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This directory would not be possible without the continued support from our advertisers as well as the the Namibia Film Commission. A special mention to Hans-Christian Mahnke from Africavenir and Guy, Gwen and Elnette from Namib Film - your unfailing support and assistance in promoting and distributing the directory is highly appreciated. Your help has meant the directory has reached an additional audience and key people in the film industry in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Egypt, LA, New York, India and London. Kindest regards,


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The annual Film Production Directory Namibia was first published in the year 2010 under RBJ Trust, a publishing company that was also founded the same year. The publication was created after it was recognized that there was a marketing gap in the film industry. It was during that same year that the Namibia Film Commission (NFC) became involved in making the Film Directory a success. Since the inception of the Film Directory, three issues have already been published and distributed in seven countries worldwide. About 6500 directories have been distributed to countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France and India, including film festivals, expos and trade fairs. The Film Directory has been recognized and established as a marketing and reference tool amongst local and international filmmakers as well as service providers in the industry. It has indeed brought so many positive results to the NFC and Namibia as a whole. There have been many queries from foreign film Production Companies who have shown interest in filming in Namibia. Aside from these queries, the NFC has also been receiving a number of invitations to attend international film festivals all over the world. This proves that the Film Production Directory Namibia continues to play a big role in promoting Namibia and the Film Commission globally. The Film Directory is one of the leading filming guides for Namibia and the NFC is proud to say that the directory has contributed immensely to the growing film industry locally in making Namibia a preferred film destination. Namibia Film Commission

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The Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN) is a membership organisation established with the aim of promoting growth and development of the Namibian film and video industry. FAN strives to do this not only through direct support of its members, but also through information sharing regarding developments both in the local and international film industries. FAN also aims to lobby for support from government, the Namibia Film Commission (NFC) and other institutions in order to advance the interests of the Namibian film community as a whole. For more information: 085 6289974

Who should advertise: Most people know that the film industry brings work to actors. clothing and much more. guides. Print Run Our initial print run is 1000 for delivery in January of each year. All the crew needs to be housed and fed. publishing our passion Tel: +264 64 461991 Fax: 088 649 922 www. High Commissions and other film offices throughout the world. credit. A further 100 complimentary directories are distributed to Key Media Players. Germany (Berlinale). electricians. bottled water. animal wranglers. Our distribution includes countries which provide Namibia’s largest film clientele – USA (AFCI Location Trade Show). and many more that benefit directly from a film production.Not in the Film Directory? You should be. Thousands of dollars will be spent in local shops from sim cards. A film typically employs engineers. painters. benefits the local hospitality industry. local . Key advertisers receive complimentary directories when they place display advertisements. These include Embassies. India (Mumbai Film Festival) and a variety of other European & International countries (Cannes Film Festival & Cannes Lions). tailors. caterers. ibia Nam 012 2 publi shing our pa ssion • • • • • • 7500 directories distributed to more than 10 major countries Advertising circulation for a full year in print and online Every ad comes with a free listing in the directory section Distributed to a targeted. Not in it? You are missing out. interested filming market Filming benefits local hospitality industry Cost effective The Film Production Directory Namibia is the leading filming guidebook in Namibia.filmdirectorynamibia. extras and crew but a production’s reach is much further than that. builders. UK (The Production Show). drivers. targeted specifically for their contribution to the entertainment industry in Namibia and South Africa. and is subject to a further print run throughout the year as to meet our subscriber’s needs. Distribution The directories are distributed to some of the largest international meeting points in the film industry. restaurants and hotels can guarantee bookings while filming continues. n uctio Prod y Film ector Dir The Film Production Directory Namibia is the most recognized and established reference and marketing tool in the Namibian film industry locally and internationally. Any international production.

carpentry etc. Ongwediva. but such developments are hampered by insufficient knowledge. Business linkages between film producers and SMEs can yield a win-win situation. through branches located in Windhoek. Contact us: Tel: +264-(0)61 – 24 7129 Fax: +264-(0)61 – 24 8591 reception@smecompete. SMEs Compete is a social entrepreneurship entity that offer an array of business capacity building and employment creation services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around www. transport.Bridging the G A P Cost-effective solutions providing catering. costume making. Lüderitz and Walvis . in the form of subcontracting and outsourcing services.smescompete. about local SMEs and For this reason SMEs Compete offers an introductory and facilitation role. Small & Medium Business Creating a link between SMEs and established corporations and film producers. on the part of film makers.


Some volunteers work for soup kitchens. India (Mumbai Film Festival) and a variety of other European & International countries (Cannes Film Festival & Cannes Lions). Our directories are distributed to some of the largest international meeting points in the film industry. unaware that Namibia is fully capable of providing these facilities at the same standard for less cost. Many of the visitors like to become involved with the people of a country and are delighted to volunteer their skills. Some volunteer at after-school education projects.This directory is produced to market and support the growing film industry in Namibia at an International level. church groups. there are amazing places to visit. Many companies that film in Namibia bring their own crew. Namibia has so much to offer any tourist. Feel free to email info@filmdirectorynamibia. Bringing along your partner and children to enjoy Namibia? Many cast members see their work in Namibia as an opportunity for their partners and family members to visit an exciting new country. Our distribution includes countries which provide Namibia’s largest film clientele – USA (AFCI Location Trade Show). trips to take and sights to see. It gives an overall picture of what is available and necessary for the making of a successful film. and of course. The Film Production Directory Namibia is intended to be a handbook to any filmmaker entering the country. equipment and caterers. For this reason this directory offers a choice of tourist resorts. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 1 . and orphanages. or at welfare projects found in the outlying areas of the towns. across the for more information. schools. UK (The Production Show). Germany (Berlinale).

Service & Support Insurance Medical Photography Printing Production Service Companies Restaurants Services Shuttle Services Transport / Car Hire Travel 109 115 117 117 119 121 123 125 127 127 129 131 133 137 139 139 141 143 © Karl Andre Terblanche Photography . Service & Support Costume. Props & Make-Up Experience Shot in Namibia 7 9 13 19 21 23 37 41 41 43 47 50 53 65 71 75 81 87 90 91 95 99 101 105 Directory Accommodation Animal Wranglers Aviation Beauty & Make-Up Bodies Construction.Contents Namibian Facts Basics Good to Know Medical Geography & Regions Climate Filming Attractions Useful Information Transport Transport Tips Safety & Tipping Border Posts Airports and Airlines Cuisine Accommodation Filming Resources Filming Permits Visas Production Companies Why Film Here? Locations Namibian Crew Namibian Cast Filming Equipment. Rentals & Supplies Crew Filming Equipment.

is vast. sweeping landscapes and dramatic events. still. multi-cultured people. even by African standards. © Karl Andre Terblanche Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 5 . It spans approximately 824.Namibian Facts Namibia Facts Namibia is an immense. desert country lying under a hot sun. and yet it is a potpourri of turbulent history.000 km2 which.

Leading party SWAPO. other ethnic groups include Herero 7%. Head of State: Nahas Angula Language: The official language is English but German and Afrikaans are widely spoken and understood. South Africa to the south and Botswana to the east. 50Hz. mixed 6.5% Literacy: The current literacy rate in Namibia is about 65%. About 90% of the population is Christian. Namibia borders Angola and Zambia to the north. System of Government: Multi-party Democracy. white 6%. President: Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba. Ethnic Groups: black 87. Nama 5%. one of the highest in Africa. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 7 .000km2 Population: 2. Caprivian 4%. Damara 7%. San 3%. Namibia has 15 ethnic groups with some 27 languages and dialects being spoken.2 million Location: Situated on the south western coast of Africa.5% About 50% of the population belongs to the Owambo tribe and 9% to the Kavango tribe. Baster 2%.Namibia Facts Basics © Chris Johnston Photography Official Name: Republic of Namibia Capital City: Windhoek Surface area: 825. Religion: Freedom of religion was adopted through Namibia‘s Bill of Fundamental Rights. Plugs are 3-pin round.5%. Electricity: 220 volts. Tswana 0.

especially Swakara (leather). Winter-time is one hour ahead of GMT. from the first Sunday in April to the first Sunday in September. individuallydesigned hand-woven carpets and wall hangings made from karakul wool. provided that all the cash slips have been kept. Measurement 1 inch 1 foot 1 mile 1 pint 1 gallon 1 ounce 1 pound 1 stone Good to Know Dialing code: +264 Directory enquiries:1188 Driving: On the left System of measures: Metric Local Time: GMT +2 (GMT +1 during Apr-Aug) Namibia’s summertime is two hours ahead of GMT from the first Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April. Conversion 2. Conversion rate: Please note.546 l 28. The South African Rand is legal tender in Namibia and is accepted throughout for payment. Portable broadband services are also available from providers of your choice. these rates are subject to change US$1 . Herero dolls.Namibian Facts Currency: The Namibia Dollar (N$) equals the South African Rand (ZAR) 1:1. Connectivity: Broadband and wireless Internet services are available at selected hotels and Internet cafes.N$10 Souvenier shopping: Woodcarvings. Tourism Levy: All establishments are obliged by law to charge a tourism levy of either 1% (all inclusive rate) or 2% (BED or B&B rate).453 kg 6.45 cm 30.609 km 0.348 kg Temperature 77°F : 25 °C Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 9 .35 g 0.48 cm 1. Most hotels and shops commonly accept major international credit cards.568 l 4. Many of the hotels change foreign currency. gold jewellery. basketry. Namibian semi-precious stones and diamonds.N$12 €1 . pottery. VAT Refunds: For purchases exceeding N$250.N$8 £1 . tourists can obtain a VAT refund (15%) at their port of exit. fur coats & jackets.

