ANT 600 Research Methods in Anthropology -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fall 2012 Dr. Kathryn S.

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“If something exists, it exists in some amount. If it exists in some amount, then it is capable of being measured.”
Rene Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, 1644.

Course Description This course is intended to acquaint the incoming graduate student with the logical sequence of stages involved in the conduct of original research, and to provide an introduction to the broad range of skills necessary to achieve this. Each student will be expected to design and carry out preliminary data collection, write up the results, and use the experience as the basis for writing a fundable research grant proposal. Prerequisites for the course are graduate standing, and consent of professor for any student not enrolled in the UA Anthropology graduate program. Course Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Learn and apply basics of SPSS statistical package for Windows. Plan and carry out a preliminary research project to complement methods proposed in grant (4). Qualitative and quantitative analysis and interpretation of data gathered during project. Write a grant proposal pertaining to your own research interests. Read and hear fieldwork accounts of other anthropologists.

no matter the reason. Send all emails and files to my as. Robert 2010 Statistics for Archaeologists.sav). For full credit. The files emailed to me must be labeled with a brief description followed by your first name (e. that is. regular assignments (35%). etc. 2007 Proposals That Work. Pyrczak.. Neatness counts on all homework assignments. et al. grant proposal) may be redone for an additional credit of half of the remaining unearned points. and the two class projects (25% for preliminary project. 4. which only require one hard copy). These will be due on the last day of semester classes. lectures *-------------------------------------------------------------* design/implement project *--------------------------------------------------* learn spss *---------------------------------------* intro statistics *------------------------* grant proposal * * * * *--------------o* fieldwork accounts ** WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 (o = presentation) Required Readings TEXTS Punctuality in completing all tasks is essential. Lawrence. F. Drennan. Bernard. 6. notes from lectures and readings. assignment. therefore. the class notebook must contain in a well-organized fashion all the course materials. which will be due one week after the final mall report is graded. it will pay to organize yourself and your time well. Russell 2011 Research Methods in Anthropology. Extensions on homework deadlines (if given at all) will negatively affect one's grade. stapled. It will be very difficult to catch up on course material if you miss class. graded assignments. sampling. paginated. . DeVita. 7th Ed. 5th Edition. Cronk. Phillip 2000 Stumbling Towards Truth: Anthropologists at Work. *Please turn in one hard copy and one electronic copy of all assignments (exceptions are library search. 2nd Ed. 35% for grant proposal). You will be working on several different tasks at once throughout the semester. 7th Ed. For typed assignments use 12 font size Arial. and correlation exercises. class. 30/40 can be raised to a maximum of 35/40). Bruce 2011 Writing Empirical Research Reports. including handouts. SPSS1Mike. Timeline of Class Tasks theory. or Times New Roman.g. 1” margins. Brian 2012 How to Use SPSS. except for the Mall Project Report. 5th Edition. each absence will result in the loss of (1%) of the final grade point average. account. See below for the proper file names.. “half the distance to the goal” (e. Locke. Drennan.Grading Policy Grades will be based on an organized course notebook (5%). Calibri. 5. 2. with no binders or folders. Any quantitative or stats assignment except the major ones (preliminary project. & R. All homework must be labeled in a true header with name. and date of submission.g.

