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Transfiguration (with The Governess and Paul Verlaine) Stefan Zweig Print: US$11.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-2537-3, 180p This volume collects two rare novellas by the great Austrian writer and humanist, Stefan Zweig. It also includes his short biography of French poet Paul Verlaine.

Whisky Priest Austria

Our Own Set Ossip Schubin Print: US$15.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4467-5978-3, 288p “The set of the title is a group of Austrian nobles living in Rome on longterm holidays, escaping the provincialism of Viennese society–only to create their own form of it. The harmony of the scene is disrupted when the secretary of the Austrian embassy–not much of a diplomat, but a fine waltzer–is sent off to London and replaced by Cecil Sterzl. The set instantly takes a dislike to Sterzl, who fails to play its game... His situation is not aided by his seating on a relatively low rung on the ladder of Austrian nobility, earned only by virtue of his mother’s slim claim to title... very much in the spirit of [Jane Austen’s] work: wise, comic, hyper-attuned to the subtleties of social hierarchies, and full of the business of love and courtship.” —The Neglected Books Page

A Young Girl’s Diary Grete Lainer Print: US$15.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-5359-8, 260p “This diary is a gem. Never before, I believe, has anything been written enabling us to see so clearly into the soul of a young girl… We are shown how the sentiments pass from the simple egoism of childhood to attain maturity; how the relationships to parents and other members of the family first shape themselves, and how they gradually become more serious and more intimate; how friendships are formed and broken. We are shown the dawn of love, feeling out towards its first objects…” —Sigmund Freud Originally published anonymously, under the auspices of Sigmund Freud and his followers, A Young Girl’s Diary is a fascinating, unedited record of the life of an adolescent girl in early 20th Century Vienna.

Whisky Priest Austria

Artists’ Wives (Les Femmes de Artistes) Alphonse Daudet Print: US$13.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-9105-7, 228p A wry and subversive collection of stories about the women who are unlucky enough to marry artists and poets. Wives of geniuses are unlucky enough, but what about those married to men who only think they’re geniuses? Inferno Henri Barbusse Print: US$10.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-6019-0, 144p He peers into a hole in the wall of his hotel room. From the other side, he witnesses adultery, incest, and death. A strange classic of existentialism and voyeurism.

Whisky Priest France

Contemptible Arnold Gyde (‘Casualty’) Print: US$14.95 Download: US$2.50 978-1-4457-8279-9, 236p A fictionalised memoir from one of the first soldiers ashore in France with the British Expeditionary Forces in World War One, drawing on his experiences of the horrific Mons campaign. The Secret Battle A. P. Herbert Print: US$15.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4466-4808-7, 272p USA only

Whisky Priest War

This novel draws upon Herbert’s experiences as a junior infantry officer in the First World War, and has been praised for its accurate and truthful portrayal of the mental effects of the war on the participants. It was one of the earliest novels to contain a detailed description of Gallipoli, and to challenge the Army’s executions of soldiers for desertion. An early and striking example of literature which dealt with the soldier as a victim, rather than as a heroic protagonist. Tales of War Lord Dunsany Print: US$9.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4461-4679-8, 120p USA only

A collection of short stories inspired by Dunsany’s own Great War experiences, Tales of War features everything from Kaiser Wilhem II in Hell to a talking gorilla, along with more reflective, atmospheric war pieces.

In the Second Year Storm Jameson Print: US$17.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4457-8436-6, 324p

USA only

First published in 1936, this is the gripping story of Great Britain under Fascist rule: a dreadful warning to those who saw the rise of Nazism and thought “it couldn’t happen here”. The Diamond Lens & Other Stories Fitz-James O’Brien Print: US$15.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4457-6023-0, 276p Fitz-James O’Brien was a poet, journalist and—most significantly—as a writer of tales of the fantastic and the uncanny, including several important works of early science-fiction such as ‘The Diamond Lens’. In 1861 he joined the New York National Guard, hoping to be sent to the front in the American Civil War. He was severely wounded in a skirmish on February 26, 1862, and lingered until April, when he died at Cumberland, Maryland. This book collects 17 of his tales of science-fiction, fantasy, horror and the uncanny.

Whisky Priest Science-Fiction

Angel Island Inez haynes Gillmore Print: US$13.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4461-4363-6, 208p

USA only

Five men are shipwrecked on an island which is home to five winged women. Claimed and maimed by the men, can the angels reclaim their nature and survive the modern world? A classic work of feminist science-fiction.

Whisky Priest Science-Fiction

Red Alert Peter George Print: US$12.95 Download: US$2.00 978-1-4457-5943-2, 192p

USA only

“This is the story of a battle. A battle fought in the skies over the Arctic and over Russia, on an American Strategic Air Command Base, and in the minds of men. Its duration was only two hours... It may even be happening as you read these words. And then it really will be two hours to doom.” Peter Bryan George (1924-1966) was an RAF navigator who became obsessed with nuclear war, and committed to disarmament. Red Alert became the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, for which George later wrote the novelisation. His second novel, Commander-1, was a look at the aftereffects of a massive nuclear war, and he was writing a third novel along the same lines, Nuclear Survivors, when he committed suicide at the age of 42.

