To Seduce & Satisfy by Abby Gordon

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either t he product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblan ce to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales , is entirely coincidental. To Seduce & Satisfy COPYRIGHT Ó 2011 by Abby Gordon Al l rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press excep t in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Cont act Information: Cover Art by Angela Anderson The Wild Rose Press PO Box 708 Adams Basin, NY 14410-0708 Visit us at www.thewilderroses .com Publishing History First Scarlet Rose Edition, October 2011 Published in th e United States of America

Published in the United States of America

Dedication To those who believe in love at first sight and make it last. .

. Model Fantasy seductively pulls you i n from the first few pages. delivers another racy BDSM themed story-line that scorches the pages and presents the reader with an amazing tale of one woman s journey to sexual fu lfillment and a man s realization of what his heart desires.5 out of 20 Named Beck and Call one of their top ten for 2010. 5 stars “What a fantastic ride from page 1 until the very end. but will remember her     . . Gordon has penned a stor y worthy of awards! I was so pulled in that the real world just melted away and the story was my ONLY focus for the duration.” ~Emily. Night Owl Re views.PRAISE FOR AUTHOR Abby Gordon AND HER BOOKS “Model Fantasy is full of sizzling erotic exploits steeped in growing love and dev otion. as the dom trying to teach h er. friends. Abby Gordon has managed to create so mething that readers will not only enjoy. BDSM. Sensual Reads. sexy. 5 of 5 stars “Impossible to put down.. bad guys. “As a new author.” ~Seriously Reviewed. elegant. 19.” ~Vicci. Five Stars for Model Fantasy. a hot bos s. was written perfectly. Sassy sex. I thought Francine was a genuinely lovable character whose curiosity beams through the pages and Grant. a mystery man… YEAH BABY! Ms. And did you see that cover? WOW! S imple.

The charac ters are wonderfully developed.” ~Fern.5 cherries out of 5. and the sex positively sizzles. . especially for fans of the BDSM genre . the story is intriguing. but will remember her by. Whipped Cream Reviews. 4.something that readers will not only enjoy. A definite must for the TBR list.

Chapter One Quincy paid the cab driver and nodded at the doorman. and he’d been content with that. but he couldn’t help it. He kept telling himself he was crazy to even think like that. The desk c lerk had his room key ready. He was in a da mn hotel. concentrating on easin g the tension in his muscles. He declined the offer of lunch from room service an d headed up to the four-bedroom suite. He took a deep breath and exhaled. The elevator doors opened and h e headed down the hall. He scowled at the panel of buttons. dear Spirit. though. Lately. he focused on trying to relax. He was tired of hotels an d tents. He didn’t have to look at everyone as if they were gunning for him. . An image from three months earlier kept reappearing in his mind . He’d been living in one hotel or another somewhere around the world or i n a fucking tent. He was in the States now. Submissives at the Club were satisfy ing sexually. Riding the elevator. for over a decade. taunting him with what he’d sworn he’d never want. if he’d been lucky. he was so damn tired of living in a hotel and being alone. he’d wondered if ther e was more. His fellow agents were like brothers. but. The agents of Hancock Securities were known to the employees of The Franklin Hotel.

With their broad shoulders.” “You wish. he relaxed and sat ba ck on his heels. pants. Quincy ripped the end off and took a large bite.The elevator doors opened and he headed down the hall. Not quite five o’clock. muscled chest rose and fell. he went in and saw the arrangement of small statues on the coffee table.” Jackson said. You can’t let me sleep more tha n…” he glanced at his watch. “I just got in. Leaving the clothes in a black heap. “No amount of beauty sleep could help your ugly mug. socks. his smooth.” Watson grinned.” he muttered. they e ffectively blocked out any light from the suite’s living room. he set it next to thei rs. Pulling a similar statue out of a bag. Pounding on the doo r woke him and he jerked awake. Before he could open a duffle for a gun. sweater. Exhaling loudly. sheathing the knife. Swiping the card. the door op ened and two men appeared. knife in his hands without thinking. digging through the other duffle for h is shorts and tee. he collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes. “Anything new happening in the city?” . Watson and Jac kson were in town. one hand on the hilt of his blade. Recognizing Jackson and Watson. and tee. Dropping his two duffle bags at the foot of the bed.” Quincy replied. tossing him a protein bar. “Come on. “Six hours?” His two fellow agents le aned against opposite sides of the doorframe. “Time for an ass-k icking in the gym. he peeled off his boots . He was rolling to the foot of the bed. He pulled the knife from his boot and tossed i t toward the pillows. “Asshol es.

“Let the ass-whoopings begin.for his shorts and tee. he gestured the two out the door. “MacLauren doesn’t strike me as a man who would put up with that. Quincy was out of the shower and reac hing for the cell phone on the bathroom counter.” Quincy fr owned. “What shit could happen there? A binary code error?” “Computer ge eks.” Jackson filled him in.” “Sexual harassment and intellectual theft is all we’v e heard so far. Standing. pulling on the shorts. Survival instincts died hard. “And assholes never change.” snorted Watson. On either side of the phone sat his knife and watch. I could prob ably get a cushy desk job?” Quincy smirked.” “In othe r words.” “He runs a software company.” Quincy pulled out socks and sneakers. “Anything new happening in the city?” “There’s some major shit g oing down at Keith MacLauren’s company. he tugged th e tee over his head. Tying his right shoe. Shoving his arms through the sleeves.” “Word on the street has it that he’s fired half his programming division. Who’s my first victim?” **** Hearing the ringtone reserved for incoming calls from his boss. Jackson. His left hand drifted over to the thick-handled blade next to the towel. “You’re all the same. . mutte ring. Quincy put the left on and considered that. Watson. if I ever get tired of putting up with your shit.

he knew they’d done the same.” Barely nodding in response. I n ten minutes. “Come again to the Franklin. he handed the key card to the clerk. everything he owned was packed into the duffle bags and he was st riding into the lobby of the hotel. Immedia tely Quincy felt his ‘shit went down’ radar hit full alert. Vincent’s. “What’s doing?” “Meet me in the emergency room of St. Watson and Jackson appeared with their gear as well. He glanced at the watch that did so many thin gs he often forgot its original function.” she nodded. Eight-thirty.” he told the woma n on the other side of the counter. Punching the hospit al into his GPS. The other two agents put their cards next to his. “Bring all your g ear.” “En route. Pausing at the front desk. From the way the other t wo set their shoulders. gentlemen. It might be a while before you check back in. He’d been in his room twenty minutes after a grueling thr ee-hour workout with Watson and Jackson. “Bills go to Hancock Security. sir. The utility knife covered what the wat ch missed.” “Yes. The identical tr ucks driven by Watson and Jackson were behind him.” came the clipped Bostonian accent of Ben Hancock.” Quincy acknowledged. he headed to the underground garage and t ossed the bags into the back seat of his extended cab truck. he made a right as he reached the garage exit. “Checking out. boss?” he greeted his employer. What could have happened for his boss to call him back to .“Yeah.

They were both injured. Hancock would assign his best to protect him. “One of those bastards must have gone after MacLauren…” Tha t would explain why Hancock was calling him back. Watson and Jackson pulled in on either side of him. If one of his best friends had been attacked.” . “That’s where the women live. “Shit. Hi s assistant was attacked in her apartment about an hour ago by one assailant tha t was seen by two of her friends. See what the layout is like and if there are any unoccupied units on that floo r. both of whom work for MacLauren. you’ll be bunking with them. In silence. Ben Hancock. If not. “H ere’s the situation…” Hancock spoke quietly. All three on the third floor .duty within twenty-four hours of completing an assignment? Hancock liked to give his men at least a week between domestic assignments and even more from interna tional work. and Will Cooper were waiting for them. We’ll be providing round -the-clock security for the assistant and the two friends. Matt Adams. Must be something serious to deprive him of what should have been two to three weeks off. he backed his truck into a spot. They heard he r screams and came to her rescue. the three men strode under the emergency e ntrance canopy. “I received a call from Keith MacLauren. Pulling into the h ospital parking lot. Quincy had just returned from a ten-week assignment in Egypt.” Quincy whispered.” He glanced at Adams an d rattled off an address.

Make the arrangements.” “Good. staying quiet and alert. MacLau ren’s company went through some internal crap today. “Hancock. relaxing slightly. “They’ve moved the women to the eighth floor. “Looks like police and medics. “The res t of you stay quiet. you’re on the other two. but this puts these women in the middle of some sort of shit. Adams hit dial and turned slightly away to talk. “Boss. MacLauren is here. Start thinking about how to work your cove r. Ben read the text mess age.” Will murmured. “Quincy.” she sighed. I know Mr.” On a plastic chair beyond the door. gentlemen. they saw the knot of people clustered outside a room. if one’s possible.” They followed h im. I’ll call and secure it.them. Once on the eighth floor.” Ben said quietly.” nodded Hancock. boss.” Her gaze went to the six men striding dow n the hall. Quincy didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I have no idea if this attack is connected. Let’s go. Let’s not have any more collateral damage. “I’ll ID myself.” she was saying to the medic. “But I’m not leaving Serena and Claire until I know that they’ll be safe. loo ks like the one next to the assistant is empty.” Adams pulled out his small hand-held and began tapping. “Keith said .” Quincy nodded as Hancock’s phone beeped. “…yes. a young woman with short dark hair sat with a medic on one side and two officers on the other. He smiled. There’s a p arking garage half a block west.

Hancock addressed the uniform near the door.” Debbie sm iled. “Hancock. Miss Sheldon. then winced and adjusted the icepack. “That man attacks her for a second time…” “Allegedly attacked. “Whatever. “He ripped her clothes off and was on top of her. She walked over and sat next to Debbie. “When Debbie went after him. “Ben Hancock.” a second woman cam e from the hospital room and added.the hall. Quincy liked that s he didn’t back down. and Claire and I caugh t him this time. From his position behind her. the five men separated while their boss stopped and faced the door. Pain and horror rippled across her face. “He hasn’t been…” “Allegedly. She took a deep breath and regained control of herself. She was holding an ice pack to he r face. relaxing slightly. He’s on tape for the first one. I don’t know how anyone can say alleged. A man had .” shuddered the seated woman.” Without a word. Where’s MacLauren?” “He just went in with Miss Gardner.” the officer grimaced in dismay. He was strangling her and…” “And banged her head against the floor.” she rolled her eyes. Miss Traydon screamed during the exam. showin g his ID.” She closed her eyes and t urned her head. “W ho could blame her.” she sighed.” the detective corrected. These are my men. “Keith said he’d called you. Quin cy went to stand behind her.” “Claire was smarter. Quincy could see the swelling and coloring on her temple. he threw her against the wall.

” Hancock said quietly. Claire sighed. h eaded to the elevator. “I’d say he knows I saw hi m. She was pissed about what had happened and wanted justice. “Penny Davidson. “How could you?” As the shr iek echoed down the hallway. Yeah. I know his voice.” she whispered. “That’s Keith’s cousin. he nodded at his boss. glancing up from her notes. “She jumped o n his back. and she wasn’t cowering.” “You pulled it off?” asked one d etective. “You’re sure?” the woman detective pressed.” . “I just recog nized his voice. on the next shift. Debbie tapped the back of his h and and he glanced down at her. Watson and Jackson had just passed the obviously upset w oman in the corridor and raced back toward them. His total foc us. until Hancock said otherwise.” she nodded. was Debbie Sheldon.done this to her. Watson and Jackson. “I saw his face. not needing to be told that she was his number one priority.” Keith MacLauren emerged from the room and Quincy listened as men were assigned to guard Serena Traydon.” whispered Debbie. “Does he kno w you saw him?” “He was looking right at me. Believe me. Quincy put a hand on Debbie’s shoulder and stepped sl ightly in front of her.” “You’re the one who told me to grab his mask. He liked the strength in her and respected that.” “Quincy. Raising his gaze from the woman.” she nodded. “I’ve worked for him fo r three months.

” Debbie told her. “You’re pathetic! You’re jealous of Mark so you bribe d Serena to lie. “He was the only one they’d approve of. “And you…” Penny turned on Claire.” “Look at us. bruised women f or a long . “We did not lie!” Quincy tensed. “How could you do this to me?” she d emanded. “I’ve had a boyfriend for months. “You just want him f or yourself so you—” “What?” Claire protested. Just like all those other women lied about Duncan and the other men. rising to her feet. ready to step in front of his charge.” she whispered. “Penny Davidson.” she cried. “That’s impossible.” Debbie demanded. “Does this look made up?” Penny stared at the two indignant.“That’s Keith’s cousin. I wouldn’t d te Mark for a million dollars. struggling to get away. flinging her hands at Debbie and Claire.” He nodded as the petite blonde thr ew herself at MacLauren and pummeled his chest. He put his hand back on Debbie’s shoulder to be able to pull her behind him. Daddy and Uncle Ken said he was a good man. “So desperate for attenti on that—” “We did not!” Debbie yelled.” Penny didn’t m ove.” she whispered.” “Then your dad dy likes a rapist. lowering the ice pack she’d been holding to her cheek. shaking her head at Debbie’s words. ripping off her clothes before we could get to her. “Do we look like we had a good time with your fiancé? He attacked Serena more than a year ago and nearly ra ped her tonight.

shifting the icepack. Well. “The MacLaurens. They were talking about being thrown against walls and bruises as if this we re an ordinary day.” Claire smiled. I think I’ll pass on kickboxing clas ses for a while. he reminded himself.” Hancock sighed. yeah.” “Whic h family?” Quincy asked. Quincy sensed a strong friendship between them. She was so close to breaking. because the only women you know are submissives at the Club or are part of Hancock’s family. “I am not a pretzel.Penny stared at the two indignant.” Deb bie rolled her eyes.” Debbie replied. she could be in danger.” “I hit the wall with the side of my head. a loyalty and caring he’d ne ver seen between women. She sat back down and put her hand on her ribs. no t the front.” “Only myself. “…you have anyone who can keep an eye on her? I f she sides with me.” “Good.” Claire answered. then we can go to yoga. “My right side is a bit sore. but she focused on staying composed and telling the police what had happened. Kind of toug h to judge based on that experience. he studied Debbie and saw the effor t to stay calm in her expression. The women linked h ands. . Quincy listened to the women. “That family makes mine look normal. studying Debbie’s bruise. wondering at their conversati on. “It doesn’t look like you’ll have a black eye. As she was his priority. bruised women for a long moment then turned t o Keith. Debbie sighed and shook her head.

The medic caught her arm.” he frowned. “I hate Mondays. “You need to get home as well. muttering under her breath. I really do. Claire rose and hurried to one of the men.” Adams replied with a no d.” he sighed.” before she tried to stand up. You’ve been a busy boy today.” “Out of the question. Q uincy caught. Som ething was definitely going on.” “You got it. “She’ll be all right. When two more men arrived.” she hissed.” “Quincy will take you home.” “And tom orrow looks like it will be just as much fun. “I want you to take it easy. His charge shifted in her seat. Hancock gave his agen ts the signal that they could maintain their positions. “I’m responsible for .” Ben told Debbie. eyes on Claire in the embrace of one of the men. “they’ll hurt her again.” He shook his head.” He looked at Adams. call me. Adams was as surprised as he was—the boss ran things. “I’d feel better if you stayed overn ight.” she said firmly. Quincy watched Debbie as the group headed down the hall.Quincy whipped his head around. “If she wakes up. What the fuck? The boss was going to protect som eone? He saw Hancock’s hard expression and glanced at Adams who stood outside Tray don’s door. “Let me go!” “Not happening. he caught her arm. he didn’t guard. then looked at Keith. When she started off after them. “I can’t leave Claire alone.” “You don’t know anything about this .

“Oh. “Why don’t we head to your place and…” “Claire and I a re roommates. Where the hell had that come from? She was his ch arge. W hat was his problem? “All right. His palm twitched wit h the need to spank her.” he said quietly. S neakers couldn’t compete with combat boots in most situations. “Let me go!” She stomped on his foo t.” “Thanks. If you’ll stop being a pain in the ass. then I can stop―” Quincy groaned .” “I don’t know what the problem is. “Want to trade?” “Nice try.” she said pointedly .” he muttered.” He shook his head. He shook his head. not a submissive at the Club. To combat that urge. Debbie Sheldon. “Have fun. He studied her mutinous face.“Not happening.” “Fine. He liked her feisti ness and wondered if her fire would be as hot in bed.” “Is that your first or last name?” . then let’s go s I can stop Claire from making a huge mistake. let’s go. “I’m responsible for your safety.” “I’m Debbie. he pressed it against his thigh. “And your name?” “Quincy. He didn’t feel it through the steel toe of his boot and smiled as she winced. preferably bound and waiti ng for him. for Pete’s sake!” He looked at Adams. but where she goes is her decision.” Adams shook his hea .

“Why…” He saw comprehension appear in her eyes.“Is that your first or last name?” “Quincy. So let me explain things simply. but not Hammond.” He raised his voice.” she shook her h ead.” He paused. “No. aware of how Penny Davidson alternately g lared at Hancock or studied Debbie. If he makes bail. looking up at him. “He’s in enough shit as it is.” . “How many bedrooms in your plac e?” “Two. Quincy pulled Debbie in and held her firm ly at his side. “Hold the elevator.” she answered. “I don’t need a bodyguard or…” “You don’t seem to understand the situation. “You’re the only one who saw Hammon d’s face tonight. eyes narrowed. “Mine and Claire’s. she trotted alongside him.” he replied. I could understand Duncan or one of the others coming after me. since she’ll be elsewhere hen I’ll take hers. looking around the parkin g lot. I mean. He nodded at his boss. “He wouldn’t want to add to it by comi ng after me.” “What?” She frowned . Debbie started up again. his fingers gripped t ighter and drew her closer. When she tried to pull away. starting down the hall. The group split up.” Ben Hancock stretched his arm out as the doors started to shut. As soon as they headed to his tr uck. Silence reigned in the car until it came to a stop on the ground floor.” she whispered. That makes you his next target.” “Well. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. As he h adn’t released her bicep.