1991-95 Anthropology Grant Proposal http://www.aaanet. P. Brown.pdf 8. Angrosino Field Projects in Anthropology (RECOM). NSF forms 5. Plattner & McIntyre 11. J. M.jsp?ods_key=nsf003 (RECOM) General Info & Grant Application www.html#NatlPol (SKIM) AAA Statement on Ethnography and IRB’s: Parezo.html (SKIM) if foreign country: http://www. Mastriani & Plattner 12. For Arch: Completing Your Thesis or Dissertation Conducting Research Evaluating Research in Academic Journals Interpreting Basic Statistics Preparing Lit Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Proposing Empirical Research Questionnaire Research Social Science Research Understanding Research Methods Using Sources Effectively SPSS Basics Writing Literature Reviews BOOKS ON RESERVE (check out books from my office) 1. Fischer. J. Rothman. S. SPSS 7. S. Pryczak Books (n=12) see #19. 9. Pyrczak http://www. 10. Tufte 17. Preparing and Recoding Data) Writing for Epidemiology Writing Archaeology Preparation of the Research-Grant Application The Funding of Dissertation Research in Anthropology at the NSF (1991) Cultural Anthropology Research Support at the NSF. et al OR ON WEB: 1. and N. or http://amelia. Wenner-Gren 6.nsf. Crane.lib.cfm National Science Foundation Grant Application Forms K. 15. P. AAA Code of Ethics 3. 19. 5. Kintigh.pyrczak. Fellowships/Grants 4. Gladwell. 13. Underhill. Quantifying Archaeology (RECOM) (*Drs. Plattner. D. I. Human Subjects Human Subjects Information: http://osp. PowerPoint Keys 18. 3. Winslow. 16. Knight and LeCount also have copies) . Andres. ON E-RESERVE (www. C. What Makes an NSF Proposal Successful (2007) (RECOM)The Science of Shopping (RECOM) Seniors in Stores (RECOM) Intelligent Designs (2007) Keys to Creating Effective Powerpoint Presentations Putting the Power Back in Powerpoint Bottle Creek Reflections Handy reference books-see Table of Contents of each: www.. Preserving the Anthropological Record (RECOM). S. M. 6. G. and M.aaanet. Writing Literature Reviews (RECOM).htm (SKIM) US Govt Plain Language Tools: 2. Applications in Computing for Social Anthropologists (RECOMMENDED). above Samplings (Cleaning.

A. Poverty and HIV-Positive Women in Nairobi. Bindon. LeCount. L. & D. Stokes Core Periphery Delineations in the Late-Prehistoric Greater Antilles (NSF DDIG) #18. Integrated Studies of Samoan Obesity (NIH) #3. L. Hirth. J. LeCount. Mexico (Nat Geog) #6. Social Identities and Protected Landscapes: People and Horses in a Spanish National Park (Wenner-Gren) #10. Households & the Institutionalization of Ancient Maya Kinship at Actuncan. Brown. Characteristics of Mississippian Settlement in the Black Warrior (AL Cult Res Preserv Trust Fund) #2. K. Culture and Individual Adaptation (NSF) #7. Mexico (NSF DDIG) #21. Kenya: Cultural Models of Managing HIV/AIDS in the Absence of Biomedical Treatment (NSF DDIG) #25. & J. Jackson. Triadan Households and Politics in Classic Maya Society (NSF DDIG) #20. A. M. W. Smith. Wilson Mississippian Household Organizational Dynamics in the Era of Moundville’s Consolidation (NSF DDIG) #19. Szurek. Pyburn. The Obsidian Craft Industries at Xochicalco. V. and Political Strategies in Late and Terminal Classic Lowland Maya Society (Wenner-Gren) #14. K. Excavation of Aztec Urban Houses at Yautepec. Steponaitis. T. R. Intrasite Organization and Interregional Interaction: Chacalilla. Scarry Households and the Emergence of the Moundville Polity (NSF DDIG) #2. Diabetes Among the Mississippi Band of Choctaw (NIH) #4. Oths. Cultural Models of a Good Pregnancy: Examining Intracultural Variation and Birth Outcomes in Mexico (NSF DDIG) #23. M. Social Status. and Distribution (NAGPRA) . M. DeCaro.GRANTS ON E-RESERVE #1. Belize (Fulbright) #15. Archaeological Investigations at La Mojarra. Settlement Investigations on Albion Island. M. Bridges.Detwiler Gathering in the Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic Periods in the Middle Tennessee River Valley. C. Belize *also see (4) examples of grants in Part III of Locke. S. Physical Activity And The Architecture Of Daily Life Among Alabama MexicanAmericans: A Biocultural Investigation (Wenner-Gren) #26. R. Veracruz. Oakley.J. Mexico (NSF DDIG) #13. T. Proposals that Work CONTRACT PROPOSALS ON E-RESERVE #1. Dressler. Diehl. P. Bindon. Inomata T. Copeland. Knight. J. Scarry. Patterns of Arthritis in Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers and Agriculturalists (PSC-CUNY) #16. & G. Cultural Models of Food and Social Networks among Mexican Immigrants in the Southeast United States (NSF DDIG) #24. Mounds at Moundville: Development of Public Architecture at a Large Mississippian Ceremonial Center (NSF) #9. (with K. Morelos. Polychrome Pottery. Psychosocial and Physical Stressors in Low Birthweight (NIH) #11. J. Pennington. Salt and Society: Late Woodland and Mississipian Interaction in Southwest Alabama (NSF DDIG) #17. Dumas. Production.S. Scarry. The Bottle Creek Project: Archeology of a Mississippian Mound Center in South Alabama (NEH) #5. Morelos (NSF) #8. M. Ecology of Child Mortality in Human History (UA) #12. NW Alabama #22. & K. V. Ohnersorgen. Jacobi) NAGPRA Inventory Consultation. K. Knight. I. & B. J. M. Dillehay. Murphy. Nayarit.

