Monday 21 to Tuesday 22 June 93

I was in a house, a big & old house with Pedro & Pablo, and there was some kind of a problem that people outside the house had with us, something like police or rangers or mounted police or sheriffs. Any way they were trying to get inside the house to get to us. We were in the third floor of the hose looking at them surrounding the house and trying to coordinate their action to storm the house from every side, but they could not see us. At one point they started to get closer and forcing entry points. We ran downstairs to the basement to another exit but when we got there looking outside we realized that some rangers were keeping the exit under surveillance with 3 or 4 rangers a few yards outside from the exit & we could hear the rest already upstairs coming down to get to us. we ran under the stair well which was made out of steel (like the fire escapes in N.Y.C.) to hide, but it was impossible just to be there because they could see us through the holes in the steps, so we camouflaged ourselves with lots of trash that was under the stairs, mainly paper and bottles. When we finished burying ourselves in the trash we saw from underneath the rangers feet coming down the stairs and getting to the exit just to ask the other rangers outside if they had seen us, realizing that we had not left the house yet. Pablo & Pedro got scared when they saw the rangers turning back to where we were and told me to run with them. I was more scared & somehow I knew that if I didnÕt move I would not be perceived by them. Pedro & Pablo left the trash running making & mess of flying paper & clinking bottles which called the attention of the rangers who started running after them in their pursuit. Most of the rangers took after them except one who stayed behind looking for me (or somebody), by the time he was close by I realized he was going to get to me so I got up & left through the original exit that we wanted to use which was not guarded anymore because the rangers outside had gone in pursuit of my friends as well. This gave me the opportunity to exit and I started running like hell through a city that looked like Harlem with this one ranger behind me. We ran for a long time, the ranger closing on me more & more until he was probably at one arm & a half from catching me when I crossed this one street that I knew somehow it was my salvation. Effectively, at the moment I crossed the street (or a line on this street) I went through an incredible transformation, I became a very big Monster, stopped, turned arround and grabbed the policeman wrapping his whole body (by his navel) with my hand and bringing him close to me looking at his eyes to realize that it was the Devil, I started running back to where we coming from with him in my hand, happy to have the Devil in my hand & knowing that he could not harm me if I didnÕt let him loose. I ran to the south limit of the city & when I got there I looked at him once more, and I took a bite out of him, chewed on it, gulped it down, and then I eat the rest of him, & gulping him down. I was very happy judging by my smile, getting rid of my problem, at this soothing moment I waked up.

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