This one is the biggest we’ve got due. “Why would one of the men MacLauren fired today come after you?” “Because I’m the one who told Keith wh at was going on in Programming—the sexual harassment. That meant they’d pr obably be bailing him out and publicly supporting him. “Keith put me in charge of a project tha t’s due in six weeks. They might not know. I wasn’t harassed the way some of the other women were. From what he gathered from the conversation between MacLauren and his cou sin. I’m not letting him down.” she stated firmly. the intellectual theft. Hammond had the support of many in the MacLauren family. He promised that MC would meet and fulfill all our contracts . She had not only stirred up the hornet’s nest at MC but she was also the only one who could pi n the attack on Hammond. but they stole my ideas and took credit for my work…” Quincy listened to her ramble and reali zed there was a helluva lot more going on with her than he’d thought. but they’re not idiots.Quincy recognized the names. Which meant a lot of pissed-off men could be gunning fo r her. “I’m not going anywhere. but didn’t understand what she meant. “Look. I mean. increasing his pace.” he murmured.” “How do you figure that?” . I’m th e reason they got fired. He nodded as Hancock drove past hi m. This whole thing is my fault as it is. They’ll figure it out. we might need to lea ve the city.

he started the engine. He’s doing what he needs to do. The owner had been sufficiently grateful for his discretion and recognized his natur al dominant tendencies and had sponsored him as a member. And what the hell was he thinking? He was a loner. There was no way in hell he was getting involved with a woman . She was feisty. Climbing in. Lone wolf. Putting her in the front seat. and… loyal. her mouth open to receive his cock. he wondered w hat it would be like for Debbie to surrender. he closed the door and hurried aroun d to the driver’s side. Already. He’s the CEO. “From his reaction. protective. stubborn. “That doesn’t make any of this your fault. He took a deep breath. It had been the p erfect assignment for him. He could just imagine her on her k nees. wrists bound at the small of her back. You worry about what you need to do. he looks like he’s a ccepting it. A single hawk in the s ky.” He punched the address in to the GPS before giving her a solemn look.“Weren’t you paying attention? He fired those men and…” He raised the remote and unlocke d the truck. although some of the scenes he’d been involved in were more extreme than he’d ever done or would do again. and intelligent.” “An d number one is making sure Claire doesn’t go off with those two perverts. He was to protect her. He’d recognized the two men as members of an ex clusive sex club where he’d gone undercover three years earlier.” she mutt ered. Quincy clamped his jaw shut. The responsibility is his. He was a sexual dominant. not seduce her and make her his s ubmissive.

“Thank you. But also noted the way her tongue darted ou t between two rosy lips. Well. We were about to knock on Serena’s door and see if she wanted to order Ch inese with us when…” she sighed as her voice drifted off. “Only one claimed to be her boyfriend. that was interesting. “How could I not have a problem with that? Two men…” “Some women like being with two men. Figures th at a woman he was itching to dominate seemed disgusted by one part of the scene.” she whispered. Let’s see . yeah.” he replied. Well. They planned this all along. calling on all his c ontrol. idiot. or form. He hated it when people criticized what they didn’t understand. he told himself. He glanced over at her and saw her shivering despite her thick parka. He reached up and turned on the heat.” At a red light. “Please? Can we hurry so I c an stop Claire from going off with those…” “Perverts?” he murmured. “You always dress like that?” “We had just come back from kickboxin g class.” “And you have a problem with tha t?” “He tricked her… What? What do you mean.” “That asshole Paul seduced her so she would b e with him and David.There was no way in hell he was getting involved with a woman in any way. do I have a problem with that?” she demande d. he glanced ove r and caught her shocked expression. Underneath she had on light track pants and a T-shirt. shape. “Some men like being with two women. stretch ing her hands out. now.

between two rosy lips. he decided. H e’d discovered that many people were just scratching the surface of their sexual n eeds. Debbie was turned on despite her disgust for Claire’s situation. But.” He paus ed. Just how fast could he move on her thoug h? Reel her in soft and easy. I don’t. now. His conscience pushed down the brief thought that he was taking advantage of the situation. but he remembered enough to know that Paul had similar tastes. as if reflecting to himself.” she frowned. He reviewed what he’d seen of the law yers at the Club. choosing his next words carefully. he thought. Not everything added up. Let’s see just how much of her reaction was outrage and how much was her own submerged need. At once. that was interesting. this was so damn perfect he could hardly believe i t. damn! Instinct told him that Debbie had little experience with sex and was ripe for the picking. Bingo! H e dropped his gaze and saw her thighs rub against each other. I’m assuming you don’t have a boyfriend since you didn’t mention one when Clair e did?” That should force her off balance a bit. “Some people like giving up all control to someone they trust.” She shifted on the seat and exhaled shakily. Or being spanked or tied to the bed or someone using toys on them. Oh. “What does th at have to do with anything?” . “Sometimes all of that. “Now. H er tongue wet her bottom lip before she caught it with her upper teeth. “No. Well.

we didn’t go out. “We’ll say I’ve been out of to wn the past couple months doing fieldwork. so that won’t work b ecause it’s a regular crowd. nodding and glancing at her. how would we have met?” He stopped at the next red light.” she frowned. I decided that I wasn’t risking you being attacked and…” “You went all cav eman on me and insisted on moving in?” she said sarcastically. . “And they’ll ask why they haven’t seen you arou nd. “Asshole.” he grin ned.” Her mouth made a moue. “Wh ere do you usually hang out when not at work?” “Clubs or the gym. That meant she probably hadn’t been there a fter a certain time.” Quincy frowned. “I’ll be a freelance computer security specialist and.” he m uttered. I mean. “We talked and emailed a lot and.” In a manner of spe aking. which is the truth. which was probably Paul’s influence. “He even got us into one of the more exclusive ones and insisted tha t we go there even if he wasn’t with us.” He smiled. Now. when you called me a bout tonight. “It gives us something in common besides a wicke d sense of humor. when I’ve been able to be in to wn.“You’ve got one now.” He tapped the brakes as an idiot decided to jaywalk. She’d already been exposed to the scene and didn’t even realize it. He smiled slightly. How many exclusive clubs could Paul have taken them t o? One in particular came to mind. He said he knew their security and we’d be safe there. even asshole Paul went to the clubs with us a couple times. he thought. “That’s perfect.

” he nodded. “The fights were…” “Three months ago. Shit.” She nodded slowly. “Front row. “Maybe just with Claire or the victim tonight?” “Serena. don’t tell me. “Where were y our seats? No. what’s in your hometown that you don’t want anything to do with?” She sl umped in the corner.” she held her hand up. “That might be in town.” he muttered.” “All right. “Serena and Claire. this might be harder than he thought. voice quiet. “Her name’s Serena. there was silence. frown ing in thought.” she told him.” .” she grinned. She sat upright and turned toward him. “Okay. Bu t we still have the problem of when we met. we didn’t go out. “Madison Square Garden.” “You are no w into mixed martial arts. Quincy nea rly drove off the street when he felt her hand on his arm. surprising him with her volume. “Would you believe I was there?” “You’re shitting me?” she stared.” “Have you been anywhere else the past f ew months that would be plausible?” he frowned.” “This is getting complicated. “Everything. Or your hometown? Ma ybe I could be an old boyfriend from…” “No!” She shook her head.” he grinned b ack at her. “I’ll have to tell you when I wasn’t out so we can coordinate that.” He smiled. For a cou ple blocks. where you could actua lly see what the hell was going on.” “F or what?” he frowned. “I’m not into basketball and the season’s barely started.

“What about the people you wer e with? Won’t they…” “They were the guys you just met. “All I have to do is text them a few deets about what you were wearing and they’ll invent an entire co nversation if asked.” he assured her. You take kickboxing classes . tell me why we need to do this char ade again. “I can’t handl e whimpy.” “Let me guess.” he nodded.” she sighed. then someone might start putting pieces together. then they won’t come after you.” “Cool. We cover that angle wi th a boyfriend who uses this as an excuse to move in with you.” “So far. “I practically spent a paycheck and barely got on the floor. But it was so worth it. You might not be so bad either. If you suddenly have a bod yguard.” She sighed again as if in rapture.” He gave her the sly look right back.” “That sounds good. whiney women. settling back down.” He grunted.” he nodded. If the men fired don’t con nect you with anything.could actually see what the hell was going on.” she dr awled as he turned into the parking garage.” “Pretty much. “Now. “Thanks. She gave him a sly look. “I am so jealo us. “You might not be so bad after all. your name hasn’t shown up in connection with any of the charges d irectly related to the shit that went down at MC today. Ignoring the stunned .” she sighed. “You’re suddenly over-protective and thi nk that I’m the perfect woman.” She grinned back.

is that they obviously don’t know you the way I do. Debbie burst into the laughter she had suppressed.” “You. Have a good night.expression on her face. Quincy backed in and shut everything off. He released her seatbelt and tu rned her toward him. too.” “I don’t think you understand. “Here you go. he found her knees d rawn up with her heels resting on the edge of the seat.” the older man nodded. sir. extending an enve lope. Turning to her. “Name’s Quincy. her eyes bugging out of her head.” As th ey pulled forward. Quincy turned back around and took the envelope.” “Great. Three month pass was called in about half an hour ago. In the . Leaning toward the booth. “Security card works for bo th the entrance over there. “I’m going to regret this. but what is so funny?” “Me being the perfect woman for anyone. sir . if anyone is stupid en ough to bring it up. Her arms were wrapped ar ound her shins and her cheek rested on her knee. Sh e had her hand over her mouth.” “Why?” That seemed to stump her. Your slot is three-fourteen. Payment just came through a minute ago. Finding the slot . “As well as raising the arm. he heard Debbie choking and glanced over his shoulder. he rolled his window down. I don’t even buy it.” “My answer to that. he spoke to the attendant.” the man’s hand gestured to the right. Trust me—n o one who knows me is going to buy that.” Next to him.

She scowled as he backed up. Where you go. “God dammit!” he swore. . Grabbing his duffle bags. Closer than your shadow. In the florescent ligh t of the garage. taking her with him. any man. “I’ve screwed up everyone’s life that I’ve ever been i nvolved with. you will.knee. opening her door and sliding out. yeah. “Is that clear? You are under my protection and I take that very s eriously. “You don’t understand now.” he ground out. secured the truck and hefted the other. Here. stay here whil e I get my gear. having no idea where this was coming from. Understand?” “Yeah. but yo u will. he hoisted one over h is shoulder. Trust me. He caught her arm and gripped her tightly. Now. He released her seatbelt and turned her toward him. the bruising seemed garish on her delicate features. He then took her upper arm.” she assured him. Stay. staring down into her brown eyes. I am there. “You do not go anywhere without me.” she whispered. “And I find it difficult to believe that you’re that bad. There’s no way anyone.” he said slowly.” “No one’s perfect. “Why do you find it hard to believe that a man might see you as the perfect woman for him?” “Bec ause I’m not perfect.” “Two examples—Serena was attacked and Claire is about to go live with…” “Correction—you saved Serena and Claire is a grown woman responsible for her own life. would think I wouldn’t do the same to his.” he admonished.” she grunted. bolting out and around the truck.

you’re stuck with me. he ignored the obscenity she muttered under her breath. You don’t like it. “My boss told me to protect you. And he wanted to crawl inside those slippery pants as fast a s he could. shaking her arm slightly.” “W ell.” “No.” he shook his head. “As much as possible. so that’s what I’m going to do. He then took her upper arm. then talk to your boss. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor. not that he had much of that.” As they marched toward the brownstone. Q uincy could hear her grinding her teeth.” “You are insane.” he told her.truck and hefted the other. until tomorrow.” “I just might do that. He gave himself even odds—spanking her be fore he fucked her. . we’re k eping to your regular routine and…” “That doesn’t include a caveman for a boyfriend. “Do I get to pee and poop without a chaperone?” “Depen ds on where we are.” “Enoug h.

“Once inside my building. Allen’s got the place more secure than Fort Knox. At Paul’s nod. That made him wonder about overall bu ilding security. On the third floor.” Paul murmured from his seat in the open living room.Chapter Two Finally at her apartment. Quincy checked out the security of t he apartment. so he retrieved his sidearm from his duffle bags. Debbie’s bedroom windows were l ocked. checking the ammo and sights. Hammond got in way too easily. pacing in . shrugging. he shouldn’t have had too much to worry about. “I’m going to assume you ha ve a permit for that. As they debated in Claire’s room. He hadn’t seen any cameras and the simple combination for the pri mary entrance would be easy for someone to bypass. Debbie got into a hissing argument with he r roommate.” he replied.” he nodded. he g runted and shrugged into the shoulder harness. “How well can you protect Claire?” “Black belt in jujitsu. she won’t need to leave.” “You going to keep Debbie here?” David frowned.” “You live in Mac Lauren’s building?” Quincy questioned. “T’s cross ed and I’s dotted. “The security in this place is for shit. e xcept that Serena had lived down the hall. glancing over his shoulder.

“I’m assuming at least . “And you?” “None of my busine ss except how it affects my job. who shook his head.” Quincy shook his head. pacing in front of the fireplace.” Paul’s eyes went to the open bedroom door. A charge who is upset is more apt to do something stupid .“You going to keep Debbie here?” David frowned.” He grunted and looked at Quincy.” The two men exchanged glances. “Did you sa y something to Claire?” he glanced at Paul. That told him quite a bit about them that he liked. She’s de aling with enough. “Not a damned thing unless it gets Debbie so riled up that it makes her difficult. “One of you going to take c harge of this situation or shall I?” He smiled slightly. what with everything at work and now Serena being attacked.” “I can und erstand that.” Paul nodded slowly. “I have serious problems with stupid.” “How the hell did either of them even know?” David muttered. He noted that. T his might change things. “Tonight’s not the time to get into that. “So. “Let’s just say there’s more to our situation than I’ll get into now. “Or use her?” “You mean am I going to use her as bait to get Hammond?” Quincy asked. despite Debbie’s obviou s aversion to them. I’ll move he r. stand ing and tucking his 9 mil into the holster. If I think things are compromised here. “No. you two plan on sharing Claire?” “What’s it to you ?” David wanted to know. both men were concerned about her.” He leveled a stern eye at the pair. “Of course not.

” muttered Paul. low voice. stricken expression of his charge.situation or shall I?” He smiled slightly. altho ugh there was little humor in the sound. “Claire!” Debbie protested. “Claire.” Both men glared at him.” he told hi m. “Weren’t you with a redhead most of last yea r?” David stiffened. “Back off. “A few years ago I did a job there…g ot Madison expelled. Quincy laughed.” he sighed. His night wa s going to get worse before it got better.” warned Paul. “There are all sorts of rumors about the two of you at the Club. “The Board asked me to join.” Quincy raised a brow as Dav id closed the door behind him. standin g. Shit. Debbie. “I’m assuming at least one of you takes cha rge of things.” They nodded. his jaw clenching. Claire left the bedroom and he followed her to the door. he stopped at the open doorway. “Shut up. Paul bent slightly to pick up the two suitcases and s tepped back. something I said?” “Christ. “Shit. . running a hand through his hair.” came a firm. Striding across the small living room.” He glanced at David. “Don’t get your pants in a twist. “Gee. what a night. are you coming wi th me or staying here?” “Coming.” he lowered his voice and smiled at their startled expressions.” snapped Claire. “I’ll wait outside. I’ve seen both of you with various women. Quincy loo ked over and saw the pale.

Paul paused in front of Quincy. Without a wor d. “Don’t say anything to her. Claire left the apartment.” He secured the door and turned to see his charge staring through him.” whispered Debbie. please.“Claire. . “And have a nuclear explosion on my hands? Not a ch ance.” he said under his breath. holding her sneakers in her hands.

You’re the one who saw Hammond’s face. “It’s my job. “It’s none of your business anyway. You’re just a hired gun and…” “Are you always thi s much of a brat?” “What?” she blinked as his hands gripped her shoulders.” she argued. “Claire just walked out of here…” “With someone MacLaure n feels is capable of protecting her.” he replied calmly. knock-down. “What the hell are you doing?” she shrieked.” he cut her off. With deliberate steps. fee ling a sudden need to push him. “And she won’t be the one someone comes after anyway. She had to stop Claire from leaving. “Are you always this much of a brat?” . Quincy bolted and ch ained the door before turning around. “Pr otecting you.” “I don’t care about that. She had to get to Claire. he c ame to stand in front of her. “I said. A rousing.” “I’m not the one w ho needs protecting. bringing his face inches from hers.” he sm iled.” she snarled. drag -out argument would help relieve some of the tension that had been building up i n her.Chapter Three Debbie stared at the door as it closed behind Claire and Paul. You are. Just in case you forgot. to get some emotion.

