1. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your drop dead gorgeous eyes.

I fell for what’s behind them. 2. Never overlook what’s right in front of your eyes. 3. If you had it once, you can always get it back. 4. You deserve the WORLD. Really, You Do. 5. “Part of me just wants to find the right words to hurt you the way you hurt me.” - One Tree Hill 6. You’re just not worth the fight anymore. 7. “Sometimes things simply catch up to us.” - One Tree Hill 8. Make up your mind before you mess with mine. 9. Compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright. 10. It’s just not the same. You never look at me like I look at you. 11.Sometimes you say the smallest things or just a smile, and it makes my entire day better. 12.What Is Your Heart Beating For? 13.You can’t be “just friends” with the guy you fell head over heels for. 14. “Hakuna Matata … It means no worries.” - The Lion King 15.You Jump. I Jump … Remember. 16.He could have me in a second … and he knows it. 17. Looking for Perfection? Buy a Barbie Doll. 18. “This is your life. Give it a happy ending.” - Boy Meets World 19.It’s amazing how what you see in her; you never saw in me. 20.Sometimes when I say “oh I’m fine” I want someone to look me in the eyes and say “Tell the truth.” 21.They said we’re to young, but maybe they’re to old to remember. 22.Laugh -- It Burns Calories. 23.Holdmetight. &never/let/me/go 24. And if one day I start to matter. Promise me, you’ll let me know. 25.The less you expect, the less you can be let down. 26. caída en amor con mi. Fall in love with me. 27. Don’t kid yourself. That boy loves you in a way he isn’t ready to deal with. 28.And she’s just thebackupplan to his perfect romance. 29.Open your eyes boy. She Adores You. 30.Jealous? Don’t feel to bad. Ha, cause who isn’t? 31.You can’t blame me. That boy is gorgeous. 32. “Lie to me,” she said. “I love you,” He replied. 33.She’s wrong for you … I swear. 34. You would rather watch me drown then let your hands get wet. 35. “Behind every untrusting girl is the boy who taught her to be that way.” 36.Don’t make her wait for you, just because you know she will. 37. His eyes. Her weakness. 38.Don’t play stupid with me, because I’m better at it. 39.I’m starting to realize that we live in order to change someone else’s life. 40. “All girls really want is someone to want them back. “ - One Tree Hill

41.I won’t stop holding on. 42.Walk a mile in my shoes. See what I see. Feel what I feel. && realize why I do what I do. 43.You’re. Her. Entire. World. Kid. 44. I wanna be the reason you smile. 45.I hope one day you think;; “Man, that girl really did like me.” 46.Don’t regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted. 47. Open you eyes boy, she’s crazy about you. Stop acting like you don’t notice. 48.If you can’t handle me at my worse. You don’t deserve me at my best. 49.There’s something in your eyes that makes me smile. 50.Baby;; I think your something special. 51.She sees him in the hallway and all she can do is stare. 52.At this point … it’s impossible to get you off my mind. 53.He’s the kind of guy that you’d do anything for, regardless of how he feels about you. 54. You change for two reasons … either you learned enough that you want to, or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to. 55.Because for me, it’s always been you. 56.And during class she flirted with every boy in sight thinking to herself, “Nobody will ever know I still love him. “ 57. Just a little tip: Don’t play games with a girl who can play them better. 58.You’re a mistake I’d gladly repeat. 59.You know what? Bite me skank & go play in traffic. 60.Nice guys went extinct with the dinosaurs. 61.Tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I can. 62.I know I’m a loser. And the best part is … I don’t care. 63.Can’t find your knife? Why don’t you check my back? 64. Admit it; you only want me when you can’t have her. 65.You’re my Noah Calhoun; not just a summer fling, but a lifetime love. 66.Sometimes the hardest advice to follow is your own. 67. You never know what you’re made of until you’ve been broken. 68.don’t count time. Make time count. 69. “If you don’t get caught, everything’s legal.” - That’s 70’s Show. 70.If you see somebody without a smile; give them yours! “-) 71.Before, I couldn’t shut you up. Now I can’t even get a hello. 72.I looked into his eyes, they still leave me breathless. 73.I wish I could tell you how much I need you. 74. A Best Friend is a girl you can call in the middle of the night and tell her you killed someone and she would say “Where should we hide the body?” 75.I watch my friends, all their dreams coming true, and I sit here and wonder … will I ever have you? 76.Girls really aren’t all that complicated; all we want is your attention. 77. Tu eres me mundo : ] (You are my world) 78.Same old story. Boy meets girl. Girl falls much harder than boy.

