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Heart Attack Breath

Matthew Lee Knowles December 2012

The first and last words of every page in Stephen Kings Thinner.

Thinner change In back But on The not To three-thirty Yesterday body Heidi Im Sorry doing In weekend Tomorrow flies Up gypsy Man had Known part Of while It weight Huh sat Brooding old Gypsy had

Brought entering Heart-attack breath I thinner They York But were Pressed of The okay He conspiracy No has It night Sunday was Separation he Was he Downed please You life How Halleck Thought information Houston associated

With Billy Shrugged and Efficiently eating Yes homemade Camper the Head a Way neighbouring Northport god Well rubber Glove persuasive Halleck Id Been head Was of Gypsies until We week One dreamed The seduction Here trouble

Billy substantial As to His potbelly Which do He 195 The calories At Billy Saw she Looked maam All facts Werent Billy Ill back He hope The because The possible That aristocratic Cheekbones slightly Billy surprise Look directed

Against steadily I this The fill Leda there Cary only Poke downward Widening bedroom Wearing and The his Skin had Done of Billys why Leda nuisance Spitting along He them Pressure been The of What 176 He for

Pain the Brightest practiced Eye a Trepanning might Not grade Very movement On think You sure Hopley heaven Nothing a Manufactured clean And been Keeping to Come there Are his Sons Halleck Slowly happening Id trembling He not

Only of Anorexia here No he Saw kids Linda and How touched All god Billy him For all It goes Or voice No finishing Dinner over And stooges At softly Billy overweight But paisan Ive me Whats dago

Thats are Happy that A them You desk Heidi with Heidi has An his Life nothing He restaurant He disease The came To the Winds bottom It 137 Old traffic Christ transferred His things And what Some sit

Rather beers Too business In was All rancid When flash Eh I Pissed remember Daddy could Ascertain particular New heads Grimly was All up To was Grappling they Belonged complicated Part forward And sport Coat the Bumper-to-bumper there

They fascinated At had Taken fire He tip The end They no One emptiness As Gina Shut of Already were All felt As imagination There good Deal elbow An did William the Last shock No considering Unless you

In dawn For one-handed Billy her Moan William Ginelli head Which me He the Reading him So out The again Probably and Best much At they He the World of Course political When fight You right A blue

Chevy eyes I grew Another okay Are coffee He of Woods saw Nothing laughed See on One week I when You these Guys and Dozed recognised The again If said And which Led on Another loose You could

See Ginelli Had who Have I Well running Back different You age Creeping a Couple up With grinning How earth Wait Thunderbird Wine hysterical Enkelt cops Wherever investigate Away tanned Leg get An first Time do It made

It never Gonna said They his Forehead Gina This William They the Fastener wife Por you Dont bench Wake town He either She to Stab Lemke Was fall Back the Same bearings Where this Time worry There quarter

To again Say that Sure inns Office leave That himself Office put Litter falling-out The daddy Forgiven excitement He thought She of These and In the Ladies to Make as She about There arent Heidi but There pie

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