Problems of Exam time & Its Solutions

Dear Students, There are lots of difficulties being faced by Students during the exam time. All these difficulties starts from student’s own thinking, perception & attitude.

• Thinking about high marks without proper, continuous & deeper study can be called day-dreaming. • Searching for a shortcut is a dangerous thing for the future of the student. • Main Difficulty starts when students compete with each other for the marks, They should not compete with each other but with his/herself. They should make their own performance chart and improve their skills, abilities in the areas they are lagging behind.

• Here there are some suggestions that can help you to study tension free during the exams. • Before giving some suggestions it will be right to say here that these suggestion may help you as secondary methods. But the first and most important aspect is your confidence, belief in your self & in your potentialities.

Let’s find out why exams take place.

Why Exams?
• • • • • • For testing your capacity. For testing your knowledge. For testing your goal. For testing your quality. For testing your creativity. For testing your ability.

– To utilize your Present & make your Future,

Exams are necessary.

• Dear Students, I hope that you can understand that Exams are not a worrying or stressful condition. It is a condition of commitment where you can prove yourself.

Study in a Specific quiet Place
• Ideally you should study in a quiet, well- lighted area free from disturbances. If possible you should also have at least one place where you can do your study only, do not do other things at that particular place.

Now we go for the stages of exam problems & its Solutions step by step.

– Solutions For Reading Problems – Solutions For Writing Problems – Solutions For Health Problems

Solutions For Reading Problems

Read your topic again and again as a tradition saying, “Japat Siddhi Japat Siddhi (Chant mantra & get mastery over the object of mantra).” Revision is the mother of memory. When you read your topic, tick mark your doubtful lines or words and try to consult with your teacher, friends & others, who can help you. Otherwise read it again and again unless you get the clear concept of the topic.

• Some students complain that they forget answers in the examination hall. It may happen for a little time but a question, has a capacity to find answer in the mind and it gets its success at last. Relax, Concentrate and try to find the related link of the answer it can be a word, image, chart, number etc.

Relate New Ideas with previous
You have probably noticed that it is easier to remember ideas that are related to personality and have meaning. When you study your chapter, try to link new facts, terms and concepts and specially images with the information you already know well. Colored images are easy to memorize and can be used with boring or tricky answers.


• A Lot of study material is very easy to understand, but student always feel confusion with it. • Some students read original books directly without reading text books. Original books are the source of good knowledge but a starter may get confused. So Students should consult text books for perfect basic concept of the subject.

In Exam Hall
• Read all instructions and questions carefully. They may give you good advises or clues. Take at least 10 minutes in reading them • Quickly survey the question paper and select the questions you want to answer before you begin to write your answer in examination hall. But be relaxed and take a smile.

Solutions For Writing Problems
Writing plays a vital role in exam. Before the exam do practice for a good hand writing. Write 2 to 4 answers per day in a beautiful hand writing in a demanding time. Use your time wisely. Always make a habit of writing your answers in Points with examples as required. The examiner finds it quite easy to read the points written in a proper manner.

1. Give Answers in limited words or according to the demand of the questions. If you write your answer in 90 words for a 3 marks questions, and in 30 words for a 16 marks questions that will affect your marks adversely . 2. Don’t write other things that are not required by the question. You should write your answer perfectly related to that question only, never write a Potha (A nonunderstandable story).

In Exam hall

3. Answer the easier questions first than spend your time on more difficult ones. 4. Explain in detail with different points & headings. 5. Give appropriate examples related to questions. 6. Answer all the questions don’t miss any one.

Solutions For Health Problems

A good health is the pillar of an ideal life. Without a good health you can’t concentrate, memorize on your studies. Most of the students Change their lifestyle during exam time. They keep awake during night time and drink lot of tea and coffee which is hazardous for their health. This disturbs the biological clock of the body thus decreasing the energy level which indirectly creates many other problems mainly being the problem of low Concentration power

• Without relaxing & deep sleeping we can’t do our best, because balanced & best work always comes from a cool active and alert mind. • “Early to bed & early to rise”, should be your mantra. The time of early morning is the best to memorize, read and concentrate on your studies.
Note: All the students of DSVV wake up at 4 in the morning and sleep around 9 in the night.

• Take light diet in short intervals. • Do some yogic practices ( Yog nidra, Asana – pragya yog, Surya namaskara ) & play games (Badminton, Table tennis, Chess etc.) for mental relaxation and to become free from stress related problems.

• You are your own guru of your life, so keep these suggestions for your better performance in your exams. • Be positive for every type of situation. • Keep smiling. • Best of luck.

Where to Get More Information
• Vyavastha Buddhi ki Garima- Pdt. Sriram Sharma Acharya (2000). • Mansik Santulan – Pdt. Sriram Sharma Acharya (2002) • Aarmotkarsh ka Aadhar Gyan –Pdt. Sriram Sharma Acharya (1998) • Jeevem saradah Satam –Pdt. Shriram Sharma Acharya (1998) All books are written by the Patron Founder of the Dev Sanskriti University Pdt.Shriram Sharma Acharya

Note: these suggestions are written by dsvv students based on the their experiences

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