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Drug-Free Depression (Migraine) Treatment

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M. Champika

Drug-Free Depression (Migraine) Treatment

These days, in the human society life became more complicated with complex desires. Because of this life complexity humans face to mental stress in everyday life. Various documents show that currently many people felt with the depression which said to be because of the stress. We should think carefully about this because we all are living in the same complex society. Someone thinks that mentally weak peoples become to depression. This is wrong according to psychologist. This illness can happen to anyone at any age. For someone it appears as never ending sadness, feeling fidgety or emptiness, difficulty of sleeping or long sleeping, ability of take a decision or memorizing becomes low and for some else it appears as bad headache, food disgusting, gastritis, body ache or spine ache. So, it is very difficult to identify this. According to the Buddhism this kind of illness can be happen due to the Evil Spirits. If there are no evil spirits, stress may not become Depression. As followings there are many things which cannot be explained scientifically. So, it can be shown that this is not just a mental status. After wearing paritta protection string or after reading paritta get well immediately. Transform the illness from one person to another person immediately. Move pains from one place to another place over the body. Mysteries abrasions on the skin.

According to the Lord Buddha humans will be more wicked in the future. So gods will go away from humans and powerful evil spirits will attack the human society. If someone does a better research without affecting by evil spirits he should be able to prove the existence of evil spirits in the scientific way. But I think no one will not be able to prove this, before humans messed up with evil spirits in the future. There are many intelligent people who dont believe life after death, god/evil spirits, karma or Buddhism. I dont know whether they really think just everything will finish after death or not. According to Buddhism if someone did bad things (Negative Karmas) during his life, when he dies his mind will be agitate and he will be reborn, in a hell or as an animal or as an evil spirit. If someone doesnt believe life after death or evil spirits,

most likely he had done many good things (Positive Karmas) in his previous lives so it is difficult to evil spirits to attack him, or he can be already attacked by an evil spirit. Attacked evil spirit doesnt like to patients know about him. So evil spirit will change his mind so that he believes there is no life after death, there is no god/evil spirits or karma. According to the Dharma (ultimate reality) anyone at any time can be attacked by a powerful evil spirit.

How to get protected

Doing following things will correct and calm the brain which altered by the evil spirit. Then evil spirits will unable to stay with you it will go away. But if the patient dont do much positive karmas, same or another evil spirit will attack again. Donating to amiable/ virtuous monks, Follow Sila, Doing Buddhanussati Mediation are large positive Karmas. Doing these things any one will be able to protect from evil spirits. When patient doing positive Karmas some evil spirits will go away and some other will gradually becomes less harmful with harsh works. Humans are more powerful than evil spirits if correctly concentrate their mind. Feelings such as angry, animus, jealous, desires, fear will make you as a good place for evil spirits to stay with. Sometime you may have to do following things for more than three months. Powerful evil spirits will stay long and will harm more; weak evil spirits will go away with small effort. I'm sure following things will not only cure you from the depression but also will make your life happy and meaningful.

Dont think about the past which is already gone or the future which is not yet here. Live in the present. Always be satisfied with what you have (Your post, House, Vehicles, Husband/Wife, ..). Dont compare with others. Definitely there are many people out there vastly suffering than you without their hand or lag, without a house, without foods. Reduce your desires. If you have more desires you will be more miserable. If you have less desires you will be more grateful. A person who has no desires (Arhat Thero) is the most happiest and most grateful. When you do a work, don't think what other people think about it, if it is not illegal. Don't think what others think about you. Manage your feelings such as angry, fear, animus, jealous,.. as much as you can. Dont write negative/bad things in a diary. Put your mind clam always without thinking about various things. Always put your mind only on your work. Dont do two or more things at once. Warship( Pay homage ) to the Buddha in the morning and in the night ( No matter what your religion is. Even if you dont know about the infinite virtues of the Buddha, there is a big effect of this.)

Do Mindfulness of Breathing meditation, Buddhanussathi meditation or Lovingkindness Meditation (This is the best if you practiced gradually. Don't do much at the beginning. ) Follow Sila (Five precepts) as much as you can. Every time after worshiping (pay homage) to Buddha or Doing meditation tell this May evil spirit receives the power of this positive karma. May Evil spirit be happy, painless and understand Dharma. Harming evil spirit! Pay homage to Kakusanda Buddha, Konagama Buddha, Kassapa Buddha, and Gautama Buddha who attained Buddha-hood in this aeon. Dont harm anyone in any case this is advice of all Buddhas who knew everything. All harming evil spirits! Go away from me (or name of the patient), from the infinite virtuous power of this four Buddhas. All gods who like positive Karmas may receive this positive Karma. May all gods be happy and protect me." In order to work this well you have to follow Sila, read this many times with concentration on the meaning(get Siddhi). Better to read this in a dedicated room and dont read this in other places. [If patient suddenly become fainting,
better to telling person (who follows Sila) go away and follow normal fainting first aid procedures. Tell patient to follow Sila and pay homage to Buddha every day. And try again after one week or month.]

Paritta Chanting (or Reading the meaning) ( Karniya Metta Sutta/Metta Sutta , Ratana Sutta, Dhajagga Sutta, Atanatiya Sutta, Jaya Pirita, Jinapanjara Gatha, Pubbanha Sutta, ... ) Use paritta protection strings Read Dharma Books as much as(This will calm your mind) and listing to Dharma and Paritta Chanting Do Positive Karmas as much as you can Associate with virtuous monks, good friends as much as you can. Be away from wicked people. Watching at wicked people or talking with them will increase your problem. Dont watch films which put your mind incompatible feelings (Angry, Sexual feelings,) especially Horror Films. Dont watch the TV too much. Sleep well and keep a regular sleep schedule. If you have sleeping problems try Breathe Easy Exercise, How to Fall Asleep, How to fall asleep fast Learn new things always. Do a hobby which make your mind clam, listing to the calm musics( Relaxing music ). Be clean always, ware new clothes, and change the order of goods at your home frequently. Do physical exercise regularly. Avoid from certain foods which triggers your problem. Such as Alcohol, Aged cheese, too much caffeine, chocolate, cocoa, cold foods. These are common triggers to avoid. Triggers can vary from patient to patient so better to remember what you eat and distinguish those. If you have an abnormal desire for a certain food (such as fried meat/fish), better to control this food. This happen when evil spirits like this food too much. Take the foods and water which helps to put your brain healthy. Such as fruits, vegetables, cashew, pumpkin seeds, guava, yogurt, spinach, sweet potatoes,

white potatoes, brown rice, and whole grains (if not a trigger). You can also try a diet supplement. Eat Garlic everyday Avoid from bright lights, strong smells, loud noises (wear headphone with calm music to avoid) and dust if it increase your problem. Read this page frequently (So that, you will not forget these things). And always dont think about evil spirits.

May my heartfelt worship to the Lord Buddha, who knew everything, who has no mistakes and the supreme teacher of humans, gods and Brahmas!

"Apata Nopenena Lokaya(Most Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Maha Thero)" "Nopenena Amanussayangen Sidiwana Wipath(Most Ven. Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Maha Thero)"

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