boxplot. (sampling. plagiarism. J. (table. and M. I suggest you read across the sub-disciplines for exposure to a range of novel approaches and statistical methods. J.nih. Students should refer to the Student Affairs Handbook. After initial arrangements are made with that office. Modernization and Adaptation Among Samoans. 1994 Prehistoric Settlement Categories and Settlement Systems in the Alashan Desert of Inner Mongolia. Do not remove from Anthro without permission. IRB COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING SESSION (ohsr.MASTER’S STUDENT THESES These can and should be used as models of how to construct a thesis. factor analysis. misrepresentations. factor analysis) Bettinger. (chi-square. graph. C. Additionally. 1984 The Body Build and Composition of Samoan Children: Relationships to Infant Feeding Patterns and Infant Weight-for-Length Status.Explain that you use under UA site license. They are examples of how hypothesis-testing and quantitative anthropology can be designed and carried Murphy: www.WIB 1950 Students with Disabilities To request disability accommodations. Vintage Books. cheating. R. STAT ONLINE REFERENCE GUIDE (www. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 30:206-219. and abetting of any of the above. Solano 2000 Changes in Long Bone Diaphyseal Strength with . 1973 Aggression and Hypoglycemia Among the Qolla: A Study in Psychobiological Anthropology.H. (table. fabrication of information. which can be obtained in the Office of Student Life and Services. (table. R. J. in The Art of Scientific Investigation.spss. This includes. regression) Bindon. chi-square) Bridges. (The list is certainly not all-inclusive!) The articles will be on reserve at Gorgas along with the required readings. LIBRARY (http://www. contact your Be sure to take liberal advantage of the award-winning Guide to Library Research and Writing Tools that has been prepared by Dr. (correlation.C. Includes power calculations.S. z-score) Blitz.. al 1997 Social Context and Psychosocial Influences on Blood Pressure Among American Samoans. manova) Bindon. The Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Policy will be followed in the event that academic misconduct occurs. (tables.statpages. They can be found on reserve at Gorgas and in the Anthropology Office.od. D. Academic Dishonesty Policy All acts of dishonesty in any work constitute academic misconduct. but is not limited to.R. J. regression) Blitz. previous anthropology master's theses may provide excellent models for data analysis and presentation. Blitz. Bindon. Mann-Whitney U.lib. Dressler 1991 Life Style. graphics) Bettinger. histogram. . 2011 Storage and Relative Surplus at the Mississippian Site of Moundville. Livingood 2004 Sociopolitical Implications of Mississippian Mound Volume. graph. J. spreadsheet) Beveridge. 1993 Big Pots for Big Shots: Feasting and Storage in a Mississippian Community (cumulative frequency curve. Theses need to be checked out of the anthropology office. ADDITIONAL REFERENCE ARTICLES Listed below are several articles to use as references. correlation) Bolton. Crews and W.. et. Barrier.php Bookmark this! SPSS ONLINE ANSWER NET (www. et al. 1979 Multivariate Statistical Analysis of a Regional Subsistence-Settlement Model for Owens Valley (discriminant analysis. 4 and please contact the Office of Disability Services (348-4285). R. table.

