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Board of Supervisors

County of Rice, State of Minnesota July 8, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm by chair Kathleen Doran-Norton. Present were supervisors Glen Castore and Leif Knecht, treasurer Brad Pfahning and clerk, Pam Petersen. Guest was Sean O’Leary, the person setting up the new township website. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present. The agenda was approved by a motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion passed. Treasurer’s report – Brad Pfahning. Received the first half tax payment from Rice County, totaling approximately $142,000.00. G Castore made a motion to approve the claims against the township, second by L Knecht, motion carried. The treasurer’s report was approved with ba motion by L Kncecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. Town Hall remodel: The ceiling fans will be repaired or replaced. Road Update – Dennis Brown: Gravel laid to date, approximately $120,000.00 with $7,000.00 coming back to the township from resident’s purchases. Material reclamation (aka dust control) to date approximately $18,000.00. There is a greater need this year as 118th, Baseline and Cabot are more heavily used to to HWY 3 being closed. Planning & zoning, Jim Braun (see attached) From the June 25, 2008 Planning Commission meeting came the approval for the property variance for the Leonard & Barbara Moore property. Motion to approve the variance made by G Castore, second by L Knceht, motion carried. Resolution 2008-4. Flood Plain Insurance to pass with a motion made by G Castore, second by L Knecht, motion carried. Resolution 2008-5. The next Planning commission meeting will be July 23, 2008 at 7:30 PM, a notice will be put up at the town hall. Items to be discussed will be wind generators and the Good Neighbor policy.

Sean O’Leary updated us on the website and e mail accounts and access. Trails and Greenways discussion set for August 12, 2008. Hope to have guest speakers consisting of Peggy Prowe and Joel Walinski. K Doran-Norton brought everyone up to date on the Dundas Annexation Agreement status. Copies of the Agreement were distributed to all members of the Dundas Planning Commission. A copy of the Interim Ordinance was also given to the Dundas Planning Commission. Discussion of allowing P Tiede and C Braun to meet with Paula Calles and Dundas’ lawyer to move forward with language both parties could agree with. Motion to approve this step was made by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. Good Neighbor Practices: L Knecht made a motion to approve with one change, second by G Castore, the motion carried. Public Comment: Dennis Brown offered to pick up the recycled toner cartridge from Cartridge World for the copier. Stephanie Henriksen brought up possible candidates for Rice County commissioner. Pam Petersen and Steve Albers brought up invasive, noxious weeds, ie: Wild Parsnip and Poison Ivy. How to be proactive. The minutes from the June meeting were approved by a motion made by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. Steve Albers asked for help with driveway issues and right of way now that HWY 3 is moving is access to that road. The Board authorized Jim Braun to draft a letter for Steve Albers to be used for new right of way from township road with a motion from L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. Motion to adjourn made by L Knecht, second by G Castore, the motion passed. Adjourned at 9:10 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Pam Petersen, Clerk



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