” his lips brushed he r .” “Big difference between hitting and spanking. She could feel his erection through his j eans. There was just something about him that told her he was as tightly coiled inside as sh e was. God.” she shook her head. Quincy was infinitely more mature and c onfident than the men she met at the clubs. but this man was something she’d never experienced before. She wasn’t one for casual sex. “And I think you are in definite need of a good spank ing.” “No. He didn’t seem to worry about what oth er people thought. debauched sex while she was young? Besides. An instant sexual a ttraction so potent that her nipples got hard when he looked at her and her puss y clenched when he spoke. if she repeated that to herself a few thousand time s… “I know just how to deal with little girls like you. “What are you going to do about it?” His hands stroked up and down her arms a nd she could see fire in his eyes. Didn’t a woman deserve a hot fling of wild. instinct told her that he most definitely would t ake control of sex and it would be incredible. he was supposed to be her b oyfriend. he was ready to go for it.” he whispered. “I don’t like being hit. Now. Her pussy tightened just at the though t of that length in her. “It’s amazing foreplay if done properly. I spank them. Oh. h is hands pulling her closer. Yeah. hands sliding down her back to hold her hips against him. unable to believe what she’d just heard. It was okay.” he told her. And she’d never felt this way around a always this much of a brat?” “And if I am?” She couldn’t resist taunting him.

The flush of her desire filled her face and tugged her womb.” “I intend to. you are t o be quiet and accept your punishment.” his lips brushed her ear. His strong fingers reached out and pinched her nipples. cotton panti es. tossed her over his shoulder. he picked her up. one hand covering her pussy. In another sudden move. One hand spread across her upper back betwee n her shoulder blades.” he told her. “Please. “You sure?” “No. One of his hands left her hi p and came down on her right ass cheek. and tee. “A woman can orgasm from it.” “You mean I just do whatever you say. “Rule number one—I’m in charge. he set her on her feet. he pulled her closer and facedown across his lap. she couldn’t protest as he easily stripped off her track pants. dark eyes roaming her lean body.” she breathed.“It’s amazing foreplay if done properly. She gasped.” “I don’t believe you. A knowing smile curved his lips. I don’t get to ask questions or…” “Right now. “No. and strode into her bedroom. Dizzy from the rapid movem ents.” Heat flared in his eyes. Before she could speak. sports bra. Si tting on the edge of the bed.” he murmured.” Her jaw fell open.” he breathed. “Bad girl. “No?” he ech oed softly. The other stroked her buttocks and the .” she sighed as a finger circled he r entrance. His fingers combed through the damp cur ls. “Very nice.

Slowly he stroked her folds and teased her clit. “Because it’s what you need. “Much better. He turned her over and smiled. A moan escaped her lips. Was she jealous of Claire aft er her friend had hinted about how Paul liked sex? Even of Serena and her new lo ver? Was that why she’d acted so ungrateful during their shopping trip that mornin g? While her mind tried to wrap around that thought. Her breathing became shallow and her body trembled in need . That’s why you’re so upset about C laire. “Really?” he probed.” he said approvingly. he continued to spank her.” “I d on’t want to be spanked or…” His hand smacked her ass and. His hand struck lower. as she gasped and twisted t o get off his lap. What you want. His hand came down again and her thighs pa rted slightly. His head lowered and his teeth nipped her ear lobe. The heat and her vulnerable pos ition added to the fire in her belly. “You want someone t o take control of you. As his right hand continued its sexual torture of her pussy. She has what you want.” Her whole body froze. her body reacted to Quincy’s punishment. his left arm raised her upper b ody. but also take care of you. “Why?” she whispered. She thought she heard a growl before he beg an caressing what he’d been spanking a moment earlier. just above her pussy. She .backs of her thighs. The spanking was warming up her ass. “How is this possible?” she whispered.

Her mind struggled to find the words.” Slowly he nodded. “Please. “Please. She groaned at the thought of his large cock driving into her pussy the way his fingers were. As if he was a s desperate as she was. she held onto him as her head fell back. Please. Her body was damp from its own hea t. “Good girl. “Tell me what you need. and fast . she was on the edge. He chuckled. “Please.” “What do you wa nt. God! No one had e ver touched her like .” she begged. The heel of his hand rubbed her clit. little girl?” “I need…” His thumb brushed over her clit and she cried out in despera tion.” “I…” Again. Quincy. his thumb teased the hard nub and the words cau ght in her throat with a sob. take control of me. Please. deep. waiting.” Her hands tangle d in his dark hair and tugged at his head until she could see his expression.” He was silent. his fingers stroked in and out of her—hard. Gasping for breath. By the time his lips closed ar ound a taut rosy nipple. take care of me. His mouth ravished her breasts. “Ple ase.” The hard length of his erection added more heat to her throbbing ass. covering his hand at her pussy.whimpered as his mouth continued down her throat. “Tell me what you want.

Debbie. Mouth to her ear. as she f elt her body race up the mountain to the peak. possessing and claiming. she c losed her eyes and fell asleep. Snuggling into his arms. It wasn’t enough f or him though.” he whispered. electricity raced through her and she relaxed with a sigh as a second climax rolled over her softly. to seduce her and bend her to his will. There’s still too much tension in you. baby. he knew how to satisfy her. “One more time. mouth hovering over hers. “Come f or me. One more…” On c ommand. her pussy tightened. He knew how t o get a reaction from her head fell back. “Come. His fingers filled her and suddenly al l she saw was a brilliant light as her body jerked in his arms. God! No one had ever touched her like this. And. he kept his fingers in her and kept up the fric tion on her clit.” His tongue swept into her mouth. .

coffee. she felt the cotton against her face and winced. It was…Quincy. She hadn’t been secretly thrilled when Ben Hanc ock had . Shifting her head so nothing pressed against her thro bbing temple. coff ee. Had t o be. She hadn’t been attracted to the brooding mus cular man the moment she’d seen him. No way would she have acted that way in real life. Reaching out blindly. she tried to convince herself that. Claire wasn’t here. she froze as more reality sl ammed into her. Nearly to the bedroom door. Coffee.Chapter Four Debbie reached over and whacked the snooze button. Snuggling back u nder the covers. despite her body’s aches. Burying her head in the pillows. That had to have been a dream. Resting her forehead ag ainst the door. What a nightmare. The alarm went off again and she heard s omeone moving in the other bedroom before moving toward the kitchen. Shit! It hadn’t b een a nightmare after all. she turned the clock off and swung her legs off the bed. she closed her eyes. She’d be able to function once she had her coffee and talked with Claire. she squeezed her eyes shut. With a groa n. Debbie caug ht at the doorknob to keep herself upright. she thought with each step. it rea lly all had been just a horrible dream.

How the hell was she supposed to face a man she’d let spank her within an hour of meeting him? How was she supposed to act after letting him fingerfuck her to two shattering orgasms? “Oh. You weren’t thinking. what the hell were you thinking?” she muttered. Hammond banging her head against the floor before standing to confront her and Claire. Pressing her lips together. she ran her hand under her over-sized tee and covered her own breast. She frowned. It might have been her imagination. realiz ing she had on her favorite nightshirt. Debbie smiled. She hadn’t acted like a bitch when they’d reached the apartment and she’d found Claire packing her suitcases to move in with Paul. And Claire—don’t-hurt-a-fly-Claire—had jumped on his back. The image of her friend’s half-nude body under the burly man floo ded her. You saw a good-looking man and practically jumped his bones the minute you were alone with him. She was wet. screaming like a banshee. that’s a rhetorical question. “And now you’re talking to yourself like Ser ena does. Debbie slid her other hand over her pussy and slipped a finger along the dark curls. And she most certainly hadn’t taken her frustration out on Quincy. “Well. Wet from j ust thinking about what he’d done. she moaned. if Claire ha d done that. she could certainly face the man in her kitchen. How easily he’d tossed her aside. but she could still feel it throbbing.” Serena. God. Holding her breath. He really had stripped her and… With a low moan. Okay.assigned him as her bodyguard.” She smiled and snorted. .

in her kitchen. Knowing that he was going to come after her. and prominent cheekbones. she froze at the sight of him standing at the cou nter with his back to her. As she stared at the strip of black cotton that was all he wore. to run back to her room. She heard the thump of his mug on the cou nter. narrow nose. At the kitchen archway. “Morning. Her body ignored that direction. and the crease of his six-pack took her right back to his thickening erection. little girl. Gasping. **** . Her toes twitche d. The ridge of his spine led between the flexing heavy mass of his back to black briefs that clung to a tight ass and th ighs as thick as tree trunks. she whirled around. her mind ordered her body to move. Her eyes dropped to his br oad chest. he was probably double her weight and all rippling muscle as he poured his coffee. Swallowing his coffee. he smiled at her .” he greeted her in a husky tone. Tanned skin stretched over a high forehead. How the hell had she forgotten how big he was? Nearly a foot taller than her own five-four. but that was all the movement she managed before his hands caught her shoulde rs. he turned around and her gaze landed on something just as impre ssive as his back. His eyes were near ly as black as his shoulder-length hair. Ig noring her weeping pussy.” his deep voice teased her. she raised her eyes to his face. With that determination. “You keep staring at me like that and you’ll make me b lush. The purplish head of his cock poked up from the waistband. she opened her door and strode down the hall.

conside ring how close to the truth it might be. he tangled a hand at the .**** Quincy wasn’t putting up with any games. considering his demanding dick. Her surrender had been incredible. It had been hard as hell. with her slender shoulders beneath his ha nds. Fortunately. literally. Now. He had checked her bathroom and found the birth control pills. Most people would have denied his comment about her jealousy of Claire. as had the women. to tuck her under the covers and leave her there alone. Her stillness had told him that she was processing his comment. holding her close and taking her during th e night. but he wanted to be in her pussy. Her honesty had been refreshing. he had just bought a box of condoms with plan s to go to the Club that weekend. But those who had listened to him had been g rateful. He’d thought about masturbat ing. He’d developed an instinct for good submissives— male or female. but he hadn’t hesitated to take advantage of the situation. She wasn’t a woman to respond to weakness. Her response last night had been more than he’d expecte d. From the moment he’d seen her talking to the detectives. More than a few men had been insulted when he suggested they switch f rom top to bottom or bottom to top. He’d c ome close to staying in bed with her. Her feistiness had demanded his strength. he’d been drawn to the woman struggling to hide her vulnerabili ty with a cloak of toughness. Turning her around. he wasn’t waiting any longer.

” Slowly she opened her eyes. She wasn’t passive either. Driving into her. He smiled. The soft black strands were like silk. Her legs wrapped around his waist as his mouth found hers. and the friction of h er . he lifted her off t he counter.” she agreed. Her hands clutched at his shoulders as he devour ed her.back of her head. he rolled the cond om on. she caught the hem of her tee and pulled it over her head. he rested her hips on the c ounter. She guided him to her and the heat of her around just the head of his di ck pushed him past the point of no return. Side-stepping to the left he turned and pinned her against the fridg e. Ripping it open.” Crossing her arms. “Take your shi rt off.” he growled. Her eyelids fluttered d own and her lips parted slightly. His hands went under her arms and lifted her. Quincy shoved his briefs down and kicked the m off. Releasing her as she did. b ut he was in no mood to play. Reaching back he pluc ked one of the foil packets off the counter. Now. he could see the hard p oints of her nipples. he unleashed the hunger that had kept him awake most of the night. “Huh-uh. He didn’t mind that. look at me. Her hands roamed his body. “Not waiting. mouth nuz zling against his neck. pointing the way. Could she be any more perfect in he r submission? Beneath the worn cotton of her over-sized tee that trumpeted the m ixed martial arts championship at Madison Square Garden. “Debbie. With her trapped. His erection bobbed in eagerness. Pounding into her. he felt the heat. Backing up into the kitchen. the dampness.

arms and legs wrapping around him. he was aware of her clinging to him. “About that…” “You going to tell me you didn’t eserve a spanking?” he frowned. “I usually don’t mix sex and coffee. He could hear her pants. Panting.” She lifted her head. and the friction of her tight walls. and the sweet pleas for more. . “You okay?” he finally spoke. “Morning to you. Quincy. wondering what her r eaction would be. letting him do whatever the hell he wanted.” “I’m good with tha t. shuddering as she clung to him. the dampness. In the back of his mind. he reached down and teased her c lit. Her entire body tightened as a low. but if this is what it’s like. too.” “As long as a certain little girl doesn’t misbehave. Her hips jerked forward and her pussy walls clamped tight arou nd his cock.” she gasped. her moans. he held her as he rested his chin on the top of her head. God.” he added. With an animalisti c snarl. he released into her. driving her back with such force that the fridge rocked against the wall. She pressed a kiss on his chest and he smiled.” she wh ispered. H is mouth plundered hers. Her cries increased in pitch and her nails raked his back before digging in to his shoulders. demanding complete surrender. Near the edge of control. damp with sweat. deep moan vibrated in her throa t. I think I’ll do it more often. “Oh. he felt the heat.into her. “Mmm.

She was his and he was goin g to make sure she understood that. “If you really please me. you don’t touch yourself sexually. by Frida y. this would be fucking perfect. Toys that tease you all day or night. His cock twitch ed just at the thought of having her in a secluded.” A thought occurred to him and he put his mouth next to her ear. She liked being good. yes. soundproof room. In a heartbeat. I’ll gag you before I spank you. his eyes narrowed. “From now on. He mental ly rubbed his hands together. but the idea of hi m punishing her appealed to her just as much. You do what I tell you when I tell you and how I tell you. line. Forget taking things slow. semi-playful. And by Friday.” For a long moment. She wanted to know so she could get spanked again. Quincy just stared at her. I’ll take you out and tease you with them in public. She was his —hook. You don’t orgasm without permission. If you’re very go od. I have special toys for you. and sinker. “I was wondering what did and didn’t deserve one.frowned. Oh. he changed his plans. “If you’re good. lord. “And if I’m good?” Oh. I’ll make . Literally. She was more submissive than he’d th ought. God. she might be ready for a fully equipped playroom at the Club. There was the barest hint of a gleam in her eye. and if that mouth of yours g ets out of line like it did last night. He’d start her with the basics for now and exp and on them throughout the week.” The shock in her eyes made him wonder if he’d gone too far.

As it had the Harvard seal on it. he pulle d out of her and set her feet on the floor. Most of her emotion s showed in her expression. but he sensed there was much more to her. “How do you take your coffee?” She blinked and smiled. “I wo uldn’t let that happen. “Not hardly. turni ng her head to see the mug he’d used.” she whispered.” “We’d get in trouble. what do we do today?” He smiled. “So.” she replied. frowning slightly as she took a mug from the hooks under the . “So what do you do at MC?” “I was just promoted to seni or manager. he figured it belonged to Claire’s boyfriend. eyes wide at the thought. little one. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” he snorted. I’m here to protect you. Reluctantly. And it had been all the way in the back of the cupboard. He carefully took the full condom of f and put it in the trash can.” he shook his head. “You d idn’t want anything girly?” she come in public. “You’re the first woman I’ve protected. It was the only one not covered in flowers h e’d been able to find. “You protect every wom an like this?” “Nope. remember?” A short laugh came from her.” Debbie stu ied him and Quincy wondered what was going through her mind.” he promised.

“So I brought them in here with me. “I mean.” “Then I won’t say no. “So am I. picking up his mug and drinking. Like a soldier springing to attention. his cock saluted and wanted back in the action. “I’m not saying this to get in trouble. “Good girl. The spoon clattered to the counter as he pressed h er upper body down.cabinet. He covered his cock and smiled at the . His semi-erect p enis nestled happily in her ass crack. “You always have condoms with you when you get your morning coffee?” “I couldn’t wait to fuck you this morning.” he stepped up behind her. “And you don’t get an orgasm after.” he warned.” she nodded. She moaned low in her throat.” she managed. I am glad you used a condom. “Ready for more?” “Would it matter if I said no?” A wide thig h nudged her legs apart and rubbed against her pussy.” she managed.” He dropped the empty packet on the coun ter where she could see it and heard her breath catch as she realized that he wa s about to fuck her again. but…” He watched her pause as if trying to figure out how to say what she wanted. then t lted her head. “Lying to me is bad and gets you a spanking. her head mov ing as she tracked his motions. dumping sugar into her mug. He smiled against her nape . b ut…” “I’m clean. reaching for the second c ondom.” “Okay. His hands covered her breasts and kneaded.” he answered.

little girl.” he ordered. savoring the moment. No perfumes. She had no idea how old he was. trying to get him to move.” With a groa n. “I’ll be good. Sheathing his cock in one s troke. zip—that described what she knew of the man fucking her. It was both a threat and a promi se. The faint smell of flowers made him clos e his eyes. Nothing. Hands on her hips. if he was married. Except that Keith trusted him to make sure .” Leaning over her. he smacked one thigh. Even though it had only been minutes since his last release. he lifted her lower body slightly and plunged back i nto her pussy. and she knew he would keep both. pressing her flat against the counter . w here he was from. his need was just as great. or a committed bachelor. Remember. even more so as he knew how ho t and eager she was. nada. Removing his hand from her breast. The edge was still sharp. Rationale flew south for the winter as she turned her body over to a man she barely knew. Just simple. He covered his cock and smiled at the trim backside bef ore him. she nodded. straight-forward Debbie. divorced. His hands continued to play and pinch her nipples. gripping her hips. no fragrant lotions or heavily scented shampoos for her . “We’ll see how long you last.” whispered Debbie. please. he pressed his nose against her hair. Debbie wriggled. “I’m goi ng to fuck you hard. don’t come unless I give you permission.about to fuck her again.” ** ** Debbie moaned at the husky voice in her ear. he held still. “Quincy. “Stay still.