1979 The Making and Breaking of Shipibo-Conibo Ceramics. & K. 2007 An assessment of Moundville Engraved Cult Designs from Pot Sherds (table. interaction effect in regression) Dressler. regression) Dressler. measurement issue. Science Press: Beijing.Horticultural Intensification in West-Central Illinois (t-test) Brown. MDS. 2005 What’s cultural about biocultural research? Ethos 33: 20-45. maximum likelihood model--longitudinal data) Dressler. proximity matrix) Goodman. graph) DeCaro. (table. 2010 Maya Palace Kitchens: Suprahousehold Food Preparation at the Late Classic Maya Site of Xunantunich. (chi-square) Himmelgreen. (trait classification. displayed as error bar graphs with independent variables in categories) Dunn. W. G. L. EE Cooper. distance statistic.(table) . S. B. and D Martinez 2007 “I don’t make the soups anymore”: Pre. 2006 The Pointed-base Pottery Cup Vessel Form: A Probable Tool of Salt Production. correlation matrix. Oths 2000 Partner Support and Pregnancy Wantedness (not the chi square. I. 1989 Infant and childhood morbidity and mortality risks in archeological populations. 1999 Polychrome Pottery and Political Strategies in Late and Terminal Classic Lowland Maya Society. logistic regression) Fox. bar graph) Kramer. Armelagos. Li. W. and W. et al. variables continuous) Dressler. K.American community: accounting for health inequalities. 1994 Early Domesticated Dogs of the Near East. graph) post migration dietary and lifestyle changes among Latinos living in West Central Florida. (interaction effect analyzed in regression. Worthman 2008 Culture and the Socialization of Child Cardiovascular Regulation at School Entry in the US. Fisher's Exact non-parametric chisquare) Kroelinger. et al. (graph. et al. 1970 Cluster Analysis and Archaeology (cluster analysis) Jaskyte. (consensus analysis. J. (generalized estimating equation. 1999 Culture. "spreadsheet". Hesse 1991 Cuisine and Bone Counts: Social Complexity and the Zooarchaeology of Canaan. L. (t-test) DeBoer. et al. W. (chi-square) Dressler. (line and bar graphs) Grantham. A. Social Stratification. 1993 Distribution of Culture-Bound Illnesses in the Southern Peruvian Andes. cultural consensus modeling) Kamp. A. (chisquare) LeCount. curvilinear regression graph. & C. (tables. T. graphics) Hodson. J. et al. 1987 Affluence and Image: Ethnoarchaeology in a Syrian Village. (correlation. Dressler 2004 Studying Culture as an Integral Aggregate Variable (table. D. NR Daza. 1993 Health in the African . Pearson correlation. 2005 Cultural consonance and arterial blood pressure in urban Brazil. odds ratio. W. 2010 Sex Differences in Child Nutritional and Immunological Status 5–9 Years Post Contact in Fringe Highland Papua New Guinea.J. V. logistic regression) LeCount. L. C. (table.(chi-square) Dayan. 1975 Art Styles. (MDS graph. Oths 2004 Prenatal predictors of intimate partner abuse. graphics) Carey. W. G. J. (word frame. In: Salt Archaeology in China. regression) Knight. and t-test) DeCaro.. (table. and arterial blood pressure in Brazil. K. 1986 Intracultural Variation in Folk Medical Knowledge: A Comparison Between Curers and Noncurers. 1991 Modern Human Origins in Australasia: Replacement or Evolution? (ttest. skin color. W. and K. (OLS regression. L. F. and Cognition: An Analysis of Greek Vase Painting. W. 1996 Studying diversity and sharing in culture: An example of lifestyle in Brazil. 1998 An Examination of Mississippian Period Phases in Southeastern Missouri (technique for comparing assemblages) Garro. and B. eds.