97. some are so well denied. 109. If your wildest dream came true … would I be the one in it? 85. Boy Meets World. 106. 80. 88. my dorky laugh. Either you got it or you don’t. don’t be alarmed. perfect? No way. . 103. We go to school for thirteen years and the one thing they never teach us is how to say goodbye. 87.News Flash. It’s a lot easier to say you’re mad then admit that you’re hurt.If Tylenol. Before you judge me. and some have yet to be broken. My best friend just found out you broke my heart. Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. Yeah. 91.”: I meant with my car.Every ending is a new beginning.There’s always that one boy that makes you get up and go to school everyday.In the end peter pan stole tinkerbell’s wings just so she could never leave him.” 93.Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. Sounds like a plan. honestly … I have no idea what you just said. 89. 95. “I’d hit that. 84. Lies are pretty words that sound perfect.When you open your locker to find a death threat taped to the door. 96. Judge yourself. If people want to destroy themselves. 98. Just listen to the sound of loneliness. 102.You and Me Forever. “Me too. either you stand or you fall.You aren’t the only reason I smile.I want a guy that doesn’t care about what I wear or how I do my hair.79. 92. But you definitely are my favorite. 86. duct tape. and how I get hyper when I’m tired.Topanga.. 81.. 104.What a shocker. who loves my smile. Who knew it had a voice? 110. you’re not supposed to say. They like each other.You want to know how I survive? Look at who’s by my side. 101. 100. Please Drop Dead. You’ll never know how that little girl felt. Some are so well hidden. 99.Me. I dare you to look me in the eyes and tell me how you really feel. (Duh) 90. And your eyes get me every time. 107. You can never know how many broken hearts are in a room. Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten. you can’t stop them. but you looked so cute saying it.You don’t get it do you? She only acts that way around you.How do you accidentally kiss someone? Did she slip on a rug. 111. when I said. 105. or a band-aide can’t fix it … You’ve got a serious problem. Miss Drop Dead Gorgeous. when a girls says she’s cold. 82. 108.Okay. 83.She randomly laughs and smiles when your face pops into her head. I don’t want on and off. 94. 112. and your lips broke her fall? . Better than You? Of course. because … well you never asked. I want forever and always.

140.. 123. 150. 130. Heartbroken and soft-spoken. 115. iwannahateyousobad 120. And you were never supposed to mean this much to me. Don’t repeat chapters. Real lies. oh. And I’m blasting my music so I won’t hear my thoughts. Expect the worst. It means you have something you’re afraid to lose.The Lion King. is the one who thinks he doesn’t. ) 151. Growing old is mandatory. Harsh words hurt feelings. And you’re the only person that I can be myself around. 147. Such a sucker for those blue-eyed boys … If you’re crazy. Stop me if I’m wrong. And you ask yourself. Hide so much these days. 124. 134. 148. Where apparently. there’s no place quite like it. 121. 139. You should never give up. And I didn’t know how much I needed you until the end. . Welcome to Reality. 133. and hope for the best. 141. So go on baby. 135. then I’m insane. they kiss and exaggerate. but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep going. (love conquers everything) 152. the past can hurt. And I just want to be his. I wasn’t mad that he didn’t like me. 119. is he worth the risk? 132. 146. I didn’t fall in love. And now that I look back. He knows I care // that’s why he doesn’t. 126.) 122. walk right past me … I’m used to it. You make me forget how to breathe. 114. And maybe I’m just afraid to say I’m falling for you. The story never changes. Home is where your friends are. it would kill you. 154. Smiles and Make-up. Rester avec moi ò jamias. 118. 153.. (stay with me forever. 145. Every time you see her spacing out. But the way I see it. I never realized how blind I was. Boys don’t kiss and tell. just learn to let go. dreams don’t matter. you can either run from it. It’s good to be scared. Love is what you make it.113. 116. Amor vincit omnia. ( I want to be your everything. 131. “Oh yes. So smile and tell me that I’ve never been prettier. I was jealous that he liked her. Realize. And the one guy that deserves you. he tripped me. 129. 136.. 149. Real eyes. 142. And I always ask myself: what can I do better so he will notice me? 143. but silences break hearts. 144. And what kills me is he has no idea. And the truth. 127. or learn from it. 128. I never knew life was this hard.) 137. I know if I keep my distance you’ll see what you’re missing. 138. Every time I get you off my mind … ( you find a way to get back in. 117. 125. Desidero essere il vostro tutto. she’s thinking of you.” . Growing up is optional.

186. “I wish a car would hit you. 160. 172. Not to be nice. 167. (I’ll love you forever. never look at what you have lost. 180. we can’t go back. .Smallville Cause I knew someday. 193. (One must suffer to be beautiful. I’m just your back-up plan. Always look at what you have. I think she did what she had to do to find happiness. 189. somehow. 165. But like you said. I’m here because I Love You.” kinda way. 171. you won’t be there for me anymore. and it pathetically makes my day. Stop thinking. If it didn’t matter your wouldn’t still be thinking about it. 168.. Love doesn’t walk away. “Every girls has something special about them. 188. The course of true love never did run smooth.155. people do. Right is coming. “Drunk minds speak sober hearts. 176. so why try now? I love you in a. 178. 182. Just trust me. 185. 175. Mr. 169. 162. don’t you dare decide that you love me.. 196. 161. I understand how much I need you. 159.Joe Jonas You don’t have to be a superhero to feel invincible. 184.) The biggest risk is risking nothing. “it’s not a big deal. 174. If I’m not what you want. It will be you and me. 187. Insomniac: (Noun) Girl with a crush. Promise me I’ll never be second best. He looks at me and smiles. 191. 170.” . He had the world. 194. 179. You’re not even mine and I’m scared to lose you. .) Just for once. You never cared before. Forget the past but remember what it taught you. 157. Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel. 158. 195. 192. 183. Nothing makes sense these days. I still remember everything that you said to me that night.. A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need. When I find happiness. 177. 164.” You just have to forget about the people who forgot about you. You make tomorrow worth the wait and yesterday worth remembering.” Faut souffrir pour etre belle. 173. then don’t act like I am. 198. somewhere. I want someone to be afraid of losing me.” Everything leaves a mark. I’m probably the coolest dork you’ll ever meet. 190. Because all we can do is what we’ve always done. . 163. Je t’aime pour toujours. You’ll attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention. And he thought he wanted more. Someday. I’m never a priority in your life. But his plane crashed in Africa and he’s walking. When you’re not around. 181. “Everything I’m not made me everything I am. 156. It just hit me. People always leave … but sometimes they come back. 166.William Shakespeare. Being played by a guys hurts worse than rejection. 197.

