Ikara Wilpena Cultural Gathering_Flyer (6)

Standing  shoulder  to  shoulder  putting  each  others’  differences  aside  we  walk  and  talk  and   learn

 together.  It  is  only  through  the  participation  of  the  Aboriginal  people  of  the  Sacred   Land  that  true  healing  of  that  Sacred  Land  can  happen.  When  we  heal  the  land  we  heal   each  other  and  true  balance  is  created  upon  and  within  ourselves  and  the  ancient  land…..   The Earth Stewards are Gathering on Adnyamathanha Yarta Grid Point 44 in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia for a 4 Day Significant Ceremony and Walk

The  Ikara  Wilpena  Cultural  Gathering  

In conjunction with Adnyamathanha People of the Flinders Ranges You are invited and welcomed to attend the first Adnyamathanha Cultural Gathering
Hosted  by  members  of  the  Adnyamathanha  People


  When:              March  19th  (start  7pm)  to  23rd  (finish  11pm)  2013,  Autumn  Equinox  
Over  the  four  days  we  gather  to  celebrate  through  art,  music,  culture,  dance,  story,  songs  and  fire  circles   Learn  about  bushtucker,  herbs  for  wellness,  orbs,  Dreaming  stories  &  much  more   Learn  from  Aboriginal,  Maori  and  Hawaiian  Elders   Connect  with  Grid  Point  44              Eat  damper  and  traditional  cooking,  drink  billy  tea,  make  boomerangs   Prayers  for  the  Significance  of  the  Land  (Yarta)  
P   Accommodation:      book  direct  under  Ikara   Accommodation:   book  direct  under   $   Gathering  Hands  aands  around  orld   orld   Ikara  Gathering  H round  the  W the  W caravanpark@rawnsleypark.com.au     caravanpark@rawnsleypark.com.au   Options:       Options:     • Motel  rooms  (2  or  3    brm)  -­‐    contact   • Motel  rooms  (2  or  3 brm)  -­‐ contact   Margaret  on  08  8648  0030   Margaret  on  08  8648  0030   • Bunkhouse  iinc  llinen:  $175  ffor  5    nights  -­‐   • Bunkhouse   nc   inen:  $175   or  5 nights   contact  Kate  08  8  648  0008       -­‐  contact  Kate  0 8 8648  0008   • Camping:  $55  ffor  5    nights  -­‐    contact  Kate   • Camping:  $55   or  5 nights  -­‐ contact   08  8648  8648  0008   Kate  08   0008       Transport:     Bus  from  Adelaide:  Genesis  08  8552  4000     Post  event  option:  Chambers  Gorge   March  26-­‐28  tag-­‐a-­‐long  tour  $180   With  Uncle  Joseph  &  Sealotus   Own  vehicle  &  provisions  required   Bookings:  Sealotus  0477  842  684   C  

Rawnsley Park Resort, Wilpena Pound Flinders Ranges, South Australia  

Grid  Point  44,  Flinders  Ranges,  SA      

Program  Cost:   $500  (catered)  or     $335  (uncatered;  includes  open  ceremony)   Aboriginal  sponsorship  camping  option  $135   Children  under  12  years  free  (except  accom   with  family)   Per  day  $160  (catered)  or  $120  (uncatered)   Contact:  Sealotus  0477  842  684     Non-­‐refundable  deposit  $100  by  Jan  19t   Non-­‐refundable  deposit  $100  b 013   Full  payment  required  March  1st  2y  Jan  19   Sponsored  by  Hands  Around  The  World   Full  payment  required  March  1st  2013   Contact:  deb@leadershipexcellence.com.au      Contact  deb@leadershipexcellence.com.au www.handsaroundtheworld.com.au  

What  to  bring:  own  gear,  shady  hat,  1litre  drink  bottle,  covered  shoes  for  walking,  own  swag  if  you  wish,  tent  if  camping,  gifts   for  Elders,  a fully wrapped $5 gift for giveaway blanket, musical instruments, poem/song/dance/etc for talent show closing ceremony

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