Three Very Unique Ways

To Build Community
By: Jeramiah Giehl, Jason Bellini, & Joe Brewer Tweet: @JustparaDOX, @SketchtheJ, @iPoetLaurette

Blogging >> Community >> Building Community
This session will teach content creators how to use three unique methods using new media to build a friendly and dedicated community through crowd-sourcing, "blong song weekly news recap", and bloggingpodcasting. You will learn how to build a community or fan base from a group of experienced culture representatives (#GrownUpHipHop, #HipHopDads), building a community focused around a specific message content.
Speakers Jason Bellini Rapper interrogator, Sketchwrek Studios Joe Brewer Song Blogger/Rapper/Lawyer, Jeramiah Giehl Writer/Rapper/Podcaster JAG'D Edge Media

Blogging >> Community >> Building Community
Takeaways •How to use your professional writing and blogging to build a solid and growing community •How to define your message and cultivate your crowd niche •How to add tools to your toolbox to help grow your crowd or community •How to use unique weekly music news recaps (Blongs) to create a buzz and build your community •How to use Crowdsourcing to fund your project, social activism or next level of growth re next great adventu you pport base to fund Use your su

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Published author/contributor for over 15 years (since 1997). Contributor to: Technorati, BlogCritics, NMX, West Coast Fiya, Dasouth, Rapzilla among others. Label, Artist and Personal branding expert. Avid social media user. Over 10 years of offline and online community building experience. Free e-Book Publisher-Contributor: including Navigating The New Music Market, The NMX Rat Pack, and Does Your Church Need CPR. Blogger for para-DOX parABLEs, And Triple H Mixtapes. Podcaster-Online Broadcaster for The Three P podCAST. Android App publisher for para-DOX parABLEs And Etz Chaim Mishkhan Siddur. Ghost Writer.

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Sketch the Journalist is a freelance Hip-Hop writer living in the thriving country metropolis of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. Down with gospel rap since Stephen Wiley’s “Bible Break” in 1986, he has chewed, reviewed, and interviewed most of Christian Hip-Hop's major players. Sketch holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Sam Houston State University and was once an intern at the New York Times Houston Bureau. ToR /w tp://www.iTalk ht

Sintax.the.terrific is a performer and published writer of over 20-years experience in conventional hip-hop music and a founding member of the illustrious Deepspace5 collective. Over the last two years, however, Sintax has applied much of his musical energies to an exercise in contemporaneous political and cultural commentary set to music. Sintax blogs current events in musical vignettes. He is particularly aided by his additional training and licensure as a practicing attorney. The intersection of his music passion and professional expertise has innovated something new altogether in blogging and music publication. “Thurgood Marshal meets Marshall Mathers.”

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Let us give you ideas to grow your community, niche, blog, website, podcast, tubeYOU (youTUBE), etcetera… Are you, “Fired Up? Ready to go?” – Barry Obama, POTUS The Triple J’s are here to save the day, Joe, Jason & Just J “Can we do it?” – Bob The Builder “Yes we can” Its Time to Grow, Go, Glow “Good To Go” – USMC

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presentation is KEY.
Have a professional presentation Take your writing seriously Don't just do it as a hobby Be professional Treat your blog as a business, not a hobby Have a solid site design layout by a professional Professional Be


The Blog ut s, Its Abo rd ut The Bi o ts Not Ab I

Be yourself Be a lifestyle blog Be authentic Be personal Be reasonable Be ethical Be true to yourself

[Don’t lie, don’t use hyperbole, only review stuff you are interested in, create a niche around your likes]

Be true to you, somebody somewhere likes you Obey the Law regarding disclosures
– Popeye The e” t’ That’s Who I b e” and am Who I am “I Sailorman

Syndicate your content as much as possible Register your site with Technorati Stumble all your new blogs Digg your own posts Find alternative channels for your posts Repurpose content for diverse audiences
g aring Is Carin Sh

Diversify your message and crowd Bring in other bloggers Share your space with like minded friends Sell your space to bloggers seeking exposure Use surveys to ask for feedback Ask for honest opinions on your content
E soss-POLLINAT cr

