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Concentrate the tense of Question Speak on different topics, Record, Listen back. Do it until sound interesting Its ok to ask repeat the question from examiner Highlight important key words Dont worry unable to read everything beginning. My ear will be tuned when I try so. Dont get lost at the beginning; Try to listen for answer 2 questions at once. Will help to get 2nd although I missed 1st question And read ahead in the time given to check answers of previous section. Do only check spellings. Leave the rest as it is Use abbreviation during test & convert them to full at the end of listening test. Listening in IELTS for specific info. is much different from listening news (Global info.)

Predicting the article may be about using title + Subtitles (even prediction is wrong, trying helps focus on the exercise; Calm my nerves & allow me to think clearly ) Write down Negative, Positive, Neutral, Words coming to my mind. With <1 min-must Skimming paragraph for global info. Looking Clearly @ Topic Sentence Reading questions before skim; But Dont Read ----False/True/Not Given, MCQ, Matching Sentence Endings, Matching features, Finding Paragraph Headings Dont stop if unknown word is found. This will only Slow Me Down Reading 1st & Last Sentence of the Para----------work well for best headings matching type

Scanning for specific info. Underline Clue words (Key Word)in the question Then Move my Eyes Quickly around the page filtering around the text, back & forth, up & down Read Less & Search More for a word, a Phrase, a name, a number

Guessing the function of unknown words from context. Whether noun, verb, adverb, adjective Referencing Answering Difficult Questions Try to Summarizing & think in different way

Try to ParaPhrase Difficult Questions -saying idea using different words Using Synonyms Antinomy+ negative Grammar Phrase If Question says one answer may repeats (Like in filling blanks), it definitely will at least for one answers Try to Identify the Nature of the question & Locate the Answer easily What- at the beginning of the relevant Para, Why- at the Middle of the relevant Para, How at the end of the relevant Para Try to Answer half of questions without looking back to passage Pay attention to controlling idea of the question (Eg. Name Vs Name Classification) For summary completion, find reference point from one answer 1st Try to answer logically for some questions

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Cause and effects expression Using VERBS Causes Leads to Results in

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