Mayor Mark Lauretti City of Shelton 54 Hill Street Shelton, Conn. 06484
Re: Shelton River Front Development

October 16,2012

SpongeX&RolfiteSites Bridge & Canal Streets
Mayor Lauretti: rn2004, with the conversion of the Birmingirarn factarybuilding into 103 residential condominium units, I began the creation of what bec#e known as ,,the Shelton River Front Development" project' The Master Plan of Development was created in harmony with the city's shelton Enterprise and comm"r." purt, ihase 2 plan of development. It was adopted by the- Planning & zoningcommission and eventually included all of the properties on canal Street, north of Br:idgt Street. rrris pran continues to be implemented with its 2nd phase, the conversion of the-B eard lrilcon'arprralt plant site, into a250 residential apartment complex known as Radcliffe park. TLe Raicliffe p;;;;*plex is currently under construction and is scheduled to begi; o..rrpur"y in spring of 2013. one of the areas that is not part of the initial Master plan of development, are the properties south of Bridge Street. These properties are located in the gate way to the Shelton River Front Development. Thefde;elopment r u"ri"r" is essential to the Master Plan's success' with this belief, I have modified my Master plan of development to include two of the three sites located south of the u.iag" two sites are known as the sponge X and the Rolfite sites. The Sponge x sitel5 e.iog- Street, is owned by an entity owned by Rudy Pizzoferrato and ttre nllgte .it" i, o*rred by the city of Shelton. The third site' known as the chromium Processing planrs;te, is to be tranatlaLy the


I am proposing to convert the Sponge X site, existing mill building, into 45 residential apartments' And am proposing to buitd a new 1g,000sF commercial building, fbr retail and office use, on the city owned Rolfite .it;. il;;p-p"rar include the relocation of the one way section--of Bridge street, that is on the .orflr'ria. of the bridge, to the south side of the Sponge wianping around the Spong" i builaing | 1it9, r]r" and exiting as a ,,T,, on the east side of the bridge. i."u of the ,"ay would be converted into a landscape area. "rirting'.oud
In order to implement the development of these two sites, there are three essentials that must be achieved' First the .ro"rt zoning must be changed from industrial into a zone that would permit this type of use. It is my understandin! trrut the plannin g & Zoning Commission is now proceeding with hearings to make tf,i, tupprn.
1425 Noble Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut 06610 USA Telephone; 209-367-5i B0 Fax; ZOS_S6Z_CgAt Fax : 203_38 4-06TT

Page2 Shelton River Front Development Part two, South of Bridge Street.

Second, obtaining site control of the two sites. And third, approvals for the relocation and abandonment of the south of the bridge, Bridge Street portion of road way.

In anticipation of the City's cooperation and in an effort to commence the implementation of this program, I have recently entered into a contractual agreement with Rudy Pizzofenato for the acquisition of the Sponge X site.
For the second part of this development program, I am proposing to the City a land swap, of the land on the Sponge X site needed for the relocation of Bridge Street, in exchange for the Rolfite site. In addition I am requesting that the City provide a mechanism for the abandonment of the portion of Bridge Street that is to be relocated. This abandonment shall be with the condition that it will be landscaped and made part of the apartment complex generated by the conversion of the Sponge X building.

With the City's cooperation, I am anticipating being able to begin construction on this nextphasebyend of2013

I am attaching

a copy of the proposed plan

of development.

Thank you for the consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

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