The wild pounding continued and she could hear his hea vy breathing in her ear. stretching her. Despite being pressed against the cold counter. trying to hold him in. God . As she floated.the man fucking her. opening more to his driving cock. Deeper he went into her and h er womb contracted. He was filling h er. shuddered . But even before that. yeah. Her hands splayed on the counter to hold her upper body still. and heating her up faster and more thoroughly than any man h ad ever done. When she hea rd his voice. but her body had known. as fire consumed her. she’d seen those nearly black eyes on her. He nearly pulled out of her and slammed back into her. It was as if he’d found a switch for her body and could release an orgasm anytime he wanted. Except that Keith trusted him to make sure she was protecte d. At hi s touch. how deep could a man drive into a woman? Quincy was doing it. And so had he. her body reacted. Quincy drove into he r. His righ t hand tangled in her hair and lifted her slightly off the counter. She might not have understood. His left hand went to her clit. the heat in her pussy gathered. And…he pushe d her clit and released the dam. And her entire body was revved up and wanting everything he could do to her. her bod y was hot and she could feel his chest slick as it moved over her back. seen the way h e watched her and felt a tingling in her body she hadn’t felt before. Her lo wer back arched. ready to explode. He pulled back out and she whimpered in need at the emptiness. Sh e could definitely handle this with coffee. she thought. His mouth me t hers and she sighed as he plundered her. Oh.

” she moaned.” Debbie smiled a little. “B esides spanking.” “You forgot about the toys. He immediately turned her around and studied her face.and was still. The man was such a puzzle.” His eyes n arrowed in anger.” he replied. “There’s more to your k inkiness?” she murmured. Holding her chin. “I don’t u nderstand. His mouth left hers and sh e collapsed back onto the counter. then winced as it collided with her temple. of course. “I love to play with toys.” . reaching behind him for her tee. lightly tracing her fingers over the scars on his chest. oh. “I might be into some kinky shit. and threatening to gag me if I argued with you. Carefully. Or those other assholes you wo rked with. What he d id was because you caught him trying to rape and murder another woman. he pulled it o ver her head and helped her sort out the sleeves. “Ow . “You spanked me. “I get the sonuvabitch alone for a minute and they won’t need to worry about a trial. he gently traced the bruising from her temple to jaw. “What I did was for sexual stimulation. pinning her hips against the cabinets.” he shook his head. demanding absolute obedience. but I’ve never forced a woman an d I sure as hell have never hurt one like he did. He took the condom off and str etched to put it in the garbage. seemingly fasc inated by the caresses. What’s the difference?” “Very different situatio ns.” he muttered.” she frowned.

” “All th e things a girl needs.” A devilish g lint was in his eyes. I’ll try to keep my hands off you.” He gave her cocky grin. Now. “My toys are probably smaller than your dildo.” His dark eyes slowly went up and down her body.” “You always carry sex toys with you?” she frowne d. She poured her coffee and rais ed the mug to her lips. If he kept this up. Sarah at wo rk gave me a dildo for Valentine’s Day.” “You don’t think you could control your reaction?” he s miled. “Get your coffee. feeling her legs the caresses. “I’d have the remote and could turn it on and off at will.” sh e whispered. “I don’t think so. “Everything I own is in those two duffle bags. She downed a large gulp.” she told him. ammo. I have a few that I think you would like. “I could put some on you today.” “Now. “Toys?” she prompted.” he told her. “Takes care of a lot of situations. feeling heat start up again in her pussy. but she had to explain how to use it and…” “You have a dildo?” He smiled and stepped back. see. Guns.” “I’m not complaining. Her breath caught in her t hroat.” “Oh. “But I’ll be surrounded by other programmers or maybe even meeting with Keith. “I love to play with toys. condoms. They do the same thing. “Given the .” she managed. That might not be a good idea.” “Like what?” “A minivibrator that nestles right up against that sensitive clit of yours. there you lost me. she’d b e a blithering idiot at work.” she reminded him dryly. shaking her head. “Or nipple stimulators. “A man needs to be pre pared. and sex toys.

” “None of that is your fault.” Quincy shook his head. he got into an argument with Keith and spilled the beans on what had hap pened between him and Serena a year and a half ago.’ Why would he be mad at you?” “The men are suing for wrongful termination. they had their own and their lawye rs were already there. Hammond was VP for PR and when he got wind of what was go ing on. “Given the pressure everyone’s under r ight now. “I’m the one who told him what was going on in Programming. She filed a report. I’m the one who―” “May have saved his company from several sexual harassment sui ts. Yesterday mor ning.” she countered.” “Why would it be bad?” “Because he could really be mad at me be cause of yesterday and want me to fail so he can fire me. “He attacked her in his office after hours. shaking her head.” She bit her bottom lip and drank more coffee. I need to focus on our projects. Keith put me in charge of the three w ith the earliest deadlines. Sounds like putting you in charge of the projects is a ‘thank you.” “You lost me. “After Keith’s press conference at two. but I’m still the one who to ld him.” he told her firmly.” She saw the question in his e yes over his mug. “You didn’t ask . shaking her head.” she told him. Serena insisted and dragged me into his office. “I don’t kn ow if that’s good or bad.“I don’t think so. but the police think Hammond and Keith’s brother paid the police chief to bury the paperwork.

he picked up her mug and handed it to her. Lurching toward the s ink.” he murmured. A calm ma sk dropped over his face and he shook his head.” he suggested. Strength seemed to flow into her and she sighed. “Sorry. “About what?” She could see his jaw tense and a mix of anger and pain flooded his eyes. “I think we better take separate showers. As there was nothing in her stomach. Nor did you have anything to do with Hammond’s attacks o n Serena. “All I could see was Serena lying there with him on top of her and…” “I can understa nd flashbacks.those men to sexually harass you and the other women. nothing came up besides th e coffee. His cock twitched at her closeness and he snorted softly. “Let’s not go there. Or we’ll never leave the apartment. Or to steal your ideas and pass them off as theirs. . she leane d against him. saw the b ruising and swelling. “You have flashbacks?” She lifted her head. Reaching out. Quincy came up behind her and carefully held her.” she sighed. she heaved.” Nodding.” “And I have to get those projects done f or Keith. and felt bile rise up in her throat.” she whisper ed. “Not considering the way the day started.” Debbie listened but couldn’t accept his words. but then she closed her eyes and saw Serena’s body under Hammond. she relaxed against him. Trembling. Deep down she knew he was right.

“A novice. he picked up her mug and handed it to her.” he murmured. Debbie?” “Not much.” she admitted. “We’l l figure out what food is on the breakfast menu once we’re both dressed. Debbie. get going. I promise.” He turned her toward the archway.” he told her.” “Maybe?” The hea t of a blush swept up her cheeks. she wasn’t sure what it was.” he smiled. She saw the speculative light in his eyes and felt a delicious thrill of…well. unless you want m e to start your education. but she would bet her new ra ise that whatever he was thinking involved his rules and toys.” “I be lieve you.Reaching out. he wouldn’t hurt her. “As long as you trust that I will never do anything to hurt you i n any way. “Prom date right before high scho ol graduation and maybe spring break when I was a senior in college. “Now.” she whispered. but I’m not sure what.” “Is that goo or bad?” she wanted to know. “How much sexual expe rience do you have. “If something hurts. I’ll tell you.” .” “Mmm. she knew that during se x. “Get going. I’m pretty sure something happened. very good.” “What beside s food would…” He chuckled and tapped a finger against her lips. “We’ll come up with special words for later. Beyond him being her bodyguard.” She saw the serious certainty in his eyes. “I’ve never been very good with alcohol. “I won’t.” He nodded. “For us? Very.

education. Reaching her bedroom.” she smiled. He was laughing as well . taking one step. but stopping and looking over her shoulder. get going. she stuck her tongue out at him before practically skippi ng out of the kitchen. she smiled.” “And if I don’t move.” he retorted. “Does that make me a brat or a bad girl?” “A smart-ass. Laughing. .

she began shampooing. touch her. She didn’t think she’d be able to convince anyone that she hadn’t lost h er mind. she stepped back to rinse off. After all her arguments with Clai re about jumping into bed with Paul. back up a bit. Maybe she did have a conc ussion. She wrapp ed her hair up and began rubbing the cocoa butter on her legs. Or some other mental condition from being thrown against the wall. Pouring her body wash onto the loofah. strip her. an d then spank her. Working the conditioner in. She’d let a stranger toss her over his shoulder.Chapter Five As the hot water sluiced over her body. No. she rubbed her body bri skly. she told herself. **** Quincy was amazed that he had managed to shave without . rins ing the suds out. here she was having sex with her bodyguard the morning after meeting him. she opened the door and took her towel off the hook. Turni ng the water off. she put the night before first in the timeline. Washing her face. None o f what was happening made a damn bit of sense. Running her hands through her hair. One thing she kne w for sure—she couldn’t wait for her next lesson. Debbie. Debbie tilted her head back into the flow.

He could just imagin e Debbie’s reaction to these. scrambling about and partially closing the bathr oom door. “Let me get a robe on. “J ust a moment…” she replied as he walked in.” “What?” She stared in amazement. he dug around and found what he w anted.” he told her. “This will work out just fine. Grinning. . “What will work out j ust fine?” she echoed.” he murmured. he pulled on socks and boots just as the water fro m her shower stopped.Quincy was amazed that he had managed to shave without nicking his face. Cros sing the room. Easily. “I wa nt to see your body. I want you naked. he left his room and knocked on her door. He didn’t think he’d showered that fast since basic training. Going to his duffle bag. Ideas had been percolating in his deviant brain and he wanted to try one in particular out. “From now on. he pushed the door slightly. he smiled. if it’s just the two of us in the apa rtment. he pulled her robe open and whistled softl y at her damp body. cloth bag in his palm. Her gasp and scramble made him laugh. One brown eye peered out at him. He entered the bathroom an d put the bag on the counter. “I’ve seen you naked and given you a few orgasms.” she squealed.” she mumbled on the other side of the bathroom door. Dressing in black slacks and black turtleneck. but you want to put a ro be on?” “I’m not used to this. Tossing the small.

picking up one ring. “The what?” she breathed. “This is what t hey’ll feel like.” He hit low and smiled when her eyes widened. Standing. Smiling. al most breathless. “But the two of us will know that these are on you. Sh e was so sensual.” He held up the remote.” He pulled the vibrating nipple rings out. “What are you going to do with that?” He knelt in front of he r and placed the harness around her waist so the straps dangled properly. He secured them both and stepped back. “Gorgeous. he brought the straps between her thighs and adjusted until satisfied. so willing to trust him. he pushed the button. he inserted the small dildo into her pussy and t he cup over her clit. “Quincy.” he spoke as if she hadn’t sai d a word. “What happens when you turn them on?” she asked softly.” he smiled. She gasped and caught the edge of the vanity. he began plucking them until she moaned as they stiffened into har d peaks.” Hands on her nipples. He . “Your toys. staring at the items in his hand. I’m not sure th is is a good…” “And then there’s the clit and pussy vibrator. “I thought we agreed that…” “I’ll only do them whe n we’re alone. he increased the power and watched her in the mirror.“What will work out just fine?” she echoed. I am going to be hard all day. “God. Turning her. Slidin g the devices through the ends. His other hand pulled out a harness. Debbie was shaking her head.” he muttered.

as if she wasn’t sure she wanted the answer. ki ssing his way down her neck to her shoulder.” “You’ve done that to me already. She caught her breath and gave him a dirty look. “That’s going to earn you at least one punishment tonight.” He stepped up behind her and pulled her ass against h is cock. “More than once.” “Not like this. Unable to resist.” he promised.” he warned her .” she told him.” he told her. he turned i t off. “So that when you finally come. enjoying the way her eyes widened.” he replied. He laughed and smacked h er bare ass.” His fingers brushed over the . “At least ten minutes of you begging for an orgasm before I let you come. “Knowing that they are where I want my mouth to be or where I want my cock is goi ng to keep me hard and on edge all day. “Toys that can keep you just on the brink of or gasm for as long as I want. he pressed his lips to the bruise at her temple. “I’ve other toys. “What about you?” “What about me?” he frown ed. you think you’ve died. “What do I get to do to you to make you feel that way?” “Wear the toys. The French call it t he little death. even as he brought her further into his world. When she was close to orgasm.would not violate that trust. She would be his submissive in every way. resting her head on hi s shoulder and meeting his gaze in the reflection.” “How?” she whispered.

he’d put a butt plug in her to get her ready for him there.” “Okay. “Teaching you is going to be incredible. a little fear . “Or I might move the seat back and have you kneel betw een my legs to suck my cock. In a day or two.” “Any oth er questions?” “What if I have to pee?” she frowned.” She nibbled on her lower lip.” His hand spread across her toned stomach. Just focus on what I tell you. “What do I do with the toys?” “You put them right back where they are. Women who know what they’r e doing and…” “Don’t worry about other men. I might try out the back end of my truck. “The trick is to not sway the truck so much that people know what you’re doing. “Ever fuck in a truck before?” “No. “I thought most men wanted experienced women. trying breathe normally. teasing her ear with his tongue.” His free hand moved over her hip and squeezed an ass cheek. “I’ll check if I can.” he told her.” he told her. He could just see her expression—wariness. then you better consider end ing whatever you’re working on so we can get back here. and growing anticipation. “And if .aching nipples. As it is. “Be warned—if my temper starts to fray.” “You sure?” came her worrie d question. “I’d rather teach you exactly what I want.” The blush came back and he smiled. “Ever given a blow job?” S he shook her head.” she whispered.

then odds are they won’t see it. nibbling her ear. “An d if someone jiggles the door. I’ll take you just to the point of coming. **** Quincy checked the hall a nd nodded.” . they always go near t he top.” “I hea r and obey.” “You’re teasing me.” he nodded.” “Why not the police first?” “Be cause you come first.check if I can.” “You’d think I’d be over that by now. Debbie stepped out of the apartment and watched him put a paper clip near the bottom of the door as he closed it.” she tossed back. duckin g her head. “That’s what I like to hear.” she whispered.” “Don’t hold your breath to hear it again!” she hollered. If it’s on t he floor when we get back. “Let’s get a move on. period. If the paper clip is lower. “Yeah. Chuckling. I’ll know someone at least tried to get in. “And if you’ve been a very good gi rl.” “And if that h appens?” “I get you the hell out of here and alert Hancock.” she commented. closing the bathroom door. Your safety is my priority. “In the movies.” The blush came back and he smiled.” came her complaint. then they see the paper clip when it falls and pu t it back. He smiled and took her arm as they went down the stairs. “Because you’re adorable when you blush . Stepping back he swatted her butt and left the bathroom. he shook his head .

Debbie trotted along beside him. period. “Quincy. don’t get up until I tell you.” He pulled her behind him as they reached the ground floor. He swiped the card and they went in side. Once down the steps. Don’t question or complain.” she whispered. he opened the door and gestured for her to follow him. “Anything else I need to know?” she wondered. run a s fast as you can no matter what happens. shiverin g. He repeated the man euver at the outside door. “Good. Satis fied. If I say get down. “When I tell you to do something.” he nodded as they reached the garage. If I say run. “Hancock and MacLauren seem to think it’s a poss ibility. he checked the exteri or and climbed in. “I’ll let him deal with that.” he replied. Quincy’s eyes never rested. “I’ve no idea if they’ll try to intimidate you in any way.” she whispered. Your safety is my priority.“Because you come first. .” “You think they will?” He raised the remote and unlocked the truck. “Do you think Hammond would try to intimidate me in any way?” she repeated as he started the engine. He looked at her and saw the fear in he r wide brown eyes.” “You’re scaring me more than Hammond did last night. Once she was in. he took her arm and set a brisk pace. constantly moving to take in their surroundings.” he told her. do it.

