The Hinckley Legacy, Chapter 14: Cass--Anova

by hippielayla86

Generation 6 of the Hinckleys continues to grow...
Originally uploaded to Exchange on October 24, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hinckley Legacy for Chapter 14: Cass--Anova! When we last met Lana had just found out that she was pregnant for the third time, Don was teaching Ed how to garden, and Cass had just learned how to talk! We're going to pick up the story right where we left off, and Lana our 5th generation heiress is going to continue to narrate for you all. If I have any comments to add in addition to Lana's narration I will add them underneath her text on the slide underneath "-----" and in italics. I hope you enjoy the chapter! So without further ado, Chapter 14: Cass--Anova

Since we last spoke Ed has developed an impressive green thumb.* He's moved on from just weeding and watering to planting some tomatoes as well. Ed really loves to be outdoors getting his hands dirty. ----*Ed has gained a bronze badge in gardening.

To go along with his fascination with plants, he's been reading everything he can put his hands on -- learning more about the world around him.* ----*Ed has taken an interest in learning how to clean, he already has 6 cleaning skill points.

Cass continues to be our little ray of sunshine. Don has been helping Cass make the transition from crawling to walking. I found them tonight in the kitchen, Cass walked the whole length of the room to Don!* ----*Don taught Cass how to walk

With another little one on the way, I've been kicking back and trying to cherish the last few diaper free months. It's been wonderful having Cass potty trained... and I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to that change. Ivy and I have been talking on the phone a lot lately -"Ivy! Glad I caught you, how have you been?" "Smashing, except for the fact that I desperately need a break! I've been running around like a mad woman lately getting Loralie to her soccer practices with Gavin attached to my leg at all hours! The little boy just won't let me alone." - Ivy laughed. "I know what you mean," I said looking over at Cass, "although Cass seems to be quite taken with her Daddy." "Lana, remember when I joked about running away to a deserted island? Let's actually do that." "What?" "Oh come on, you and Don have that great vacation house and you've only been to it once! We need a break, we deserve it."

"Ivy, I couldn't leave Don alone at home with Cass and Ed, I don't think I'd have a house left standing when I came back!" Don was now reading to Cass, "And then the Mommy said something about the Daddy not being able to keep the house from burning down. Now Cass, isn't the Mommy over reacting a bit?" "Don! I heard that!" "Cass.. the Mommy heard us" Don said while suppressing laughter, little Cass giggled, and I couldn't stop myself from smiling too. "No, no, no Lana, Don'll be fine. Plus we'll just wait until Cass and Gavin are old enough to come along, and we'll take Loralie and Ed of course, they're both quite responsible." "And the Hinckleys on the way?" "You mean the Hinckleys in our respective ovens?" -- Ivy is pregnant right now too... "Yeah, the buns in the ovens, who's going to watch them?" "I think our men are capable enough to take care of them while we're gone."

So as Ivy and I continued to chat away on the telephone planning our dream getaway to Twikki Island, Ed the man was out in the garden again. Ed met the coordinator of the Great Outdoors Club today, it seems he has a membership as well now! They should just call it The 'Hinckley's' Great Outdoors Club ;) ----*Ed has 6 points of nature enthusiasm now, and a membership to the nature secret lot. If you all remember back to the last chapter he, Lana, Don, Amelie and Peter all have a membership to the nature secret lot. It's starting to become something of a family tradition.

I finally found out what Don has been painting these last few weeks, a portrait of me. I never knew how skilled he was with the paintbrush.* ----*Don is gaining creativity points for his job, and creating Lana's portrait for the home at the same time, two birds with one pretty painted stone. ;)

The plans are in motion for our trip to Twikki Island. If Don is jealous, he's doing a really good job of hiding it. He decided to teach little Ed the Man "Hang Loose" the Twikki Island greeting in preparation for the trip. "You see son, you lift up your left leg, raise both your arms, give the love sign with each hand, and rotate your hands -- like this" Don posed himself showing off his 'perfected' greeting. It's actually quite entertaining to watch. "Dad, you're kidding right? People don't actually do that do they?" "Would I lie to you? I'm serious son, the natives really do this, go ask your Mom if you don't believe me." "Mooooom!" -- Ed said as he ran inside to find me. It took some convincing but Ed is finally willing to learn the 'hang loose' greeting now.

Cass's new favorite thing to do is to bring me book after book from the shelves in the living room, and demand to be read to. "...And that's how the little man down by the mountain learned how to sing. The end." "Again! Again!" "But Cass... Mommy is tired, aren't you tired?" I asked hoping she would take the bait and go down for a nap. "Noooo, read me again." After reading the book to Cass a second and third time, I was finally able to coax her into bed for a nap.