228. but jealousy has 20 -20 vision. 206. I hope you drop a penny off the Empire State Building. 215. don’t base your decisions on the advice of people that don’t have to deal with the results. 219. the truth is. You don’t love someone because they’re perfect. 202.House What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail. 226. 227. 229. Not matter what people say. If you don’t ask the answer is always no. I can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to say goodbye. 220. or because you need me? I just want you to know … you didn’t break me. I’m going to marry you someday. Are you here because you need someone. a different wound that keeps them bleeding from the inside. “Sometimes. Everyone has a different fight. Just kiss me. 201. 203. 3 words. they were never in love or they still are. she wasn’t faking a smile. 210. You ask me “what’s wrong?” and you sound sincere. well I say oxygen is more important. . 225. so we ignore the warning bells. 200. 217. 213. Iwantyou . 223. 218. Iloveyou. When words become useless. She didn’t want that night to end because for the first time. . “if ex-lovers can remain friends. but can never tell if he likes you. It hurts when I hear your name come out of her mouth. 204. but I wonder what you would do if I said everything that was wrong had to do with you. 222. Hearts will never be practically until they’re made unbreakable. 8 letters.” Go ahead and make us both happy. 209. a prince isn’t guaranteed. “I’m sorry won’t cut it for the rest of your life. you love them in spite of the fact that they aren’t. 211. 208.The Butterfly Effect. I’m gonna marry that boy someday. 216. Knowing that something won’t happened won’t make you want it less. 212. 207. . 224. words fall. Ihateyou. 221. Imissyou. and then decide you really like that penny and jump after it. Everyone smiles in the same language.so many possibilities.199. 205. wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could push off the people we didn’t like. You can’t change who people are without destroying who they were. hold her hand. People say you cannot live without love.” Love may be blind. so make sure you plan your life accordingly.” It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert. . 214. It’s funny how you can always tell when a boy likes someone else. Life’s not a fairytale. We all want the happy ending.

Maybe it’s about the story. when the time comes. 262. 260. There’s someone for everyone. 257. 248. 244. 258. just not everyone sees it. 259.Casper. Nobody understood why I fell for you. Wounded people are dangerous … they know they can survive. 249. and every pretty girl has a scar. 253. 252. You always disappoint me. 232. 243. 235. look at the stars.230. 247. 250. Do you know why people read? It’s because they want to get away. I want to do more than just exist. 242. They’ll hate you if you’re pretty. Who you are is not up to them. 245. 233. all they saw was the result. they’ll hate you if you’re not. Walking away is easy. In the end people always turn out to be the people they swore they wouldn’t. 234. 261. . The question will be . 241. not because I wanted to but because I couldn’t take getting hurt anymore. Well I hope you’re right. it’s staying that’s so hard. can I keep you forever? . You said I’ll never find another guy like you . life would be so much easier. 246. 236. my broken heart. The Friendly Ghost. but weren’t ready to fall in love? Chaque fois que tu te sentiras seul. He’s really got my attention. I whisper you name. 254. one must always be different. What it we already met the right person. regarde les etoiles. Remind me to forget you. Every lucky man has a bad day. 238. I changed. Do you ever feel like if you were much prettier. And she’ll continue to smile. 251. 255. do you want to be saved? Captain Hook. Sometimes things have to end. but I’m still waiting. They say time heals everything. 231. Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.. no matter how hurt she is.if he wants me I’m all his. It’s kind of like our inside joke except it’s not funny. Everything has beauty. 240. He gave her up for everything. are the people who cry themselves to sleep at night. A place to escape to. She gave up everything for him. 237. 256. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. 239. The hardest guy to get over is the one you never had. In order to be irreplaceable. (Whenever you feel alone. So there’s this boy.) If I tell you I love you. Sometimes the strongest people in the morning. And every time I see a shooting star. Bottom line ..

