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FIDELITY TREND (FTRNX) As of: 03/26/2008 NAV 61.33 Offer Price (POP) 61.33 Net Change -0.21 Load % 0.00% Net Change % -0.34% Last Dividend (12/28/2007) 0.0600 Previous NAV 61.54 Last Cap Gain (02/08/2008) 0.0100 Previous NAV Date 03/25/2008 30-Day Yield % Fund Number 5 Trade | Chart | Research Quotes are displayed by Date/Time in Eastern time. Quotes are available for stocks, mutual funds, Fidelity's Select Portfolios, indices, options, bonds and annuities. A maximum of 10 symbols may be entered separated by spaces or commas per request. Please enter any additional symbols in a separate request.

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