As I walked out of Cass's room, I felt those old familiar feelings.... The bun in the oven was ready to be born!

Meet Corin Hinckley, our new little baby boy. He's lighter than both Cass and Ed, has red hair and his father's blue eyes. He's simply wonderful!

Little Corin and I were able to spend a lot of time together getting to know each other while Ed was at school, Don was at work, and Cass was napping. He's got the sweetest little laugh I've ever heard. You know how when you're laughing really hard and then all of a sudden your laughs become silent except for your inhaling of breath? No? Well, it's hard to describe but Corin's laugh is sort of like that all of the time, he has a laugh of an old man, stuck in the body of an infant, so cute.

Here's another picture of me and Corin, I told you he was adorable... you may be seeing a lot of proud Mommy pictures from me, just a warning. ;)

When Ed got home from school, I decided to give him a haircut.* He was getting annoyed with his hair getting in his eyes, so we made it a bit shorter. Plus, less hair means he'll keep cooler in the hot weather on vacation. ----*Ed got a long overdue make over, isn't he cute?

Don arrived home from work not too much later, and sat down at the piano trying to pound out a new song. I feel like that's all Don does anymore is clunk away on the piano, or paint.* ----*Don's skilling for his job have been keeping him busy while he's at home. Masters of Crime sure need a lot of creativity skill points! Oh, and if you forgot, Don's Lifetime Want is to reach the top of the Life of Crime career, become a Criminal Mastermind.

Ed the Man still devotes his spare hours to gardening.* It seems every blue moon when I actually get some free time to head out into the garden everything is already tended to! I'm glad that Ed likes to garden, but I'm missing out on gardening myself! ----*Ed has gained a silver talent badge in gardening.

Tonight is Cass--anova's birthday. Don and I didn't have the time to plan anything big, so it's just going to be the 5 of us celebrating. On a totally unrelated subject, do you remember how Ed and I used to sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"? Well, it turns out that Cass's favorite thing to do* is also to sing! We're definitely a musical bunch. ----*Cass's predestined hobby is Music & Dance, she shares this hobby with Ed the Man (her brother), Lana (her mother), and Peter (her grandfather). It really does run in the family which is cool. But I really hope Corin has a different predestined hobby.

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cass" "--ANova!" - Ed added in. "Happy birthday, to you!" "And many mooooore." Sang Ed with another tagline.

Cass excitedly helped me blow out her candles.

And here she is, our little Cass--anova all grown up. That means we're getting really close to our vacation! I can't wait.

Now that Cass has grown up, I've begun to notice that Ed looks a lot more like me than I had realized before. He has my face shape, while Cass has Don's oval shape to her face. It's amazing how much siblings can look so different, yet so the same.

"Edmund" "Please Cass, call me Ed, no one calls me 'Edmund' you know that" "Okay Ed, so what's this I hear about a trip to an island? How are we going to get there, we can't take the train." "Cass, we be sailin' the rocky seas, tumblin, tossin turnin through the frothy depths of the ocean" Ed said with a pirate accent, and a glint in his eyes. "A ship??! Mommy is that true?" "Well, actually sweety, we're going to be going on an airplane." "Moooom you're no fun! I almost had Cass-a-dope-a here believing me!" "Cass-a-what-a?!?" Cass screamed back at Ed. "Now now you two, finish your cake like the little civilized people I know you have hiding deep down inside somewhere." -- And here it was, sibling camaraderie, both testing their boundaries seeing how much the other will put up with, and how much I'll put up with for that matter.

"But Momma aren't you going to do something about Ed-munch! He's being a big old--" "Ed-munch?" Ed laughed "Yeah, you're an Ed-munch!" "What does that even mean Cassie Lassie from Tallahassee?" "Mooooooom" "Okay you two, off to your rooms, stat!" -- I take back my comment about the diapers... at least the diapers don't have shouting contests and give each other nicknames! ;) What have I gotten myself into?

I was glad to find Cass in her room later reading a new book that she got for her birthday. Cass and Ed's little spat was nothing other than sibling taunts and jests.

Once Ed saw Cass go into her room and shut the door he turned back into the responsible book worm Don and I had come to know.

It turns out Ed wanted some help with his homework that night.

And Don was nothing but willing to help. And you may have noticed this, but if you haven't Ed finally got the chance to direct the redecoration of his room. It all started when we had to make an addition to the house when Corin was born. We were tearing down walls and had to re-paint anyway so it was the perfect opportunity. He decided to go with a "surfer dude" theme as he told me he was "geeked" to go to Twikki Island! Of course he shares a room with Risa the cat still, those two are inseparable.