Each 1 Reach1 Each 1 Teach 1 The multiplication factor, 1by1, 2by2 Connect Guide


Nurture & Engage


Provide social engagement opportunities Give freebies, eBooks, mixtapes, and goodies Offer freebies for Tweets and Shares Encourage sharing, reward followers and RT’s Invest in your audience “Giving is the new receiving” – me. Give away 90-95% and sell 5-10%
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Solve problems Provide quality content Consider YOUR crowd Bring clarity to common issues and dilemmas Build YOUR Tribe-Clan, The Nucleus of You Take your fans-fam on YOUR journey
n ternet Pollutio o In n’ n don’t add t Be a Solutio

The key to a winning over a hung jury is getting the crowd to laugh Remember to have a sense of humor Be the go to person in your field Be relational Don’t get hung on a jury because you don’t have enough levity Be personally emotive Be empathic Share stories that make you relatable

reachOUT|REACHin INreach|outREACH.
Go from local to global Be intentionally international Connect with likeminded people overseas Find communities like yours outside your sphere Peer into others netWORKs and find what works for them
nd pe Your La ca dscape, S an and Your L Exp

Socialize, “its not just a bandwagon” - me Comment on related blogs Build a reputation in your niche Connect with others Social Book Marking, List building-Build Contacts Staying connected Meet up with contacts offline Make the world wide web a personal net Maintain contacts Use newsletters Buy or exchange web banners
l fline as wel of e Internet & th Connect on

Network Go to trade shows and network with like minded content creators Use your rolodex Leave you business cards in community sharing area’s

Work The Net

Search for Sponsorships or Affiliates Use grassroots crowd sourcing When you need money to promote your website, master your audio book, get your manuscript edited, “Consider Crowdsourcing the new Venture Capitol” – me. Sites like: CrowdSource, KickStarter, CauseVox, CrowdSpring, IndieGoGo, ChipIn, MicroVentures, PeerBackers, RocketHub, and a host of others give you opportunities to leverage your clan.
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Your Mess, has a message Your message has age Make your site the eBay-Craigslist for you Your ideas as Real Estate Merchandise YOUR message Create a Market-Place Create an Amazon Marketplace Use iTunes and Amazon Affiliate Accounts Create a Merchandise Store (CafePress, Zazzle)
hort Sell Yourself S n’ Don’t

Promote--> <------Traffic Banners---> <-Monetize

$’ $ In to Bring $’em Bring Them In

Create social media pages to drive traffic
Create Twit-Face-LinkedIN-ReverbNation Fan-pages

Add to your site: •Like buttons on site, •Social Sharing •StumbleUpon •Social Book Marks Optimize for Search Engine traffic
i tia w of Blog Inert La 's undiscovered wton of blogging, Ne The physics

Ride The Money Train
Sites that pay Sell Banner Space, your blogs prime real estate Affiliates: •Audible •AdSense •Amazon •iTunes

s s, Money Goe Money Come

Whats your ranking •Klout •Kred •PeerIndex •Google Do you use GoogleAnalytics?

ate ocial Real Est Gauge Your S

Search Engine Submissions Attracta (Increase Traffic & Visibility) Wordpress Plugins: •Zemanta for SEO •Klout-PeerIndex for S.M. Statistics •Social Connect •Social Share •Google XML Sitemaps •Simple Google AdSense
m oose ‘e rl e ‘em o Us

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Sketch the Journalist

I talk to rappers about things that matter.

First rap song memorized: “The Show” by Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh (1985)

First Christian rap purchased: “Bible Break” single by Stephen Wiley (1985)

Played “Captain Bible” in church play (1992)

Started journalism school (1994)

Reading about genre via Heaven’s Hip-Hop Magazine (1995)

First Christian rap review published (1997)

Graduated SHSU with honors (1998)

Interned @ New York Times Houston Bureau (1998)

Got an office job, but not an “Office” job (1998)

Covered Christian hip hop for various media (Ongoing)

1. Be “social” on social media.

2. Tag the people you cover, but ONLY the people you cover

3. Network – especially with people you disagree with


Perse…  Whose Your Daddy?  How Long Did It Take For Your Granny To Get Greasy?  Does She Still Wear A Malcolm X T-Shirt?  When's The Last Time A Helicopter Tried Landing On Previously Mentioned T-Shirt?  What are some good #3ways you can grow you niche?

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