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**************************************************************************************** Created by "Mash" Matt Wells 08 October 2012 Links to the latest version can be found here: No Mutants Allowed Forum Vault Tec Labs Wikia

This program modifies "falloutw.exe" in memory for the purposes of increasing the visual resolution, playing in a window and other enhancements. It was compiled with "Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003" using the DirectX Oct 2006 SDK . It should work well on Windows 98 and above. And was tested using "Windows 98se", "Windows XP sp2" and "Windows 7 Home 64bit". Using this patch may require the installation of the DirectX redistributable package. Just download the latest version from Microsoft. This goes for Windows Vista and above users as well, as these OS's don't come with the complete DirectX package. Currently Supported versions of the "Falloutw.exe" are: US 1.1 TeamX Patch 1.2 (Executable included in TeamX's Fallout 1 patch) Fallout Restoration Mod 1.2 (Executable included in Wasteland Ghost's Fallout 1 mod) Polish 1.2 Fallout Collection (PC DVD) WHITE LABEL 1.2 Some other versions will also work but will be recognised as one of the versions listed above.

For Mod Makers

Please feel free to include the Hi-res Patch in your Mod, no permission is required. Replace or modify any of the included art or settings to your liking. I only ask that you don't sell it or pass it off as your own. Keeping this ReadMe intact and maybe a mention in your own documentation would also be nice :).

Table Of Contents 1. Fallout1 High Resolution Patch Contents 2. Un-installation of previous versions of this patch 3. Installation 4. Known Issues 5. Troubleshooting 6. Main Config file "f1_res.ini" 7. Map Edges 8. Custom Art 9. Thanks 10. Contributors

1.Fallout1 High Resolution Patch Contents

"Fallout1_High_Resolution_Patch_v4.0.2.exe" self extractor contents f1_res_Config.exe GUI for setting up the hi-res patch. f1_res.dll Modifies "falloutw.exe" for higher resolutions. f1_res.ini Configuration file for the Hi-res Patch. data (folder) Fallout1 data folder containing Hi-res Patch art and map edge data for all original Fallout1 maps. f1_res_README.rtf f1_res_change.log Extras (folder) This Read Me Details changes made to the patch from previous versions 'ScrnSet.msg' - An example MSG file containing text for the Screen Settings Window.

2.Un-installation of previous versions of this patch

Although not absolutely necessary, the following files should be deleted from your Fallout installation folder: US11.res ,TEAMX12.res. (from a very old version). f1_res_patcher.exe (replaced by f1_res_Config.exe) If present the "f1_res" folder should also be deleted, the contents of which are no longer used. Any other files listed in the Contents section above can also be deleted.

3. Installation
Step 1. Extract to Fallout1 Copy the "Fallout1_High_Resolution_Patch_v4.0.2.exe" to your Fallout1 installation folder. Double-click the "Fallout1_High_Resolution_Patch_v4.0.2.exe" it should extract to your current folder.
Note: Windows Vista and above users should have Fallout1 installed somewhere other than "Program Files" due to the restrictions these OSes put on that folder. I personally install my old games under "C:\Games\". Note: If you have installed a previous version of this patch, you may be asked to overwrite some of the files listed in the Contents section above. Answer YES to overwrite files.

Step 2.

Patch "fallout1.exe" to load "f1_res.dll and adjust Display Settings" Double-click the "f1_res_Config.exe" to start the Hi-Res Patch Configuration program. Click the "Enable" button at the bottom of the window to enable the Hi-Res Patch. Then adjust the display settings to your liking clicking the "Done" button to finish. The game is now ready to play. The resolution and other settings can also be adjusted via the in-game "Screen Settings" window, which can be opened by clicking the "Options" button on Fallout's Main-Menu screen.

4. Known Issues
Resizing the window in Window mode can occasionally cause some graphical glitches, depending on what interface is visible at the time. Most of these are pretty harmless and will reset themselves if you close and reopen the affected interface. e.g. Subtitles can be

temporally lost when resizing while playing movies. In Direct Draw 7 Mode, switching between fullscreen and windowed via the in game settings can occasionally result in a crash. I'm not sure what the problem is there, but for the DDraw7 Mode it's probably best to use the "F1_res_Config.exe" to switch between fullscreen and windowed. The DirectX 9 mode does not seem to have this issue.