It seems Ed isn't too fond of math, I never was either. Fortunately Don has a way with numbers and can explain it to him better than I could.

Speaking of the addition to the house, I'm just getting Corin up from a nap, so you can take a bit of a sneak peak into his room.

We decided to keep it simple for now and let Corin decorate it when he gets older since Ed really seemed to enjoy doing so with his room.

Once all of the chores, homework, and dinner is done we all get to have some downtime. The most popular activity lately seems to be rocking out on a keyboard. We got Ed a synthesizer for his last birthday and he's just finally started using it.

Don has been continuing to learn to play piano, tonight he played me Moonlight Sonata.* ----*Don has maxed his creativity skill.

Speaking of Risa and Ed, Ed has taken it upon himself to continue training Risa for her job. I can't believe how fast my little guy is growing up!

Since Ed has been spending more time with Risa and with his synthesizer lately, it's actually given me the chance to tend to the garden for once! Although, I think my time with the garden may be shortened again, Cassanova followed me into the greenhouse this afternoon.

She said that she wanted me to teach her how to garden too. "Momma, am I giving the plant enough water?" "Yes dear, now move onto the next one." "Momma, does this one need water too?" "Yes dear" "Momma, how can you tell?" "Well the dirt is dry, and the leaves are a little wilty." "Hey Momma, how do you know the dirt is dry?" ....This went on all afternoon, but eventually Cass stopped asking me about every single plant before she watered it, and thank goodness for that!

Tonight is Corin's first birthday! We are all extremely excited, we've invited a lot of the family over to celebrate.

Being a Saturday, our afternoon was pretty quiet. Don and I had some time to catch up on some reading while the kids entertained themselves pretending to clean their rooms.

Before we knew it, it was seven o'clock and everyone was beginning to arrive. Ivy was one of the first people to arrive. She's still pregnant, so I decided to tease her a bit: "Hey little one, yeah you in there, you ready to come out yet? Your Momma and I want to go on a vacation so hurry it up already!"

When Ivy and I went inside we found Cass chatting away with Mom. "Grandma! Did you know that I made $5 yesterday! All I had to do was rake the leaves. It wasn't that hard, and I would've done it for $2, but don't tell that to Momma, promise?" "Of course dear" Mom said as she winked at me. Ed had found Lizzie, and she bent down to give him a hug. "Ed the man! Come here big guy, your Momma told me that you got a cool new synthesizer, you better give your Auntie Lizzie a tour of your new room too." "Did Momma tell you that I got my own desk, and bookcase, and that I taught Risa how to sit up?" "No she didn't, but that's awesome" Risa did her own welcoming, running up to my best friend Molly begging to be picked up. Lacey was also there.

Ed got carried away with his tour, and decided to show his Aunt Lizzie the greenhouse in full bloom as well. When it was time for Corin to blow out his candles, I called outside to them finding Lizzie twirling Ed around in the air.* My little sis will make a great Mom some day, but don't tell her that I told you that! ----*I'm in love with the new interactions that come with Apartment Life, right before Corin's party is when I installed the new EP, so you'll start seeing some features from it. Lizzie's dress is one the outfits that comes with Apartment Life as well, which I think is pretty cute.

We all surrounded Corin as Don held him up to his birthday cake and blew out his candles.

When Corin twirled into toddlerhood, I could barely believe how cute he was!

He immediately went over to his Uncle Luke and demanded some attention. "Hey there little guy, you've got a pretty cute outfit there." Corin giggled back with his old man laugh.

Dad and Cassie had a conversation about music over a piece of cake. "Grandpa, now that Corin has grown up do you think Mommy and Daddy will still have time for me?" "Ooh sweetie of course they will!" "Good, because I was getting worried... I'm starting to get a bit out numbered by boys here." "That's what makes you special though sweety, all of you are special in your own way, and we all love you very much. If you're worried about feeling left out, just take a look at your Aunts and Uncle Luke. Your Uncle Luke was the only boy of 5 kids, and he and your Aunts and Mom get along really well. You have nothing to worry about." "I don't know Grandpa... Ed calls me 'Cass-a-dope-a' sometimes... and I don't like it." "Oh, he'll grow out of that. Now quit worrying over nothing sweety, and just enjoy your childhood, it goes fast." "Thanks Grandpa" ----*This has nothing to do with Cass and Peter's conversation, but check out that ceiling! Thanks Apartment Life! lol

Ed was the first one to head to bed that night. The rest of us ended up staying up pretty late.