290. 266. you only have two choices: find that person you used to be or lose that person forever. And when you do. 273. The worst part about being lied to is knowing that you weren’t worth the truth. The question isn’t “Who is going to let me” it’s “who is going to stop me. . they’d be sitting there roasting marshmallows hitting on all the firemen. It’s the things you don’t see coming that are strong enough to kill you. will you notice me? It sure worked for her. 285. It’s hard to hold a lot in. 280. 277. 283. You’re so weird. 289. Often. But for me. but if you got to know her you would understand why. If I dress up like a total slut. 271. A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed. 292. And I’m to tired to pretend it doesn’t hurt to be left out. 276. A champion gets up when she can’t. You’re just jealous because we’re young and in love. It’s like I want you to know. You’re my rainbow after the storm. your heart stops. 293. You’re way to young to not believe it’s going to okay. 295. Innocence is not one of the things you can get back. I think it’s strange you never knew. Works for you though. 282. She’s the type of girl you want to marry. One day … I will fly away. everything can change. 268. Maybe you’re just scared because for once someone actually wants to be with you. But my biggest fear is that I will be. I wanted to tell you I’ve changed. 270.. 286. She’s done dropping hints. 284. because you’re strong enough to live it. 275. 281. 287. they all say she has trust issues. I find myself wanting to be alone. In a moment. You were given this life. When you lose yourself. 279. She’s just a little girl in a big world. 269. Your grammar makes me want to beat you. 274. Sometimes not being in control is the most beautiful thing in the world.” Sometimes I just wish that someone would take me away. 294. 296. You don’t realize how much it means to me when you say that you remembered. 265. 291. I wanted to tell you that things would be different this time. There’s a wild side to every innocent face.263. So basically I have the kind of Best Friends that if my house were burning down. but I don’t want to tell you. it’s sometimes even harder to let it out. Newsflash. You’ve gotta step forward … or you’ll always be in the same place. 278. idontlivetopleaseyou. 264. I just hope one day you see me. figure it out yourself. 267. pretty boy. 272. 288.

No matter what she says. 331. I think maybe you like me when I’m weak. You ruined the us. Oh. . 327. 321.297. Your chromosomes have combined beautifully. She loved him and it was killing her. We don’t like what we don’t understand. I have the hardest time resisting you. 306. Don’t kid yourself. have exceeded the limit. 324. It’s ironic how when you’re lonely. I can’t ever be again. Pshh . you were worth the fight but I wasn’t going to fight forever. when no one else was looking. she still loves you. 318. but the problem is so can he. 299. 326. I’m more alone than you can possibly imagine. It’s the delivery boy that should be hott. the whole world seems to be in love. When your forced to stand alone. Sometimes you tell yourself the things you need to hear. There’s only so much pain that one teenage girl can take. The darker the secret. There’s always those kind of boys that just don’t came around in your life twice. 316. Be kind. Who I was then. Sometimes knowing that you can’t have something makes you want it even more. You’re not really best friends unless it’s a little bit gay. 300. and you. 329. If you want it that much it has to happen. 308.forget about the pizza. 303. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ll always love you. 301. 307. 302. 312. 330. I want that kind of love that makes everyone want to say aww. If you think it’s going to rain … it will. No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her. 325. You and I will always be unfinished business. in fact 99. Mistakes only make us stronger. To me. Sometimes you have to be your own hero. for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 335. Just wait … I’m afraid that I’m responsible for my own loneliness. 323. you were never there for me. 317. 305. It will happen. 298. Men are nothing special. you actually made me feel something. 313. 310. I can love anyone in the world. 333. 309. There’s something about you I can’t stay away from. 334. “Life’s tough. you realize what you have in you. You could see it in her eyes. I was really terrified of you. 314. Everything you’ve always looked for comes the very minute you stop. 304. You found me. 332. 315. the harder you keep it. 311. I live in a world where no one is satisfied. get a helmet. 328. Reality isn’t always what it seems.Boy Meets World. 320.” . my dear. 322. 319.9% turn out to be the total jerks everyone warned you they would be.

362. 349. I simply high-fived your face. . They judge me before they even know me. In the real world you can make your own miracles. Have fun with that. 377. Or giveitallyougot. 369. Okay. 370. I’d bite my lip until I bled. 341. One day you might feel alright again. 378. I didn’t hit you. 356. Not the smartest crayon in the box now are we? Some days you just can’t win. You were just stupid. She’ll learn. 354. Love doesn’t require perfection. This night has greatness written all over it. I remember when the future was a promise. . but the emotion is there. 337. you know to much. Not the people you love.Shrek You’re easy. 346. Even though this is clearly impossible. It’s human instinct to fight back and get even. so what’s the speed of dark? It’s okay. I would go to the end of the world with you. 358. I’m running out of excuses to talk to you. He’s desperate. 361. How else are you supposed to see how far you’ve come. Look back. 368. You’ll fall in love with the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times. You may see me struggle. now it’s like a threat. Thank you for being such a fabulous waste of time. 365. but you will never see me fail. 343. There are no failures. We may never say anything. The truth is we’re still young. 355. 364. I really don’t give a French Toast anymore. After all. You have three choices in life. Acknowledge me now. 353.336. I can feel it. Everyone is beautiful when they laugh. Love is when you do the things you swore you’d never do. Giveup. Learn to walk away. 367. 347. They said let her crash and burn. We’ve got time to mess up. 376. If we were a mistake. I want to make many more. 351. 342. it requires forgiveness. Do I look as transparent as I feel? Sometimes running is the only way to fight your fears. 375. You weren’t invincible when you were a teenager. 344. 373. 340. 372. 357. 360. 345. 339. Feelings change. We’re still so young and desperate for attention. You’ll always be my best friend. 348. before I’d admit I love you. Love means more than money. Givein. people are just people. 359. I can’t resist you either. 371. Memories don’t. You get to choose the people you like. it’s amazing. just experiences that didn’t go as planned. 363. or lose me forever. 350. 338. 374. right? They shouldn’t make you nervous. Imagine just how many stories are hidden under just one smile. 352. Admit your weakness to no one. 366.