© Namib Film / Karl Terblanche Photography .

It is. but are suggested for travel to the north. Malaria prophylaxis are not required in Windhoek.g. eMed 24 Rescue: 081-924 13 13 | . nurses and doctors I worked with at the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital were amazing. Take the African sun and heat seriously: always use sunscreen and a hat. Angelina‘s OB. For special groups (hunters. welcomed their daughter Shiloh into the world the private Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund. It is one of only three countries on the continent where operations on the open heart are done. especially in rural areas. Tetanus. An international health insurance is strongly recommended.” Malaria does exist in Namibia but is prevalent only in the north of the Namibia. however. A special insurance to cover these costs might be needed. Malaria Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There are several ambulance emergency service in Namibia. It is advised when in the desert. M. dry climate Namibia is virtually free of tropical diseases. Throughout the country one can find basic to good health clinics and hospitals as well as eight first-class private hospitals. said. Namibia. Jason Rothbart. Throughout Namibia a flying-doctor service can help in cases of emergency. It was a team effort. adventure travelers) it is also recommended to have an anti-rabies inoculation. SOS International: 081-707 Suncare Southern Africa has some of the highest skin cancer statistics – please therefore apply sun block liberally prior to sun exposure. No special vaccinations are required and you do not need to bring your vaccinations card or health certificates along. to wear closed shoes and loose clothes. it is recommended to find another way to get to an hospital. „The staff. and drink plenty of water. recommended to have all vaccinations that are needed in your home country. as due to long distances the ambulance might take up to 2 hours after call-out.D.Namibia Facts Medical Namibia has one of the best medical systems in Africa. Prescribed medicine is available from pharmacies. nevertheless. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 Namibia Facts Vaccinations Due to the hot. Please note that due to new regulations the rescue aircrafts are not allowed any more to land outside lighted airports at night. The risk of malaria can be reduced by the use of tablets. which should be started before arriving in Namibia and under your doctor’s guidance. e.

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Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 17 .

The regions are (region capitals in parenthesis): Caprivi (Katima Mulilo). Oshana. Kunene (Outjo). ady arid 80 million was alre | Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 19 . Fourth is located in the north. 1. Otjozondjupa (Otjiwarongo). Khomas (Windhoek). (Oshakati). mountain ranges and sand filled valleys 3. Most diverse is the Namib Desert. four different landscapes. barren plains around the saline Etosha Pan as well as the endless grassy and densely wooded savannah areas of the Kavango and the Caprivi regions. Omaheke (Gobabis). Ohangwena (Eenhana). Did you know? Namib Desert experts claim the Some years ago. each with its own characteristics and attractions. and includes the wide. Karas (Keetmanshoop). to the east Namibia is divided into 13 regions. Omusati (Outapi). Kavango (Rundu). Hardap (Mariental).Namibian Facts Geography & Regions Part of the allure of filming in Namibia is that it is four countries in one. Towards the east where the ancient red sand and sparse vegetation of the Kalahari Desert emerges from a sandy strip of land 4. Oshikoto (Omuthiya). The central plateau which runs from North to South with landscapes alternating between rocky outcrops. Erongo (Swakopmund). Namibia has 4 distinctive topographical regions. one of the oldest deserts in the world 2.

when temperatures often drop to below freezing. so does the climate. • Namibia‘s climate is characterised by hot days and cool nights. often accompanied by a dust storm. Did you know? nshine a year average of 300 days of su Namibia has an Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 21 . Temperatures can reach 40º C. • Winter is from May to September with wonderful warm days which are contrasted by very cold nights. • Summer is from October to April. which plummets at night to very cool levels. mostly as heavy thunderstorms. • With 300 days of sunshine on average per year. Namibia is truly a sunny place. typical of semi-desert terrain.Namibian Facts Climate Just as the geography in Namibia varies from region to region and place to place. Average daily temperatures range from 20 to 34º C. however. • It is only during the summer months from November to February that rain does occur. is generally cool and the days are often foggy. Winter however. • The weather at the coast of Namibia. sometimes brings the east wind and its searing heat to the coastal areas. from arid to semi-arid to subtropical.

Rooibank dunes. Namib Naukluft Park The Namib Naukluft Park. Windhoek. these dunes are believed to be the highest and the oldest in the world (over 5 million years old)! These Namibian dunes are found in the Namib Desert at Sesriem. The Namib Naukluft Park is simply one of the most fascinating areas of the Namib Desert. Rossing Mountain and much more. is situated in the country’s central Khomas Region and is commonly described as a city with a multicultural character. the capital of Namibia. encompasses the ancient canyons of the Moon Landscape. the largest park in Namibia and the 3rd largest on the African continent. Kuiseb Canyons. Filming Attractions Sossusvlei Sossusvlei is an area that is characterised by massive red sand dunes. is the perfect destination for visitors wishing to get a real taste of Africa. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 23 © Chris Johnston Photography . Set amidst the rolling hills of central Namibia.Namibian Facts Windhoek Windhoek.

served as the territory’s main harbour for many years..the future Namibia . By 1907 Swakopmund had the largest European population of any German colony in Africa. that brought fame and fortune to Lüderitz for a number of years. South West Africa . battling the sand dunes of the Namib Desert.Namibian Facts Namibia Facts Swakopmund Swakopmund.. In 1884. the famous desert-adapted elephants move through the dry riverbeds. Damaraland African savannah with shrubs and acacias. massive granite mountain tops and table mountains are characteristic of the wildly romantic scenery of Damaraland. Springbok and oryx antelope graze in the savannah. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 25 © Chris Johnston Photography . Filming Attractions Lüderitz & Kolmanskop Lüderitz‘s appeal as a town lies in the fact that it has hardly grown or changed since the early 20th century. Kolmanskop has since become a ghost town. founded in 1892 during the period of German colonial rule. sandy dry riverbeds.was declared a German Protectorate. after the diamond rush in nearby Kolmanskop.

Chains of dunes run parallel to one another. it suddenly interrupts the arid landscape with a cascading network of spectacular falls that tumble over a multitude of rock shelves into a deep gorge. The name derives from its traditional practical application: the hollowed out pithy branches served as perfect quivers to the ancient Bushmen! © Chris Johnston Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 27 . Now and then pans can be found in the valleys. Filming Attractions Kalahari Desert The Kalahari Desert is characterised by red sand dunes which reach a height of about 15-30 metres and extend over hundreds of kilometres. Quivertree Forest & Giant‘s Playground The Quivertree (Aloe dichotoma) belongs to the most conspicuous plants of the countries indigenous flora.Namibian Facts Epupa Falls The Epupa Falls are created by the Kunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia. with considerable distances between them. Winding its way through awesome mountainous terrain.

Dorob means dry land. as well as the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia © Chris Johnston Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 29 . It is the second largest canyon in the world and the largest in Africa. was originally a small port which was deserted due to silting. is an unspoilt coastal area where the dunes meet the sea. north of Henties Bay. this area was originally known as DoroIHub. situated between the Kuiseb Delta. lying south of Walvis Bay. south of Walvis Bay. accessible only by 4x4. with its rugged coastline. is one of the most unique parks in the world. Nature has reclaimed this area and today Sandwich Harbour is home to a scenic and completely pristine lagoon. Filming Attractions Sandwich Harbour Sandwich Harbour.Namibian Facts Dorob National Park The Dorob National Park. According to oral history of the desert people. Fish River Canyon The Fish River Canyon is located in the south of Namibia. This area. and the Ugab Delta. They suggested the name of the park.

