CHAPTER NUMBER 1:INTRODUCTION Super Asia is engaged in producing top order home appliances in South Asia.

Recognition of its achievements in quality products are manifested in the form of the ISO9002 certification. The success tale spread well over 25 years when Super Asia producedthe first washing machine of Pakistan. Later on Super Asia started producing room air coolers, gas and electric geysers. Keeping in view the requirements and purchasing power of all the segments of the society Super Asia has introduced different washing machinesto meet their demands. Super Asia has the honor to produce complete plastic bodywashing machine for the first time in Pakistan. Another hallmark in quality products isintroducing the double action washing technology through side and center Plaster. InPakistan Super Asia has not only introduced a large range of Room Air Coolers in plastic body, but in different sizes and values as well . Super Asia in order to maintain its superiority in producing public utility productshas introduced hot and cold, and only cold water dispenser. It was an instant success' dueto its design, effectiveness and affordable price amongst the consumers. Similarly thecomplete range of super Asia fans is of international standard. There are different sizes,colors in Ceiling, Pedestal, Bracket, Circu-matic and Exhaust Fans. Research based products of Super Asia enjoyed a sense of superiority over similar products in the openmarket. The objective is, however, to offer consumers products of international quality ataffordable price and this can be judge by the fact that they are being exported to SaudiArabia, Dubai, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar from the last so many years, andtheir demand is growing day by day. The success story of Super Asia is due to itschairman Haji Mohammad Yousaf while Managing Director Haji Muhammad Afzallooks after the production aspects of the factory. He has a critical approach towards the products and their prices offered by their competitors. Haji Muhammad Ashraf, Chief Executive of Super Asia has played a leading rolein the marketing aspects of the products. He is fully aware of modern trends in theInternational Markets. It will not be out of place to mention the services of Mr. FaisalAfzal, Mr. Abdul Razaq, Mr. Sohail Yousaf and Mr. Umer Ashraf, that is looking after different departments of Super Asia. These four young fellows with their higher education and thriving on the experience of their seniors have produced excellent results.Apart from looking after the affairs of factory, chairman Haji Muhammad Yousaf isequally paying his attention towards religious affairs and social work. He has constructeda Mosque; Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital is another example, where free medicaltreatment is being provided to factory workers, and the needy of nearby localities. 1.1- History of Industry in world: History of Washing Machine Industry: A

matching depictions on tomb walls. These weremanipulated by hand to cool the body. to produce a breeze. as a ceremonial device. William Blackstone of Indiana built a birthday present for his wife. History of Fans Industry: Fan history stretches back thousands of years. American. Itwas a machine which removed and washed away dirt from clothes. They had handles or sticks attached to a rigid leaf or to feathers. Since antiquity. Early Assyria and Egypt employed slaves and servants tomanipulate the fan. air conditioners . where the ashescontaining the fat of sacrificial animals was used as soap. which had both practical and ceremonial uses. Long-handled. the drum made King's machine resemble a modernmachine. They are still widely used. Suchearly fans usually took the form of palm leaves. History of Air Conditioner Industry: The idea of air conditioning started before a machine wascreated to produce the cooling effect desired. Plumage of birds was used in fans. In the course of their development.The earliest known fans are called 'screen fans' or 'fixed leaf fans'. Tutankhamen's tomb possessed gold fans with ostrich feathers. and washing the dirt away in local streams. The simplest fans are leaves or flat objects. Some of the earliest known fans havecome from Egyptian tombs. Hamilton Smith patented the rotarywashing machine. James King patented the first washingmachine to use a drum in 1851. In Egyptian reliefs. such as those of the Egyptians and NativeAmerican Indians. an American physician. inApalachicola. New York. disk-shaped fans were carried by attendants in ancient times and were associatedwith regal and religious ceremonies. These rigid or folding hand-held implements have been used for cooling. fans have been made of a variety of materials and have included decorativeartwork. John Gorrie (1803-1855). The first attempt at building an air conditioner was made by Dr. The first washingmachines designed for convenient use in the home. however it was still hand powered. The machine at that time was called "Apparatus for Treating Air" and was built for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co.Chilled coils were used in the machine to cool air and lower humidity to 55%. During his practice there in the 1830s. althoughthe apparatus was made with enough precision that the humidity level desired wasadjustable. fans were of the rigid type.After the invention by Carrier. Dr. and as a sartorial accessory throughout the worldfrom ancient times.ncient peoples cleaned their clothes by pounding them onrocks or rubbing them with abrasive sands. The earliest washing "machine"was the scrub board invented in 1797.Evidence of ancient washing soap was found at Sapo Hill in Rome. waved to produce a cooler atmosphere. Florida. for air circulation. in Brooklyn. Gorrie creating an icemaking machine that essentially blew air over a bucket of ice for cooling hospital roomsof patients suffering from malaria and yellow fever. and to ward off insects. fans have possessed a dual function – a status symbol and a useful ornament.In 1874. A close ancestor to the modern air conditioner units was first made in 1902 by an American engineer by the name of WillisCarrier. In 1858.