I’m not afraid of death. 406. Only a true friend would let me inappropriately touch their butt whenever I wanted. 407. I like that I know that you ramble when you’re nervous. If I left forever. but he probably wouldn’t even jump a puddle for me. 408. 388. 381. it doesn’t mean you’re alive. Remember that. 409. I’d buy you a parachute if I knew it wouldn’t open. I’m leaving because you never asked me to stay. I used to believe in fairy tales. 405. Love is 99% of the time … unexpected. Everything has beauty. If no struggle is made. . 389. 384. Everyday I wonder why he saw me. 402. The sun comes out when that boy smiles. 390. I’m gonna make you miss me. Thanks for that. So call me California. 387. Scars are stories. 413. 404. 393.Kathryn Harrison. The longer you think. 386. 396. makes you beautiful. 392. Sometimes I think about running away … just to know who’d bother looking for me. not a destination. just so you can’t. 397. 400. 383. 399. 403.379. I hurt myself. 382. And you think you just fell in love with her. You’d be surprised how much more fun it is than being sad all the time. but you’re not Cinderella? Life is like a roller coaster -. One thing is for sure. 385. 411. Sweetheart. 398. There’s always going to be that one boy who will always be there for you. 395. I don’t want your boyfriend. Happiness is a journey. Nobody wants your boyfriend. 401. history written on the body. 414. I want to be the prettiest wreck you’ve ever seen. 391. 410. would you miss me? What makes you different. 380. but memory will always bring it back. Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. the less you know what to do. 412. he was just a lesson you needed to learn. Time may take away a moment. 394. . Be happy. I’d swim the ocean for that boy. but life doesn’t stop for anyone. Every girls looks prettiest when they’re smiling. Sometimes I wish it was easier to leave the ones that we love behind. no progress is made. You just have to see it. when a thousand other girls saw him. That’s why he’s with you. Just because you’re breathing. Things change and people leave. What happens when he’s your prince charming. cause I am bigger than this place. call me what you will. I like that you ramble when you’re nervous. Always find a reason to smile.hang on for the ride.

418. 438. 417. Everyday I have to fight back the urge to text you or call you. 445. I will never tell him how much I cried that day … 422. 437.” 426. 416. telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me you would. there is so much I would change. But I love his hugs. 430. As a result of my history. I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well. I’m sick of trying. 428. A successful relationship requires falling in love many times with the same person. 434. you can find a way to put me there because frankly. 431. Excuse the wall. 419. his kindness. Who needs love? Everyone. If you want me in your life. I always fall for that one guy who is out of reach. 440. his advice. his love. but you don’t do anything about it. 446. 444. So why can’t I be with you? Pictures are worth a thousand words. 427. even if it isn’t the smartest.415. 432. I’m afraid I’ll let you down. Even perfection wasn’t perfect enough. Stop worrying about what strangers think of you. What doesn’t kill you will probably try again. . . 425. 420. the experience is worth a lifetime. I know you care about her I just hope you care enough. I don’t think you will ever comprehend the hold you have on me. And here’s to giving up. I love you. My heart is trapped between a brick wall and a dream. why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you. Because it’s the fastest road to healing. I put it up from time to time. when no one would blame you for falling apart. He isn’t my boyfriend. 436. You were the first boy to completely destroy me but you’ll never know that. True strength: being able to hold it together. his smile. 443. I hate it when people tell me “ I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend!” well what’s so hard to believe? I’ve never been good enough for anyone. 433. It’s amazing really. don’t make this easy: I want you to mean it. 424. Why yes I do frequently burst out in song. We’re the type of friends that burst into each others houses and yell “honey. 439. I’m home. Oh. but still close enough to make it hurt. I hate the face that you say you miss me. 423. Love will be the thing that kills us all. 421.Nora Roberts. How can I move on when I’m still in love with you? 429. how much pain the human heart can take. It’s like we’re more than friends but less than lovers. 442. If I could do magic. including me. 441. 435. and the times we’ve laughed together.