Did you know? plant in the w the oldest grow ecognised as chia's are r ich continually Welwits leaves wh twisted ly produce two become worn. of the plant. lso on They a he leaves rasion. T d and sand ab out the life through ades of win ded after dec and shred © Karl Terblanche Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 31 .orld.

holding us.Namibia by Vera Leech The land beneath my feet belongs to us Namibians the dry clay a tribute to our hot sun that beats down upon our people warming bodies and hearts with curling tendrils of heat. land of dreams and abstract beauty Endless vistas. Telling us – I am Namibia. Ah. © Chris Johnston Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 33 . You are mine. reaching into our souls With soft. Namibia. sandy fingers Calling us. We answer: Yes.

The following pages will give you an idea of what to expect and give you some practical information at your fingertips.Useful Information Useful Information This chapter will answer any basic questions you have about shooting in Namibia. then you are in good hands. Should you be using a local production company to facilitate your filming in Namibia. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 35 .

• The country has 42 000km of well established roads. which are administered by Namibia Ports Authority (Namport). © Karl Andre Terblanche Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 37 . • There are also 133 domestic airports and airstrips. Walvis Bay and Luderitz. • Namibia has two harbours. • International freight services are available to and from Namibia.Useful Information Transport • Namibia has two international airports: the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek and Walvis Bay Airport. • Once in Namibia the best way to get around is by car.

sleeping bags. reservations@budget. c o . With our incredible deals and extensive range of vehicles finding a package for your needs has never been easier. Value Fleet Services and The Flying Coffee Pot shuttle service can be found in the directory Budget. Budget’s fully equipped vehicles have been specifically designed for customers travelling to remote camping locations in Namibia. All fully equipped vehicles are rented with camping chairs. water containers. b u d g e t . storage boxes. Star quality transport solutions in Namibia. Our fully equipped 4x4 vehicles range from a single cab with one tent to a double cab with two tents. Did you know? Details of car rental companies such as Budget Car Rental. Expedite Aviation Ad Explore your travel options with Budget. picnic “safari” boxes and so much more. z a . Did you know? MANICA and Transworld Cargo are two of Namibia‘s largest logistic solution companies. we have a mobile solution to suit your (00264) 62 54 0150 w w w. Making sure you have everything you may need on your Namibian Adventure.

Avoid driving in the country at night . Use the normal level of caution that you would in any city. a small donation is expected when you return to your car. so keep a look out and reduce speed when the road verge is grassy. even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 41 . Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash.Safety & Tipping At a restaurant it is common practise to tip the waiter 10% of the bill. a 5% tip is sufficient. then we recommend driving with two vehicles. It is wise to use the services of a Car Guard provided he/ she is clearly identified. Carry extra drinking water and first aid kits if travelling long distances .$20 for the lady who will clean your room. Ask your hotel to call a taxi for you. and ALWAYS lock your car when you leave it. Do not leave valuables in vehicles. Traffic lights are referred to as robots.   If you do accept the service of a Car Guard. Avoid walking alone after sun-set. At the airport find out which taxis are registered for business. A good map is essential. Always ask how much the journey will cost you before getting into the taxi. When staying at a hotel or B&B facility. especially over night. it is considerate to leave from N$10 .   On gravel roads. Always try to park in a busy. normally with a yellow or orange top. If your bill is over N$1000. During the day.N$20 is normal. well-lit area. Keep your speed down to about 80 kmph.    Wild animals are always a danger. Ensure someone knows you are travelling and roughly when you should arrive. expensive cameras etc. Transport Tips    Remember: your driving license must be with you when driving the vehicle – this is a legal requirement in Namibia. especially at night and sunrise/sunset. N$2 . Leave valuables in the safe at the hotel. Do not leave anything valuable on show in your car when you leave it unattended. If you intend to travel off road. At night between N$10 .N$4 is sufficient. try to avoid braking hard or swerving.especially in remote areas.animals are always a risk. It is illegal to talk on your mobile phone when driving your vehicle.

Oshikango Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 .18h00 Contact: +264 67 243328 9 13 12 11 10 South Africa Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 43 . Klein Manasse Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 . Sendlingsdrift Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 .Useful Information Angola 12 3 6 7 4 5 Border Posts 1. Noordoewer Border Post Gate Times: 24hours Contact: +264 63 297 147 13.18h00 Contact: +264 66 250 601 6. Velloorsdrift Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 .24h00 Contact: +264 62 560404 9. Ruacana Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 . Omahanene Border Post Gate Times: 08h00 .16h30 Contact: +264 63 280 680 10. Ariamsvlei Border Post Gate Times: 24hours Contact: +264 63 280 023 11. Buitpos / Mamuno Gate Times: 07h00 .19h00 Contact: +27 831 2203 8 Botswana 4.19h00 Contact: +264 65 259 504 3. Wanela / Katima Mulilo Gate Times: 06h00 . Ngoma Border Post Gate Times: 07h00 .18h00 Contact: +264 65 270 039 2.19h00 Contact: +264 65 264 615 8. Mohembo Border Post Gate Times: 06h00 -18h00 Contact: +264 66 259 908 7.18h00 Contact: +264 66 253430 5. Tsumke (Dobe) Gate Times: 06h00 .16h30 Contact: +264 63 269 134 12.

na China Tel: +264 61 277370 Fax: +264 61 221325 Congo Tel: +264 61 256287 Fax: +264 61 256286 France Tel: +264 61 2767000 Fax: +264 61 231436 Germany Tel: +264 61 221341 / 2 Fax: +264 61 221343 Ghana Tel: +264 61 221341 / 2 Fax: +264 61 221343 Zimbabwe Tel: +264 61 228134 Fax: +264 61 226859 Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 45 .na Botswana Tel: +264 61 221942 / 7 Fax: +264 61 236034 Iceland Tel: +264 61 229722 Tel: +264 61 233942 Malaysia Tel: +264 61 259340 / 2 Fax: +264 61 259343 Information Embassies Algeria Tel: +264 61 221507 Fax: +264 61 236376 Angola Tel: +264 61 227535 Tel: +264 61 220302 Spain Tel: +264 61 223066 Fax: +264 61 223046 South Africa Tel: +264 61 2057111 Fax: +264 61 224140 Cuba Tel: +264 61 227072 Fax: +264 61 231584 India Tel: +264 61 226037 Fax: +264 61 237320 Egypt Tel: +264 61 221501 Fax: +264 61 229856 Finland Tel: +264 61 221355 Fax: +264 61 221349 United Kingdom United States of America Tel: +264 61 274800 Tel: +264 61 2958500 Fax: +264 61 228895 Fax: +264 61 2958603 Indonesia Tel: +264 61 2851000 Fax: +264 61 2851231 Brazil Tel: +264 61 237368 Fax: +264 61 233389 Nigeria Tel: +264 61 232103 / 5 Fax: +264 61 221639

na Luderitz Airport Tel: +264 63 202035 Fax: +264 63 202027 Domestic Airports Eros Airport Tel: +264 61 2955500 Fax: +264 61 2955522 eros@airports. .aero South African Airways Tel: +264 61 273340 Fax: + 264 61 235200 Rundu Airport Tel: +264 66 255462 Fax: +264 66 255463 Keetmanshoop Airport Tel: +264 63 225603 Fax: +264 63 225608 Airlines Air Namibia Tel: +264 61 2996333 Fax: +264 61 2996146 Walvis Bay Airport Tel: +264 64 200077 Fax: +264 64 200164 South African Express Tel: +264 64 200403 Katima Mulilo Airport Tel: +264 66 250211 Fax: +264 66 250212 & Airlines International Airports Hosea Kutako International Airport Ondangwa Airport Tel: +264 61 2955600 Tel: +264 65 240476 Fax: +264 61 2955622 Fax: +264 65 240534 © Karl Andre Terblanche Photography It’s about the not the British Airways +27 11 441 8600 www.

