0: Cheesy Tots
by hippielayla86

The Hinckley Family continues on with Generation 4, the cheese craze strikes, and the kids grow up! Originally uploaded on thesims2.com Exchange between April '06 and June '06

"I wonder if maybe she's finally updated it now.... *click*...*click*...*click*" Hey Kristina (aka Thinmintsim*) Whatcha up to? "Oh, just checking to see if you've finally updated the Hinckley Legacy" Well, you are in luck Kristina, it is finally here! *Writes the Trellis Legacy (which is excellent!) and is a Hinckley fan.

So... where did we leave off? Oh, right Joanne and Gavin had just hopped into bed uncharacteristically for Popularity minded sims...

Amelie and Christian were toddlers last time we were together...

"Boat is friend" aww, Gavin used to play with that same boat *remembers fondly*

"Isn't married life wonderful Joanne?" *I'm just in it for the woohoo!*

And here's our current Generation 3 heir Gavin flashing us his pearly whites, cutie isn't he?

Or maybe he was flashing his wife Joanne those pearly whites..

"Oh man, ever since last night I've had the worst head ache!" At least it's not stomach aches..

"Ah, I have an idea, I'll just go stick my head into an unknown spherical object and surely that will take away this head ache!"

Joanne.... Joanne.... are you okay? I don't think this was such a good idea darling...

"Mmmm grilled cheeessseeee"

"Amelie you're so pretty with your hair the color of cheddar" "Mommy is silly" "Did you just say Philly? As in a Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwich! How precious!"

And before I even knew it, it was time for the twins birthday.

Since Amelie was the first born, she gets the privilege of childification first.

"Me hope this no power of chweese Mommy talked abwout!"

"Ahahaha, I'm really cute!" Yes, yes you are Amelie.. and I'm so proud!

And now it's Christian's turn.

"My hand, it's still here! And... and it's bigger!"

Oh jeez, what is it Joanne.. a special broadcast about cheese and butter?

Greeeaaat. Your obsession with cheese had better not hurt this baby!

Madison, it's okay, your Mother is in a better place, don't be too sad.

"hahahhahahaha, I painted that, hahahhahahahaha" Madison has gotten a bit odd in her old age...

Houston, we have a problem! Our heir has lost his head, Repeat, Our heir has lost his head!

Gavin! Don't you ever literally lose your head again! It's forbidden!

"Hey sis, have you seen Mom's belly?" "Yeah, why?" "It's as big as a beach ball!" Hey you two, be nice!

Well... maybe it is...

"Mommy, your belly is so big" *kick* "Oww!"

"Hey Christian, why can't we ever play video games like normal kids?" Because you two need to get all of your skills out of the way before college, that's why!

"Eh... I'm not feeling so good" Just relax, take it easy...


It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's baby Ethan! With red hair and BLUE eyes! Wow!

Both of the twins continue to hone their skills...

each in different ways...

While Joanne continues on with her grilled cheese.

With a tickle,

and a toss,

Baby Ethan toddlerfies.

"I can't believe he's using my bunny!" You aren't odded out that he's glowing? "My bunny!!"

Hahaha, so, I've been having Madison plow away at all of those badges so she'll receives the Pharaoh bonus, and I just wanted to share some of her mistakes :)

"Mom, I didn't ask to have my face painted the colors of your outfit!" "Phew, he hasn't noticed his hair..." "What about my hair???!?!" "Eep!"

Aww, the twins are paying so much attention to Ethan, it's adorable!

This is in here to show that I did indeed get the twins into private school, even though nobody "wanted" it.

And then Jace came out to congratulate everyone.

Jace, really, must you scare your great grand daughter?

Ah, the life of the General, what prestige, what class.

Awww, I just love it when kids hug each other!

And just like that, it's birthday time!

"When I grow up I want to..."

Well, what did you wish for? "Shhh, I'm too busy celebrating!"

"When I grow up, I want to..."

Way to go Amelie, steal the show... please don't be popularity... please don't be popularity...

Well, well, well, it looks like you have Madison's nose.

Eek, those clothes have got to be changed! "Don't worry, I want to buy new clothes anyway, and jump on the couch, and blow bubbles, and..." All things pleasurable? "Yup, you got it!" Her LTW to become a celebrity Chef.

Sorry Christian, we missed the sparkles... "That's okay, it's not about the sparkles, it's about the simoleons. By the way, I want a bar for my birthday." *Sigh* You really do take after your Grandpa George. LTW: Hall of Famer

Your nose is alright at this time though...

And today was the triple whammy, it's Ethan's birthday as well!

And he's adorable! And still in purple.

Cheyenne, don't even think about crashing the party!

Poor kid, getting lectured by his Grandma Madison, and scared by his Great Grandmother Cheyenne.

Yes, this is Cheyenne scaring Ethan again in the same night, poor kid.

Remember what I said about the Pharaoh bonus right? Well, Madison is still working on it.

"Amelie, I see a woman in your near future..."

"A woman!!?!?!" Oops... sorry, I really didn't mean to click female!

Amelie, get over here and greet Aeryn, she's a cutie at least.

"Must eat plumb bob!!!!"

If you didn't keep on doing adorable things Ethan, I wouldn't have to keep on taking pictures of you!