you just loved him to well. She’s tough. so that maybe. So lately. Smile. 453. a special one maybe.” his voice was almost in a whisper. She was wild and crazy. He was gorgeous. She’s the type of girl who makes the guys wonder why they ever looked at anyone else. 462. but never let them know you remember. Sometimes. even of he’s smiling at someone else. 458. . 456. just maybe. he would. shy and smart.” Please don’t look at me like that. She’s worth the effort. his blue eyes quickly glance her way. badly. 464. He’s got my heart. We lie to ourselves because the truth. You know I’m trying to get over you. but he’s not mine. She needs escape. If he wanted to. 460. 455. I have come to realize that he’s just a guy. do you?” To that. 459. 457. I don’t need to do things to make him love me again. She’s worth it. Clearly I have mistaken you for someone who actually cared. o shine so bright when you’re around. So you’re not my type. I think I like that idea. the truth freaking hurts. 469.. she just needs someone to take her in his arms and say “it’s okay to cry. If you care about someone he can turn his plate over in your lap and you won’t mind. And she eyes him in the halls. 450. loud and ditzy. she was cute at best. I’m admiring your back pockets. I’m not staring at your butt. But if you make an effort. She’s difficult. 461. the way he holds his spoon will make you furious. he’ll look my way. Coincidence? . but no one even tries to tear them down. She could feel the tears again. “I don’t want to lose you. Trust Few. 463. he had no response. She tries to hide it . because my type usually breaks my heart. Stand up boy. If you don’t like someone. Love All. 449. 467. just to get his attention. but somehow they fell in love. 466. “But you don’t want to keep me either. 451. And she just can’t wait to get out of this town. Probably. 470. He reached for her hand. and at our age. so don’t give me any reason to fall again. 454. 448. Never forget what they did to you. All she wants to hear is him calling her beautiful. My walls are up. he just doesn’t know it yet. I’ve been talking louder and laughing louder. You didn’t love the boy to much. some people just don’t know what to do with that. . 465.447. Any boy over the age of fourteen knows when a girl likes him. He was quiet and reserved. right when she’s about to give up on it all. 468. and she fought them back. 452.The Real World.

” All I want is to be a girls falling asleep in a boy’s arms not caring about anything else in the world except how I feel right there with him. 492. 495. We became best friends. I don’t blame you. We met. And she would change him forever. She didn’t belong.A Walk To Remember. 487. They just find new ways to lie to you. Just because you fell for her first.471. but this time it was different. 479. She’s the girl with her hands in her pocket. 484. They say “ absence makes the heart grow fonder.” If words could kill. 478. If you love me so much. Friends aren’t supposed to get jealous when you meet a new guy. she had to take a chance. 488. 499. staring at her feet. 490. 497. One day he’s gonna realize “wow she really did love me. doesn’t mean you can’t fall for me now. 498. 482. All you needed to do was say hello. Our lives are shaped by those who refuse to love us. She was tired of waiting around for one guy to notice her. 485. why are you walking away? She was never the type to go after a boy. someone will. it’s the feeling that no one will . 496. You already had my heart. “ you”re a loser. 476. . I’d sentence you to death. Rejection is more than just a simple no. How that kid made her smile from across the country is beyond me. A best friend sticks up for you even when you’re wrong. Well. . He could be that guy. 480. Shrek He’s the kinda boy you can flirt with yet still talk to like he’s your best friend. ask him if he has a brother. 481. “it’s all make believe. She was misunderstood. and you wonder if just maybe that smile meant something he just couldn’t say. 486. 477. it hurts. People don’t change. 472. If at first you font succeed. Here’s the truth about the truth. He makes me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July. 494.” but I think I like you more when you’re here. Because of you she’ll never think she’s good enough.” He replied. 475. He smiles and looks away. She’s the girl you never knew you loved. We flirted. 491. He flirted with her. 493.The Little Rascals. isn’t it. She said. but your actions told her everything. maybe you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them. I wouldn’t want my broken heart either. or that she’ll ever amount to anything. “but I’m your loser. he ruined everything. You didn’t say it. 489. but I’m not that girl. 474. they’re supposed to ask if he has a brother. I trusted him. so we lie. 500. 483. If you don’t love me. 473. I fell for him.” Who I am and what I’m capable of doing has always surprised me.

Even though you thing at this very moment he couldn’t possibly be thinking of you. 501. There will always be other fish in the sea. did I mention when I see you it stings like hell? Due to the fact that we could have something that’ll never happen. 522. If I knew how. There is a great need for a sarcasm font. then my profession would be staring. I tend to say I don’t know when I’m to lazy to answer. And that. I won’t tell anyone that your voice is my favorite sound. I’d love to ruin his life. she just has a funny way of showing it. it’s disgusting. It’s like I want to throw you off a cliff.ever say yes. Morally. it’s going to kill him. I don’t think you can. You used to give me butterflies. and time has a way of changing things. he probably is. I don’t know that love changes. I’m going to tell him how he drove me right into your arms. People change. 521. 516. and then you hurt me. 513. “Forever is a long long time. She’s strong because she knows what it’s like to be weak. 524. because she knows what it’s like to cry herself to sleep. – Nicholas Sparks. It’s easier to walk away then to fight for something you really care about. I tore it down for you. 512. You are more important than you realize. 503. and then I love you. and I don’t know how to react. 505. Legally. 526. I don’t let people in. If looks could kill. I like it. . Circumstances change. so do you. Was it really worth it? Was she everything you were looking for? I’m sorry I can’t unlove you. 514. I don’t want to say that I dislike you … oh wait I do. She likes you a lot. I always have this wall around my heart so I don’t get hurt. 507. 511. I caught your eye in the hallway today. So badly. 509. I swear I saw you smile. 523. you just have to find your Nemo. 504. I hate you. or leave me alone. At this point it’s love me. 506. Can you look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t care? Honestly. She keeps her guard up. She’s getting to you. Because one day. 525. I’m not in denial. now you just give me the urge to kick you in the balls.” – Fox and the Hound 508. 510. 518. 517. 502. I didn’t even make you try to tear down the wall around my heart. I’m just selective about the reality I accept. 528. You’re finding that you don’t like being without her. 519. Eventually one of two things will happen: He’ll realize you’re worth it or you’ll realize he isn’t. it’s questionable. 527. But hey. 520. Personally. Oh. 515. then rush to the bottom to catch you. but I let you in.

