Hinckley Legacy Chap. 7.

5: Third Times the Charm
by hippielayla86

Generation 4 goes through college and then we see their lives after college, generation 3 hits gold.
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Welcome back to the Hinckley family legacy! Last time the three generation 4 offspring were just leaving for college. If you've forgotten this house in the background is the Urele Var Greek House that Madison Hinckley (our generation 2 heiress) started while she was in college. All three children, Amelie, Christian and Ethan will be attending college together and then entering the family's Greek life.

Now this is where I have to insert that I was an idiot and forgot to move a place holder into the dorm that the three Hinckley's spent their first three years of college in... yes, I know this is the 3rd time I've done that unfortunately. And who is this? Oh Steffi Trottier, the once fake red head cheerleader who is now moving out since she's served her purpose in getting the three gen 4 Hinckleys into Urele Var.

Yes, I let Steffi have her own life after the Hinckley legacy, here she is with her college sweetheart Joe and their newborn. Aww, life is well for the family minded Steffi.

So since they twins and Ethan will be growing up, I'm just reminding you of their teenage appearances. Cuties I tell you :)

And of course Ethan's darling self as a teen. And now in order from age, I give the Hinckleys grown up.

Of course Amelie is gorgeous, no shocker there! She enters college with pleasure only on her mind.

Here we have the second oldest Christian, Amelie's twin. He thinks only of money just like his Grandpa George. His hairdo covers his ears which stick out quite a bit...

From the side he's pretty much a clone of his father Gavin. And for your sake... Ethan's a bit hard on the eyes, so prepare yourself... and don't say I didn't warn you!

Dun... Dun... Dun!!! I honestly don't know what happened to our little book worm here! I mean really.. no top lip, Jay Leno's jaw, extremely feminine eyebrows...

and that nose! Poor kid...

Just to show you that I did have some college pictures, here's Amelie writing her term paper and hopefully her these isn't about what's in her thought bubble there! Oh, I didn't have time to explain, Amelie went through a blonde phase because her love interest had the hots for blondes.

Why Amelie thought they needed two video game consoles is a mystery to me... Oh, and that gem of a chair is the result of raids too.

So remember that mystery man from the end of last chapter? Well, he's Amelie's intended. Peter is a bartender who prefers blondes, but that will change in due time :)

All three of the kids graduated with honors.

All of their aspiration points gave me another point for 30 unused elixirs of life.

Amelie re-dyed her hair back to red for a special dinner she made just for she and Peter.

Amelie had been smitten by Peter ever since her Grandma Madison introduced her to, and she knew what a good thing they had together.

Peter of course accepted Amelie's proposal. He couldn't wait to tell all of his friends.* --------------------*Peter is a popularity minded sim.

Then the party was over, and Ethan decided that the farming life was for him.

"Hey you, Creator, I have a great idea, how about we each get to tell our own stories after college since you lost all of our dorm pictures?" Sounds good to me Ethan. We'll start with you first since it was your idea :)

"Once I graduated I moved into my own little house in my family's neighborhood* and invited Carmen over right away. We had met in college when the bugs got out of hand. She understands my love for books and science so we hit it off right away!" ------------------------*Bluewater Village

"Carmen agreed to move in with me, we were both so excited to start our lives together"

"I proposed to Carmen right there on the grass, I couldn't wait a moment longer, I knew we were destined to be together forever."

"Carmen was so excited about our marriage, she went out and bought her dress at my Grandma's boutique. Although I don't understand what Carmen's shirt was all about, she kept on saying things like, 'See I am legacy material! Nobody ever gave me a chance before!'" -------------------------------Thanks JustLouisa from Boolprop for the awesome shirt that came on your blue simself :)

"Soon enough, our wedding was planned, the color theme was very classic, black and white, everyone came, Grandpa George, my siblings Christian and Amelie and of course my Mother Joanne"

"Dad showed up a bit later with my future brother and sister in laws."

"We had a simple backyard ceremony, Carmen looked so beautiful that day."

"All of my family was so excited, and happy for us" ------------------And I was amazed at their behavior, they all say down in the chairs, and watched the whole thing without any of my interference.

"The pictures turned out so well, our photographer had some great talent."

"It was official, Carmen and I were husband and wife"

"To keep with tradition, Carmen and I took out our pillows and had a rowdy pillow fight after the ceremony"

"Everyone got along so well, my family is wonderful!"

"Let's just say, the Hinckley's love their pillows!"

"9 months later, Carmen and I were expecting our first son."

