Business Writing, ENGL-306-08-4132, Spring 2013

Instructor: Ryan Trauman Office Hours: Humanities LL04, Tues/Thursday, 9:15-10:15, or by appt. 502-759-4083, Course Description and Outcomes The focus of English 306 is recognizing and responding in writing to different rhetorical situations in the professional world. A student in English 306 should expect to create and revise documents in multiple genres. Each document should establish a clear purpose, sense of audience awareness, and sense of the writer’s presence and position. By the end of English 306, students should demonstrate the ability to produce writing and use oral communication skills that demonstrate knowledge and/or control of: audience, professional situations, research methods, writing/editing processes, collaborative strategies, appropriate style, and document design. (Course Prerequisite: ENGL 102 or 105) Assignments, Dates, Values Jan 15: Revising a Building Renovations Memo (5 points) Jan 15: Revising a College Internship Memo (5 points) Jan 24: Introduction Memo (20 points) Feb 19: Formal Report (30 points) Mar 21: Job Packet (30 points) Apr 16: Group Presentation (40 points) Homework (70 points) TOTAL: 200 points Course text: Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, by Locker/Kaczmarek (5th Ed.) Attendance You can miss up to two class periods without affecting your grade for the course. Beyond two absences, you’ll be responsible for specific make-up assignments for each class period you miss. That make-up work will be listed on the that particular class period’s entry on our class website. At most, you can make-up two class periods. Each make-up assignment has its own due date. I won’t accept late or incomplete make-up work at all. More than two un-made-up absences will result in a grade reduction for the course. To simplify: there are no consequences for your first two absences; you can make up your third and fourth absences; more than four un-made-up absences will definitely affect your grade. How these absences affect your grade will be at my discretion. … Being more than 10 minutes late for class will earn a half-absence. Late Work Assignments (other than homework) not submitted by the beginning of class on the due date will receive half credit. Assignments more than a week late will receive no

credit. You must complete all of the assignments for the course in order to pass. I will not accept any work after the last day of class. Written Communication Statement: This course is approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR). Plagiarism Statement The University defines plagiarism as “representing the words or ideas of someone else as one’s own in any academic exercise.” Thus, all writing you do for this course must be your own and must be exclusively for this course, unless the instructor stipulates differently. Please pay special attention to the quotes, paraphrases, and documentation practices you use in your papers. If you have any questions about plagiarism, please ask your instructor. If you plagiarize, your instructor reserves the right to grant you a failure for the course and your case may be reported to the College of Arts and Sciences. NOTE: Please see further information in the PLAGIARISM section in the composition handbook. Statement on behalf of students with disabilities Students who have a disability or condition which may impair their ability to complete assignments or otherwise satisfy course criteria are encouraged to meet with the instructor to identify, discuss and document any feasible instructional modifications or accommodations. Please inform instructor about circumstances no later than the second week of the semester or as soon as possible after a disability or condition is diagnosed, whichever occurs earliest. For information and auxiliary assistance, contact the Disabilities Resource Center. Grievance procedure statement Students who have questions or concerns about their grades, the class, or an assignment are encouraged to see their instructor as soon as possible. If not satisfied with that discussion, students may see an assistant director of composition, Hum 319F, 852-5919. NOTE: The instructor has the right to make changes to the course schedule/syllabus if necessary.

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