Reaching over, he held her jaw in his hands. “Anyone getting to you is going throu gh me,” he promised. “Got that?” “Got it,” she smiled slightly, nodding. He brushed a kiss on her lips. Again, he wondered at how fast she’d gotten to him and worried that he’d majorly screwed up by, well, screwing her. He’d broken the number one rule—no emo tional involvement with a client/charge. Driving out of the garage, he tried to convince himself that it was just sex. He was still trying to settle that intern al argument when he pulled into the underground garage at the MacLauren Building . A fellow Hancock agent was in the booth with the normal guard and the bar was raised for them to enter without a problem. “I’ve never been in the basement before,” Debbie commented, as he backed into the spot. “Really?” She shrugged. “I don’t have a ca r. I’m not even sure where the elevator is.” “To the right, one hundred twenty feet,” he told her, shutting the engine down. He turned to her. “Couple more things. If you see Hammond or anyone you’ve seen with him, tell me. Same thing for the others fi red yesterday.” Debbie nodded. “When we’re in the elevator and someone else is there, stay behind me. Put one hand on my lower back so I always know exactly where you are.” She nodded again. “What are the rules?” “Do exactly what you say without hesitati ng or questioning. Run without stopping, stay down without getting up until you

Run without stopping, stay down without getting up until you say,” she said. “In the elevator, stay behind you, one hand on your back.” “Good,” he nodded. “Odds are nothing will happen while we’re in this building. And once we’re on the floors for MC, then that’ll go down even more…” “But you want me to be ready for anything that could happen .” “Exactly,” he smiled slightly. He’d scared her enough. Time for her to think of somet hing else. “Oh, and one more thing.” He pulled the remote out of his pocket. “Just to remind you of something.” He pushed the button for the first level and she gasped, closing her eyes and shuddering. “Quincy,” she moaned. Chuckling, he got out and he lped her out. “I’m leaving them on until we get to your floor.” “But that’s number twentynine!” “Really?” He ignored her mutters as they walked to the elevator. Despite the re lative safety of the building, he stayed alert as a few more cars came down the entry ramp. Going inside the elevator to a corner, Debbie leaned against the bac k wall and let him push the correct floor. Turning, he smiled. She was biting he r lip, eyes closed as she tried to control her body’s responses to the sensual sti mulation. As the car started up, he braced his arms on either side of her head. She opened her eyes and their gazes locked. Seeing the need on her face, knowing her body was

locked. Seeing the need on her face, knowing her body was being primed, Quincy f elt his cock stiffen. “Quincy,” Debbie whimpered. “Please. I can’t…” “Shh,” he murmured, brus g his lips over the bruise. What was going on with him? He had risked being fire d several times over, but Debbie was pulling things from him he’d never felt. “I won’t while we’re around others.” He took her hand and put it over his erection. “You’re very tempting, Debbie.” “Is that good or bad?” she wondered, her fingers curling over him. “I’m still trying to figure that out,” he admitted as the car came to a stop. “That was fast.” He raised the remote and turned off the toys. “It’s early so there were no oth er stops,” she said as the doors slid open. MacLauren was pacing in the hall. “Morni ng, Keith.” MacLauren turned toward them. “They said you were pulling in downstairs,” he said. “I’m glad you came early. Can you meet me in my office to go over your proj ects?” “Sure,” she nodded. “I just need to get my notes.” She hurried through the door acr oss from the elevator. Quincy glanced at Keith. “You get any sleep at all last nig ht?” “About an hour or so,” the CEO shrugged. “See you upstairs.” He went to the stairwell as Quincy followed Debbie into a

large room of cubicles. At the far end was an open area with free-standing white boards and a conference table. “Big room,” he commented, weaving around to a row nea r the windows where the noise of her opening filing cabinets came from. Her head appeared over the divider. “Duncan changed it when he took over,” she replied. “He pu t in the dividers and separated people.” Quincy frowned. It didn’t sound bad in itse lf, but not considering what had happened the day before. “Separated how?” Debbie gr imaced. “He isolated the women. Surrounded us by men. And we were far enough apart that we couldn’t hear what was being said.” “Or possibly done?” She nodded, holding two notebooks. “Do you want to put your coat here?” she gestured to the hook where hers already hung. Coat removed, they headed back out to the hall. As Keith had, she headed for the stairwell. On the upper floor, there were a few more people and office doors were already open. “Keith’s at the far end,” she told him. “PR is there,” she pointed to an open door just ahead of them. “Finance up there and Legal beyond th em. HR is on the floor below Programming.” They were halfway to the CEO offices wh en elevator doors opened behind them.

and cousin telling me what to do. linking arms with her. “Just a few minutes. I’ve still got him.” “Forgiven.” beamed Penny. though. No matter what her problems with Penny were. I’m . I’m sorry. “At least I don’t have my father. then shrugged.opened behind them. She came striding out.” “Does that bother yo u?” “A little. Once word gets out that I’ve sided with Keith. Given the way that everything came out yesterday.” Penny sighed. f ollowed by a clearly pissed-off Ben Hancock.” “How about using your social contacts or…” “If any of them will talk to me. The y continued down the hall. Keith was waiting outside Programming and wanted me to go over the projects due next month. I might be an outcast. Ben was glaring daggers at her. And since when did you become my fashion stylist?” “I like it.” “Thank you.” She jerked her head to in dicate Ben as the men walked behind them. I should have known better.” Debbie offered as the pair approached them. “How long have you been in?” Penny asked. “I owe you a huge apology for the way I acted last nigh t.” Debbie smiled.” Penny nodded. “I wonder what he’ll have me doing. uncle. seeing the notebooks. “After what happe ned to Serena. she figured the other woman needed some female support. “There’s nothing wrong with this dress. “…ridiculous!” came Penny Davidson’s voice. “I wis h I could wear that color blue. Debbie shook her head.

. you can wait in Serena’s office or…” “I’ll go check in with my main office downstairs and with the rest of my men. Gentlemen.” she grinned.Debbie shook her head.” she replied. I get both of you ladies. “I’ll talk to you later. I’m doing everything Quincy t ells me to do.” Ben sa id. “After what happened to Serena. “Perfect. Keith appeared in the door way. Hancock grunted.” Quincy smiled as she entered the office. smiling over her shoulder. Debbie looked at Quincy.” Penny rolled her eyes and followed her cousin into his office. “I promise too. “Assuming Penny promises to not wander off.

Rule number one—keep your distance. This man had been his commanding officer in Afghanistan and had saved his li fe several times. Quincy owed him. reining in his temp er. Sitting at Serena Traydon’s desk. Quincy. Quincy looked up as his boss returned to t he office.” “That’s not what I meant and you fucking know it.” he nodded.Chapter Six “Dammit.” He could hear Ben grinding his molars and allo wed himself a . glancing at his laptop. Quincy had no regret s about that.” he repl ied. The way she was looking at you. what the hell are you thinking?” Hancock sputtered in a nger. “But I’m not asking que stions about you and Penny either. When the group had been ambushed and the Taliban captured Hanc ock. but he didn’t like being pushed about Debbie. the men had gone against orders and tracked them down. “It took me thirty minutes to get through the first f irewall and nearly that for the second. Hancock was one of the best men he had ever met. “I know. “MC has some pretty sophisticated protections for their systems.” Quincy gazed at the monitor for a moment. I’d say you’v e crossed the line.

He could hear Ben grinding his molars and allowed himself a small smile of satis faction. “I didn’t think you had that much patience. “Instinct. Ben.” Ben assured him. “Dammit. yet. . I’d have said she’s don e that already. “After the way she acted last ni ght and what I’ve seen today?” He gave his boss an amused look. “I’ve a few ideas.” Quincy murmured. Quince.” Ben whispered. How the hell can you think about it.” Quincy retorted. “I’m surprised you haven’t spanked the candidate f or spoiled brat of the year. That little witch is trying to get me to lose my temper so she can complain to Keith.” he replied. Quincy leaned back in the chair.” he muttered.” Hancock n odded. Things had gone so fast. Yeah.” “D oesn’t that put you in a sticky situation.” “I usually don’t.” “From past experience. “God help her when she pushes me too far. m uch less have already acted on it?” Quincy considered that. She’s going to rack up quite a few punishments without even realizing it.” “She knows exactly what she’s doing. that was a good point. planting his fists on the desk and leaning f orward. “Watch her face next time she pushes my buttons.” Ben ground out. “I’m not saying I understand it.” “Shit. okay. glancing at the CEO’s closed door. “It’s only Tuesday. What the hell are you going to do with her when you say ‘enough’?” Ben just raised a brow. Quincy. “You just met the woman last night. it took his breath away. but I’m going with it.

“Yes and no.” “Yeah.” Ben replied w ith a smile. I buy that. Lone wolf and all that. so how the hell could he get Ben to? “You’ve got your family. “I’m not leaving her. “I saw Grant Franklin and his new wife at the mixe d martial arts championship three months ago. like I wanted more.” “But it is. man. and stop trying to dis tract me. women falling all over th emselves to get to you. You just did a one-eighty on what you’ve always said your life would be.” He smiled slightly.“Doesn’t that put you in a sticky situation. It was never important to me. I’m going to assign someone…” Ben pulled his cell phone out. He wasn’t sure he understood it. I acted like none of it was. “I’m lost here. “I’ve g ot none of that. stunned at his own reaction. friends you’ve known all your life. then gave him a hard look. “But what brought t on?” “Been feeling like something was missing. Clue me in here. Quincy opened. then shut his mouth.” “Okay.” Quincy murmured.” he started quietly.” Quincy stared at the monitor wi thout seeing the code that flashed across it.” Ben nodded slowly.” Ben frowned and studied him as Quincy sat back down. but I didn’t know what it was. it is.” . so d on’t even fucking try to assign someone else. standing up and smacking the desk with his palm. “But so does yours. “Fuck that!” hissed Quincy. At least.

Quincy leaned forward and rested his forearms on the desk.“Yeah.” “I hadn’t thought that far about the marriage or family part. “I don’t think she’ll say anything.” Hancock g runted with a nod.” “But…?” Ben prompted. “I’ve never seen women st ick together or take care of each other. get married. If she gets skittish and backs off. even though she’s scared of letting anyone get cl ose to her. Those two women didn’t hesitate t o go after Hammond to save their friend. Had he seen her at the Mixed Martial Arts Championships and not even realiz ed it? “I think that’s something to discuss with the woman involved. and have a family of your own? You’ve always said you weren’t into that.” Quincy frowned. D ebbie had come into his life just as he had been feeling that something was miss ing.” Hancock considered that a moment before sighing and shaking his head. the n a helluva lot of people could have their lives exposed. Quincy realized. Ben.” “You did what?” Ben’s eyes bugged out a bit. Like what we did in the field. you want to settle down.” A corner of Quincy’s mout h twitched. There’s strength in her. She wants t o take care of those around her. the hermit of New York City falling head over heels in love with a supermod el. what. . I put toys on her before we left this morning. “So. “Be careful.” Ben grinned. Fate was strange. “That’s what happened last night. This could boomerang on you.

” growled Ben.” corrected Ben. Her father. shaking his head. “Plus there’s the whole fiancé issue.“She’s a bit nervous about them. Backtrack t hat thought. She doesn’t need more to deal with right now.” “Ex-fiancé. A double Scotch might work. Keith MacLauren can put together an excellent string of obscenities. From what I heard.” Ben mutter ed. He made a mental note to bring that up fairly soon. She’s . The MacLaurens were probably the dictionary’s definition of a dysfunctional family. Families were not something he wanted to discuss. uncle.” “Her father is an unmitigated asshole. until that’s straightened out.” “Try it with Penny.” “Does she?” “No. and cousin K evin want to use her. She doesn’t understand wha ng on and. “I don’t fucking believe this. That made him rea lize that he knew nothing about Debbie’s family besides the tidbit she’d dropped abo ut her hometown.” he paused to let Ben realize th e door had been closed. “The big man in the re doesn’t need any more either.” “I need a drink.” Quincy suggested. I’m not going to explain anything to her. And Brian says I have balls for brains.” Quincy nodded.” “Why?” “Damned if I know. “Hammond was using her. “Penny’s father called. “She’s got enough problems with her famil y. Quincy blinked at the fie ce blaze in his boss’s gaze.

“Hey. going to shake his hand. Chief of the building’s security. From what he’d seen of the w ay Penny Davidson looked at his boss. “Stop s tealing my men. hey!” Ben protested with a smile. everyone listened. “I’ve got five men in the lobby watch ing all the doors at all times.straightened out. Four-hour shifts. “Give me a call.” the older man nodd ed.” Ben nodded. she wanted him to explain a few things to her.” “There’s something going on there.” Quincy nodded. Quincy could see Ben locking her in his playroom for weeks.” . in itially. I f Penny did something exceptionally stupid. She’s got enough to deal with.” h e jerked a thumb at Ben. “I agree. He’d never seen Ben so worried about anyone in or out of uniform besides one of h is men. I’m not going to explain anything to her.” muttered Quincy. “Everything quiet from your end?” “So far. Nor had Ben ever been so restrained when it came to a woman he wanted.” Allen O’Dougall stood in the doorway. Ben. keeping his thoughts to himself. Hammond’s been denied bail.” “I appreciate it.” “Hey. It was like t he old commercial—when Allen talked. Ben’s explanation probably wouldn’t be what she was expecting or hoping for. Allen was a legend in all things in the field. Plus three more in cars in the garage. but the MacLauren family are appealing to the nex t level.” Allen replied. but Quincy could see the two of them together as master and submissive. “I just got a call from the PD’s senior detect ive. “You ever get tired of working for this asshole. He smiled at the seated man.

” he murmured. The clit cli p and vibrator didn’t let her just flop into a seat and get comfortable.” “Oh.” **** Following her through the maze of cubicles.” he assured her. “Everything okay?” she wondered. Quincy picked up the whispe rs she didn’t. Quincy had a feeling thi s would be a doozy. Serena cal led them better suited for working a street corner. “Why?” “I guess I subconsciously thought I could distract thos e assholes from messing with the others if my clothes held their attention. “When did you get these?” . well. Sitting behind he r. putting a hand over hers. He went t o the conference table and pulled a chair back to her cubicle. “Shh.” She twisted her hands on he r lap. “I was just wondering wh people were commenting on what you’re wearing.” Allen winked at Quincy who grinned back. tears filling her eyes. She swiveled around. he watched her face turn bright red. “I kn ow you’re probably bored. he tapped her shoulder. That.” “What?” His gaze went over her em erald turtleneck tucked into brown striped pants that matched the jacket she had draped over her chair. um. “I’ll let you know if I hear anything e lse. She sat gingerly in her chair and he bit back a smile.” she w hispered. but…” “Everything’s fine. “I guess what I’d been wearing to work was.

It was nearly eight and Quincy’s tem per was. Feisty. She’s been like a big sister to me and so patient.“Keith thought it would be a good idea if Serena and I weren’t around yesterday. At . as he’d warned her that morning. He followed her. trying to get the damn clit cup back on.” Her chin dipped then came back up.” he nodded. and Claire were here dealing with…” “Shh. And she was his. Or for lunch. frayed. smart. “I kept some of my favorit es.” She exhaled and smiled slightly. and you can talk to her today.” he urged. “You’ll have to put them on for me. I’ve got a problem with ction four. Serena had dragged me into the store she goes to. “I was horrible to her yesterday.” She swallowed.” She looked up with such a hopeful expression he felt his heart tighten. “Before I knew what was happening. Serena. **** Debbie bent double in the st all. sexy. amazed at how she answered questions from several different sections for each of her projects in rapid suc cession.” came a shout. While Ke ith. “We’ll figure ou t a way to pay her back if that’s what you want. did you?” A nervous giggle escaped her lips. She wouldn’t le t me pay for any of it.” “Good. “You didn’t bag everything. Her hands turned and held on to his.” “Debbie. That was putting it nicely.” he whispered again. “Go. “I spent yesterday afternoon bagging up all those trashy clothes.

He stood behind her and put the remote on the counter. he’d sn arled at two of her co-workers who promptly shut down their computer stations an d left. tighten the straps and then tweak it into place. she zipped and buttoned then left the stall. she faced the mirror that was ten feet long and went to the ceiling. And froze. feeling her pussy flood at t he thought of what he would do with that small black device. she felt her knees turn to jell y. That was putting it nicely. “Everyone else left a s soon as you came in here. she took a dee p breath and tried to remember what she’d done the first three times. Okay. She also knew that he was going to check and make sure t he damn toys were in place. Pulling up her slacks. frayed. Feeling his erection ag ainst the small of her back. little girl. get it nearly there.warned her that morning.” At the huskiness of his command. She stiffened her legs and managed to make it to the spot he pointed to at hi s left. “Come he re. At six o’clock. His hands we nt to her hips and held her still as he shifted forward. It took her a fe w more minutes but finally she was satisfied. Nervous anticipation made her fingers tremble and th e damn cup wasn’t staying put. At his gesture. “What…what if someone comes in?” she whispered. she wriggled her ass and leaned against him. he was going to sa y it was time to leave.” He bounced the remote in his palm a few times. Sitting carefully on the toilet set. . She knew that as soon as she got back to her cubicle. He gave her a feral smile and held up th e remote. Quincy was resting his butt against the vanity just across from the stall.

he touched them again and the movemen ts increased. thinking he would shut the toys off. She trembled as her most sensitive nerves were stimulated. The nipple rings stirred to life and she bit back the first whimper . Out of the corner of her eye. pick ing up the controller. One hand—she thought it had to be the one holding the remote—went to the small of her back.” She opened her mouth as he push ed a button. “Be a good girl. He held her to him.” she whispered. The other caught the back of her head and held her still. Perspir ation appeared on her upper lip from both her arousal and her effort to stay sil ent. He ravaged her m outh as the toys increased their tempo again. He didn’t. pinning her to him.” he suggested. “Quincy. Burning up. A shudder swept through and her body convulsed. “Please!” sh e gasped. Her hands fluttered and gripped the forearm at her waist that held her to h im.against him. A third and the thumbsiz ed dildo moved inside her. Unable to hold back. Another level and she let her head fall forward. ground his . He spun her around. She could feel her panties grow damp from need. She caught a glimpse of rich satisfaction and deep hunger in his dark eyes before his mouth landed on hers. Another button was touched and the clit cup vibrated. she sa w his thumb move again. After a moment. The heat was building. “Let’s see how quiet you can be. sweetheart. she moaned in to his mouth. she felt her pussy clench tight and sighed blissfully.

She could still feel them. making her spasm for several heartbeats. the orgasm kicked thr ough her tense body. like a spring just waiting to be released. “Just fac ts. helpless to his sexu al power. Her body tightened. she felt him cradle her. “Come for me. Moaning into his mouth. his lips b arely leaving hers. Trapped. Debbie. feeling her nipples ache as h er pussy clenched. She writhed as sexual desire gripped her.” he whispered.cock against her pelvis and upped the power again.” she sighed. wanting his cock. but she had always wondere d what it would be like to have a man look at her like that. Finally she collap sed in his arms. being careful of her bruises.” “Not. the vibrating was decreased. “So dam n submissive I can barely stand it. There was such certa inty in his expression. “So fucking hot. Through an erotic haze. “Which?” “Both.” he whispered.” she protested. but her body was nearly numb. Slowly. Like she was the on ly thing that .” “What did I say a t arguing with me?” “Not arguing. she felt her mind check out and her body’s needs took over. As he smothered her with another kiss. such…she wasn’t sure what it was. wishing she hadn’t said anything.” His hands framed her face. She thought she felt his lips on her forehead. she trembled.

the phone rang.” he nodded. “You’re mine. “It’s MacLauren. Debbie. but all you’ll get is punishment for it. “Let’s get going then. Oh. she liked being spanked. what does that make you?” A slow sensual smile curved his lips.” she repeated softly. And I’d much rath er reward you for being such a good girl today.” she said. seeing the cal ler id. Damn the man! He’d said that on purpose. As she shut down her computer. “And you a re incredibly submissive.” Debbie was tucked under his arm as th ey left the bathroom and returned to the now dimly lit Programming division. “I’ve never thought of it as home. You let me take control and trust me not to let anythi ng happen to you. You c an argue it all you want. catching her bottom lip with his teeth and gently nipping her.” Torn. Like she was the only thing that mattered to h im.” “Or for the ladies’ room. Like…she belonged to him. but…” “Why don’t you?” Uncomfortable at the question. she looked at him.” “Home. He tucked the rem ote in his front pocket.” he t old her. “That’s anothe discussion not for the office. He nodded . but she definitely preferred his rewards to being teased without being allowed to orgasm. “If I’m submi ssive.” He planted a soft kiss on her forehead. “I’ll explain w hen we get home. She didn’t belong to anyone and… “You are hot. no. Claire d oes.have a man look at her like that. she shook her head. Yes.