Well, at least Madison got Amelie's make over to turn out all right!

And here he is... George/Big Nose... the nose plague of the Hinckleys... all he ever does anymore is play pirate in the bathtub.

Yes, I just destroyed the Hinckleys house.

But they don't seem to mind.

Especially since I built them this new house in Blue Water Village on a smaller lot in a less crowded neighborhood to hopefully help get rid of some of the lag they've been experiencing.

Here's an aerial view from the second floor, and the outdoor mausoleum at the bottom.

And then the view of the first floor with the split level kitchen.

And what's the first thing the twins do once they get into their newly decorated bedrooms-homework.

And it doesn't look like they're very successful either!

Ah, Gypsy lady, I'm sure Cheyenne and Jace won't be needing any of your services... for some reason all of the service people go to the mausoleum and ring the bell their instead of just going up to the front door. It's pretty strange.

Okay, I've got it Amelie, I'll make sure to click Male this time...

Eep... I would definitely pick Aeryn over this guy anyday... but whatever floats your boat!

I just had to put this in here because Amelie is such a cutie, despite her brown eyes, she's a total doll!

Well, at least one of them can dance...

"Did anyone see me?" I did...

"Well then check THIS out!" Oh my...

Look, it's Joanne home from work, and she's a business tycoon now, congrats.

"Dad, Dad, Dad!!" *Clink, twist, thunk* "Dad, Dad, Dad!!"

"What is the meaning of this birthday cake and these funny orange outfits..."

Hahahahaha, sorry, I just had to, don't they all look so cute :)

Sings: It made me think of Florida, and miles and miles of oranges -- "Coral Bracelet" - by April March

Just blow them out already, we've had too many birthdays this chapter!

Okay... spin a little faster...

And he's....


What is up with that NOSE?

Oh yes, this reminds me, Ethan rolled Knowledge, and he wants to max all of his skills.

"Is Amelie feeling okay son?" "I don't know Mom, we can never get close enough to her to take her temperature..."

Hahaha, Madison is "raising the roof" I never noticed that before with Rock, Paper, Scissors. hehe

"Don't stop... believin'! Hold onto that feeeeeling!" Haha! Someone else has fallen prisoner to catchy Journey songs.

And if Ethan remains attractive, Barbara shall be his wife.

"Man this is some mighty good salmon!" (42) Food (45) Tour (20) Schmooze (107/90) Total Time Left: 3:23 Now that right there should probably be a record time! Oh, Ethan wanted to get into private school as well.

Well, I noticed both of these ladies had put on a few pounds, so I decided that they needed to get into shape. "I'll beat that old woman!!!"

Joanne, those are pancakes... "And?" Where's your grilled cheese? "I wanted pancakes" grrrr

And I didn't even realize that I didn't get this career reward out of the inventory yet. Meet Audrey II the Hinckley's very own cowplant :) "Feeeeeed me Laaaayla!!!" Eeep!

These two stood there for what seemed to be days transferring over all of Madison's perks from her business life. Now Gavin is the owner of Cafe Petite, but Madison still owns two other businesses of her own.

We're getting there...

Ooh, you look positively evil Christian, and it actually suits you!

Madison and George decided to throw an Anniversary Party.

And Hunter came... yes he's still in college... sad I know...

And the party was a success!

Now the teens are just honing up their skills to get those last scholarships...

but Gavin decides to join in on the fun too.

Like daughter...

Like father! Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's not a saying... but these two are two peas in a pod!


Joanne... what did I tell you before about foods that aren't grilled cheese... "I wanted an omelet" grrrr

Madison decides to retire so she can spend all day getting that last golden badge for her/my Pharaoh bonus..

And she's got it. Apparently this look on George signifies that Madison has excellent techniques in the make over department... but Madison, we can't see his face? "Exactly"

"Yeah, I think I'm ready for college now" Scholarships: 3,750

Bye Ethan, see you soon!

"I am also ready to leave this looney bin!" Scholarships: 5,500

Bye Amelie, see you soon too!

And Christian decides to leave as well with 4,750 in scholarships.

"Gee guys, it almost seems like you want me to leave...."

Bye Christian, see you soon!

"Hey Mom, where is everybody?"

Stay tuned to see who this mystery man is... and why his picture is in here...

Now, for our final page, I leave you with Madison's freestylin' at her small cornershop (which is surprisingly a level 10 as well as her bakery), and our Legacy Point Total: Extreme Start Uneducated: 2 Heir w/ Vampire: 1 Heir w/ Sales Clerk: 1 Heir w/ Post Lady: 1 Generations: 4 Graduate w/ 4.0: 2 Graduate w/ 15 Friends: 2 Graduate w/ Net Worth > 20k: 2 Founding Greek House: 2 Time in a Bottle: 1 No Elixir of Life Used: 2 Family Business: 2 Polished Gems: 2 Ghost Color: 1 Platinum Graves: 1 Free Roaming Ghosts: 4 Net Worth 100,000k: 7 3 Friends: 13 Grand Total: 50 Now THAT's what I'm talking about! I'll see you next time here with the Hinckleys, as Generation 4 takes on Sim State University! Thanks for reading and Happy Simming! -HippieLayla86