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and all meals generally consist of a meat dish with side servings. Namibia veronica@europahof.O Box 1333. www. Chilli or per-peri relish is always popular with food. Walvis Bay Yummy! Delicious! Restaurant Europa Hof vise ou know? drink but we ad Did y to tely safe led water. with a bias towards German dishes. Chinese and Indian dishes/meals are popular choices too! Traditional Namibian foodstuffs may include the following: Eedingu dried meat. Portuguese.form of porridge made from maize-meal Namibians are great meat eaters.00pm Sat: 6:15am . Mexican. Bismark Street 39.15pm Tel: +264 64 202744 c/o Theo-Ben Gurirab St & 12th Road. omple ater is c to drink bott w Namibian travellers Tel: +264 64 405061 / 2 Fax: +264 64 402391 Did you know? Film Crew are strongly advised to drink at le ast 5 Litres of water when working in desert conditions to av oid dehydration.2.15am .Cuisine Restaurants tend to be European in style. Swakopmund. . Bakery ▪ Restaurant ▪ Coffee shop ▪ Boulevard Café ▪ Confectionary ▪ Cake-Décor Shop Make it special Mon-Fri: 6.europahof. carrots and green beans Kapana bread mealie-pap . and delicious seafood.

boutique hotels. Namibia has all the amenities you would expect of a major European city. Local restaurants are outstanding. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 53 . Numerous agencies lease apartments and villas for short or long stays. lodges and game farms as well as many independent.Useful Information Accommodation Namibia is home to five star hotels. serving some of the best food in the world. luxury camps.

accommodation for children and camping sites. luxury rooms. Participate in Game Drives. leopard and big game such as elephant. 20 different antelope species. cheetah. The Lodge offers you the unique opportunity to experience the beauty of pristine African wilderness while enjoying luxury accommodation. the 60 000 acre-large privately-owned Okonjati nature reserve is home to countless bird species. lions. The newest addition to the Lodge is the exclusive luxury Villa. . Jan Oelofse. hippo.E stablished in 1975 by world-renowned conservationist Jan Oelofse. starring John Wayne. white rhino and black rhino. Cheetah and Lion Feeding Sessions and Rhino Tracking or take the 1. a mini-bar. exquisite African cuisine and excellent service.5 km hike to visit the 200 million year old fossilized Dinosaur footprints of Saurichnium Damarense! Mount Etjo offers a variety of accommodation. 180 Degree view over the waterhole. which offers the use of a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. family rooms. His contribution to the Namibian tourism and hunting industry is invaluable. captured and trained all the animals for the classic movie “Hatari”. various TV channels and private dining. including rooms for handicapped guests.

com . Namibia www. Bismark Street 39. Hotel Europa Hof Tel: +264 64 405061 / 2 Fax: +264 64 402391 P.europahof.Restaurant Europa Hof Tel: +264 64 405061 / 2 Fax: +264 64 402391 P. Ideally situated within 3min walking distance from the beach and the city centre. Namibia veronica@europahof. Bismark Street 39. Swakopmund. Swakopmund.O Box 1333.O Box Hotel Europa Hof has been part of the Swakopmund town picture since the beginning of the 20th Century.


facebook.Karl Andre Terblanche P h o t o g r a p h y Conceptual Commercial Location & Capturing The Essence Of Your Production Set Photography Call: +264 (0) 81 679 8850 www.Imaging Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 61 .com

to equipment and costume rentals. © Karl Andre Terblanche Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 63 .Filming Resources Filming Resources Everything you need to know about filming in Namibia from visas and permits.

A daily fee will be charged. Did you know? You can go to See their listing at the back of this directory for full contact details Location fees vary depending on the genre and scale of the production ( for more information on filming in Namibia Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 65 . An administrative fee of N$500 is payable to the Namibia Film Commission.Filming Resources Filming Permits The Namibian government requires that all foreign productions entering Namibia apply for filming permission from the Namibia Film Commission at least three weeks before arrival. An environmental officer is also required to be on set each day of filming in a national park or in protected areas. established service production company.nfc. An additional entrance fee is required when filming in National Parks. There is a reduced location fee when working through a local . paid to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. feature or documentary).

Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Durban Film festival in South Africa. The Namibia Film Commission provides training. encourage and promote film productions. technical assistance and funding to local filmmakers to produce local content that is screened at international film festivals and to local communities through-out the year. accommodation or telecommunications. the Berlinale in Germany. location scouting. They attend. transport. facilitates permissions to film at national parks. The NFC issues film permits to all foreign production companies wanting to do film work or still photography in Namibia. The NFC exposes local filmmakers to international productions that are filmed locally to gain industry experience. Its vision is to have a film industry of excellence that reflects Namibia’s cultural diversity and contributes meaningfully to national development. aviation services. film marketing as well as the development of the film industry in Namibia. The mission of the NFC is to create a conducive environment that develops a vibrant and sustainable film industry. Filming information needed by prospective filmmakers is available at all Embassies and High Commissions of Namibia worldwide. while location expos are attended in different parts of the world and awareness raised in Asia. catering. be it local crew and technical services. Dubai International Film Festival in the United Arab Emirates. Film Commission Ad & editorial . and the Africa Diaspora Film Festival in the United States.The Namibian Film Commission (NFC) is a statutory body that was established by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to support. This is done by attaching local talents to international film productions. Cannes in France. heritage sites and filming of minorities as well as assisting with information on service providers. amongst others. assists with obtaining temporary work visas. Europe and India.

© Namib Film / Karl Andre Terblanche Photography .

Canada. Switzerland. Norway. Italy. Russia. Tel: +264 64 206934/ +264 64 206054 206934/ +264 Cell: +264 0811247999 Fax: +264 64 206033 Email: alana@fishmar. Botswana.O. Ukraine. Portugal. highly recommended service and solutions to any immigration matters with customer care and full confidentiality We deliver exceptional service in all immigration matters •Namibian Work. Work Visas Visas All foreign cast and crew entering Namibia require work visas to film in Namibia. Japan. Study & Holiday Visa •Namibian Work Permits •Namibian Temporary Residence •Namibian & South African Permanent Residence •South African Medical & Holiday Visa •Namibian & South African Study Permits •Namibian Citizenship & Domicile Seagull’s Shopping Mall Hage Geingob Street P. Germany. Georgia. New Zealand. Mozambique. Belarus. Kyrgyzstan. Hong Kong. France. South Africa. Azerbaijan. All work visa applications must be directed to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration at least 15 working days prior to your arrival. Zambia and Zimbabwe. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 71 . Singapore. Sweden. Brazil. Moldovia. Walvis Bay 3650. Uzbekistan. Australia. Iceland. Netherlands. SAR. United States of America. Malaysia. Swaziland. Lesotho. Ireland. Lichtenstein. Box 3650. but you will still require work visas. Cuba. Malawi. Denmark. Mauritius. genuine costinnovative. Requirements for Work Visa • • • • • Completed application form for visa Motivation letter from the organization/ institution Police clearance certificate from the country of origin Certified passport copies Qualifications Intergate Namibia Immigration provides cost-efficient. United Kingdom. Luxembourg. Armenia. Tanzania. Belgium. Austria.Filming Resources Entry Visas You DO NOT require an entry visa to Namibia. Turkmenistan. Spain. Macau. Kenya. Kazakhstan. if you are from: Nationals of Angola.

© Chris Johnston Photography Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 73 .

catering. that have knowledge of the local environment. shooting. The advantage of using professional local crew. Local knowledge of the environment. From location scouting.Filming Resources Production Companies Namibian production companies and production service providers ensure that your shoot proceeds smoothly. contacts to local people and understanding of the prevailing conditions is an essential part of a successful production in Namibia. culture. transport and tax and legal compliance. facilities and equipment. despite being in a foreign country. our local production companies will assist and handle all these details. resources and conditions is priceless and adds savings to the visiting producer‘s budget. casting. list of what they fe © Magic Touch Films Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 75 . These are compelling reasons to use a reputable production service provider. permits. Did you know? be found in the co anies can Our local producntionder mproduction Companies with a directory sectio ofun r andPtheir contact details. visa applications. hiring crew. accommodation.

Namib Film started from humble beginnings by scouting locations for visiting producers.namibfilms. and Commercial Division which includes television commercials. . Guy Nockels who has 38 years of experience in the international film industry.NAMIB FILM. from visually spectacular locations to professional and experienced production service and support. and has proved to be the facilitator of choice for major Bollywood productions that pass through Namibia. and providing location logistics for various productions. From there onwards. As their slogan states: “Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge”. Namib Film provides the whole package. Namibia’s premier service production company was found in 2000 by its CEO. together with service delivery standards and experience that match and rival international companies. Another defining strength that Namib Film possesses is its high standard of local knowledge. music videos. please visit their website www. Namib Film works on a 2 tier basis: Feature Film Namib Film is dedicated to bridging the gap between Namibia and the International Filmmaker by providing exceptional experience and infrastructure to offer a quality service to productions of any size and magnitude. It is also the only Namibian based company that has facilitated a Hollywood studio film from main unit to miniatures. They offer a production team that will be dedicated to your production. according to your needs and the scale of the production. stills and documentaries. For a detailed list of their esteemed clientele and achievements. Namib Film has gone from strength to strength with more than 200 productions through its door.

com © RBJ Trust .The service production company you can trust Phone/Fax: +264 (0)61 309155 Mobile: +264 (0)81 352 6546 info@magictouchfilms.

