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H.No:D1-116, Staff Colony, Post:Basantnagar, Dist: Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh-505187.

Career Objective

To give full energy and dedication to the work by building up my skills and experience which allows me to scope for upward movement.

Academic Qualification University/Board Institute Of Study Specialization Year Of Passing Percentage

M.Tech J.N.T.U C.M.R COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Power electronics 2012 67

Academic Qualification University/Board Institute Of Study Specialization Year Of Passing Percentage

B.Tech J.N.T.U Jyothismathi Institute of Technology and Science E.E.E 2010 60.32

Academic Qualification University/Board Institute of Study Specialization Year Of Passing Percentage

Intermediate Board of Intermediate Education Narayana Junior College M.P.C 2006 70.8

Academic Qualification


Personality Traits  Good Team leading skills. .  Got 1st prize in District Level Basketball competition conducted by NAIPUNYA on behalf of Engineers day in Graduation.  Good organizing skills.  Won prizes in various activities at school and college level.  Ability to work cooperatively with good communication.  Reading books. Windows-7.C 2004 80 Technical Skill Sets SKILL TYPE Languages Operating Systems Others SKILL NAME C.University/Board Institute of Study Specialization Year of Completion Percentage Board of Secondary Education India Mission Secondary School S.S. Windows-98. Hobbies & Interests  Playing Basketball and table tennis. Embedded Systems(8051) Extra curricular Activities / Achievements  Participated in "Tech-Fest". conducted in the college in B. Windows-XP MS-office.Tech 2nd year.magazines  Developing public speaking skills. Embedded C.

2.V DISHORE) . Personal Information Father’s Name Date Of Birth : : Shri S. DS1307 real time clock 2. Micro C Flash for dumping the code. Keil microvision for writing source code. Major components used: 1.Theline losses and reactive power is being minimized. Hindi. Software tools used in programming: 1.V Dishore 6th june 1989 English. Involved in the development of code. Single Indian Languages Known : Marital Status Nationality Date : Place : : : (S. 2. Analysing the function of various components used. tamil and Malayalam.IMPROVE THE VOLTAGE PROFILES USING STATCOM The main concept of this project is to improve the voltage of a transmission line when statcom is being connected to the line.Project Details TITLE: FOUR JUNCTION TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL BY EMBEDEDSYSTEMS This project takes over the task of traffic automation. It replaces manual switching of lights and other major electronic equipments. AT89C51 microcontroller . Telugu. 3. Role in both the projects: 1. PCB wizard for schematics. TITLE: OPTIMAL CONTROL OF REACTIVE POWER AND NEGLECT REAL POWER LOSSES.

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