546. 557. “Wanna spend it with me?” 556. but I’ll tell you thing. People. It’s what you answer to. please. he’s hilarious. I would like to start over. 530. 552. 538. Maybe one day we’ll be together but clearly this is not our time. 555. 543. The second you’re willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy. He’s annoying. I can see the venom in your eyes. 542. It’s kind of complicated. 551. 559. But I’m not giving up hope. 547. but it sure helps forget the question. 809 islands. Reality scares me. 535. At some point you have to realize he doesn’t care and maybe you’re missing out on someone who does. And I don’t think you’re beautiful. And you smiled because you knew. I’m done. 531. and I had the privilege to meet you. 7 seas. Don’t ever say goodbye when you know in the first place that you can’t just leave. he makes me yell. 536. It’s not what they call you. It’s not what you look at. 550. No matter what. I hope he stays away from your face because I think you’re cute. 539. Alcohol isn’t the answer. 554. I think you’re beyond it. anything. Every scar I have makes me who I am. 549. 1 Universe. 537.your feeling exactly how she did. 529.” He got down on one knee and said. but what you see. –Degrassi 548. 558. There are just some people you always go back to. If you ever get mauled by a bear. I feel like books are my only escape right now. It’s not a big deal. 9 planets. 544. You talked to me today for the first time in awhile. Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and you’d be right next to me. And she wonders which part of her wasn’t good enough. 545. and he’s everything I want. She can . 541. kid. 553. We all come with scars. I’m the girl you give your last name to. When I said “I don’t know. When I saw you I fell in love. 534. And it’s not like anyone thinking about me anyway. 533. I’ve never been good enough for anyone. And I finally got to smile. He’s out of his mind. he drives me crazy. 204 countries. stay together. who belong together. That’s love right there. I’m not the chick you spit your game to. I bet you’ll never remember the things I’ll never forget. He asked me what I planned on doing with the rest of my life. You’re my own fairy tale. She feels so comfortable with him like she can tell him anything. 540. Instead of saying this and that… How about you prove it to me? 532.

573. 2. You taught me how to fear you. I don’t know what to do. She knows she doesn’t have to impress him to make him love her back. Better chance I don’t care. but nothing is truly lost. 575. 565. Everything looks perfect from a distance. the one who made her laugh when she didn’t feel like smiling. nihil interit. 560. 6. no lies. No. 566. I wouldn’t mind being woken up at 4:37 in the morning because he needed to know how to spell a word. I want someone to lay underneath them with. 572. He was her best friend. 5. Everything changed. I would believe you. I won’t forget. I'm not supposed to love you and you're not supposed to love me. Love is when hurting him would just hurt you more. 577. I don’t think we’ll keep in touch. You know this right? And no matter what you say or what you do will ever change this. if I loved him. There’s a part of me that is going to be in love with you for the rest of my life. 568. you taught me how to not trust you. 569. 571. . 4. Even though I know you're a liar. I love you. I always have this fear that one day you’re going to realize I’m not as great as you once thought I was. 563. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d always love you. Yes. 567. Don’t trust them when they say. 3. it would be to have no reason to make one. and the one she fell completely in love with. 576. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you. Good chance you don’t like me. You never get used to him being gone. If I could make just one wish.be herself. We look for love because it’s the closest thing we have to magic. I don't want the stars and the moon. I’m the girl you don’t forget. Maybe this is how it's supposed to be. the one who made her feel so secure when she was scared. but I can promise you won.t have to face them alone. if you told me right now that you loved me and that you were sorry. You know. 579. you’re the only reason I’m not giving up. 1. 561. I remember. “he doesn’t deserve you” because you’re the only one who knows how he give you butterflies and leaves you breathless. 564. Truth is. 570. You just learn to get through it. 574. 578. 562. I don't know how to be something you'll miss. I can't promise to fix all of your problems. Omnia Mutantur. 580. I fantasize about not telling anyone and going off to some random place and I’d just disappear and they’d never see me again. Right now.