 360° Filming Namibia offers motion picture industry infrastructure and low-cost. Namibia has a very welcoming approach to filming in public areas such as on streets and highways.  Year-round-filming With opposite seasons to the Northern hemisphere. with long daylight hours and an average of 300 days of sunlight per year. Furthermore. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 81 . and property/costumes. tents. Joe Vision Production. misty coastal towns. Namibian crews not only have the qualifications in their field. We also have low production costs and tax benefits for foreign companies working for a local production company. motivation and dedication. Namibia’s film crews and technicians are multilingual and have international production experience. Germanic architecture to traditional villages and mud huts. from rural to urban. Magic Touch Films. Namib Film or Power and Glory. Namibia also offers immense diversity of other settings.  Equipment Namibia has companies such as Equipment List Rentals that specialise in high-quality equipment rental.  Highly qualified professionals Namibian crews are renowned for their positive attitude. beach scenery. Why Film Here?  Save money Labour costs in Namibia. makes this country an ideal filming location. for experienced crews. Due to Namibia’s ever expanding film industry. highquality services.Filming Resources  One big open-air studio Internationally renowned for its barren desert landscape. including camera. Filming permissions are easily obtainable. Namibia’s climate of low average rainfall. the country provides a wide range of possible weather types. not to mention our favorable exchange rate. ghost mines. grip/electric. helpful people. but also the necessary experience. due to the changing climate conditions found throughout the expansive mass of land that is Namibia. especially with the help of a local production company such as Fisheye Studios Productions. are considerably lower than the cost of bringing in foreign crews.  Safe Namibia is a politically stable country with low crime incidents and friendly. seas of sand dunes. Unlike many European countries.

. “We’ll take on anything – no matter how big the job.” Ultimately.64) 41 81 50.No Challenge Too Wild for Namibia’s Cowboys They’ve transformed an abandoned ruin into a petrol station overnight for a Hunters TV commercial. you may catch sight of The Cowboys’ trademark sunrise-orange 4x4 rambling down the roads. “The Cowboys” crew knows no boundaries. which means we can source any material. or drop a mail to ulla@cowboys. or remote the location. “But it’s not just the wild challenges we thrive “The Cowboys” are at it again. For more information. “We have a pretty extensive network. and driven through the desert dunes for 8 hours to deliver just one generator……”The Cowboys” are well-known for taking on the most demanding challenges. While ”The Cowboys” specialise in manufacturing a wide variety of steel products and converting shipping containers into anything from luxury accommodation and air-conditioned offices to ablutions and workshops on remote film locations – they also provide water.” Their comprehensive range of services backs up Cowboy Büttner’s statement. built floats amongst the crocodiles on the Okavango River for a BMW photo” says frontman Heinz ‘Cowboy’ Büttner. set building as well as a comprehensive collection of props for hire. supplied 50kg of identically-sized pieces of biltong (beef jerky) to the Mad Max film set. call “The Cowboys” on (+264 . sewage and ablution facilities. find the most trifling objects and fulfil even the most curious requests. Büttner’s business partner Carl Ehmke quite simply attributes their success to the fact that they’re locals. Apart from the team’s fierce 24/7 dedication to the job at hand. plant and machinery solutions. If you’re up early enough. or ramping the dunes. random the request. on its way to fulfil another out-of the-ordinary request for another out-of-this-world production – and you’ll know.

Hospitality & Gaming. | Tel: +264 61 270 4999 100 95 75 e. Trade Credit & Political Risk. Retail & Wholesale. Media & Technology.100 95 75 power Your Off-Grid Power Specialist Providing professional engineering. Environmental. Life Sciences. Mergers & Acquisitions. Chemical. Public Entities & Government. Infrastructure. Communications. The advantages are that e. Private Equity.Namibia Tel: (+264 61) 254 813 / 276 Fax: (+264 61) 254 812 volker@e-power. Real 25 5 0 . Africa’s pre-eminent insurance broker. Food & Beverage. FINPRO. Metals & Minerals. Mining. PV Solar and wind turbines. Property. Fisheries & Aquaculture. Casualty.O Box 5688 . Marine. the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor has acquired Alexander Forbes Risk Services. and provision of solar systems e power is your one stop solution to off-grid power supply.power guarantees: • 24-hour power • Maintainence by external technical experts • Around-the-clock monitoring via GSM communication • Stocks spare parts We have a rental fleet of diesel generators 25kVA-600kVA as well as containerised off-grid power packs consisting of battery storage. Rail. helping them manage risk for growth. Project Risk. Properita. Energy.marsh-africa. Automotive. 25 5 0 Marsh’s global industry practices and risk specialities ensure our clients receive the best solutions tailored to their particular needs. Marine. Construction. Manufacturing. A NEW PAN-AFRICAN LEADER Marsh. Surety. Healthcare. Industry Practices: Agriculture. Power & Utilities. Risk Specialities: Aviation & Aerospace. Financial Risk Products. Forestry & Integrated Wood Products. Employee Benefits. including the building and rental to production companies of power packs in containers. Product Recall. Windhoek P. construction and consultancy services to the film industry. MARSH AFRICA www.power consulting & construction (PTY) LTD 114 Silver Street.Windhoek . Financial Institutions. Aviation & Aerospace.

you will find no shortage of inspiration. © Chris Johnston Photography . Below are a few simple descriptions of what is on offer: • • • • • • • • • sheer mountains and rocky outcrops sandy beaches with golden or volcanic colored sand endless belts of dunes and deserts bounteous wild-life.Filming Resources Locations Namibia offers idyllic tropical and desert locations that are incomparable. bird-life and fishing options long and winding roads through changing landscapes sun drenched savannah with freely roaming wild-life forests of trees – from “petrified” to “tropical” scenic lakes. Each town is able to double as a dozen different venues and time periods in film. Our landscapes are one of Mother Nature’s best gifts. rivers and oases abandoned ghost towns From the quaint small German town of Swakopmund to the rustic traditional villages in the north. from medieval Europe to modern America – allowing big savings for the producer.

Film, Documentary and Photographic Logistics

edica till Sh ide M otion and S tandby ov We Pr hoots - M Events S
Film S ial E ects / Spec

or: ance f ts t l Assis oo
• • • • • • • • Scouting SFX Wind Tracking Safari Camps Unit Support Set Building Location Management Environmental Management Plans

Contact Details: John-John Beukes +264 81 124 5120 Ian Booysen +264 81 208 0700

Paul van der Ploeg +264 (0)81 333 2769

Namibian Crew

Namibian Cast

Namibian crews are renowned for their skill and diversity. Knowledge of the local environment, local contacts, and understanding of the prevailing conditions are essential to a successful production in Namibia. Although it is possible to bring international crew to Namibia, we encourage the use of Namibian crew where possible. From experience, we know that local knowledge is priceless and adds great savings to the foreign producer’s budget.

Namibia is unique in many different ways, but one of the main reasons for its individual identity is that it has been influenced by different cultures during colonisation. Namibia is a blend of 11 major ethnic groups, each aware of the past but all celebrating the future that lies ahead. Namibians are proud to be Namibian. Local casting agencies can supply any kind of look for your production. Namibian extras and actors are skilled in languages as well as stagecraft, and visiting directors praise their enthusiasm and professionalism.

Art Department




 





 extras 

Featured extras Stand ins / body doubles

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The key to unlocking your potential...
Anke :+264 81 339 6393

Leading the way in responsible employment through our unique concept of CUSTODIANSHIP

Heike: +264 81 222 2999

Need Film and TV Production Crew? We’ve got it sorted.
Our employment experience consists of:
• • • • • • • Guaranteed basic wages Additional remuneration for productive hours Pension fund and death benefit Medical Aid Fringe benefits such as transport to and from the workplace Fully integrated employee wellness program operated by industry leaders such as OCNAM and NABCOA Training

A truly Namibian company, CREW-HUB, is the brainchild of Anke Stier and Heike Steiner who joined forces to provide a streamlined process for hiring local film industry crew. CREW-HUB is currently the only film and TV Production service crew management agency in Namibia. Our industry is steadily growing and this called for a more professional approach with regard to the supply of talented and reliable crew. We are proud to have the support of not only our listed crew, but also many of the local production houses and although still young hope to grow with our industry and help to establish the image of a professional industry to the outside world.