5. Troubleshooting
Error: "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_31.dll was not found". This version of the Hi-res patch requires DirectX "October 2006 version" or above. Grab the latest DirectX redistributable package from Microsoft. Windows 98 users should grab the October 2006 version of the DirectX redistributable as I believe that was the last supported version for that OS. Fallout2 is not starting after setting the resolution via the in-game menu. Run the "f1_res_Config.exe" to try different display settings. Display settings can also be changed manually by editing the "f1_res.ini" with a text editor, e.g. Notepad. The Hi-Res Patch Graphic Mode keeps resetting to 0 "Basic Mode". This is probably because you have one of Sfall's graphic modes enabled. To use the Hi-Res Patch Graphic Modes you must first disable Sfall's. Open the "ddraw.ini" with a txt editor and under the [Graphics] section set Mode=0.
Note: Development of Sfall for Fallout1 was abandoned some time ago and consequently Sfalls Graphic modes are not compatible with the hi-res patch.

The 'Screen Settings' button is not visible when pressing the 'Options' button. Re-run the"f1_res_Config.exe" as in Step 2 of the Installation section above. If the Hi-res patch is installed correctly at the bottom of the window you should see this message "The Hi-Res Patch is Enabled". If not click the "Enable" button to install the Hi-Res Patch. If using a non-English version of Fallout1 the menu text may not be installed properly. Copy the 'ScrnSet.msg' file found in the 'Extras' folder to "<your Fallout1 install folder>\data\text\<your language folder>\game\". You may not have the proper DirectX version installed. See the above Troubleshoot: "Error: "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_31.dll was not found"."

The above problem can also occur using Fallout US Version 1.1 in Windows XP. Setting Compatibility Mode to Windows 95 seems to fix this. Instructions: 1. Right-Click your "falloutw.exe" and select Properties. 2. Click the Compatibility Tab. 3. Check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" 4. Select Windows 95 from the drop down list below. 5. Click Apply.

6. Main Config file "f1_res.ini"

This is where your current screen resolution and other settings are stored. Many of the below setting can be adjusted using the "f2_res_Config.exe" or the in-game menu. The "f1_res.ini" file is divided into nine sections MAIN, EFFECTS, HI_RES_PANEL, MOVIES,

MAPS, IFACE, MAINMENU, STATIC_SCREENS and OTHER_SETTINGS. MAIN Graphics Mode (GRAPHICS_MODE=1) There are three graphic modes: GRAPHICS_MODE=0 "Basic mode" Only the fullscreen resolution can be adjusted using this mode, other display settings have no effect. GRAPHICS_MODE=1 "Direct Draw 7 mode" Display output rendered using Direct Draw 7. GRAPHICS_MODE=2 "DirectX 9 mode" Display output rendered using DirectX 9. 2X Scaling (SCALE_2X=0) Set to 1 to enable scaling the game to twice the size. May come in handy for large displays. It requires a screen resolution 1280x960 or greater. Windowed mode will require a little more space for the window border. Fullscreen Dimensions (SCR_WIDTH = & SCR_HEIGHT =) Set your custom fullscreen resolution here. Fullscreen Colours (COLOUR_BITS = 8) Can be set to 8 for 8bit colour (default), 16 for 16bit colour or 32 for 32bit colour output. Fullscreen Refresh Rate (REFRESH_RATE=0) Set to 0, the refresh rate is set by the driver. Otherwise set your fullscreen refresh rate here. Enable\Disable Window Mode (WINDOWED=1) Set to 1 to play the game in a resizable window. Window Mode Data (WIN_DATA=0) This setting is a block of data relating to window size and position and should not be modified here. EFFECTS Black and White TV Mode (IS_GRAY_SCALE=0) Play the game without colour. This was Pixote's wacky idea, to give the game that 1950's feel. To enable set to 1. HI_RES_PANEL Display List Descending/Ascending (DISPLAY_LIST_DESCENDING = 1) Here you can set the order of the resolution list in the Screen Settings Window. Descending order by default. MOVIES Movie Size (MOVIE_SIZE = 1) Here you can set how the movies are displayed. If set to 0, Movie will display at its original size. If set to 1, Movie will stretch to fit the screen while maintaining its aspect ratio. If set to 2, Movie will stretch to fill the screen.

