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New International School Thailand Year 8 Mixed Ability Mathematics

Year 8 Statistics Project

Your task:

to produce a written report which uses quantitative statistics in a meaningful, helpful way periodically update your ongoing progress on the project on your Personal Blog

Your report must include: A title and introduction which explains what the project is about and tells the reader what you will be doing with the topic. A research question and a hypothesis (if appropriate) Reference to one of the AOIs, with a reason why you chose it Evidence of data collection and organisation At least one type of graph (ex. bar chart, pie chart, histogram, frequency polygon, scatter graph, line graph) Calculations: Mean, median, mode, range Comments and explanations about: the method of data collection (Was it successful? Was there enough data?) the graphs (Which graph is the most useful? Why? Were there other graphs that could have been used?) the calculations (Which calculation is the most useful? Why?) the validity and usefulness of the data you collected (What were the limitations? How could the data be collected in a more meaningful way?) Conclusion give an answer to your question if you could do the project again, what improvements could you make? N.B: It must use quantitative data, not categorical (i.e. you cannot use favourite sports, names of different countries visited etc). It must be no longer than 3 pages.

How will you be assessed? This report will be assessed against Criterion C (Communication in mathematics) and Criterion D (Reflection in mathematics). How will you organise your time?
You will be allowed to work on your report during part of each lesson. We strongly recommend that you develop your own ideas for a project. However, here are some ideas from last year:

Comparison between boys and girls in Year 8

Are Year 8 boys taller than Year 8 girls?

Do Y8 girls eat more salad than boys?

Are Year 8 girls better at shooting basketball free-throws than the Year 8 boys?

Do Y8 boys play computer games more than girls?

Are Year 8 girls more skillful at football than the Year 8 boys? Do Y8 girls sleep more than boys?

Raising awareness Are the NIST school lunches okay or not? Global warming how do you get to school? Healthy choices fast food or not

Conducting an experiment Reaction times: Are boys quicker than girls? How accurate are NERF guns?

Areas of Interaction
The Areas of Interaction (AOI) connect the 8 subject areas. The AOI are a way to view learning. Each AOI asks questions that allow students to think about how the AOI apply to individual subjects.

information critically; and to see out and explore the links between subjects. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically is as important as the content of the subject disciplines themselves. How do I learn best?

The AOI are covered in all subject areas. We want to high 5 EACHH AOI. 1- Environments: encourages students to become aware of their interdependence with the world and to develop responsible and positive attitudes towards their environments. What What are resources do my we responsibilities? have or need?

How do I know? How do I communicate my understanding?

What are our environments?

3- Community and Service: encourages students to become aware of their roles and their responsibilities as members of communities. All MYP students are required to become involved with their communities - an involvement that benefits both parties. 2- Approaches to Learning: encourages students to take increasing responsibility for their learning; to question and evaluate How do we live in relation to each other? How can I contribute to the community How can I help others?

5- Human Ingenuity: encourages students to examine and reflect on the ingenious ways in which humans think, create and initiate change. Why and how do we create? What are the consequences?

4- Health and Social Education: encourages students to explore personal, physical and societal issues and to develop respect for body and mind. How do I think and act? How am I changing How can I look after myself and others?