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Noemi Amelynck 8E

Year 8 Statistics Report 2012-2013

Introduction: The current unit in math is statistics. This unit comes with a project. Every student in year eight has to choose a topic in which they can either compare something or someone OR they can conduct an experiment. Once they had found their topic they had to come up with a question. If someone had a similar topic to you than you could work together but have individual reports. In this project my question was What community and service project is most popular for students in years 7 & 8? My topic was similar to Nandinis, so we decided to collect data for year 8 together. My research question is What community and service project is most popular for students in years 7 & 8? The AOI reference to my question is community and service. It relates to community and service because I wanted to find out what the most popular community and service project people in years 7 & 8 do and what they are doing to help the community. Data and Graph: Method of data collection: I used two different methods to collect my data. The first method I used was collecting data physically. I collected data with Nandini and surveyed every class in year 8. The second method I used was an online survey. I used this method because Nandini only needed to survey year eight and I needed year eight and seven, so to collect data in year seven I created a survey monkey and sent it out to them. Table of data collection: Community and service Group Mushie Mushie Funk 2 Punk Camillian Home Elephant Nature Home Footy 4 Friends Web Link Crew DWBI (Dreams We Believe In) Operation Smile Thai Craft Fair The Mea Lid Project PAWS Habitat 4 Humanity Not Involved Total Number of students 6 5 7 2 4 1 3 3 1 1 3 1 96 133

Noemi Amelynck 8E


Students in year 7 & 8 involved in Community and Service

Number of People Involved 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 96

Community and Service Group

Mean, Median, Mode and Range: Mean: Total number of people: 133 Total choice: 13 Median: Cannot be found Mode: Most popular answer: Not Involved Mode: Not involved The mode shows that most people in years 7 & 8 do not spend their time helping out the community. I think this because most people might think that its boring and they might want to spend time with their friends in their free time. Range: Most popular answer: 96 Least popular answer: 1 Summary table of averages: 2 96-1= 95 Range: 95 133/13= 10.2

Noemi Amelynck 8E Averages My Data: Mean 10.2 Median Not involved Mode Not involved Range 95

As I mentioned earlier I collected my year 8 answers with Nandini and collected year 7 data on my own because Nandini did not need to survey year 7. I think my method of data collection was quite successful. There werent any disruptions during my data collection except that not every year 7 did my survey and I didnt know whether year sevens were lying or not. I think I collected just the right amount of data because I didnt want too much data and I got enough to calculate my averages. After I collected my data I analyzed my results but they looked weird too me because there was one answer that more people answered and it looks really weird in my graph. The graph I chose was a column graph. I chose this graph over the other graphs because I needed to show the comparison and sizes of the different categories, my category didnt have anything to do with time so a column graph showed my results the best. Other graphs that I could have used were a pie graph because it does show comparison, a bar graph because it also shows comparison and a scatter plot, except that for the scatter plot it doesnt show the comparison between the categories. My calculations were pretty easy but I couldnt find the median because my graph is a discrete data and you need to have a continuous data to find a median. The range shows me that there is a big difference in answers. I think that the most useful calculation is the mode because it shows the most popular answer and thats the answer I need. I think that collecting the year eight data physically was much better than collecting data off year seven online. I think this because I dont know if the answers collected from year seven were valid because they could be lying and I dont know that and if I collected answers off them physically there would be less chance that they would be lying. Anyways, I think that the data collected was useful because I really wanted to know if years 7 & 8 were involved in community and service and which one was the most popular throughout. Overall I really enjoyed this project and learning more about statistics. I think that the answer to my question would be Not Involved according to the data I collected. I was pretty surprised because I thought that quite a lot of people would be involved in community and service. If I had to do this project again I wouldve have changed my question to a comparison question between boys and girls so I could have different answers. I also would have improved the method of data collection and used the same method for each class and year level.