Then I wonder if I could handle the truth if I did. I know love exists. All she really wants is a boy who will look past the shyness and awkwardness and love her for it. 20. 32. And he doesn't even realize the little things he does that breaks her heart. You can't love anyone until you love yourself. There's no other explanation of what I feel towards you. Love me when I make no sense at all. She's the type of girl who will try not to like you. It's like you're about to get mad. 34. 10. you'll have a difficult time accepting someone into your life who thinks you are. Distance sucks. I want to say I'm moving on. 15. 23. not as your back up. 17. I love the way you look at me when I say something stupid. because I found you. she falls even harder. 18. Not anymore. 21. My biggest fear is letting you down. 27. but I love you. I will love you more than any of them. 16. If your brain was chocolate – you wouldn't fill a M & M. the person I want to grow old with. And I promise you this. 19. it's getting to hard to breathe. I won't be here. I planned to say all these horrible things to you. 8. 9. and do it. 11. 28. but my heart . you smile. you're crazy. and then all of a sudden. but in the end. If you think I've given up on you. Stop taking my breath away. 30. I didn't give up because I didn't care. Here's to you. I just said it. I gave up because you didn't. and believe it. and hoping someday you realized I actually did care. I just want to tell you I miss you. then you're just wrong. If you're convinced that you are not good enough. 25. and if you think that I don't love you. So when you're done talking to her or whatever you do. I want to say I give up. 24. 26. For the first time in my life. Maybe my face doesn't light up when I see you anymore. I'm scared you'll forget about me. Because you saw me when I was invisible. 31. I tell him how much I love him because I'm afraid one day I won't be able to anymore. There. and mean it. And I missed the way you understood everything about me. I don't even want to say anything to you at all. 14. but in the end. 12. 29.7. I don't want anyone else to realize how amazing you are. I want to be the girl that stops you in the middle of a conversation just to look at. I missed talking to you. no matter who enters your life. 33. 13. I want to say I deserve better. 22. Sometimes I wish I could read your mind. don't call me.

51. If a girl is stupid enough to love you after you've broken her heart. 52.. no matter how many times you reject them. but someone suddenly came into your mind.. Not a single name was mentioned. I love you but you make me really mad sometimes. then what? 60. You mattered to her. You are not a tree. Everything about you. we'll be together. because it's easier than admitting I miss you. you're worth it. I'll be what you need. 47. it's cute. Screw what they say. You really love him don't you? A simple psychological question. If not. 61. 44. wonderful (but also sometimes quite weird – but still very lovely) person. 50. 55. If you don't like where you are then change it. Your eyes say I need you. 58. 38. You don't want me. I've been broken before. he'll show it. One day. 45. . Yes. I never will. 56. 41. Don't promise me the moon or the stars. Just because our relationship was short does not mean it was not 35. I don't need professional help. I still remember how we first started … I miss you. but your actions say we could never be together. I knew I wasn't going to have you forever. 46. 36. but I'm no longer in love with you. If he cares. I like it when you smile. Running away only makes things worse in the end. you crazy. 40. 57. gorgeous. 63. I miss you. You are better off just getting it over with. doesn't it. She's not going to forget about you.still does. they'll keep on loving you. If he misses you. 48. I don't hate you. I guarantee you. 53. I will always love you. I just act like I do. You don't just forget people you care about. he can't be worth you're time because you're obviously not worth his. But it does feel good at the moment. You can't save a damsel if she loves her distress. he'll call. 62. 39. 42. Maybe one day. just promise me you'll stay under them with me forever. 37. I adore you. 43. Missing you really does suck 59. Avoiding a conversation doesn't mean it's not going to happen. 54. What I miss most about you … is us. If someone truly loves you. I've got my friends. I didn't choose you. but you want me to keep wanting you. Maybe it's not today. I know what it's like to see something funny and not laugh. she's the one. my heart did. 49. but I swear it'll be someday. If I admit I miss you. but at least I had you for a little while.

I'd go through 364 bad days only to get one good day. 82. You don't need to find someone perfect. You don't leave the people you love alone. 85. Take Me As I Am. Every new day is another opportunity to change your life. Real friends don't get offended when you insult them. and no whys. is that you spent so much time pretending that you did. They smile and call you something even more offensive. There are no maybes. 74. 80. 78. so I will do anything for you just to make you happy. they've already lied to you. but I promise you I will listen. 67. 75. Love is taking a few steps backward. I didn't say you were a slut. Sometimes we just need a hug. . They'll realize your worth someday. to give way to the happiness of the person you love.. I want you because I miss you. You might not know this.everything I wanted. Worry when I don't get mad. love even those who hurt you. 77. No. 87. 73. 66. I will care. Are you coming with me? 83. I need your hug. So. Maybe I'm nothing to you. But you are a big thing to me. no buts. 69. 81. I just implied that you don't sleep in your own bed too often.Pooh 84. Some days you smile through it. The tree doesn't withdraw it's shade from the woodcutter. We all need the best friend that will get down on the floor with you. When you let go of who you are. A hug where someone wraps their arms around you so tight and assures you everything will be okay.. Or Watch Me Leave. I'm no therapist. Some people care too much. If they've promised they'd never hurt you. I need you because I love you.. The hardest thing about realizing you don't love me. 72. The scariest thing about distance is that you're not sure if that person will either miss you or forget you. that means I still care. 64. 65. 76. maybe even more. but I'm going. you become who you were meant to be. but I'd go out of my way just to make sure that you're okay. and you can be yourself around. I think it's called love. you just do.Pooh 88.. you just need someone who you can make you smile. I need a hug. 71. 70. 79. Because that one day. would make it all worth it. 86. 68. make you laugh. I miss you because I need you. . When you love someone. 89. If I get mad at you. . I don't know where I'm going.