Doan & Carstairs: Volume 1 (Holocaust House & The Mouse in the Mountain) Norbert Davis USA only Print: US$13.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-8695-4, 232p “If you must go down those mean streets, walk softly, but walk a big dog... “Perenially broke Doan is a short, chubby little man with corn-yellow hair who doesn’t exactly look like he’s going to set the world on fire. His clothes are frequently rumpled, because he tends to sleep in them, and he’s been known to drink a prodigious amount of alcohol. [And] while there have plenty of dogs in mystery fiction, there’s never been one quite like Carstairs. He’s not just any Great Dane; he’s so big that Doan only half-jokingly figures he really ought to be considered another species. He ’s definitely in charge, despite Doan’s best efforts. ... It’s fortunate, then, that as a sleuth Carstairs rarely barks up the wrong tree.” — Kevin Burton Smith, The Thrilling Detective Website This volume collects the first two Doan and Carstairs books: the novella Holocaust House, and the novel The Mouse in the Mountain. Doan & Carstairs: Volume 2 (Sally’s in the Alley & Oh, Murderer Mine) Norbert Davis USA only Print: US$14.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4467-2798-0, 272p This volume collects the final two Doan and Carstairs novels: Sally’s in the Alley and Oh, Murderer Mine.

Whisky Priest Crime

The Fabulous Clipjoint Fredric Brown Print: US$12.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4466-4812-4, 200p

USA only

“Chicago’s own Ed and Am Hunter are one of the best, and most endearing and beloved private eye teams in the genre, and Frederic Brown’s one of the best writers to ever grace the genre ... Young, brash, ambitious, idealistic Ed Hunter and his uncle Am, a cheerful, chubby, streetwise ex-carny with a taste for poker, run the Hunter and Hunter Detective Agency in Chicago and it’s often Ed, wearing his heart on his sleeve, who ends up falling head over heels for some “skirt”, who leads them into some of the most entertaining, and offbeat, capers in detective fiction ... the undisputed highlight of the series is definitely the one that kicked off the series: The Fabulous Clipjoint, an alternately heart-warming and darkly grim meditation on obsession, coming-of-age and the ensuing weight of maturity. It won an Edgar for Best First Novel, but awards seem trivial compared to the emotional punch that this book packs.” — Kevin Burton Smith, The Thrilling Detective Website The Strange Crime in Bermuda Elizabeth Sanxay Holding Print: US$12.95 USA only Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-2540-3, 188p “The top suspense writer of them all.” —Raymond Chandler A strange sea voyage. A missing person on a tropical island. The rarest of Elizabeth Sanxay Holding’s novels, now back in print.

Whisky Priest Crime

On the Stage—And Off & Stage-Land Jerome K. Jerome Print: US$15.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4467-7073-3, 272p Before becoming a hugely popular novelist and writer of essays and plays, Jerome K. Jerome spent three appalling years as an actor in a threadbare repertory company. Fortunately, he was later able to turn the experience into this hilarious theatrical memoir, ‘On the Stage—And Off ’. This volume also includes ‘Stage-Land’, Jerome’s funny and cynical demolition of the clichés of the late-Victorian stage. Boon H. G. Wells Print: US$16.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-2017-0, 324p USA only

Whisky Priest Classics

Wells’s satire on literature, ‘Boon’ was originally published under the pseudonym Reginald Bliss; a followup to the Fabian-savaging ‘The New Machiavelli’. ‘Boon’ was the book which destroyed his friendship with Henry James.

Cynthia Leonard Merrick Print: US$19.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-6016-9, 360p “This is, quite simply, a terrific piece of work.” —The Neglected Books Page The story of a marriage, writing, failure, love, maturity and comedy.

Whisky Priest Classics

One Man’s View Leonard Merrick Print: US$12.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1-4461-9369-3, 220p “The mood of One Man’s View is that of one utterly familiar with the ways of the world high and low, skeptical of miracles, wise to shams, yet still capable of a certain amount of empathy, compassion, and hope...” —The Neglected Books Page Marriage and divorce; art and failure; a quest for fame on the stage. These are some of the themes of this neglected classic from a great neglected writer.

Michael’s Crag Grant Allen Print: US$14.95 Download: US$3.00 978-1-4457-8586-8, 244p “Michael Trevennack is an elderly English civil servant who spends his holidays on the Cornish coast staring out at a rock formation known as St. Michael’s Crag. Fifteen years earlier, a hundred or so feet below, he and his only son were stuck by falling rocks. The boy was killed, while Trevennack was left with a blood clot in the brain that has him convinced he is the archangel Michael.” --Brian Busby, The Dusty Bookcase The Refugees & Other Stories Edith Wharton Print: US$22.95 Download: US$2.00 978-1-4457-6021-6, 432p “But worst of all was the old man at the other end of the compartment: the motionless old man in a frayed suit of professorial black, with a face like a sallow bust on a bracket in a university library. It was the face of Durand’s own class and of his own profession, and it struck him as something not to be contemplated without dire results to his nervous system...” This volume collects 17 rare novellas and short stories by Edith Wharton, including the entirety of the collections Crucial Instances and Certain People.