air conditioners have been saidto be a partial cause for the changes in the South.The idea of using microwave energy to cook food was accidentally discovered byPercy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company when he found that radar waves hadmelted a candy bar in his pocket. In 1922. During World War II. it is an invention that ishard to live without. Called the Radar Range. textile mills. Installing magnetrons inBritain’s radar system. Ruud immigrated to Pittsburghwhere he pioneered the early development of both residential and commercial water heaters. Today. Carrier had two breakthroughs . These units depend on gravity to provide the water in a free standing unit. son of gambler John "Bet a Million" Gates. which was marketed in 1954. many water coolers or dispensers include aheating element to provide hot water along with chilled water. a division of Raytheon.Edwin Ruud. Some are even offered indesigner colors and shapes to fit into any décor. Maughan invented the first instant water heater. Although first "barrier-free" electric water cooler was invented in 1972 bythe Haws Corporation. several years later.began to bloom. By accident. However. anddangerous due to the toxic ammonia that was used as coolant. the first microwave oven to go onthe market was roughly as large and heavy as a refrigerator. when water coolers used large blocks of ice to chill the water. his invention influenced thedesigns of Edwin Ruud. it wasn't until the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Actin 1990 that these accessible water coolers came into their own. expensive. History of Geyser Industry: In the 1870s. pharmaceutical manufacturers.and a few hospitals. From those humble beginnings. two scientistsinvented the magnetron. Carrier's air conditioner units were large. Amana. during the firstwave of their installation. faster way to cook. there are now a plethora of models and types tofit every need. it was discovered thatmicrowaves also cook food. to the self-contained electric water cooler in 1938. in Minneapolis in 1914. Today. Haws patented the first drinking faucet in 1911. History of Microwave Oven Industry: The microwave oven did not come about as a result of someone trying to find a better. a Norwegian mechanical engineer was theinventor of the automatic storage water heater in 1889. and for most of us who haveexperienced its cooling benefits in times of searing heat waves. Englishmen.Bottled water dispensers have been around since before the middle of the 20thCentury. They first hit theindustrial buildings such as printing plants. a tube that produces microwaves. History of Water Dispenser and Water Coolers Industry: The water fountain as we know it wasfirst invented in the early 1906 and is credited to two men Halsey Willard Taylor andLuther Haws. introduced its . Little is known about Maughan's invention. the microwaves were able to spot Nazi warplanes on their way to bomb the British Isles. however. The first Raytheon commercial microwave oven wasthe 1161 Radarange. In 1967.he replaced the ammonia with the benign coolant dielene and added acentral compressor to reduce the size of the unit. The first air-conditioned home was that of Charles Gates.Cooling units were added later.

after which very rare people started to produce the appliances atlocal level.Following is a few of the inventions that have stood the test of time and continue to beused by millions of Americans today. some people who start this business.History of Organization: It goes way back to 1968. No doubt before 1970 homeappliances were used but only elite families were able to purchase cooking range. fans. No doubt. In succeeding years. By the end of 1971. air conditioners. It was about to change the lifestyle of that generation andwas a struggle to . people have been thinking of new and innovative ways tostore food. air conditioners and microwave oven. the concept of quick microwave cooking had arrived.without home appliances it is very difficult to spend our lives.There are few cities in Pakistan like Gujranwala. some with fans. Inventorsare still trying to make things easier by coming up with new products that do more things. city of Punjab.But when the producers see that the forigner companies are capturing the marketand tke product line of these companies is large. cook food and clean up after eating food. Stylo.History of Industry in Pakistan: Home appliances are the necessities for living. marking the beginning of the use of microwave ovens in home kitchens. Most of the companieswere dealing only with one product like some with washing machines. There were very minimum numbers of industries inPakistan before 1970. MianMuhammad Din. At the start. the foreign companiesand Chinese products are the big threat for the local industry but still local companies arewinning the customer minds by providing the quality in the market. Lahore.3. the founder of Super Asia. Since the mid-1800s. water coolers and heaters but time makes the inventions and necessities make theinventions. Although sales were slow during the firstfew years. Kitchen appliances were designed to make life easier when cooking and preparingfood. microwaveovens.some with hot and cold coolers and geysers in Pakistan.A lot of companies are manufacturing these home appliances in the Pakistan like.2. WashingMachine. Litton and a number of other companies joined the countertop microwave oven market. 1. Karachi and Gujrat which arefulfilling the demands of home applinces in the market of Pakistan. the priceof countertop units began to decrease and their capabilities were expanded. take a start with only one product and slowly slowly start the production of other products. In Pakistan it was the 1970 after which the homeappliances are started to uses to make the home life easier.domestic Radarange microwave oven. cooking range and ovensin Gujranwala but in fan industry Gujrat is at the top. spinners. the local companies decided to increase their product line. Super Asia and a large number of local companies. There are largenumber of industries producing the washing machines. partially due to the oven’s relatively expensive price tag. when Mr. 1. It was the time when people did not have the washing machines. Asia. Pakistani companies start to produce the whole line of home appliancesin their companies and slowly slowly improve their image in the minds of the customers. Now at this time it is very difficult to spend the life without these appliances. offered its first ever product. air coolers. Nasgas. Many of these ideas were goodenough to be used by a large number of people and they are still around today.Toyo. with manufacturing facilities at a small scale to the local community of Gujranwala.