"He aged so quickly, here is Calvin on his 2nd birthday"

"Before we knew it, Calvin was turning into quite a dashing young man."

"Time passed, and while Calvin was a teenager, Carmen died from exhaustion.* I miss her so much still" -------------------*Okay, okay, you got me, I used boolprop to lower her hunger bar all the way to empty to off her. It's Carmen Patch! Can you blame me? Besides, I wanted to see how Ethans interesting genes would mix with other 'pleasant' genes

"This is Murray, I felt so lonely after Carmen died that I volunteered at my lab to be one of the first men to become pregnant themselves. Murray never knew his mother*, actually, I never knew his mother either. But she gave him his beautiful turquoise eyes" -----------------------------------*An spare sim I just made one day Kayla Moore walked by Ethan's house, she's Kaylynn the maid clone, besides her hair color and eye color. I ended up boolproping Ethan pregnant with her to see what would happen.

"My Grandma Madison came over to visit me often, she knew I never really got over Carmen's early death."

"Murray continued to grow, I don't think he looks anything like me."

"He definitely didn't get my nose."

"Life moved on, and I started dating this woman I met at work named Trista. We hit it off really well. We have been together for 5 years now, Trista has moved in with us and has become a motherly figure to both Murray and Calvin"

"Both Trista and I wanted a child of our own, and since Trista works with me, she knew about my past and Murray's birth, she excitedly explained that we should both be pregnant at the same time, to share the experience."

"9 months later I was giving birth again"

"This is my third son Albert, he has blue eyes and both Trista and my red hair."

"Trista went into to birth as well"

"She gave me my first daughter Dharma"

"Time sure flies, it's Murray's birthday today."

"He has grown into such a sweet young man."

"He is currently dating his friend from childhood Odette Deppiesse*, they are already talking about their future marriage and planning out a family**. Kids these days! But this is where I'll leave you, maybe you'll see either me or one of my children back at the main legacy house!" --------------------*Odette is Leo the gardeners daughter, I wanted to see how Leo's genes would mix in with the Hinckleys, and they're a cute couple. **Both Odette and Murray are family sims.

Christian, now it's your turn to tell us about your life after college. "With pleasure"

"Well, I too inherited the family schnoz"

"Everyone says I'm a close copy of my father Gavin, but I just don't see it."

"Anyway, it didn't take me long to move into a home all of my own. I invited over my girlfriend Audrey Larreau and promptly asked her for her hand in marriage."

"She accepted of course, I had no doubt that she would, she always told me she wanted a huge family, so marriage was clearly on her mind" -------------------------Audrey is a family minded sim, with the LTW of marrying off 6 children... egads!

"Audrey has always been beautiful to me, but ever since we graduated she seemed to become even more beautiful."

"Our wedding was just around the corner, and all of the family came. We decided to stick with Ethan and Carmen's--may she rest in peace--color theme since all of the family wouldn't have to spend more money on new outfits, what a waste when they could be spending money on wedding gifts*" -----------------------*Christian is a true fortune sim at heart.

"Audrey looked so beautiful that day, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her."

"I think the whole family agreed."

"Our reception was very private, and romantic, just as Audrey had always envisioned."

"Of course Audrey and I sealed our commitment with the tradition pillow fight"

"And our family got along so well, it was a perfect day."

"Even Grandma Madison and Grandpa George joined in on the fun"

"We didn't waste any time getting started on our family after our honeymoon"

"Audrey developed a new obsession with cheesecake during her pregnancy."

"So when the day of the birth came"

"We weren't shocked at our fortune with our twin daughters Melody and Julia."

"During Melody and Julia's earliest years, Amelie came over to help out all of the time. Since she and Audrey were best friends in college as well."

"Melody and Julia hit their terrible twos, and Audrey and I were expecting again."

"Audrey's obsession with cheesecake persisted through her second pregnancy"

"We had twins again, this is Elyse"

"And this is Elliot, our first son."

"The girls soon grew up, this is Julia during her 7th birthday party."

"And here is Melody is her matching pajamas that same day"

"Elliot and Elyse soon grew up as well."

"But this time we were prepared for the terrible twos having survived it once already."

"Audrey and I are expecting again, and if she and I have twins again this will be her last pregnancy"

"This is Christian signing off! Thanks for joining me here in the bathtub. I'll be around, and have fun learning about Amelie's life next, peace!"

"Well, where do I begin? I graduated from college with a 4.0, more than 15 friends, loads of money, and the best looks of my siblings. Yup, that's right, I'm the Hinckley heiress. I'm just about ready to move home now. But first I have to grow up a bit..."