I’m the one who’s sorry.” “I’m not sure either. “Keith. We made s ome good progress. I’m sorry.” “I needed to hear some good news. This time he didn’t apologize for swea ring.” “Everyone else has left.” “It’s okay.” There was a heavy sigh.” “Under standable. He nodded and she picked it up. I didn’t know wh at to say or do. “It really wasn’t like her at all.” she whispered. but I’m not sure she was really paying attention to anythi ng the two of us said.” he sighed. I think we might even finish the Georgia contract a week earl y. He h eld it for her and she slid one arm into a sleeve. She heard. but that could be from her concussion and everything that’s happened.” “Bullshit!” he exploded.” Debbie nodded as Quincy picked up her coat. “I’m sorry for so many things. Did you tell her not to come in until Monday or whenever she was read y?” “Claire did. you did exactly what you should have.” “Debbie. I should have known what was going on in my own company.“It’s MacLauren. “She seemed tired and a bit dis tracted.” he muttered. “Debbie.” she said.” “About what?” “All o ll of this is my fault. seeing the caller id.” He was . Sorry about that. You’ve nothing to be sorry abou t. “Sheld on. You folks need to head home. “This whole thing is such a fucking mess.” She frowned. it’s Keith. “Were you able to see Serena?” “Claire and I took a late lunch to see her.

“Yeah. really.” she .” he nodded. He’d sent out an email giving his tenants the sa me option. She felt him hard and hot und er her palm and looked up.quiet and Debbie glanced at Quincy. Keith had asked Allen to install cameras in ever y MC office except the bathrooms.” He bent slightly a nd rested his forehead against hers.” she said softly. “He’s taking the blame?” Quincy guessed.” She stepped away. His arms went around her and she relaxed. Previously. “I need to learn how to give you a blow job. Saying he preferred to err on the side of caution.” “Really?” She felt her heartbeat pick up.” “Good night. “I’m really tempted to bend you over that desk and fuck you right here.” Debbie nodded. she felt safe and pr otected. uncertain of what to say.” Keith finally said. For the first time in her life. “Completely.” she murmured. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” she breathed. “Let’s go. “You head on home no w. helping her with the other sleeve. “Wow. “Yeah. Quincy really wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her. back in control of himself. then snuggled up against him. “Wow. Debbie. He wouldn’t hurt her.” she nodded. Excep t I’d rather not give Allen and his security team a show like that. surveillance cameras had only been in the halls. bu t he caught her hand and pressed it to his zipper. “But you said you might make me come in public.

She turned the lights off. tucking her back under his arm. “It’s Quincy. I’m Brody Custis. “One of Ben Hancock’s men. “I need to make a list. right?” a man’s voice question ed. “Debbie Sheldon.” he replied.” he smiled. She move d back into a rear corner and put one hand at the small of his back. Debbie felt him relax slightly as she tugged on his coat. They were only halfway to the basement gara ge. She could feel the handle of a gun in its holster. “Quincy?” He was focused on the hall and she was quiet until they were in the elevator. . closed the door. His broad shoulders cut off her sight of who was joining them.frowned.” she answered as she waved past his shoulder blindly. why do you keep calling me that? I’m twenty-three and…” “That’s one of those things to discuss somewhere else. Debbie remembered what to do from Quincy’s instructions that morning. “Quinc y. little girl. “Who are you hiding back there?” the deep voice rumbled.” “Yes. “Let’s go. “That’s a different plan.” “Why do you keep calling me that?” she asked as they paused at the door. That got a chuckle from him as the car slowed. and set the security code.” “I reme Quincy nodded.” “We met a couple years ago. Senior program mana ger for MacLauren Computing.” she muttered. just above his belt.

The alpha male attitude. The tall blonde man re minded her of a Viking.” he murmured. his gaze taking in the two of them.” she smiled.” “Yes. “Sorry about the cloak and dagger.” Quincy nodded. the toys. She felt sure that the two of them knew each other. As the locks clicked. beyond Quincy workin g for one of Brody’s friends. “But I did hear about two wom en saving Keith’s assistant. Ben’s and Keith’s. Brody nodded again.” he wished them. “Hello. Custis’ reaction to Hammond attacking Serena and hurti ng Debbie and Claire was similar to Quincy’s.” “Not enou gh pain involved. I’d say you were one of them. Good f or you. his comment about her being submissive. It had all been there right in front of h er. He smiled slightly as they reached the basement. The light bulb went o n and she nearly smacked her forehead. He climb ed in and closed his door. his knowing how to touch her. “I don’t remember hearing your name mentioned i n any of the complaints.blindly. blue eyes went from her face to Quincy’s. Quincy moved slightly and she peered around him. his self-control. The doors slid open. Sorry you got hurt though. Have a good evening. “I’m sure I’ll see more of you. the rules. “She’s involved in ye sterday’s activities. Given that bruise. Hammond should have his balls cut off. the spanking. Debbie stayed silent as Quincy guided her to the left and put her in the truck. exiting and turning right. eyes narrowing.” Quincy grunted. he .” Sharp. then came back to her.

As the locks clicked. isn’t it? You got assigned to protect me and decide d to spend that time making me your sex slave. Debbie held his gaze.He climbed in and closed his door. “You want me to be your sex slave. She reached out and covered his hand. not willing to back down. And couldn’t believe she wasn’t running screaming from the truc k.” For a long moment. before he slowly turned his head and looked at her. he didn’t move. “That’s what this is all about. She didn’t know wha t the hell to think. he started to put the k ey in the ignition.” .

” he said b luntly. “That’s not an answer. but hadn’t planned o n her figuring things out this soon. It’s the twenty-first century. “I’ll have you know right n ow that I am not about to be any man’s sex slave. “A slave knowingly enters a contract with his or her master and gives abso lute .Chapter Seven Quincy considered how to answer her.” he rasped. “Like I have a clue as to what you’re talking about!” “A slave has no rights. “I do n’t want you as a sex slave. caught her shoulders .” She glared. in case you haven’t looked at a calendar recently.” he finally answered.” she said flatly.” Quincy turned. “Yes and no. even as her chest heaved in a breath . that makes all the difference. She was extraordinarily close to the truth. and of course . It had to have been the encounter with Cust is that had kicked her brain into gear. Only when they were both breathless did he raise his head. That didn’t come close to satisfying her. Anger and righ teous fury radiated from every line of her slender body.” “Oh. “I want you as my submissive. and kissed her. He had known she was perceptive and brilliant.

” he shook her head.” He saw her eyes widen and heard her swallow. put toys in him or her. “A dominant and submissive ca n be very different. Masters of slaves are considerably stricte r than a master of a submissive.” “What? How?” she whispered. you started in on me as soon as the door closed on Claire last night and…” He smiled slightly and brushed his thumb over her lips to silence her. of course. “What do you want from me?” she demanded. shaking over her shock. Some keep it strictly to the bedroom. “I mean. Some may seem like a perfectly normal couple. but usually include running the household and other responsibilities. the relationships vary. clearly stunned at his w ords. Behind closed doors. “How about I promise to explain when we get home?” he reached past her and pulled her seatbelt into place. “I’ll bet you know relationships like that and don’t even realize it. “The slave turns over everything to the master. Supervised. There are clues and hints if you know what to look for. If at all. “Why do you keep calling it that?” .” he shrugged. “It’s possible.enters a contract with his or her master and gives absolute authority over him o r her. And a slave’s master might limit how much they go out in public. Others let it spill over. The slave’s duties can be strictly sexual.” He smiled .” he added at her gasp. “What’s the difference?” “Slave and master is usually a total lifestyle. Some mast ers will tie up a slave. and leave them like that for ho urs.” “I don’t think so.

combi ned with an inability to keep quiet. Except that left her trying to figure out what to do with Quincy. This was way more than anything she’d ever been involved in. Her quick mind. **** Debbie thought fast and furiously.” he said quietly. Her figuring things out could be played to his ad vantage. And reward her. what had been his word earlie r. She closed her eyes. He wasn’t sure what to make of her s ilence. He smiled slightly. a nd taken care of in every way. She didn’t want to go down that road. “I’m not sure. desired. And Brody Custis! He was a close friend of Ben Hancock and Keith MacLauren. know ing that person would take care of her. She would be safe. She was woman. “It’s the first time I’ve used the word like that. would provide all sorts of opportunity to d iscipline her. She had to admit that. hear her roar. He knew it wouldn’t last though.“Why do you keep calling it that?” He turned the key and fastened his own seatbelt. To focus on one person and what that person’s needs were. As . there was someth ing appealing about turning everything over to someone else and not having to wo rry about anything. But something inside her rebelled at the idea of being so totally under the control of a man. She’d struggled too damn hard to let a man dictate her life now. kinkier than anything else she knew about regarding sex. considering her life.” She stare d at him until they pulled out of the garage. Quincy was deeper and. protected.

her self-righteous feminist streak built up steam, she replayed his words. Submi ssive, he’d said, was different than a slave. And he wanted her as a submissive. O kay, that required a completely different train of thought. And, she chewed on h er bottom lip, she didn’t know enough to make a decision. Except that she could no t give up her life and have what he’d described as a slave’s life. But to be Quincy’s submissive? She considered what had happened so far. And realized she was thinki ng about giving up control, at least about sex, to a man she’d known less than twe nty-four hours. “I don’t believe this,” she whispered, shaking her head. “What?” He spared her a quick glance, but the stop-and-go traffic didn’t let him do much more. “How d id you get to me so fast? I don’t understand any of this, but I’m actually listening to you talk about…” She looked at his profile. “I’m listening to a man I’ve known less th an a day, whom I know nothing about or even if Quincy is your first or last name .” She exhaled in a loud whoosh and tossed her hands up in a helpless gesture befo re making fists on her thighs. “I’m actually discussing this with you. I want to kno w more before I decide and that scares the hell out of me. I mean, I know I can’t do the slave thing you were talking about.” She shook her head. “I’ll tell you right n ow that won’t happen. I’ve worked too damn hard my entire life to stand on my own tw o feet and not depend on anyone. But…” She paused, trying to find the right words. “I’m feeling so much right now and I can’t figure any of it out and…”

Giving up trying to express herself, she rested her head back and closed her eye s. “Hey,” he said quietly, putting his right hand on her fist. “It’s all right to be con fused. We’ll start talking tonight and keep talking.” “Really?” she turned her head slig htly. “Absolutely,” he nodded. “Have you ever done anything like this?” She wondered at the jealousy that stabbed at her when he hesitated. “Nothing like what I’m consideri ng with you,” he answered slowly. “I don’t follow you.” “I wanted to wait to discuss this when I wasn’t driving,” he reminded her. “Well, say what you can now and we’ll wait if w e need to.” “I’m a sexual dominant,” he spoke slowly, as if he was choosing his words ca refully. “I’m a member of a club, a sex club. Dominants and submissives go there. So me live there fulltime. The live-in submissives are trained to surrender to a do minant for his or her sexual pleasure. Sometimes a dominant may prefer to focus solely on a submissive’s pleasure.” “The way you did last night? Or in the ladies’ room before we left?” she whispered. “And yet, this morning, you said you weren’t going to wait any longer.” “I damn near didn’t leave you last night,” he sent her a wry smile. “You’r e extraordinarily responsive and submissive. I really wanted to climb into bed w ith you and…”

wanted to climb into bed with you and…” She watched him snap his jaw shut and firm h is mouth as he stared out the windshield. The idea of waking up with him next to her, on her or in her tugged at her pussy as much as her heart. And she didn’t th ink they would only be sleeping in the bed. “What exactly are you considering with me?” she asked, going back to the topic. “A dominant-submissive relationship,” he sai d, hitting the blinker to make the right turn into the nearest parking building to the brownstone just a few buildings away. He rolled the window down and inser ted the card into the slot to raise the gate. Moving forward, he returned the ca rd to the emergency brake well and rolled the window back up. “A permanent relatio nship.” Her jaw dropped. Of all the things he might have said, that hadn’t even ente red her thought process. A permanent relationship? Did that include marriage? Or children? They knew nothing about each other and he was talking like this? What was more amazing—that he’d mentioned it as if he was serious or that she hadn’t laugh ed at him? Quincy backed into his spot, shut the engine off, and pocketed the ke ys. Releasing his seatbelt, he turned on the seat. She hit her belt’s release butt on and turned to face him. “Do you mean all that?” “Yes, I’m serious. I know it’s a helluv a lot for you to deal with on top of yesterday and all your responsibilities at work.” He held up a hand as she opened her mouth. “I want you to keep working. If th at’s what you want to do. If you ever decide you want to do something else, stay h ome or go trekking through the

want to do something else, stay home or go trekking through the mountains, then we’ll talk about it then.” His hand cupped her jaw. “I’m not the easiest man to be aroun d. I’ve been alone my entire life. The men in my military unit were the closest I’ve had to family. The women I’ve been around have been at extremes. Mostly either me mbers of Ben’s family or submissives at the Club.” His thumb rubbed her cheek bone. “I know it’s crazy as hell, and impossible to explain rationally, but when I saw you in the hospital last night, I wanted you. Yeah,” he nodded, “at first it was a pure ly sexual reaction.” Heat rose in his eyes. “I didn’t know if I wanted you on your kne es sucking my cock or spread out on a bed waiting for me to fuck you until we we re both exhausted.” As her lips parted slightly, his thumb slipped inside. “Then it became more. You’re strong, inside and out. You’re intelligent, caring, fiercely loy al to your friends and your sense of humor is damned near as warped as mine.” “If yo u’re referring to the stress ball tossing, that was to relieve tension,” she replied , feeling her pulse race both at his tender touch and his words. A smile twitche d at her lips. “We all needed it.” “You’ve got a wicked pitching arm,” he smiled. “I want al l of that, Debbie. The public and the private you.” He grew serious. “I don’t know how I feel about marriage. I’ve never considered it before. Then again,” he exhaled. “I’ve never considered a permanent relationship before.” He pulled her head nearer. “You’re not the only one with new and confused emotions,

“We’re in the shadows and the door’s still open.” she moaned. “We’re still in public. here. “Knowing that you’re trying to figure all this out as well. she just stared a t him. he slipped out of the cab.” she whimpered as he increased the speed of the vibrations. But in the meantime…” “Oh. “I can see I’m going to have to wait on that one. I’m surprised my head’s not spinning off my shoulders.” he smiled. nibbling her nec k.” he warned. With a groan. not here. “I could fuck you here and no one would see. “Quincy.” “Yes.” Before she coul d respond.sweetheart. he press ed her against the truck’s cab and ground his cock against her. “Oh. I called Tino’s and asked them to have dinner ready for pick-up.” she smiled. “He told me your favorite things and helped me select the win e and…” Debbie threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.” He lifted his head. God.” “That helps a little . I told him I was your boyfriend and needed his help so I di dn’t screw up a romantic evening.” She inhaled sharply and he chuckled. His hands caught her by the waist and set her on her feet.” he nodded. “Before I joined you in the ladies’ roo m. “Stay quiet. The toys began to vibrate. “How did you know about Tino’s? What did you order?” “It was the top menu in the drawer by the phone.” he suggested.” “Let’s get home and continue this conversation. . sweetheart . When he opened her door.

**** Inside her ap artment. But. the vibrations increased to maximum. Quin cy. As she arched against his cock. his mouth smothered her shout of relea se. wrapped an arm around her waist and closed the door. “Wait until we get home. he guided her out of the garage.” he smiled as the toys hummed faster. everything went still.” “I know. Thi nk you can walk?” “Your sense of humor is definitely more warped than mine. sweetheart.” his mouth hovered over hers. “We’re still in public.” he warned. lips brush ing over her forehead. “And I w ill be soon. “How can I react like this? I didn’t think it was possible to have so many orgasms. Setting the truck’s alarm. The garage was quiet except f or her panting. She understood what flashfires felt like because one swept through her body before she even realized what was h appening. “I want you.“Stay quiet. And just like that.” Just like that.” “I’m not going to be able to walk. For what seemed like ages. I want you inside me. Her breasts swelled so that the nipp le rings were outlined against her turtleneck. he swiftly secured the door as Debbie .” gasped Debbie. “I do love making you come.” “Your body has been on edge all day from the toys. Her clit throbbed and her pussy f looded with moisture until she felt it dripping. babe.” he smiled.” she manag ed. You get too loud and I’ll hav e to shut them down. Quincy cradled her against the heat of his hard body. she clung to him as her entire body pulsed with e cstasy.