colors in Ceiling. . It took morethan a decade of painstaking engineering work to build up the brand name. He was visionary to predict the pattern of growth in Home Appliances Industry across Pakistan. To achieve these visions and missions the organizations andcompanies have to fulfill the objectives so that the long term visions and missions can beachieved. Bracket. 1995: Introduced Water Dispensers in the marketplace. Super Asia. be the pace setter and modernizer. itis a conglomerate of companies with more than a dozen different products serving muchsectors of society. 2003: Insulation sheet entry in the market.2006: Automotive Parts presented in the market.There are different sizes.Information about the Organization: Every successful company andorganization defines its visions and mission and makes the strategies and rules to achievethese missions and visions. Chronology of Events happened at Super Asia is as under: 1972: Super Asia produced its first ever Washing Machine in Pakistan 1981: Introduced Air Cooler in the market. 2004: Air conditioner and Microwave Oven offered . Since 1972. beingthe market leader in washing machines. Circu-matic and ExhaustFans. across the region. It is the VISION that everyemployee of the organization is clear about. and only cold water dispenser. Durability. Pedestal. Super Asia in order to maintain its superiority in producing public utility products has introduced hot and cold. 1. Same like that Super Asia also have defined its vision and mission which arequoted here.which had become the symbol of Quality. VISION: “To be the market leader in every of our products.4. Similarly the complete range of super Asia fans is of international standard.facilitate the end user with automated technology. we have concrete plans to replicate our best practices in every of our offerings. Later on Super Asia started producing room air coolers. 2003: Motorcycles launched. The success tale spread well over 25 years when Super Asia producedthe first washing machine of Pakistan. Today.Nationally and regionally” Our foremost aim is to think big. 1985: Offered Geyser in the market. Innovation and Economy. gas and electric geysers.

to deliver the best. bright and extraordinarywashing. Following are the products which Super Asia offers in the home appliances products: Washing Machines with its large number of models Best performance and electric economy with heavy-dutyelectric motors.Built to the highest international standards.Ideal portable washers for large.Double strike bars for clean. Super Asia is the biggest home appliances producer in Gujranwala and offers leading home appliances. trust and loyaltyOf our valued customers” Super Asia uses the best prevalent tools to win and maintain the satisfaction trustand loyalty of its valued customers. PRODUCTS: Super Asia offers a lot of home appliances for its valuable customers.Painted Steel Cavity. Quality. Stake holders at every level strive to maintain the status quoof the company. performance andreliability.Push Button Door. Continues struggle with commitment is technique toaccomplish this MISSION.They offer with lot of home appliances which compete with all foreign products due to itsfine quality. Microwave Oven Defrost Setting.Painted steel cavity. Fans .Maintains its performance even on low voltage.MISSION: “To win the utmost satisfaction.Ensuring maximum efficiency. Air Conditioner New Wall Mounted Series. standards and customer satisfaction. medium and small families. Delivery and Innovation are the coreelements of our philosophy.Super Asia is a leading manufacturing company in Pakistan and is competing withforeign companies with its weapon of quality and customer satisfaction.Save time & detergent while brilliant washing.

For the first time in Pakistan introduce water proof pump. once their appliances being maintained.of all types and with large number of modelsQuiet operation.Low energy consumption. To take careof customer appliances all services centers have latest tools. We stand for as top fivein Fan .17 Electric Water Coolers Complete plastic front.We take care of our customers by remaining in contact with them so that they should notface any type of problem.5. Completely tested. Air Cooler and Geyser. New striking design. till today. 1. Continue supply of cold water.After sales services team consists of Engineers and highly qualified staff withgreat professional approach due to this reason customer feels confident. Room Air Coolers Ultra cool air and quite performance.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Super Asia is market leader inWashing Machine. Seasonal effects and rust proof. quality and reliable services at their doorstepSuper Asia has a largest after sales service network through out the country.Even air throw & Revolving grill. given the presence of numerouslocal and foreign brands in Pakistani Home Appliances Market. equipments and machineries.Easy to installAttractive low price. Water Dispensers New & easiest way to get hot & cold drinking water with water guard. Super Asia after sale service also provides the facility tocustomers of lifting their units from residence to service center and delivering themwithin 48 hours. SERVICES: To provide customer prompt.Specially designed blades.An efficient and energy saver cooling system.

industry and among the top ten manufactures of Motorcycles in Pakistan. Super Asia Spans following divisions: Home Appliances Division: .

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