If you are interested in aligning your company with a responsible service provider give us a call on (061) 257700 or visit our website:


We aim to offer international standards, locally.
Anke :+264 81 339 6393 | Heike: +264 81 222 2999 |

Filming Resources

Filming Equipment, Service & Support
All the equipment needed for your production is readily available, from mobile make-up departments to comfortable star trailers. Equipment is available from rental companies such as Equipment List Rentals and Panavision offering state-of-the-art cameras, lenses and accessories. Namibian post facilities have high-end editing suites, both digital linear and non-linear. Local studios offer 3D and 2D animation, complete sound processing from composition to recording to mastering as well as a full range of lights. Namibia has many stages and backlots for projects of different sizes and budgets from personal homes, warehouses and open lots for large scale builds and shoots. Should you choose to bring in your own equipment from abroad, this can be done on an ATA carnet and cleared by a local agent. Specialized Film Services Namibia has everything from animal trainers / wranglers, local experts to undertake environmental impact assessments and rehabilitation of film locations, on-site accommodation, location catering to the rental of small aircraft, ultra-light planes and helicopters, for aerial scouts, photography and filming.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 95


up artists An extensive range of props covering everything from historical furniture to vintage vehicles Resources Our designers take their inspiration from the landscape and history of Namibia and sew it into every | Swakopmund. Namibia Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 99 . We specialise in: • Event and bridal make up • Stage make up • Manicures and pedicures • Massages and facials And much more! © Namib Films / Andre Terblanche © Namib Film / Karl Karl Andre Terblanche Photography For more information please contact us on: Tel : +264 (0)64 403787 | Cell: +264 (0)81 221 6855 | Props & Make-Up Namibia offers the final touch in bringing your production to life : • • • • • • Costume rental Tailoring Manufacturing of clothing and props Designing of clothing and props Trained Make .Filming Resources Costumes.

com out You can find e Collection www vi Namibian Mo Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 101 . w? Did you kno bian films at The Nami more about .Filming Resources Resources Experience Namibia has been on the international map of top filming destinations for a number of years and with more than a century of filmmaking experience. from the earliest days of cinematography in 1963 (Coasts of Skeletons : Robert Lynn) up to the latest and most technically sophisticated productions of today. Namibia’s skills are up to date. This has given Namibian crews the opportunity to learn from a wide range of cinematographers. Many films have been produced in Namibia by Namibians as well as international film companies. directors and producers.africavenir. In addition to the many international productions that shoot here each year. the local film industry regularly produces films.


Blue Frontier. Universal Studios. facilitated by local companies using our facilities and locations. Powerhorse. SVT Sweden. Halifax. Stefan Ludik and Samir. World Wide Cookout Documentaries and TV series‘ for companies such as Quiksilver Europe. ARD. One Planet Films. Epo Filmproduktions and others. Tele2Denmark. Imagine your project among them. from the year 2000-2011. Kellogg‘s. Windhoek Lager. Young Black Stallion. Orbita Max. Music videos for the likes of the Gorillaz. Drona. Yamaha to name but a few. ITV. Lotto Max. Dhoom 2. Tafel Lager. Reality / Lifestyle TV: The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Discovery. Beyond Borders and more. Nissan. The Bone Snatcher. Commercials for companies such as Blackberry. In the Light Productions BBC. Vespa. Mariyaan. BBC Science. The Cell. Icon Films. Flight of the Phoenix. Feature films such as Mad Max: Fury Road. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 105 . Gallowwalker.Filming Resources Shot in Namibia Below is a selection of productions filmed in Namibia.

Directory Directory On the following pages you will find a list of Namibian production companies and service companies ready to help you reach your aims with your production. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 107 . Hotel Pension Rapmund Tel: +264(64) 402035 Fax: +264(64) 404524 rapmund@iafrica. Accommodation Hotel Europa Hof Tel: +264 64 405061/2 Fax: +264 64 402391 www. Our ideal central Mount Etjo Safari Lodge Tel: +264 (0)67 290 175 Namibia Holiday Services Tel: +264 (0)64 405442 Fax: +264 (0)64 404826 info@namibiaholidayservices. Choose Namibia Holiday Services for greater privacy and www.europahof. lion. Mount Etjo Safari Lodge offers luxurious lodgings. will make your stay cosy and Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 109 . giraffe and many more. in a friendly atmosphere. Hotel Pension Rapmund offers 25 standard and 2 luxury en-suite rooms with reasonable rates. rhino. We also offer cleaning services and estate agent services. natural film set opportunities and wildlife ranging from elephant.Accommodation Hotel Europa Hof has been part of the Swakopmund town picture since the beginning of the 20th Simply the best!! Namibia Holiday Services offers a range of self catering accommodation available for holiday rental all year-round in Swakopmund. Enjoy our hearty breakfast with a sea view. zebra. with a 2 minute walk to the beach and town centre.etjo@iafrica. all in one hippo. cheetah. Mile 4 and Long Beach. The Hotel is ideally situated away from noise but is still within 3 min walking distance from the beach and the city centre.

fully licensed bar and All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning/ Beach Lodge Tel: +264 64 414500 Cell: +264 81 127 3397 reservations@beachlodge. We offer a complete service to our www. Taleni Africa Tourism Holdings Tel: +27 21 930 4564 reservations@taleni-africa.Accommodation Okahandja Country Hotel offers 22 en-suite twin rooms and 2 family units. all for your www. The Beach Lodge Comfortable and affordable accommodation right on the beach and only 5km from the centre of Swakopmund. television & Satellite TV and coffee making facilities.taleni-africa. Accommodation Okahandja Country Hotel Tel: +264-62-504299 Fax: +264-62-502551 www. Taleni Africa Experience the true art of hospitality in Namibia’s main attractions with Taleni Africa’s establishments! Accommodation options include Sossusvlei Lodge.okahandjalodge.beachlodge. Swakopmund Boutique Hotel in this historic town and Etosha Village near the Okaukuejo gate to Etosha National Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 111 . Desert Camp and Sossus Oasis Campsite in Southern Namibia.

restaurant and swimming pool.villa-moringa. Perfect filming location and stay over.zovuelephantlodge. Accommodation Villa Moringa Tel: 061 224472 Fax: 061 308167 info@villa-moringa.proteahotels. game viewing. Offers spectacular river and land. the Namib. Enjoy first class service at Villa Moringa. The lodge continently borders Botswana. the Walvis Bay Lagoon and the world’s oldest Villa Moringa is an elegant. up-market guesthouse consisting of 16 en-suite double rooms. Zambia. Walvis Bay Protea Hotel Surrounded by the Protea Hotel Walvis Bay Tel: +264 (0)64 213 700 res. wireless internet as well as a mini bar fridge and a coffee/tea www. Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 113 .com Zovu Elephant Lodge is located in Namibia opposite Botswana Chobe National Park. Zimbabwe. They are all equipped with air conditioning. www. We have a newly opened lunch and dinner restaurant serving delicious Portuguese food. Beautiful ensuite rooms. the Walvis Bay Protea Lodge offers a haven to film crew after a long Zovu Elephant Lodge Tel: +267 (0)71 318210 Cell: 00264 (0)81 129 1646 bookings@zovuelephantlodge.

Animal Wranglers Harnas Wildlife Foundation Tel: +264 (0)62 56 88 28 / 38 w? Did you kno mibia is twice te.Animal Wranglers Harnas Wildlife Foundation offers the opportunity to experience the magic of the wild from the frenzy of African wild dogs to the ferocious roaring of the lions in utmost comfort. and the Harnas staff strives to cater to every need of their guests. alif he size of C ublic in the African re t ep populated r Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 115 www. Na peaking sta he most sparsely -s The English ornia and is t gion.

na It’s about the j Expedite Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 117 . stage make up. Box 782. We conveniently operate from Eros Airport in Windhoek offering customised flights while maintaining high safety standards. Helicopters-R-US. massages and facials and much more! Beauty & Make-Up Maranatha Beauty & Slimming Salon Tel : +264 (0)64 403787 Cell: +264 (0)81 221 6855 maranatha. now try the best! Expedite Aviation P. You tried the rest. Aviation Trustco Air Services Tel: +264 (0)61 275 4132 Cell: +264 (0)81 122 5074 charters@tgi. Tsumeb Airport Tel: (+264) 67 222 862 Fax: (+264) 67 222 869 Cell: (+264) 81 127 0117 www. manicures and Trustco Air Services offers exclusive elegance when flying local and the fleet and ability to deliver! The sole ICAO CERTIFIED AOC and your Operator of choice in Beauty & Make-Up Maranatha Beauty & Slimming Salon For all your beauty needs when working on set from event and bridal make up.expediteaviation.