Lucian disease terms. et al.sys/. Dressler 1977 Bilingualism and cognition of St. Illness. (triad sort.doc aims<name>.sys/. principal components analysis) Simek.spo prelimcodebk<name>.doc prelimsyntax<name>.sav/. Selby 1968 Sex Differences in the Incidence of Susto in Two Zapotec Pueblos: An Analysis of the Relationships Between Sex Role Expectations & a Folk Illness. et al 2010 Salivary Alpha-Amylase and Cortisol Among Pentecostals on a Worship and Nonworship Day. (chi-square. K. et al. ANCOVA) O'Brien.doc mall<name>. regression) FILE NAMES Please name the files for your assignments in the following manner. correlation. 1994 A Statistical Analysis of Two Rock-Art Sites in Northwest Kenya. 1992 Going to Extremes: The Cultural Context of Stress. W. D. Palinkas. 2003 Social status and food preferences in Southeast Brazil. and Coping in Antarctica. t-test) Oths. (anova. 1994 Health Care Decisions of Household in Economic Crisis: An Example from the Peruvian Highlands. J. and H. 1987 Spatial order and behavioral change in the French Palaeolithic.sys/.doc prelimdatacollect<name>. and K.doc biblio<name>. et al. Caulkins. Wilcoxen nonparametric ttest) Oths.spo sig<name>. 2001 A prospective study of psychosocial job strain and birth outcomes. table.Lieberman. J. 1999 Debilidad: A Biocultural Assessment of an Embodied Andean Illness (table. J.doc methods<name>.doc grant<name>.sys mallhyp<name>. and W. 1998 The Reliability and Validity of a Lithic Debitage Typology. C. multidimensional scaling) Lynch.sav/. graph.doc mallcodebk<name>. tables).doc revprelimcodebk<name>. (cluster analysis) Smith. Assignment Due: Research Interest Paragraph Preliminary Project Hypothesis Preliminary Project Proposal SPSS Output Revised Prelim Project Proposal Project Data Collection Form Bibliographic Search SPSS2 Editing Exercise Project Codebook Revised Project Codebook SPSS Program Syntax Mall hypothesis Mall codebook SPSS Mall datafile Mall Project Report SPSS Program Prelim Project Thesis Outline SPSS Prelim Project Data Grant Hypothesis Grant Aims Final Prelim Project Grant Significance Grant Methods Final Grant e-File Name (use first name only) resint<name>. D. L. et al 1994 Assemblage Similarities and Dissimilarities. Oths 2000 Seeking Early Care.doc prelimprop<name>. B. Do not include actual brackets around your name.sys outline<name>. (table.doc mallsyntax<name>. (table.sav mall<name>. consensus analysis) Winston. Knight. chronology) Whittaker. (table. and K. bar graph) O'Nell.sav/. (table.doc prelimdata_all<name>. Kamp 1998 Evaluating Consistency in Typology (typology. (Brainerd-Robinson similarity index.doc .doc spss1<name>. (table. C. K.doc spss2<name>. K.doc finalproject<name>. K. M.. spreadsheet) Lynn. 1993 The Milner Village: A Mid Seventeenth Century Site Near Gadsden. multidimensional scaling. (chi-square) Oths.sys revprelimprop<name>.spo granthyp<name>. et al.sav/.doc prelimhyp<name>. regression) Oths. correlation) Prentiss. Alabama. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 42:303-324 (cultural consensus analysis. Christopher.(table. graph.

org/pomo Due: Research Interest Paragraph (in terms of problem. by tomorrow stating edu/search/databases/ “successful logon” tutorials/citation. 7-11 Human Subjects AAA Code of Ethics IRB film (in-class) Bernard Ch 7. 6 Drennan. 1 Continue Lit Search SAMPLING. Ch. INTRO TO SPSS DATA PREPARATION WEEK 6: Oct. cont.html LABOR DAY No Class Begin to Explore Lit Begin to Explore Lit WEEK 2: WEEK 3: Sep. Ch. Part I Bernard pp. Ch. incl. question. 472-482 of Ch 20 Bernard. cont. 3 E-learning website *how to use SSCI: Send email to Dr. 1 Pyrczak. 2 Due: SPSS Output Due: Revised Proposal Due: Bibliographic (both hardcopies for Preliminary Research Search (30 citations and electronic files (2-3pp double spaced) with sources) by email) Due: Data Collection Form . Murphy Syllabus Logon: bama. 15 Appendix C For fun: The Postmodern Generator:http://www. Ch. Revised Hypothesis (2 pp) Submit IRB if necessary Drennan.DATE / TOPIC READINGS EXERCISES SPSS PRELIM PROJECT GRANT PROPOSAL WEEK 1: Aug. 2. Ch. Oths http://brunolib. Ch. 5. 2. 3. 1 MORE SPSS DATA MANAGEMENT (using Porto-lab) Due: Sampling Exercise (1 hard copy only) Due: Proposal for Preliminary Project. 3 458 to 472 of Ch 20 SPSS Samplings Cronk. 17 Bernard.doc Continue Lit Search *bring calculators to class Due: Preliminary Project Hypothesis Meet with Advisor (confirm all meetings Frame IRB: a) cover by email to me) b) exemption c) text d) consent e) interview schedule FUNDAMENTALS. 27 INTRODUCTION ANTHRO LIT & INTERNET SEARCHES Guest: Dr. 1. and pp. purpose and observations) resint<name>. Ch. 24 Locke. 4 Due: Lit Search Exer Locke. HUMAN SUBJECTS and PROFESSIONAL ETHICS SAMPLING WEEK 5: Sep. 10 SCIENTIFIC METHOD RESEARCH DESIGN FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH CONCEPTS WEEK 4: Sep. Ch. 3 Find course’s Locke. 2 Bernard. Ch.else where.