Serena had been attacked. Samuels and the other men fired might come after her for revenge. Holding the two bags of food and wine. She wanted something more. but Debbie had seen his face. whispering in her ear as she held onto hi m in the garage after her orgasms. As real as the way he’d been seducing her. she saw the want in his eyes whe n she’d emerged from the bathroom stall. S he’d been hurt too many times. rippling muscles and a cock that had been ready to explore the deepest part of her. But Quincy was different. The image of Quincy that morning came to her. Did she want to be his submissive? She couldn’t believe she was seriously conside ring it. A little over twenty-four hours ago. He w anted her sexually. This was real. Quincy paced f rom Claire’s room to hers. She’d never wanted a relationship with a man. Hammond might come after her to keep her from being able to testify. Harsh reality collided with the sexual haze she’d been und er. She wanted to be with him . All broad. she didn’t move from the door as he checked the apartment. yes.Inside her apartment. To protect her. Hammond had attacked Serena. Most of all. but was there more? The gleam of humor in his eyes when she’d chucked a stress ball at Pamela in the next cubicle and started an all-out stress ball battle with the staff. Quincy had en tered her life. he swiftly secured the door as Debbie turned on the neares t lamp. . She wanted to be his. deep.

“What should I call you?” That stopped him in his tracks. He caught her upper arm a nd gazed down at her for a long moment. “You okay?” Debbie nodded as he took the bags f rom her hands and carried them into the kitchen. I know we still need to talk.” he stated. don’t move unles s I tell you to. A little guidance on…” “Go take al l your clothes off and wash your face. If you go in that room a nd follow my orders. “What would a submissive at the club call you?” “Master or sir. “If they were in a relationship out of the club. “Quincy.” he replied. sir. but I need a little help from you. she decided. She hung up her coat. I won’t let you go. but I think we’re past a lot of it. there’s no turning back. she swallow ed. “Now that we’re alone. as he came toward her.” “Yes. He wanted her now. I’m rea lly trying here. Once I’m there. Pull the covers to the foot of the bed. Turning. was going to wait. Do not take your toys off.” she started in a soft voic e. L ie down and wait for me. leaving her room. what would a submiss ive do once she and her master came home?” When he just stared at her. You understand this?” . “Be sure. Talk.“It’s clear. starting past him. with you fully aware of what I want. sounding as if the words were hard to get out.” she smiled. she saw the expression on his face. Debbie. Once I take you like this.

He pulled out two more. He raised his head and for a long moment they stared at each other. She moaned and trembled. Sitting on the edge of the bed. and carrying a small black bag. but she knew trusted him completely. get done in the bathroom. For him. “I understand. But she knew she wanted him. with a third dangling f rom the connecting chain. he removed the nipple rings. she hurried to remove her clothes. She didn’t know him. Silently he opened the bag and pulled out two leather strips and secured her ankles to the footboa rd so her legs were spread wide. “You might want to pu t the wine in the fridge. Her eyes widened. he mane uvered over her until he was kneeling between . His dark head bent and his tongue laved each sensiti zed tip.” She saw amused understanding in his eyes before he rele ased her arm. She’d barely placed he r head on the pillow when the door opened. hang them up. he wrapped two around her wrists and fastened the third to the bedrails so the cuffs were over her hea d. In her room. al ready erect with a condom on. and get on the bed before he came in. She gasped as blood flowed fr eely to her engorged flesh. To be strong with him. Almost reverently.understand this?” Debbie felt as if things in her life had prepared her for this. Still holding her gaze. Always maintaining eye contact. She didn’t know about love. He set it aside. Quincy was nude.” she nodded. he unhooked the harness and pulled it away from her body. Something in her centered and it all fell into p lace.

” she whispered. “I need you. In me. is right in fro nt of me.” Qui ncy closed his eyes at the sound of her panic.” She searched his expressionless fa ce. protect her. and take care of her. “Why did you disobey me?” “I’m sorry. He’d said not to move unless he told her to. hold onto her. Feelin g his erection brush her hip. “Please. and keep an eye on Claire and everyone around them. He froze and she squeezed her eyes shut. everything perfectly. On me. but I need this so badly. “It’s as if everything I’ve ever wanted or needed. And I’m terrified that it’ll be taken away before I realize what it is. I need…” She struggled to find the words. Her words described their emotion s. “Please. Quincy felt his heart seize at the sight of tears slipping from the co rners of her tightly shut eyes . get examined by the doctor. he maneuvered over her until he was kneeling between her thighs. It was how he’d felt when he’d first seen Debbie in the hospital— holding an icepack to her face and trying to simultaneousl y answer police questions. or not even known I wanted and needed.” He blinked but th at was the only movement she could wanting more. their situation. No one else but her.” she murmured. I don’t know how to explain it. He would take her. She wa s crying. Shit. she lifted her pelvis.” she whispered. “I want you inside me. She’d drawn him to her with a heady combination of stre ngth and vulnerability. His eyes popped open at the soft sound. “Please tell me I di n’t just screw up so badly that you don’t want me.

” he to ld her.” She moaned and turned her head on the pillow.” she whispered.” he said. you mouth off?” “Oops. “You still want me?” she asked. “Uh-huh. he moved his body over hers.” was her quick retort. raising his hips slightly. then snapped it shut. trying to look sorry and failing miserably. “Look at me. sure. Slowly. “Try getting rid of me.” he told her. He gave her a look that communicated “after all that. . babe. “Right now. “You also just earned a spanking for arguing with me.” He could feel her body shaking under his and forced himself to stay still.” he murmured. “You do learn quickly. “Come here. “I th ink that’s enough talk for a while. sweetheart. he released her wrist cuf fs and sat at the edge of the bed.” He smiled. “We’ll worry about your confidence problems later.” “About time. she turned her head and opened her eyes slowly.“Debbie.” She opened her mouth.” “I don’t have confidence probl ems. bra cing himself so the only connection was the tip of his penis just above her mons . “That’s at least three or four for the day. I have a dick that wants to get thoroughly reacquainted with your heat. but patting the mattress next to him.” he nodded. disbelief in her voice. “You’re mine now. not looking around at her. Pushing off her.” he smiled in approval. “Now.” she smiled. look at me.” Fi nally.

Slowly. Fuck me. are you wet. His left hand rested on her ass. His hand rose and fell and her body jumped slightly. “After your reaction last night? You’ve been needing a man to take control of you. Debbie. master.” With a groan. “Don’t argue with me.” he commented. putting his right hand between her shoulder blades . her thighs parted.” His hand trailed along her right thigh to her pussy. she obeyed. Nibbling her bottom lip. “Mmm. ass.” “No…” she started. He patted his lap. With each slap. spread ing her body across his thighs. His hands caressed her back.” Her eyes opened wide and she swallowed.” she nodded. His cock liked that and bobbed against her sleek abs. “And I am more than willing and able to do that. Debbie released her ankles and crawled around the bed and knelt next to him on the mattress. . “Stretch out like I had you last night. he slid his hand over her folds.” Two more swats and her left leg slid off his thigh and da ngled. “Please. “Perhaps I should make this a nightly routine.” He spanked her three more times in quick succession. pa rted them and plunged two fingers into her pussy. trembling as he brushed feather-light strokes along her ass crack. “You do seem to enjoy a good spanking before be dtime. and thighs. Debbie’s hips tucked under and h er inner walls clamped down on his fingers as if they were his cock. Debbie? Is your pussy ready for me to fuck?” “Yes.

sweet walls that tightened around him. Wanting more. Up and down. . black brows over her lively brown eyes. From the slim. Quincy reached down wit h the other and teased her clit and felt her muscles clamp down hard around his cock. along the trim waist to the flare of her hips and le an muscles of her legs.” she was w hispering over and over. she put her hands over her head. Balancing with one arm. stroking his fingers in and out. From the hollow of her collarbone to the s light swell of her breasts. All of her.his cock.” she chanted each time his fingers filled her. P lease. please. He tossed her onto the bed and secured her ankles again. Quincy drove his cock into her pussy. then relax. He felt her body shudder at the invasion. He heard her whimper. Bracing himsel f over her with one arm. “Master. he secured her wrists. Thrust in deep. “So eager. fuck me. All of her. until her moans b ecame breathless pleas for more.” he murmured. do wn the slender nose to the full lips. The expression on her face showed how lost she was in her need and he felt the dampness of her body as the heat in her rose. As he knelt between her spread thighs. but was too focused on one thing—getting his dick into her pussy. “Please. Her breath caught as their pelvic bones ground t ogether. Except for the ho t. in and just nearly out. he pulled his hand away. Please. All the while knowing that sh e was his.” Hands on either side of her head. “Please. He flexed his hips and began an age-ol d rhythm. fuck me.

he froze his upper body. Smiling. he gazed down at her orgasm-softened express ion. And nothing had ever bee n more perfect than being inside her. She was so hot. e grunted. but there are a few things we need . “For being my submissive. Quincy felt his eyes roll back in his head as his brain focused on one thing—release inside Debbie.” “Training for what?” she frowned.muscles of her legs.” he reminded her. he felt his heartbeat slow down and his breathing return to normal.” One brown eye opened. Nestling his hips against her . With a loud moan. “Ohhhh. His breathing increas ed and deepened as if he was about to make a long underwater swim. “Please. you’ve got the general idea. concentrating on getti ng the very last drop into her. “That might hold me long enough to feed y ou so you have energy for tonight. He wanted to hold out as long as possible.” panted Debbie. he kissed the sweat-dampened shoulder. All of her. The arrow was his cock in her pussy releasing. nearing his release. His body was a bow being pulled back as far as i t could go. Hands near her shoulders. His cock sur ged and pulsed. Debbie’s pussy gripped him in her. Finally. He stared at the wall over the headboard. “Your training begins in earnest. godddd!” he groaned. One of her spasms tripped hi s internal wire. Sated. I need…” “Come with me. opening the other eye. “Granted. he reached out and freed her wrists. “I’m close. “What happens tonight?” He s miled. So tight.

knelt between her thighs again. skeptical look. She took a deep. “Is this your idea of pillow talk? If it is. “I’m okay. I’ll proba bly do something wrong again and get you so pissed at me that…” She stopped. She squeezed her eyes shut.” he smiled. “Sorry. I’m not used to being touched. “I know I’m not the easiest man to be around. Trembling. shuddering breath and ex haled noisily. she curled around her legs.” She gave him a long. studying look.” he murmured. he pulled out of her silken core. her bre ath catching as ancient memories rushed up and took over. pullin g her legs under one hip. No! She wasn’t going to let the past g et to her.” “That’s okay.” she smiled. you need to work on it. She felt his torso stiffen slightly and dropped her arms. slowly raising her head.” She gave him a wary. sitting up and wrapping her arm s around his waist when he would have moved. “Debbie?” His fingers brushed ag ainst her hair. “We’re both making adjustments work out and clarify. She was stronger than that.” he ok his head and sat back on the .” she whispered. And I’ve nev er lived with a woman. “Ready for dinner?” “Definitely. and released h er ankles.” she shrugged. much less live with. “I’m not used to it either. catching her arm when she turned away.” “Duly noted. Reluctantly. Or to touching a man.” she whispered. “Hey. “Just…” “Lying to me. hiding her face against her knees.

It’s why you reacted the way you did last night wi th Serena. if you try to deceive me with your body and your voice?” “I’m sorry. “Serena certainly didn’t seem upset this afternoon. “I just don’t want to talk about it right now. “None of this will work if you don’t trust me. Why you didn’t go to MacLauren on your own.” he shook his head and sat back on the mattress. “Shut i t. “He is a businessman. Claire might be irritated with your over-protect iveness.” he nodded. He is not going to set you up for failure because then it makes him look worse. MacLauren has faith in you. “But certainly grateful. Disoriented. Claire hadn’t sinc e their first night sharing . “Your body language is saying what your mouth won’t.” he said sternly. How am I going to know when something is hurting you? Or p leasuring you. And why you see m to think that you screw up everyone’s lives.“Lying to me. Keith put you in charge of those projects because he’s confident in what you can do. And Claire. I’m guessing it’s something in your past that is big. him. So big it’s determining eve rything in your life right now. but she understands your concern for her. o therwise he wouldn’t have made you responsible for his company’s next three deadline s.” He leaned forward and put two finger s under her chin.” “You’re go ing to have to. Because he knows you’ve got something to prove to yourself.” Debbie opened her mouth to argue and his thumb pressed against her lips. She definitely wasn’t used to anyone talking to her like this.” Debbie stared at hi m. and the assholes he fired yesterday.” he told her quietly.” She swallowed then shook her head.

Hands shaking.” “A nd I’m part of the shit. she turned and glared at him. He just ripped the bandage off and left her exposed. dammit! Don’t twist my words like that. “You’re right.” she protested. temper flaring. she rested her elbows on her thighs and put her head i n her palms. and Keith. And you’re right. She met his gaze. “No. “It means I don’t want to deal with it right now when I’ve got all this other shit in my life to deal with. At least about Se rena.” he observed. Quincy didn’t know the meaning of back down. At the doorway. “Won’t. I still don’t know if Quincy is your first or last name or anything about you. “And you don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to trust. then collapsed on the t oilet lid. And that means you don’t trust it doesn’t.talking to her like this. What the hell had just happened? . but you don’t know the rest. I just can’t t alk about it right now. Claire hadn’t since their first night sharing an apartme nt together. “I…” She slumped on the bed and nodded. she rolled off the bed and stalked t o the bathroom. Serena had tried yesterday but backed down when Debbie had resisted .” he corrected.” Furio us at how things had gotten so out of hand. Claire.” “Not ‘can’t’. I’ve trusted you a helluva lot more than you have trusted me!” She closed and locked the bathroom door.

One minute they were talking. he laid his palm flat against it. Shit. yes. then she over-reacted at him p ulling back from her hug and then…he had over-reacted. Or under-reacted. He’d demanded she trust him more on faith than he shou ld have. but no p romises. he ran a hand through his hair. Which meant. Quincy wanted her with all her fire. He couldn’t hear a sound on t he other side.” . Come out when you’re ready.” Silence. He wasn’t used to having to talk about himself. Good luck figuring out what the silence meant. He didn’t want to deal with the questions she had a right to ask. He was definitely too used to the quiet w ays of the club submissives. he was going to have to straighten things out. And she was right. and quirks. he smiled .Chapter Eight Staring at the locked bathroom door. Not that he’d trade Debbie for any of them. Moving qu ietly to the door. “Debbie? I’ll start he ating up the food.” He listened intently. Quincy wondered what the hell had just happened. Still nothing. He scowled. “We don’t have to talk about everything tonigh t. “What do you say to just eati ng dinner and getting a decent night’s sleep? I can try to just hold you. We’ll both feel better once we’ve eaten . but not tonight. At some point soon. smiles.

but no promises. He didn’t know what to . kissing her swiftly. burying his face against her neck. you can. Punching buttons.” “As if I know how. He’d been through several kinds of hell.” she shook her head. Leaving the bathroom.” He took a couple slow b reaths before he heard movement. He wanted to protect her as much as he wanted to fuck her. Dinner and sleep.” She nodded and he stepped ba ck. In the kitchen. Quincy went to the other bedroom and pulled on a pair of black sweatpants. He could se e in Debbie’s eyes that she’d been through another kind. He heard the click of the lock and quickly turned the knob before she could change her mind. he considered the situation. The vulnerability combined with strength in her expression nearly had him ha uling her back into his arms.night’s sleep? I can try to just hold you. “But I’m not responsible if you seduce me .” “Does that me an I can’t touch you?” she questioned hesitantly.” “All right. Rummaging through the drawers for a corkscre w. he started that and took out the wine. All he wanted was t o protect her. Against her pale face . “Come out when you’re ready.” he smiled. he piled everything but salad onto two plat es and put them on the doubletiered rack in the microwave. He pulled her to him. one that had lasted for yea rs. “God give me strength when you try then. the bruise from the night before seemed even more violent. “If you really can’t help yourself.” he re plied. “All right.

he screwed it into the bottle and scowled. He might not have an actual degree. drowned. He . “Tal king about me?” he grinned. His job. Twisting the cork. he would be reassigned. He’d seen the respect and delight in Debbie’s eyes when she talked to herself and he’d thrown out an idea. His jaw dropped. Out of the city. Pulling the corkscrew out. H e had a feeling if he hadn’t pulled her out of the office. strong body. he grit his teeth. he would need another job. and a fairly fitted. and hid her slender. turning around. Things that covered up. She hadn’t hesitated to bounce ideas off him. Away from Debbie. Once Ben considered Debbie safe.her as much as he wanted to fuck her.” her voice came from behind him. he realized as he poured the wine. in loose work-out clothes. she would have stayed u ntil she collapsed. professional suit with a tu rtleneck. “Something smells delicious. Which meant. or the country. How a man who had found his true m ate did what he had to in order to stay with her. or the state. He’d heard a few elders in his family talk about how a man could become as territorial and possessive of a woman as any oth er male animal. Computers were the most likely area . Of how wolves mated for life. and not just because it was his job. He would beat any man to a pulp if they hurt he r. He’d seen her either na ked. He didn’t want any other man to touch her. He just knew that he didn’t want any other woman. but he’d more than held his own in the discu ssions today. He didn’t know what to do with these emotion s he’d never felt before.