MAPS Enable\Disable Edge Clipping (EDGE_CLIPPING_ON=1) Set to 1 (On by default). This setting clips the area beyond scroll edges when the screen resolution is greater than the map being viewed. Set to 0 to disable. Ignore Map Edges (IGNORE_MAP_EDGES = 0) Set to 0 (Off by default). If set to 1(On) this setting ignores the map edges preventing you scrolling outside the playable area of a map. Ignore Player Scroll Limits (IGNORE_PLAYER_SCROLL_LIMITS= 0) Set to 0 (Off by default). If set to 1(On) this setting ignores the scroll limits from the player set below by the variables SCROLL_DIST_X and SCROLL_DIST_Y. Player Scroll Distance (SCROLL_DIST_X & SCROLL_DIST_Y) By default the scroll distance from the player is set to the screen edge + 1 tile in both directions. Setting a distance less than the screen edge can cause problems. Path Finding Range (NumPathNodes = 1) Extends the path finding range by increasing the number of nodes used for plotting the path. The number of nodes equals the value of "NumPathNodes" multiplied by 2000. eg. 1=2000(original), 2=4000, 3=6000 ..etc. up to 20=40000(max). Each block of 2000 nodes requires an additional 160000 bytes (156.25 KB) of memory, with the maximum of 40000 nodes requiring 3200000 bytes (3125 KB). Enable\Disable Fog Of War (FOG_OF_WAR=0) Set to 1 to enable the Fog Of War Mod. This option darkens scenery, walls and floor tiles on the area of a map not yet seen by the Player Character. It completely hide all other objects until discovery, with NPCs only visible when in line of sight of the Player Character. It also prevents the mouse "look at" function from seeing undiscovered stuff. This option is best enabled before entering a map for the first time as it uses the object discovery flags already built into the game for displaying stuff on the local map viewer. Enabling this after entering a map will look weird, as discovered objects will be visible while the floor tiles below them will still appear darkened. Adjust the Fog Of War light level (FOG_OF_WAR=4) Adjust how dark the fog appears. Light level ranges between 1-10 with 1 being the darkest. Setting this to 0 will display everything at normal light level and allow undiscovered scenery and walls to respond to the mouse "look at" function. All other objects will remain invisible until discovered by the Player Character. IFACE Height of the Viewable Map Area (IFACE_BAR_MODE = 0) By default the Viewable Map Area will sit above the Interface-Bar. Setting to 1 will lower the bottom of the Viewable Area to the bottom of the screen. Side bar graphics will be disabled in this mode. Iface Side-Bar Graphics Art (IFACE_BAR_SIDE_ART = 2) Sets which optional art is used to fill the spaces either side of the Iface-bar. Options are: Set to 2 (default) for the Leather Pipboy Belt art created by me. Set to 1 for the Corroded Metal art created by Simon Rawlins(Pixote). Set to 0 for no side-bar art (Black).

Iface Side-Bar Graphics Orientation(IFACE_BAR_SIDE_ORI = 2) If set to 2 the Iface-bar side graphics extend from the Iface-Bar and are cut off where they meet the Screen edges. If set to 1 the Iface-bar side graphics extend from the Screen edges and are cut off where they meet the Iface-Bar. Interface-Bar Width(IFACE_BAR_WIDTH = 800) If set greater than 640, the Interface-bar will be widened to the set value allowing for a larger area to display game messages. If new Interface-bar art exists with a name matching the new width, this art will be used in place of the original. If no new art is found the original art will be stretched to fit the new width. Replacement Interface-bar art uses the naming scheme "HR_IFACE_800.FRM" where 800 is the width of the new art. This new art should be placed in your Fallout data folder under "\art\intrface\".
Note: New art (Created by Continuum) at a width of 800 pixels has been included in the patch.

Interface-Bar Alternate Ammo Metre(ALTERNATE_AMMO_METRE = 0) Set to 1 or above to enable an alternate ammo metre. More info available in the "f1_res.ini" file. This was created for a bit of fun and may change in future versions of this patch. MAINMENU Main-Menu Size (MAIN_MENU_SIZE=1) Here you can set how the Main-menu is displayed. If set to 0, Main-menu image will display at its original size. If set to 1, Main-menu image will stretch to fit the screen while maintaining its aspect ratio. If set to 2, Main-menu image will stretch to fill the screen. Use Hi-res Images (USE_HIRES_IMAGES=1) If set to 1, Hi-res background and menu images are used instead of the original art. Scale Button And Menu Text (SCALE_BUTTONS_AND_TEXT_MENU=1) If set to 1, Main-menu buttons and text are scaled along with the background images. STATIC_SCREENS DEATH_SCRN_SIZE=1 END_SLIDE_SIZE=1 HELP_SCRN_SIZE=1 SPLASH_SCRN_SIZE=1 Set how various static screen are displayed. If set to 0, Screen image will display at its original size. If set to 1, Screen image will stretch to fit the screen while maintaining its aspect ratio. If set to 2, Screen image will stretch to fill the screen. OTHER_SETTINGS Dialog Screen Background (DIALOG_SCRN_BACKGROUND = 0) When set to 1 this setting hides the Map and Iface-bar while viewing the Dialog Screen. Enable\Disable Modified Dialog Screen Art (DIALOG_SCRN_ART_FIX=1) Enabled by default. This setting enables art which adds a nice border around the dialog screen.

