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1. Re-design of News page and its detail page design.

(This is rocky issue)

2. Top candidate – if employer logged in, he can save this candidate.(This is
rocky issue)
3. Tutorial – remove the login section. Add the shopping cart image. In view
detail why cancel. No meaning
4. Add advertisement management in admin panel
5. Admin have to approve video resume.(no search engine here)
6. IE Resume creation Third page combo box is not shown in his data
width.(This can’t able to solve this design problem.)
7. Design have to integrate in admin panel under other link.
8. From 'Edit Personal info' remove the 'Reset' button (it is user manager related
work have to check by rocky)
9. In the left panel, add the same logic for Picture, when No photo available.
And active the resize option [Warning:
getimagesize(C:/apache2triad/htdocs/sapwize/documents///.): failed to open
stream: Permission denied in
C:\apache2triad\htdocs\sapwize\php_files\model\CommonLib.class.php on
line 1208 ]
10. edit resume - page 1 : for uploaded resume --> Add Change | Remove option
like picture
11. All Delete from resume info viewer have to done by ajex.
12. In page – 3 desire employment type have to check if admin inactive desire
employment type and also have to check related issue of multiple selection.
13. If admin inactive some field say SAP Module: in page-3 it is not displayed in
both editor and viewer but the other information of this SAP Module still
remain.(this is happened in page -3 “SAP Module:”, “Work Status:”,””)
14. The admin change is not make affect in view “Total No Of Full Life Cycle
15. Resume “Add Picture link” have to remove from right pane when one
candidate enter first time in candidate panel as I m showing picture on the
basis of resume id. We can add the link only when user have active resume
and picture can add under this active resume.

16. In IE pagination link is not working under FAQ as criteria become too big
hold in addressbar.
17. Say currently one candidate is top candidate , if admin inactive his active
resume or inactive this user then what will happened although the candidate
still remain in default home page without resume id.
18. Check “you have already applied to this job” in job view without login.

19. Lastly, do we get the link for the resume? we discussed this the other day so
users can send this link to their prospective employers (like something like that)- We are working
on this issue.
20. Admin panel for Event, user manager setting, tutorial setting.
21. Got to Admin candidate panel user image is not showing due to following link
<img id="pic" alt="User
Picture" src="/home/sapwize/public_html/phase4/documents/s/a/2.jpg?12318268

This link should be as follows as is resume info viewer.

<img id="pic" alt="User
Picture" src="/sapwize/documents/s/a/2.jpg?1231827093"/>
22. Salary Type of Pahe-3 have to increase currently exists “Per Year” “Per Hour
23. state field in user info table should be int.