Organizes film screenings. SMEs Compete Cost-effective solutions providing Namibia Film Commission Tel: +264 61 381 900 Fax: +264 61 256 054 info@nfc. facilities. crews. Partners to Luxor African Film Festival. carpentry etc. Filmmakers’ Association of Namibia (FAN) was founded to represent filmmakers’ interests and to build up a data base providing qualified information about services and suppliers existing in Namibia .na SMEs Compete Tel: +264-(0)61 – 24 7129 Fax: +264-(0)61 – 24 8591 reception@smecompete.AfryKamera Filmfestival. focusing on the promotion of an African Renaissance. costume www. Ismailia Film Festival. transport. taxation. Namibia Film Commission (NFC) can supply information on everything you need to know about production film workshops. locations. amongst Website: www. in the form of subcontracting and outsourcing services. transport FAN Tel: +264 (0)81 663 0830 filmmakersnamibia@gmail. AfriKamera Berlin. International Images Film Festival for AfricAvenir Windhoek Bodies Tel: +264 (0) 855630949 Email: c. an NGO originating from Cameroon.mahnke@africavneir. www. film festivals. by creating a link between SMEs and established corporations and film producers. & provides film expertise/consultations.Bodies AfricAvenir. Discover Namibia for your next award winning film production. The objectives of the association is to promote the growth and development of the Namibian Film and Video industry.

Rentals and Supplies Adventure Camping Hire & Sales specialize in the renting of www. affordable camping equipment on a daily basis or on long term. and provision of solar systems. tents. roof tents and more. equipment rentals and catering needs while filming in Namibia. logistics. Industrial Electrical Equipment.power consulting & construction Tel: (+264 61) 254 813 / 276 Fax: (+264 61) 254 812 volker@e-power. including the building and rental to production companies of power packs in containers. GPS‘s. Executive gifts for him and her. e. Your one stop off-grid power supply. We hire out any kind of camping equipment like off-road trailers. tools and knives. Walfish Electric is an Electrical Wholesaler & Sole Distributor of Lucy Switchgear and WEG Motors in Namibia.cowboys. We provide the following: Overhead line e. construction and consultancy services to the film industry.Construction. Cowboys for all your set building. satellite Walfish Electric Walvis Bay Tel:+264 64 20 5891 Swakopmund Tel:+264 64 41 7000 sales@walfishelectric. which ever suits your needs. Domestic Electrical Cowboys Whk Tel: +264 (0)61 245284 Swk Tel: +264 (0)64 418150 www.power consulting & construction provides professional engineering. Household Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 121 . freezers.walfishelectric. Rentals and Supplies Adventure Camping Hire & Sales Tel: +264 (0)61 242478 Cell: +264 (0)81 129 9135 adventur@iway. unit.

Nami • Fringe inhabita such as transport to an .Crew Africa Personnel Services Leading the way in responsible employment through our unique concept of Heike: +264 81 222 2999 www. training and The key to unlocking your po CREW-HUB Anke :+264 81 339 6393 anke@crewhubnamibia. but al Windhoek. Need Film and TV Production Crew? We’ve got it with a industry leaders such as OCNAM and • Training Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 If you are interested in aligning your compan | 123 .com.aps.crewhubnamibia. w bia's ca•pitaMedical Aid nts. additional remuneration for productive hours. Our experience consists of: guaranteed basic wages. CREW-HUB is currently the only film and TV Production service crew management agency in Namibia.000 benefits is not only • ound 300Fully integrated employee wellness r www. Crew Africa Personnel Services Tel:+264 (0) 61 257 700 Cell: +264 (0)81 128 5033 peet@aps. ner‘ inremuneration for productive • ndyAdditional i cor fund big death ich means w• Pensionso the andgest benefit h l. We aim to offer international standards. fringe benefits such as transport to and from the Leading the way in responsible employment through our unique concep of CUSTODIANSHIP Our employment experience consis w? Did you•knoGuaranteedAfbasicnwages rikaa s. locally.

Filming www.panavision. Location Management and Environmental Management Sandstone Logistics Paul van der Ploeg Cell: +264 (0)81 333 2769 paulnamibia@iway. Panavision . drivers. . logistics and general caesar@kunenetours. Service & Support Equipment List Rentals Tel: +264 (0)81 243 3447 info@film-equipment-list. extensive range of grip equipment including technocranes and dollies and all associated technical support. location fixers. Explore and discover the real Namibia on an exclusive adventure safari with some of the country’s most experienced guides. Unit Support. Set Building. Kunene Tours offers vehicle hire. You can be assured that Kunene will deliver true adventure in comfort. Safari Camps.everything you need to make your production a success. all lens types. SFX WindTracking.eddy@panavision. documentary and Filming camera support. guides. Sandstone Logistics offers Panavision South Africa Tel: +27 21 555 1780 Cell: +27 (0)82 895 0508 of all types of HD and film equipment including Panavision and Arri Flex Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 125 photographic logistics as well as scouting. Service & Support Equipment List Rentals practise safe sets! We offer unit reservations@khowarib. location scouting and location management .com Kunene Tours & Safaris Tel: +264 (0)64 402779 www.

Fully equipped 4X4 medical support vehicle. Medical assistance on set. Special events Standby’s. weather insurance. Intermediate and Advanced life support.Supply of medical equipment on set.west from Groot www. 46 km situated on the farm H Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 127 . Insurance Marsh Africa Tel +264 61 270 4930 Fax +264 61 270 4673 LoubserA@marsh-afrs. event cancellation coverage.watercraft coverage.Insurance Marsh Africa offers traditional business coverages such as property and liability as well as specialty coverage for the film industry. Movie Medics Namibia Medical Tel: +264 (0) 81 208 0700 Tel: +264 (0) 81 124 5120 Did you know? e world and underground lake in th e largest fontein. aircraft Medical Movie Medics Namibia We provide Paramedical services .marsh-africa. Liaising of patient referrals to doctors or medical services. 24 Hour medical consultation. advertising wrap-up and more. 'Dragon's Breath' is th north .Basic. including: cast coverage. animal mortality.

Le Figaro (France).karlandreterblanche. full Did you know? the largest vered in the 1920s. fully equipped portable lights. The mete an 50 tons. d its weight is more th old an Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 129 . The Mail on Sunday.chrisjohnstonphoto. The Observer (UK).com info@karlandreterblanche. If close enough isn’t good enough give me a call. Karl is internationally published with images used by National Geographic. National and International prize winning photographer. Photography Chris Johnston Photography Studio and Gallery Tel: ++264 81 124 6184 chrisjohnstonphoto@gmail.Photography Chris Johnston Photography Studio and Gallery Nikon pro Karl Andre Terblanche Photography Karl Andre Terblanche Photography sets the standard for Namibian photography. Tel: + 264 (0) 81 679 8850 karlterblanche@gmail. I’ll go anywhere. any www. TV Line among others. d ated 20 km from e in the world and situ known meteorit 80 000 years orite is approximately Grootfontein. is isco The Hoba Meteorite.

Training Manuals. poster design printing. Photo Print. Logo Printing Printline Tel: +264 (0)64 204 380 Cell: +264 (0) 81 350 7507 printline.facebook. Design & Copy of Business www. large format printing.nam@gmail. lamination up to A0. Booklets.Printing Data & Label Printing offers Printing. Writing Pads. Laminations and Paper Cutting in Certificates & Diplomas. Funeral Programs. vehicle wrapping. t-shirt printing and more! Data & Label Printing Tel: +264 61 257 117 Cell: +264 81 396 9449 Cell: +264 81 124 9794 print@mweb. Binding. Brochures. Posters. Labels & Stickers. Printline We print on anything: vinyl printing. estimated 2 Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 131 .com/printlinenamibia Did you know? pulation in the ee-roaming cheetah po t fr Namibia has the larges 500 world .