Making it look better on a hi-res screen. The new art was created by Continuum. Splash Screen Display Time (SPLASH_SCRN_TIME = 0) Increases the length of time (in seconds) the splash screen is displayed. (NO LONGER VALID)Screen Flickering Bug Fix (FLICKERING_SCREEN_FIX = 0) When set to 1 this setting reduces screen flicker by preventing Windows from erasing the background when Fallout redraws the screen. This setting is now always enabled. CPU Usage Fix (CPU_USAGE_FIX=0) When set to 1 this setting releases the CPU for other Windows tasks allowing the system to go idle when not in use. Enable\Disable Double-Click Running (DOUBLE_CLICK_RUNNING=1) Enabled by default. This setting enables double-click running, functionally the same as in Fallout2.

7. Map edges
The original scroll blockers were never designed to work at higher resolutions. So my solution in the end was to disable the original blockers and replace them with my own which I refer to here as map edges. Map edge data files for all original Fallout maps can be found in the "data\maps\" folder. New map edge data files can be created with the BIS Mapper using the Mapper2 Hi-res Patch (Version 3.0+). Map edge files are attributed with the extension ".edg" and are located in the same folder as the maps which use them. This will usually be in the Fallout install folder under "data\maps". Map edge file details As of version 3.0 of the Hi-res Patch, map edge data is stored in a binary file the internal structure is as follows: Te first 8 bytes contain a simple header. Size in Bytes Value 0x4 File Identifier in ASCII Text = "EDGE" 0x4 Edge File Version Number = 1 This is followed by a series data blocks containing the map edge data. Size in Bytes Value 0x4 Level 0-2 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Left edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Top edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Right edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Bottom edge. Each level can have multiple edge data blocks, with all map levels having at least one. Edge file version 2 The first block for each level of a version 2 edge file contains additional info for angled edge clipping. Angled clipping does not effect scroll blocking and is used primarily to clean up the fringes of original fallout maps. This block is structured as followed: Size in Bytes Value 0x4 Level 0-2 0x4 0-99 - x tile coordinate for the Left Angled edge. 0x4 0-99 - y tile coordinate for the Top Angled edge.

0x4 0x4 0x4

0-99 - x tile coordinate for the Right Angled edge. 0-99 - y tile coordinate for the Bottom Angled edge. Angled Flags 1 byte for each edge. Equals 0 for lower object clipping or 1 for all object clipping. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Left edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Top edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Right edge. 0x4 A map hex tile position lying on the Bottom edge. Any subsequent edge blocks for each level will equal the original layout.

8. Custom Art
In this section "data\" refers to the Fallout patch folder usually located in your Fallout Install directory. Splash Screen With version 3.0 you can now load 8 Bit BMP images as splash screens. These can be of any size or shape(within reason) and have the same naming scheme as their RIX counterparts. If a BMP has the same name as a RIX, than it will be shown instead. New splash screens should be placed under "data\art\splash\". For non english versions this may be "data\art\<your language>\splash\". Main-menu To replace the Main-menu background with a higher resolution image. Save your new FRM with the name "HR_MAINMENU.FRM" and copy it to "data\art\intrface". This FRM can be of any size and shape(within reason). Iface-bar Side Art There are two sets of Side-bar art included. These are named "HR_IFACELFT1.FRM" and "HR_IFACERHT1.FRM" for the first set and "HR_IFACELFT2.FRM" and "HR_IFACERHT2.FRM" for the second. These can be replaced or added to by incrementing the number used in the FRM name. Copy your new art to "data\art\intrface". Here's a list of art used by Hi-res Patch, which is located in the "data\art\intrface" folder. Mod makers feel free to replace or modify them for your own needs. HR_ALLTLK.FRM HR_IFACE_800.FRM HR_IFACELFT1.FRM HR_IFACELFT2.FRM HR_IFACERHT1.FRM HR_IFACERHT2.FRM HR_IFACE_SELECT.FRM HR_MAINMENU.FRM MAINMENU.FRM HR_MENU_BG.FRM HR_OPTIONS_BG.FRM HR_OPTIONS_DN.FRM HR_OPTIONS_UP.FRM HR_SCRN_BG.FRM ~Bordered Dialog Screen art (by Continuum) ~Interface Bar Art 800 pixels wide (by Continuum) ~Interface Side Art left 1 ~Interface Side Art right 1 ~Interface Side Art left 2 ~Interface Side Art right 2 ~Screen Settings iface sides select ~Main-menu Hi-Res background (by Pixote) ~Original Main-Menu art (modified for Options list item) ~Main-menu Menu background ~Options Menu background ~Options Menu button up ~Options Menu button down ~Screen Settings Win Art

9. Thanks

First I'd like to thank all the good people at "No Mutants Allowed" for hosting this patch, and for keeping the mutants at bay for all these years. And of course to everyone in the forums who provided support and constructive criticism Thanks :)

10. Contributors
Continuum (NMA forum member) Created the wider Interface-bar art. Created the bordered Dialog Screen art. Simon Rawlins(Pixote). Created the Metal looking side-bar art. Created the High Res Main-Menu art.