Corin included, he has pretty much monopolized my brother Luke all night long. What a little attention hog! :)

So much so that Luke was one of the last people to leave that night.

But once he did, Corin's appetite for attention didn't subside and he sought out his Daddy out for more attention. The two of them spent over 15 minutes playing peek-a-boo,* it was too darling I couldn't help but watch! ----*Peek-a-boo another ridiculously cute interaction that came with Apartment Life.

It wasn't all fun and games though, before Don and Corin went to bed that night, Don tried his hand at potty training Corin.

And then Don tried to get Corin to pronounce his first words.

It took some coaxing, but Don finally got Corin to speak his first words: "Corin, say 'high ... chair'..." "Hi care?" "High chair" "Hii char" "Hiiigh chaiiir" "Hi chair!"

Don even got Corin to say 'Dada' "Corin, who am I?" "Dada!"

Don sure tuckered the little guy out. Corin slept very soundly that night.

I was the first one up the next morning, and so I decided to head out to the garden for some peace and quiet.

It scared me witless when I saw Corin enter the greenhouse alone! The little guy had woken up, and made his way out to me...

He had however made it out here just fine, so I decided to continue gardening for a little bit. Corin was watching my every move, though he occasionally got distracted by some ladybugs.

The peace and quiet didn't last for too long, Corin was starting to get fussy.

After a few hugs and a short game of peek-a-boo I decided to head back inside with Corin and wait until Don woke up in order to go back out and do some more gardening.

For some reason our maid BJ doesn't go near Risa's cat bowl* while he's here cleaning the house. So I decided to clean Risa's bowl before Ed got a chance to do it today. I had a strange feeling that BJ was staring at me so I decided to head back out to the living room and read for a little while. ----*Maids are very aggravating to me, why oh why didn't they make it so the maids would pick up smart milk bottles, clean pet bowls, pet beds, litter boxes and other pet related items.

When I went looking for Corin with a bottle of smart milk, I found him in Cass's room playing with some blocks. He's quite an inquisitive little guy. I was just peeking in on him when the phone started to ring...

It was Luke, "Hello?" "Lana, it's your big brother Luke" "Hey, how's it going?" "Well, you're an Auntie again!"

"Ivy had the baby??" "Yes she did, and he's simply wonderful, a bouncing baby boy." "Wonderful! What'd you name the little guy?" "We named him Emmet." "That's a great name, I love it! I can't wait to meet him. I miss you guys." "Well, you'll see us soon enough at Lacey and Sam's wedding." "Oh shoot! That's coming up quickly isn't it?" "Yeah, just a week away now."

Both Don and I are really proud of Cass, she's excelling so well with everything in school. She gets straight A's, she plays violin in the school orchestra, and gets along great with her peers. She's been doing so well, that we've been thinking about enrolling the kids in the private school I went to when I was younger, really help them get a head start for college.

Speaking of Ed, he's doing great as well! He has been getting straight A's as well (with some help from his Daddy with math), he plays piano in the jazz band, and he's been talking about joining the school dance team. I've been joking with Don that it's because his hormones are starting to kick in.* ---*Ed is only a few days away from his teen years.

The kids are sort of opposites when it comes to their favorite subjects. While Ed needs help with Math, Cass asks me for help with her writing class.* I'm just glad that Don and I are opposites when it comes to that too. ---*Lana taught Cass how to do her homework.

When Cass and Ed aren't studying their busy spending time with their little brother. Whenever I can't find all three of them, they're in Cass's room coloring together. "Today in jazz band, Nicole asked me to join the dance team..." "But Ed, you'd be the only guy! Do you know how much I'd get teased having my brother on the dance team!" "Nah, it's not like that, I'd be even cooler for it.... Corin! Stop laughing." "Ed is gunna dance" *snort* "Only boy" "Corin!" this time it was Cass telling our youngest to stop giggling at his older brother, no matter how much Ed may get teased, I know Cass would always have his back.

"I just think it would be fun." - Ed said firmly. "Okay, then do it." "I will!" ---And now we're going to take a short break from the main family, for an update on the generation five spares.

Heading on over to Lacey and Sam's house we find Lacey doing what she does best. "Look at me! Look at me! I'm a successful, powerful woman! And I'm going to get married tomorrow!" "Good luck with that weirdo" Lacey tends to scare away some of the neighbors with her exuberant displays of dominance.

Speaking of her wedding, here you can see Don, Cass and Ed all dressed up for the ceremony.

