The Twelve Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) by: Caroline Walrad Ph.D.

, CN CALCAREA FLUORICA (Calcium Fluoride, Fluoride of Lime) Calc Fluor is found in the surface layer of the bones and teeth, in elastic fibe rs, tendons, perisoteum (bone covering), throat, larynx, binding of tissues, ela sticity of tissues. Deficiency: Blood vessel enlargement which results in hemorrhoidal tumors, varic ose and enlarged veins, or weakening of the abdominal walls. Abscesses with hard callous edges or hard, knotty exudations on bone surfaces. Brittle, splitting, soft nails, cracking skin, low body temperature, sweaty feet. Bone problems, cat aracts, tooth enamel problems, hardening glands, gas, weak connective tissue, sc ar tissue, splinters. CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA (Calcium Phosphate, Phosphate of Lime) Calc Phos is the most abundant in the body and is most essential to optimal grow th and nutrition. It strengthens bones and helps build new blood cells. It resto res chi energy after acute diseases. Deficiency: bone disease, poor dentition, muscles sensitive to cold. White marks on fingernails and teeth. Tips of teeth are translucent. CALCAREA SULPHURICA (Calcium Sulphate, Gypsum) Calc Sulph is found in the bile where it destroys worn-out red blood cells. Bone s, connective tissues, mucus membranes. Deficiency: Tardy destruction producing catarrh and eruptions. Boils, yellow pus , contact dermatitis, burning, itching, inflammation. Tonsillitis, tumors, blood stained discharges. FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM (Iron Phosphate) Ferrum Phos in found in red blood cells. It is the first stage remedy for all in flammations, wounds due to injuries, and hemorrhages caused by hyperanemia. Supports lungs, ears (Eustachian tubes), nerves and circulation Deficiency: fatigue, anemia, relaxation of muscle fibers. Dark circles under or in corner of eyes. Low to moderate fevers, weak immune system, red face, noseble eds, sore throats. Worse 4-6 AM. Better cold and solitude. KALI MURIATICUM (Potassium Chloride) Kali Mur is found in the blood, the muscles, nerve and brain cells and intercell ular fluid. Affects fibrin, bronchials, mucus membranes, Eustachian tubes, muscl es, joints and shoulders. Deficiency: Anxiety, fear, depression, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion or prostrat ion. Odors from body. Milky appearance to the skin of either blue or red, chicke n-skin appearance (Vitamin A deficiency), Eustachian tube blockage, varicose vei ns, white discharges, fat digestion problems. Spider veins on face, rosea-like c

heart muscle. Deficiency: Water will remain in the intercellular fluid creating a bloated appe arance with watery exudations. White patches . must have sun gla sses. spine. gas pains. sperm a. spleen. Pains come on suddenly and are sharp shooting. writing. Scaly skin. holds onto old hurts. sun. fatigued. heat. grief. One of the top cramping remedies. . bread. intestines and lymphatics. Lower stomach. Depression. physi cal exertion. Deficiency: Chocolate cravings (Argentum Nitricum) or sugar (Natrum Phos). neuralgia. KALI SULPHURICUM (Potassium Sulphate) Kali Sulph is an oxygen carrier of importance to the skin tissues (epidermis and epithelium) Pigmentation of skin. Sweats. Brown spots and/or freckles on cheeks or temples. d rowsy. brain. brown discoloring. clear runny nasal or sinus discharges NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM (Sodium Phosphate) Nat Phos is found in blood. The person is tired.heeks. upper stomach. Deficiency: Deposits on tongue. changeable discharges. Poor gum and dental health. reading. Right-sided sciatica. fear. Great prostration. dryne ss of skin and mouth. herpes. M. etc MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA (Magnesium Phosphate) Mag Phos is an earthy constituent of muscles. teeth and blood. Systems affected: digestion. Causes muscle fiber and the terminal bulbs of the nerves. Its main job is the break down of lactic acid and emulsification o f fatty acids. Respiratory. cracking joints. NATRUM MURIATICUM (Sodium Chloride) Nat Mur is found in every liquid and solid of the body. vaginal dryness. can't cry in public. noise and music. talking. nerves. Possible thyroid conditions. salivation. moodiness. liver or old-age spots. Deficiency: anxiety. loss of smell or taste. psoriasis. Since the body is compos ed of about 70% water. nervous exhaustion or prostrat ion. eczema. . bones. High fevers. Characterized often by intense odor from all openings of the body. nerves. Symptoms are worse from 9-11 AM. m uscles and blood cells. toothaches. etc. Note: This remedy has symptoms of a chronic homeopathic Pulsatilla such as wande ring pains. neuralgic pains. especially in the brain. etc. Inso mnia. kidney and bladder. nerve and brain cells as well as in interce llular fluid. Pancreas. temples. muscles. depression. KALI PHOSPHORICUM (Potassium Phosphate) Kali Phos is found in all fluids and tissues. Dandruff. chilly and craves salt. skin. colon peristalsis (movement). discharge or watery secretions from mucous surfa ces.S. connective tissue. this salt regulates the degree of moisture within the cel ls. constipation.

lower eyelid sacks or 'bags'. diarrhea. Dark red nose. Organs affected are liver. skin. bad gas. gallbladder. depression. exhaustion. malnutrition. joint s. hypoglycemia. Essential to the body for bones. yellow watery secretions on skin. yellowish creamy-looking soft palate. polished shine on nose. chronic pus formation and rheumat ic affections. glands. itching skin w ith a greenish tinge. sour smell.Deficiency: Thin moist coating on tongue. accumulation of water in the lung. tran slucent skin. excessive secretion of bile . SILICAE (Silica) Silica relates to connective tissue. nutrition. Head injuries. asthma especially in children. pains and fever. acidity conditions. Wonderful for splinters (is termed the 'homeopathic knife' and wi ll dislodge foreign objects from the skin). laugh lines and crow's feet. sugar cravings. diabetes. Heartburn. swolle n glands. Its j ob is to eliminate excess waste water. suicidal feelings. not inside the cell itself. vaccinatio n reactions. Worse in cold damp weather and lying on left side . nerves. p ancreas. bones. It is found in larger amounts in the v egetable kingdom than the animal kingdom. cartilage. parallel lines next to the ear. colon. Swollen hands and feet. NATRUM SULPHURICUM (Sodium Sulphate) Nat Sulph is found in the intercellular fluid. car tilage. Red acne. Wrinkles. candida. Better in warm and worse in cold. glands. . skin and mucous surfaces. Deficiency: Aliments affecting the periosteum. shrunken eyelid cavity. head (trauma). epilepsy afte r head injury. Deficiency: Results in gastric bilious (bile/liver) conditions. blackheads.

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