Whisky Priest Classics

A Romance of the Sea-Serpent, or the Icthyosaurus Eugene Batchelder Print: US$12.95 Download: US$2.50 978-1-4457-7168-7, 184p “The largest monster in antebellum literature was the kraken depicted in Eugene Batchelder’s Romance of the SeaSerpent, or The Ichthyosaurus, a bizarre narrative poem about a sea serpent that terrorizes the coast of Massachusetts, destroys a huge ship in mid-ocean, repasts on human remains gruesomely with sharks and whales, attends a Harvard commencement (where he has been asked to speak), [and] shocks partygoers by appearing at a Newport ball...” — David S. Reynolds The Fair Rewards Thomas Beer Print: US$17.95 978-1447769293, 296p “During his first lectures at the University of Virginia, Faulkner mentioned that ... he had admired Thomas Beer’s (1889-1940) stories and had learned something of characterization and plot from them. He asked if any of the students had read Beer; there was silence. [...] The Fair Rewards is a portrait in novel form of the American theater from 1890 to 1920, and well illustrates Beer’s gift for delineating pre-World War I America in a somewhat melancholy, elliptical fashion.” -- Robert Nedelkoff, The Neglected Books Page

Whisky Priest Classics

Above The Dark Tumult Hugh Walpole Print: US$13.95 978-1446735626, 220p Richard Gunn is an ex-soldier in trouble after the end of the Great War. Jobless and starving in Piccadilly Circus, he encounters his nemesis, Leroy Pengelly. From this encounter the secrets of their shared past start to unravel. . . “. .a novel which combines elements of the horror and supernatural - at which Walpole was so skilled - with the puzzle element of the whodunnit - all wrapped up in one unsettling and uncanny whole.” -Therie Hendrey-Seabrook, 501 Must-Read Books The Vegetable F. Scott Fitzgerald Print: US$14.95 978-1471606274, 128p Not for sale in the USA

Whisky Priest Classics

An oddity in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s career, his play ‘The Vegetable’ was a satirical attack on the presidency of Warren Harding. An ordinary, incompetent man, taunted for his lack of ambition by his family, realises his dream of ruling the United States of America. With appalling timing, the play was first staged just after Harding’s sudden death, when the mood of national mourning meant that few were ready for a savage indictment of the dead president. It closed after one week. Bootleggers, political machinations, romance and a man on the run combine in this bizarre story from the side of of Fitzgerald which wrote ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz’. Out of print for decades, The Vegetable is a strange and significant work by one of the Twentieth Century’s greatest writers.

The Golden Windmill & Other Stories Stacy Aumonier Print: US$14.95 978-1446610831, 252p “There’s something wintry about Stacy Aumonier. His extremely entertaining short stories feel as if they should be read aloud beside a roaring fire.” -Christopher Fowler. Aumonier’s great but neglected collection of stories from 1921, The Golden Windmill features ‘A Source of Irritation’, the strange tale of a downed airman who kidnaps the farmer on whose land he has crashed. Bits of Autobiography Ambrose Bierce Print: US$10.95 Download: $3.50 978-1-4478-1637-9 In one volume, the collected memoirs of Ambrose Bierce, including his record of his time as a soldier in the Union Army, fighting in the American Civil War. A Great Man Arnold Bennett Print: US$13.95 Download: $3.50 978-1-4478-1637-9 Long neglected, A Great Man is Arnold Bennett’s wonderful satire on the literary life and literary fame: an insider’s cynical view of the pretensions of writers and the scramble for success.

Whisky Priest Classics

A Dangerous Age Karin Michaëlis Print: US$12.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1445793566, 132p “At forty-two, approaching that ‘dangerous age’ and determined to eliminate the hypocrisy in her life, Elsie divorces her husband, leaves behind a young potential lover, and retreats to an isolated villa on an island... First published in 1910, [this] is still a shockingly forthright and provocative book.” —Erica Bauermeister, 500 Great Books by Women. Karin Michaëlis (1872-1950) was a prolific Danish novelist, perhaps now best remembered for her Bibi series for children. However, in the early Twentieth Century, she was infamous for what were seen as explicit, alarming books about the natures and inner lives of women. The best, and best-known, of these was The Dangerous Age, which ran to seven editions in its first ten months of publication.

Whisky Priest Scandinavia

Saint Peter’s Umbrella Kálmán Mikszáth Print: US$13.95 Download: US$3.50 978-1446781289, 212p More than a century after his death, Kálmán Mikszáth remains one of Hungary’s most popular writers, but is almost unknown in English translation. Saint Peter’s Umbrella, the most successful and popular of his earlier novels, is a tale of two umbrellas—one containing a family fortune hidden in the handle, and the other a venerated relic said to have been used by Saint Peter to protect an abandoned young girl.

Whisky Priest Hungary

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