"Literally" ------------------Amelie's outfit matches her new aspiration that she rolled for her Junior year, since Jace has already given us a platinum Pleasure grave. Amelie rolled romance, and I think it fits her quite well. And fortunately her LTW is the become a professional party guest, that should be easy enough :)

"The best news is that my nose has pretty much stayed the same. I was graced with my Grandma Madison's looks"

"Back at home my Grandma Madison had invited over her friend Peter, who is also my fiance."

"That made things a lot easier, all I had to do was just formally ask Peter to move in with us now"

"He accepted of course, he was very excited to start his new life with me"

"Speaking of Grandma Madison, she started her own restaurant while we were all at college, she keeps on muttering things like 'must get tycoon bonus*... already have pharaoh...' but she's old now, so we don't ask her questions" -------------------------*With this business Madison received all 25 business bonuses, when she passes she will get me bot the tycoon bonus and the pharaoh bonus. I love you Madison!

"Although Kristina didn't seem to impressed with Grandma's restaurant."

"Dad finally learned all of the tricks of the trade from Grandma, and he is the owner of all of her businesses, the family bakery, Amelia's Closet, Madison's Diner, and her Corner Shop. Dad's really happy because he's always wanted to own 5 top 10 businesses, and two of Grandma's businesses are already a top 10 business."

"Mom is still the same as ever, obsessed with grilled cheese and Dad"

"Today is a big day, both Mom and Dad turn 55"

"Dad decided to take the leap first."

"I can't believe he actually blew out all of those candles in one breathe, it was incredible."

"All he could talk about was how he should use that out make over machine up in the attic, but I think he still looks great."

"His nose didn't even get any bigger, what a complainer."

"Mom was up next."

"Quite frankly she was afraid of what her obsession with grilled cheese was going to do to her figure."

"But she aged beautifully, I hope I'm that lucky when my time comes."

"It's finally the day of my wedding, it seems like we've been waiting forever. Both of my brother's showed up looking snazzy"

"Grandma Madison helped me get ready that day, she is a pro stylist so I wasn't worried about my hair or make up at all."

"The weather was so beautiful that day, Peter and I were so excited"

"As we said our vows I was a little nervous, could I stay true to Peter for the rest of our lives?"

"Peter didn't seem worried at all, he was so handsome that day"

"It was quite a breath taking ceremony"

"I knew Peter and I were in for a long life together, with kids and birthdays and all of that."

"We sealed our marriage with the traditional pillow fight."

"Peter and I shared our first dance together as a married couple"

"All I remember hearing is my Grandpa saying, 'Madison don't you dare, you can't do it twice!'"

"Next thing I know Grandpa is gasping, and I turned around to see Grandma doing the smustle just as she had at my Mom and Dad's wedding."

"Audrey and Christian were the only two who didn't join in on it"

"The rest of us had a blast doing the smustle"

"All and all it was a great day"

"And now I just want to stick in some of our pictures from the wedding."

"Grandpa and Grandma were so cute"

"There were hugs all around"

"I finally found Christian and Ethan inside, and we ended up having a blast together."

"The night was great, and then we left for our honeymoon"

"The whole time we were gone, Dad said he kept on getting calls from the neighbors that he needed to bring his mother inside"

"I don't see what all the fuss is about, she was just having a good time"

"On our wedding night, Peter and I get started on our future family."

"The night was so magical"

"We are currently expecting, although I'm not showing yet, both Peter and I are reading up on how to be good parents. Thanks for joining me here, and I can't wait to check back in with you later!"

And this is where I leave you, with a picture of Madison laughing at one of her paintings again, and also the legacy score up to this point. Extreme Start Uneducated: 2 Heir w/ Grand Vampire: 1 Heir w/ Salesperson: 1 Heir w/ Mail Lady: 1 Generations: 4 Graduate w/ 4.0: 3 Graduate w/ 15 friends: 3 Graduate w/ net worth >20k: 3 Time in a bottle: 2 No Elixir of Life Used: 2 Family Business: 2 Polished Gems: 2 Ghost Color: 1 Platinum Graves: 1 Free Roaming Ghosts: 4 Net Worth 100k: 7 3 Friends: 13 Founding Greek House: 2 Grand Total: 53 Not too shabby! Thanks for reading, and I hope you join us here next time for the arrival of Amelie and Peter's kids for generation 5. Thanks to all of the people at boolprop.com and at Shoo Flee for the support, you guys rock! Happy Simming, HippieLayla86