And here's a quick picture of Gavin and Loralie. Ivy and Luke's children. They and their mother Ivy will be going on vacation soon with Lana, Ed and Cass. Don't they look cute all dressed up?

And of course here's some pretty wedding pictures because sim weddings are one of my favorite things to set up and take pictures of. :)

I will tell you though that community lot weddings aren't the way to go if you're planning on inviting a lot of guests. Half of the party left before Sam and Lacey's exchanged "I do"s because the lot had reached its maximum capacity of sims. But instead of the random townies leaving, Some of Lacey and Sam's family members left including the bride's parents and everyone except for Lana from the main legacy house. I was annoyed.

That didn't keep Sam and Lacey from having a great wedding though. They're so cute together!

Heading on over to Leah and Kaylynn's house, we can see that the twins have grown up. Natalie spends a lot of time these days fixing up this old junker, gaining enthusiasm in her predestined hobby of tinkering.

While Maia spends time hunting down boys fulfilling her pleasure aspiration. Oh, he's kind of cute actually!

I think he's a keeper Maia!

Nova their younger brother has grown up too. It appears he's gotten his mother's small nose and mouth while inheriting his alien father's exaggerated face shape and eyes. He's pretty cute though in an odd sort of way.

Taking a trip over to Luke and Ivy's home we find a grown up Emmet and Loralie playing away on their own activity table. Can you tell that its one of my new favorite objects? ;)

Next stop is Lacey and Sam's house. The couple had both been wanting to get a puppy, so I let them adopt little Suzi here. I don't usually play sim dogs, so this should be fun.

As you can see Lacey and Sam are expecting, they didn't waste anytime trying to get pregnant. Lacey's favorite food during her pregnancy has been blueberry pancakes. A cool custom food I downloaded from MTS2, a clone of the regular pancakes.

Jump forward a few days and Lacey is quite happy with her pregnant self.

And here's the first glimpse of Sam and Lacey's first child, Gabriel.

He's got red hair and light blue eyes I think. Very cute, little man, little Gabe. Also note Lacey's humungous nose in the corner of the picture.. I wonder who's schnoz this little guy has.

So I decided to get Lacey and Sam a butler to see how well they work. So far so good, instead of feeding a baby with a stinky diaper a bottle like a nanny would, he actually takes Gabe in for a diaper change. I'm impressed.

But he drops the ball, er, the baby, and by drop I mean, he does a major no-no and puts Gabe on the floor. Poor Gabe.

Fortunately Daddy was there to save his little Gabe. Apparently the butler thought cleaning up a dirty dish was a more pressing task than making sure a baby was comfortable in bed so as not to be walked on. *eyeroll*

Lizzie Hinckley, Lana's younger sister, and Orion Dreamer are still in college at SSU.

They're madly in love, and doing great with classes, they're now in their second year at university.

I think a proposal is in their near future... Now let's get back to the main story, Lana will be doing the narration again.

Now that Emmet is a toddler, it's time to get ready for our trip to Twikki Island. So I hopped on the computer tonight and booked us a flight to leave tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

Tonight as Ed was playing away on his synthesizer Rose from the My Muse - Music & Dance studio to admit him as a member. I guess he'll be able to impress his friend Nicole after all!

Cass does a lot of practicing on her violin in her free time in order to keep her first chair spot. Her violin is her pride and joy. ---This is sort of random but, that violin is way too small proportionately to Cass... I can't imagine how funny it's going to look when she's a teen or older playing it when it's already too small.

Don got his big promotion* today at work, don't let his expression fool you. ---*Don was promoted to Criminal Mastermind today which was his LTW, so he's permanently platinum now!

To celebrate he bought himself an old junker for dirt cheap that he's decided to put back together in his free time. He's been talking about maybe quitting his job... we'll see though, he's a workaholic.* ---*Don is a fortune sim, but I don't really see him as a criminal mastermind, he may switch careers soon.

We arrived on Twikki Island today, it was a bit rainy but we're all excited nonetheless.

Ivy, Loralie and Gavin arrived shortly after us. "Lana! Isn't this great! It's so beautiful here!"

I have to admit, I kind of forgot how beautiful it was here, I'm really glad we've come. Although I wish Don were here with us too... Maybe once all of the kids are grown up and out of the house we can take a trip here together again, alone...

And this is where Chapter 14: Cass--Anova comes to its end! Thank you so much for reading my chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to drop in next chapter for some vacation adventures, Cass and Ed's teenage years and a new addition...

To the family! "Why is that I'm always pregnant on vacation! Gah!" Yes that's right, Lana and Don are expecting for their final time. Thanks again, and happy simming! -hippielayla86

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