Ch. 15 BASIC STATISTICS DISCUSS PROJECTS WEEK 9: Oct.. syntax.e. QUESTIONNAIRES WEEK 8: Oct. 8.14. 13.1-7. Part III Bernard. DEBRIEF WEEK 10: Oct. 4 RECOM: Gladwell. data file. 6.hyp. Hodson. 3. pp. 8 MORE SAMPLING ------------------4:30: Arch: meet with Dr. etc) Optional: SPSS Program (i. 9 (ch 16-17 recom skim) Drennan. Part IV ---------------Archs: Bettinger [1979].DATE / TOPIC READINGS EXERCISES SPSS PRELIM PROJECT GRANT PROPOSAL WEEK 7: Oct. data collect form) . codebook. 7. codebook. collect form. Ch.12 SKIM: Fellowships/ Grants *bring calculator to class Due: Mall Project Report: 2 pp double space text. Ch. 1. output Due: SPSS Program Data Analysis (Syntax) to Analyze Mall Project Data (include hypothesis. Underhill. Ch. 482-491 Cronk. 29 Drennan. data collect. Data Collection Due: Final Codebook Finish Data Collection MORE STATISTICS DISCUSS PROJECTS WEEK 11: Nov. codebook. datafile. syntax) for Prelim Project (plus include hyp. stats. Knight Others: INTERVIEWING.2 Kintigh Rothman RECOM: Tufte Reference Articles Cronk. Ch. form. incl. start Devita Bernard. 8 Pyrczak.1-5. data file.11. 22 FIELDNOTES UNOBTRUSIVE OBSERVATION ******************** FIELD TRIP. 5 FUNDING SOURCES PROPOSAL STRUCTURE Bernard. 4. copy of used orig.36) Due: SPSS2 Editing Begin Data Collection Exercise Due: Preliminary Codebook Plan observation for field trip *bring calculator to class Due: class notebooks Cont.2 Plattner & McIntyre Mastriani & Plattner Winslow Locke. Ch. Ch. Ch. 21 Cronk. 15 Due: Stat Exercise (Drennan p. O’Brien (in Additional Ref Articles) Culturals: Bernard.

8. 3 INDIVIDUAL PROPOSALS Locke.. Ch. 7. output. 1 electronic copy ***DUE Dec. 9th In-Class Presentations (10" each student) *use 3-6 PowerPoint slides *2 hard copies. data references) file. Ch.. 5.) All grant sections must be double-spaced except for the final draft. Ch. 12 Devita. etc. 4.5–2 pp.) *2 hard copies of text Due: Methods Section *All assignments redone (3-4 pp. Brown WEEK 14: Nov. Ch. etc. 6 Pyrczak. original data collect form etc) Due: Hypotheses WEEK 13: Nov.21 Pyrczak. 7 Pyrczak. Ch. which is to be singlespaced (include relevant bibliographic references) Due: Final Draft of Due: Significance Preliminary Project Section (4-6pp. 10th of FINALS WEEK: Final Draft of Individual Proposals (4-6 pp single spaced) . 13 Powerpoint Keys Andres Due: Aims Sections (1. 9 Plattner See Grants # 1. 12 GRANT PROPOSALS Locke.DATE / TOPIC READINGS EXERCISES SPSS PRELIM PROJECT GRANT WEEK 12: Nov. WEEK 15: Dec. all Locke.) (4 pp double spaced) (include relevant (include all relevant data bibliographic collection forms. 19  TIPS ON GRANT PREPARATION  FIELDWORK ACCOUNTS Guest: Dr. Descriptive Stat and Basic Stat Output for Prelim Project Data (include hyp.) (include for additional credit must relevant bibliographic be turned in by Friday references) Dec. etc. 5 Eaves *be reading Devita Due: Correlation Exer Due: Hypothetical Outline for Thesis (5-6 chapters) Due: Syntax. 6. 26 MORE GRANT PREP TIPS FIELDWORK ACCOUNTS cont. Ch. Ch. 9 * a good time to start Winslow completing basic NSF NSF Guidelines/Form grant forms Brown RECOM: WennerGren Info *be reading Devita Bernard.