Joe Vision Production is a Content Creation Production Company with expertise in Feature. We offer an extensive network across all sectors of the industry and a team of Joe Vision Production Cell: +264 (0)812 560 283 info@joe-vision. Camera work. dynamic professionals. Studio Rental www. Short. Reality TV Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 133 . Production Service Companies Fisheye Studio Productions Namibia: +264 (0)81 843 2605 South Africa: +27 (0)76 961 1699 inge. Editing. Photography. Commercials. Namib Film. and is the only production company to have serviced Hollywood and Bollywood Magic Touch Films Phone/Fax: +264 (0)61 309155 Mobile: +264 (0)81 352 6546 www.fisheyestudiosnamibia. will be at the centre of any production that wants to envisage its dream in Namibia.Production Service Companies Fisheye Studios Productions Film and Television Namib Film Tel: +264 (0)64 463371 Fax: +264 (0)64 461993 www. Magic Touch Films is an established production company for international film and television productions in Namibia. Africa is our love and Namibia is our home. With our experience we can provide you with the best production service in Namibia. but operating anywhere needed. Documentaries. Documentary and Commercial Film Productions. Coordinating.joe-vision. Gear Rental. Namibia’s premier film production service company.magictouchfilms.engelbrecht@gmail.namibfilms. Based in Swakopmund.

com w? Did you kno ca'‘. .. paperwork (filming permissions.Production Service Companies Production Service Companies Power and Glory Films full production service: research. it has a host f est deserts e 's bigg touched.eve s and savan ces l forest amazing pla . location www. Du rything from the world un nhas. to tropica ks national par Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 135 ..powerandgloryfilms. is a unique place Afri argely he‘'Gem of ld land is l d led t en cal ntury o Namibia. Power and Glory Films Tel + 264 61 243 511 Cell + 264 81 127 3171 expertise and the only full equipment rental house in Namibia (arri lights. generators. grip. set oft . trucks). panther dolly. treatments. organising crew. Much of Namibia's ce atural wonders an of n ists and or eco-tour to this. kinoflos.

Restaurants Probst Bakery is located in the heart of Walvis Bay and is an essential stop for lunch or An experience not to be missed! Restaurant Europa Hof is ideally situated next the Hotel and is located away from noise but is still within 3 min walking distance from Swakopmund city www. We are located on the main road in with down-home family feel.beachlodge. great cuisine and service to match it all! Restaurants Probst Bakery Tel: +264 (0)64 202744 29 Sam Nujoma Ave. Swakopmund The Wreck Restaurant @ Beach Lodge Tel: +264 64 414528 reservations@beachlodge. We look forward to seeing you! The Wreck Restaurant @ Beach Lodge is an A la Carte restaurant which offers sea views to die Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 137 .com Restaurant Europa Hof Tel: +264 (0)64 405061/2 Fax: +264 (0)64 402391 www. or come and enjoy our bistro for delicious fish & chips or our freshly made sushi. The a la carte menu and salad bar are well known throughout the country. Fish Deli Your fresh fish specialist! We offer fresh and smoked fish as well as a large variety of seafood to take home.namibiancharters. Visit us for great home cooked food and also for a touch of Namibian The Fish Deli Tel: +264 64 462979 Cell: +264 81 285 7515

Shuttle Services service in all immigration We deliver exceptional The Flying Coffee Pot Tel: +264 811 287455 Seagull’s Shopping Mall Hage Geingob Street eslieb@iway. highly recommended service and solutions to any immigration matters with customer care and full confidentiality Integrate Namibia Immigration provides Cell: +264 0811247999 Fax: + 64 206033 NTB REG264SHU00019 Email: : alana@fishmar. Box 3650. shuttle services to and from the Walvis Bay Airport.walvisbayshuttle. door to door.visas.O. highly recommended service and solutions to any immigration matters with customer care and full confidentiality . Tel: +264 64 206934/ +264 64 206054 206934/ +264 www. permits and citizenship our speciality. 3650. genuine costinnovative. Study & Holiday Visa •Namibian Work Permits •Namibian Temporary Residence •Namibian & South African Permanent Residence •South African Medical & Holiday Visa •Namibian & South African Study Permits •Namibian Citizenship & Domicile Did you know? ehistoric a protected site of pr is The Petrified Forest of Khorixas.Services Services Integrate Namibia Immigration Tel: +264 (0)64 206054 / 206934 Cell: +264 (0) 81 124 7999 Fax: +264 (0)64 206033 alana@fishmar. Shuttle Services The Flying Coffee Pot offers daily.naWalvis Bay Intergate Namibia Immigration provides matters •Namibian Work. genuine innovative. All buses are fully equipped with all necessary equipment to comply with road safety regulations and is registered with the Namibian Tourism Board which sets pre-scribed standards for Shuttles. situated 40 km west petrified trunks Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 139 .

Swift. project freight management. Staging Charter Passenger Services • • Documentation & • Customs Clearance Cost www. Air. cars. Customs Brokerage. Transworld Cargo Domestic Offices • Windhoek - P O Box 6746 - 5 Von Braun Street Tel: +264 61 371 100 - Fax: +264 61 371 173 • Walvis Bay - P O Box 2377 - Ben Amathila Avenue • Walvis Bay - P O Box 2377 - Ben Amathila Avenue - Tel: +264 64 205 475 - Fax: +264 64 205 484 Tel: +264 64 205 475 - Fax: +264 64 205 484 • Oshikango - Tel: +264 65 264 649 - Fax: +264 65 264 686 • Windhoek - P O Box 6746 - 5 Von Braun Street - Tel: +264 61 371 100 - Fax: +264 61 371 173 Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 141 .za reserva (0026 www Film Directory Advertising Namibia intermodal transport. airport Warehousing. Sea.indd 1 XXL Film Production Logisitics ogistics • Multimodal Transport • (air / sea / overland) Customs Brokerage. 24/7 • Import / Export Logistic by • w w w. Staging. Warehousing. 24/7. Onestop-shop-logistics: clearing & forwarding. +264 (0)62 540150 www.value. Import / Export Logistic by Transworld Cargo Windhoek Tel: +264 61 371 100 Walvis Bay Tel: +264 64 205 475 info@transworldcargo. Cost Efficient.transworldcargo. MANICA Your ultimate choice in logistics solutions. We also offer fully equipped 4x4 vehicles as well as providing all the equipment you will need while on your Namibian 4x4 Value Film Fleet Tel: +264 61 231774 Cell: +264 (0)82 572 2451 marketing@value. Value Film Fleet offers a comprehensive range of standard vehicles. Transport / Car Hire Budget Car Hire reservations@budget. info @ transworldcargo. Swift.budget. forklifts. imports & exports. from sleeping bags to water containers. crew transfers and more.Transport / Car Hire Budget Car Hire Explore your travel options with Budget. Air • Cost optimization & Specialize in logisticsrisk assessment film crews for international and professional photographers. cargo vehicles with volume bodies and specialised variations such as tail lifts used to transport techno cranes. fully kitted wardrobe vehicles. cargo & material MANICA Group Namibia Walvis Bay (Head office) Tel (+264 64) 201 2911 Fax (+264 64) 204 217 / 202 530 Transworld Cargo specialize in logistics for international film crews and professional photographers. ships’ agency. We have a mobile solution to suit your needs. no | www. mobile offices. Charter Passenger Transworld Cargo Domestic Offices: info@transworldcargo.transworldcargo. lighting trucks.

ebenau@rennies. th Film Production Directory Namibia 2013 | 143 . We have decades of experience in all aspects of w? Did you kno largest city. Travel HRG Rennies Travel Namibia Tel: +264 (0)61 2890760 Fax: +264 (0)61 225932 jacky. th Swakopmund st-preserved co be some of the e African continent. leisure and MICE (meetings. has econd e nation's s lonial buildings on . incentive.hrgworldwide. conference and events) travel.Travel HRG Rennies Travel Namibia is recognized as the Namibian leader in its field of expertise.

True Adventure is Rare +264 64 402779 P. You can be assured that Kunene Tours will deliver true adventure in reservations@khowarib. With Kunene Tours and Safaris. drivers. location fixers. The Film Production Directory Namibia is the leading filming guidebook in Namibia.O Box 1648 Swakopmund Namibia Not in the Film Directory? You should be. drivers. guides. location fixers. logistics and general management Explore and discover the real Namibia on an exclusive adventure safari with some of the country’s most experienced guides. while travelling in luxury.We offer: vehicle hire. With Kunene Tours and Safaris. you will go to the most remote and spectacular regions of Namibia. We specialise in tailor made caesar@kunenetours. We specialise in tailor made tours. We offer: vehicle hire.kunenetours. logistics and general management Explore and discover the real Namibia on an exclusive adventure safari with some of the country’s most experienced guides. you will go to the most remote and spectacular regions of Namibia. guides. . You can be assured that Kunene will deliver true adventure in comfort. while travelling in luxury. Not in it? You are missing out.