Interviewer = Q Respondent = P Q = I am Mr.

Muhammad Ahmad conducting my research work and my selected topic is “the impact of teacher training on teachers’ performance”. Feel relax and ask any query regarding my research and any question. P= ok Q = and one more thing your personal information is as precious for me as for you and will be confidential. P = HAMMMM Q= you are familiar with teacher training program? P= yes I have attended thrice a time. Q= that’s good. P = Let start with effectiveness of delivery of lesson? Q= OK Hamm P=so teacher training program can enhance this? Q= delivery of lesson is very important for teacher as it give impact on students and attract more number of students. This program increase the effectiveness of delivery of lesson .as this program gives you options trough which one can evaluate before delivery of lesson status and after delivery of lesson status. P= Value addition in knowledge and skills is product of training? Q=yes a teacher should be fully equipped with knowledge and skills and training program is tool which can add more into them. P=EPPPP,,, EHHHH Q= confuse about something? P= tools ….what do you mean by tools?

not at all P= please continue Q= any behavior changes in you after attending this program? P= yes i feel great change in me. . P= this program helps you in approaching new teaching styles? Q= yes I have learnt a lot about polishing new tactics and groomed teaching styles? P= do you apply on practical level? Q= yes . improvement in delivery lesson adds more confident in me which change positively my behavior. Q= Practical implication of such programs is applicable? P= yes and easily applicable. P= hammmm Q= Do any time and stress management problem occurs to you? P= YES …I want to explain here before attending training program I have more intense problem of stress and management issues but after attending program I am able to coop with this problem. Q= please explain sir P=hmmm enhancement in teaching styles. Q= I hope I am not burdening you? P= no.Q= tools means under this training different tactics are taught to load the teacher with different improvement tools. P= THAT’S TRUE. P= Ans if someone attending this training program should apply on practical level. P= what type of teaching style you have? Q= I ……I have participative teaching if I do not apply this on practical level it is of waste.

.a program equipped with so many things... Q= THANKS . Q= you feel motivated after attending program? P= yes I feel more confident after this because I know that this program enhanced my teaching skills. Q = any recommendation for this teacher training program P= this program should be introduce to every teacher in institution regardless of there rank with different regular interval of time. P= its an opportunity for me to discuss such topic of my interest.. Q= do this boost up this? P= yes I have feel great change in my confidence level as this program enhanced the knowledge and skills of mine. Q= (pause for moment) Q= so are you interested in attending such more programs? P = yes. Q= an indirect approach to student performance? P= yes .you can say Q= what about confidence level.Q= that’s so right P =yup Q= did you get any feedback from your student? P= If I talked about indirect feedback I can see my students more motivated than before more attentive and some of my bold students also mention directly that they feel positive change in my teaching styles that promotes them to concentrate more on my lecture. Q = I am very much obliged by your participation.yes surly I am interested and I will.

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