He didn’t care if he was worse than a dog around a bitch in heat. “Turn around.” he told her. The short gown was a soft. he knew that dinner would have to wait. “Do you like it? I know you said you wan ted me naked when it was just the two of us. “Serena gave it to me for m y birthday. but I’ve never worn it and wanted to for you. she wasn’t complaining. Let me see you. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Aga in. silky navy material that clun g to every curve and dip of her body. .” Relief appeared on her face as she qui ckly came to him. With a groan. she obeyed.never would have imagined her wearing what she was now. Let me show you how I like it. he extended a hand and crooked a finger at her . not surprised at how hoarse his voice sounded. then give her a glass of wine. “Slowly. The bodice strained over her nipples and he hel d his breath.” Swallowing. And like she’d said earlier. The spaghetti strings lead to a bodice cut low over her small firm breasts and the hem flared to tease him with a glimpse of her pussy and then her ass.” She caught her lower lip as she looked at him.” Not trusting his legs. He wanted in side her. willing the rosy tips free. Her tongue tangled with his and ve ntured into his mouth. Quincy meant to just kiss her. “Come here. It was hard to sound normal when you couldn’t breathe because of the vision in front of you. His silence must have made her nervous because he r palms smoothed down the front.

” he tol d her. Gently. “I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you. As she’d debated wearing the chemise. “That’s it. y our pussy is tight and when you come.” Her turn. I’ve read about it in a couple books I borro wed from Serena and seen movies.Her hands went to the waistband of his sweats and pushed them over his hips. looking up. amazed as it darkened and hardened beneath her fing ers. she stroked him. She traced the pulsing vein along the side and und er. she went down. “Sweetheart. Fas cinated by the jutting length. resting her knees on the sweatpants. but I’ve never…” “Just stroke me with your hands. With a groan. his cock was rigid.” she told hi m. “Harder. “I’m not sure what to do. Her turn to make him come. “Put your sweet lips on my cock. his v oice hoarse and deeper.” she whispered. Just…” he couldn’t believe how hard it was to breathe or talk. The men had been putty in the women’s hands when the women pai d attention to that part of their bodies. Debbie repeated to herself. she’d thought of th ose erotic stories. Your turn to get me off. “Just touch me. Now she put all that into reality.” He could see the worry in her eyes and smiled as she tentatively wrapped her fingers around his erecti on. “I mean. Bef ore he could lift her. Beneath the vel vet skin. Both his hands combed through her hair as he smiled. your walls . he leaned back against the counter. she explored it with her fingers. baby. Slowly take me in your mouth.” he whispered.

Looking up. she watched his chest heave and felt his thighs tre mble. S he rubbed her thumb through the liquid seeping out of the narrow slit of his coc k and he moaned. loving the way his cock bobbed. Taking a deep breath . Something from one of the stories came to min d and she decided to try it. tightly and brushing lightly. He wasn’t even in her mouth yet. she began stroking i n earnest. She rested her hands on his thighs and sucked the hea d into her mouth. . she glanced up.” “All right. your pussy is tight and when you come. Her tongue explored the ridge and licked at the tip.” Sh e felt her pussy clench at his words.” More confident now. Above her . Fast and slow. When he inhaled sharply. don’t stop now. only tighter. One of his hands wrapped hers around his c ock at the root and moved it up and down.“Sweetheart. “Don’t stop. your walls squeeze me tight. God. Gradually she pulled his cock deeper into her mouth. “Just like that. At the edge of her visio n. she could see his abs rippling and slowly becoming covered in perspiration.” s he nodded. She stroked him like that. She brushed her fingers along the heavy sacks below and along his inner thighs. focusing on how he felt and the heavy musk scent that was all Quincy. She smiled. she kissed along his great length. gradually tightening her fingers around hi m. His eyes w ere closed and his hands gripped the edge of the counter so tightly his knuckles were white. Quincy hissed.

” Reveling in the power she now had . Debbie moved her hands to his tight ass. “So close. and sucked hard. baby. “More. The length of dick throbb ed and pulsed. she took him as deep as she could. even as she drew hard on him. “Touch yourself. Gradually she pulled his cock deeper into her mouth.” Quincy grunted. “Oh. she wanted more of him. her tongue was flicking at the slit. “Close. She wriggled her hips as hunger for that length in her own body i ncreased. “Are you dripping?” She slid a hand through her nether lips and fingered her pussy. “Come on. His eyes rolled back and his entire body shuddered. Tears came to her eyes at the pain. Holding him still as much as he was h olding her to him. More. Leaning forward. she sucked in. Her cheeks sucked in and she felt his pre-cum slide down her throat. She managed a nod. When she in haled. pulled him in deep.” She dug her fingers into his ass. “Almost there…almost… Aaahhh!” The moan was d rawn out. In response.” he panted. Quincy groaned and she felt his hands on her head. squeezing in time with her sucking. took a breath and sucked in again.” he whispered. the more she wanted all of him. voice husky. His fingers threaded through her hair. the grip on her head tightened. yes!” . burning deep in her womb.” he encouraged.tremble. The more she felt flow out of the op ening. even as she felt her pussy clench. One hand went to the base a nd wrapped around. “More.

“I’m defi nitely having two bowls of cereal tomorrow.” she cajoled. Their stomachs growled and h e chuckled. lips against her hair.” “We’re going to need to go grocery shoppi ng at this rate. pausing as she arranged the placemats and napkins . giving her hips a little wiggle against his. “I might not make it to F riday.” “If I’d had a better idea of what your days were like. Debbie wrapped her arms around his waist. “Let’s eat so we have a chance of making it through the week. she felt the tension in his thighs and ass. “I might have to eat up a certain tempting mors el. “That was incredible. Otherwise. you’re good. She choked but swallowed everything as it poured down. “Come on.” she smiled. It was as if every part of his body was involved in his orgasm. With a groan.” whispered Quincy. turning and getting the plates out of the microwave. Spent. “You k now that sandwich you grabbed from the employee dining room on the way to the ho spital wasn’t enough. “Damn. burying his head against her neck. “Not bad for my first one?” she wondered. he used the hold on her head to draw her to h er feet and into his embrace. Unable to move. taking out the flatware.” he sighed. woman!” Smiling in satisfaction.” “Excellent idea.” his teeth nibbled on her shoulder.” he agreed.” she commented. he smacked her bottom. I would’ve g rabbed two.His hands held her still as his hips jerked forward so his cock was fully in her throat.

“Not those long ones. Putting the case back. They sounded like a couple on some TV show. “I think Claire has some somewhere.” Laughing.” she murmured. she smiled and picked up two votives and one pillar c andle. “Let’s talk. he came back to find her waiting patiently. putting the plates down. Turning off all the lights but the one in her bedroom.” he told her. she clinked her glass against his. “But it will work. “To us. Triumphantly she put them next to the placemats. going to the li ving room. “Stay here. twirling spaghetti on his fork. “Candles?” She frowned.” Turning on the stereo. “I’ll look in here. he sat next to her. she put in one of Claire’s jazz C Ds.” he nodded.commented.” she s hrugged. pausing as she arranged the placemats and napkins on the breakfast co unter. Once the candles were lit. “Talk. Retrieving the wine glasses. At least what she thought passed for couple-talk. striking the match on the box he’d found in th e menu drawer.” she suggested. So what had she done? Tried to keep Claire from being with the man she wanted and who had wanted her for two years. eyes going ar ound the kitchen. She bit her bottom li p. She didn’t hav e much experience either personally or in watching others. May I let you get more than four bites in your mouth before I decide to take you again. “You want some music o r anything?” He nodded. Some friend she was. married and talking about nor mal family stuff.” he repeated. he scooped her up and set her on a sto ol. “Didn’t we .

That was so not happening.” One dark brow went up.” she stammered at the look i n his eyes.“Talk. dipped it in the sauce and pressed it to her lips. she smiled. From the way his eyes narrowed. “Okay. warily. She sucked on his fingers. Huh-uh.” “That’s a lot of help. He tore it int o bitesize pieces. “Your name?” she prompted. how did you end up working for MacLauren?” “Do I get to ask yo u any questions?” wondered Debbie. “Is Quinc y your first or last name?” “Middle. not… um. He would dominate her in the bedroom.” he repeated. “Us.” she sighed.” “Like what?” he asked. He put a large bit e in his mouth. “Dammit. twirling spaghetti on his fork. “You seem to know a lot more about me than I know about you. “For the record.” he muttered. “Didn’t we try that already?” “Yeah. in particular terms. that tone of voice —” “Will be use d if you withhold information that is basic and necessary. but she had the right to know st uff about this . shaking her head.” she finished. At his swift inhale. She chewed a bite of meatball and kept her gaze on his long fingers as they ripped the small loaf of bread. What’s your full name?” He gave her a stern look. bu t I meant talk about us in more general terms. she had a feeling that he was go ing to go all Master on her. “That’s one way of putting it.

He wasn’t rational most days. where you’re from. “My full name is John Quincy Stormcloud. They met in Vegas. Every few months. “My mother was from Atlanta and my father was Sioux.” Silently. He took his rage out on us.” He took a deep breath and shook his head. I came home from school and they were dead. maybe even painful. I kept trying to get my mother to leave He nodded at her gest ure. D ebbie was puzzled. Your name. “At night he drank. The neighborhood had been changing and the gangs taking control didn’t like Sioux or any other Nati ve American in the area. my grandfather or one of the other tribal elders woul d visit and try to convince my parents to move to the reservation.” He downed the contents of his wineglass and poured himself some more.” he said quietly. so he wasn’t really rational then either. When I was twelve. “My paternal grandfather came for their bodies and took me back to the reserv ation. They killed twenty people in a one-day purge. “I thought we’d been . There was an accident when I was eight and he was severely injured. but she wouldn’t. Debbie could tell that the memories were not pleasant . She’d never been around anyone who got like this over something so simple. “Stuff like you’ll be asking me. They wouldn’t. Debbie put her hand on his where it rested on the counter. My mother was a showgir l. My father worked in construction. He became addicted to pain medication to the point that it no longer worked. And at night…” Quincy paused and t ook a large drink of wine. what you did befor e we met.

We lived like millionaires compared to the reservation. living in rickety shacks that look like they’ll fall over in high winds. I kicked him in the balls and got out the bedroom window. so she was very strict with my mother. His were so large and strong compared to hers. He even helped me plan so I . I was born four month s after my mother graduated from high school. “I thought we’d been poor in Vegas. I had so many questions and Rich answ ered as many as he could.” Debbie’s gaze went to their hands.” Her m outh twisted. I left for basic training. The day after high school graduatio n. the man came to my room after she passed out. “My family’s from a coal mining town in West Virginia. “I didn’t think there was anythin g else in life until my cousin got into West Point. She barely graduated high school. tracking.took a deep breath and shook his head. “I’m not sure it qualifies for the title of ‘town’ though. “Rules and my mother didn’t get along very well.” she whispered. The school was all right but the best times were when my grandfather and uncles took me out. “We both come from po or backgrounds. I lived with my grandmother after that. On e night.” She shook her head. and survival from them. darkly tanned to her pale skin. He came back for a week two years later and he was a different person. She worked as a clerk at the gener al store and if she wanted more money she went to the bar to pick someone up.” She swal lowed and shook her head when he opened his mouth. I learned a lot abou t hunting. My grandmother was pregnant with my mother at seventee n. There are maybe eight hundred people there.

I got into West Virginia University on a scholarship and majored in computer sc ience.answered as many as he could. He even helped me plan so I could get out of that town and go to college. For nearly two years. spearing a nother meatball.” she nodded. but I sent my resume out an yway. I couldn’t believe what I’d done and told myself that they’d never call. I did n’t think I had a chance of even getting an interview. “What did you do in the Army? How did you get so good at computers?” He g runted and wiped his mouth. I talke d to a professor about it and he said it was one of the best in the world. but the mail had already been picked up.” “They did. I stayed during summers and worked in the labs. “His wi fe was diagnosed with cancer three months after I started and he left to take ca re of her so the division hired Samuels. I ran back to the mail room to get the envelope back. I took as many math and computer classes as I could and saved all my money so I could study for the SATs and advanced placement classes. Debbie drank some wine and realized something. though. they were silent. That’s how I first learned about MacLauren Computing.” “They did. Jay was great. ref lecting on what the other had said. “I passed the right tests in basic and joined Special Forces. “There was a different VP then. “An hour later. I read every journal I co uld get my hands on.” She chuckled. I was in .” For a few moments.” She grimaced. eating.

” he shrugged. September 11th happened and we spent most of our time overseas. “Thanks.” Debbie told him.” “So why a ren’t you still in the Army?” His expression shut down so fast she was stunned. “We all did. Without a word. six were kill ed in .” she whisp He put the containers in the fridge and turned around. “It does. “Talk to me.” she insisted.” “You were with Ben in the Ar my? And the others?” He nodded.” he said quietly. her gaze fierce. he just stared at the plate. For several seconds. Out of twenty of us. “There must have been some mistake if…” “We were ambushed.” he said shortly. “I know you wouldn’t have done anything that would have gotten you kicked out so…” “I did. that your u nit killed. “They’re my brothers in every way. I joined Hancock’s platoon in March of 2000. Every one of us has saved the others so many times.” Q uincy smiled slightly. we stopped keeping track. turning on the stool. “It means a lot to hear that.different types of schools. he got up and bega n putting the food away. they can’t kill others or hurt people who just want to live in peace. “I killed my share.” She watched him a moment.” “Against the Taliban and Al Qaeda?” she asked quietly. “The ones you killed. “I don’t. Not that it matt ers anymore. “Quincy.” “I don’t believe you.” she started.

” he nodded. His b ody was so broken I don’t know how he survived the trek back.” he told her. “We were told the s ituation would be taken under consideration and someone higher up would make a d ecision regarding a rescue attempt.” he confirmed. “We we re all shipped out and.” “Hancock. “You couldn’t let them take him. “Hancock. “We pretended to have radio trouble so we couldn’t hea r the orders to turn back.” nodded Debbie. all of us wou nded in some way. “Three days lat er.” Debbie nodded. we got back. having seen some of the scars on his torso.” “He didn’t want them to h ave that victory. the less chance there was of getting him back alive.” “Well. “H ow could they…” .” she whispered. “HQ told us to come back. “Anyway. “Yeah. resting a hip on his stool.” she nodded. righteous fury in her eyes. were given c ourt-martial papers. we caught up with them.the first volley. They were about to behead him for their video. while we were in various stages of healing.” “But you saved him!” she protested. We disregarded orders and went after them. of course.” she whispered. killed three and took t he captain. During the second.” “So y ou went after him. sad smile curved his lips slightly. the fa rther they got with him. We knew that the longer they had him. they isolated four.” A small.

” “I was planning on talking to him and Allen in the morning. I was in a Pentagon conference room. “Inside a year.” “I’ll bet Keith would hir e you in a heartbeat. And that. Hancock loved it when the suits and generals had to listen to me tell them that their secure net works were about as tough to break through as tissue paper. “You really want to be with me?” . By the time we were discharged. Hancock hired every sing le one of us for his company.“How could they…” “We disobeyed orders. I found a manual someone had left an d read it. “The only reason I was in the city was because I’d just returned from an overseas assignment. rea lizing what he’d said. I was hacking into everything I could . “is how I learned so m uch about computers. the Pentagon decided to discharge us. Ben will reassign me.” Debbie said.” he gave her a smile. Usually I’m not here more tha n a couple weeks at a time.” “Really?” she whispered as he sat back down.” he told her. He had already thought about it? “Why? You’re serious?” “Once you’re safe. I want more than two weeks with you every couple mon ths or so. “He needs people with your skills.” He grinned. “And they k now a helluva lot of people who listened and took action. “Ben’s family got wind of what the Army was doing and protested to everyone they could get hold of. To keep things from be coming a PR mess.” He grinned. I couldn’t do much for three months while we were waiting for the powers-that-be to make up their minds.” he pointed out.” “And Allen? What?” She stared at him.

“Spanking a woman within two hours? Or havi ng sex before you finished your coffee? Or putting sex toys on a woman ten hours after meeting her?” “Yes.” “Onc e you’ve been around me more than twenty-four hours.” “Yeah. His fingers smoothed over her ass chee ks and squeezed slightly. Sounds like the perfect woman to m e. “What made you decide t o spank me so soon?” She cocked her head slightly.” “How do you see me?” “Smart.” he ticked off.” Debbie muttered. Under her chee k. pulling her onto his lap.want to be with me?” “I am definitely going to have to work on your confidence.” she nodded against his chest. I can see that about you. “And I sure as hell don’t say things to make people feel b etter.” “Like what?” She rested her chin on his chest to smile up at him. thank you. yes. “Or anything else you’ve done?” .” he smiled back at her. He had to be. “Has it really been less than tw enty-four hours?” “Yep. she could feel the steady rhythm of his heart. “I see you very differently. With his arms around h er like thick bands of steel.” he told her. I’ve set all sorts of records with you. and strong.” he sh ook his head. “But. sassy. you’ll see that I don’t say thing s I don’t mean. “Sexy and submissive. and yes. she rested her head on his chest.” “You’re just saying that to make me feel better. But the words wriggled into her heart and the warmth spread.

yet I saw the look in your eyes when Claire we nt to Paul in the hospital. rubbing against his cock. He pulled her forwar d on his thighs so his cock nestled against her folds. “Tell me.” he told her.” she nodded.” Quincy’s fingers gently traced the b ruise. “You were such a confused woman that I thought you might just respond to a spanking the way I wanted. “Yeah. his voice deepening.” he shrugged with a smile. “I couldn’t believe I’d let a complete stranger spank me and then…” she stopped. “Instinct . “You were acting like a chi ld who had lost her favorite toy. “Wait until you see w hat I like as a midnight snack. “Of co urse. “Yeah. “But my body felt different. . mostly.” she admitted. I couldn’t leave you wanting. turning her so she straddled his lap.” she whispered.” she said softly. “I could hardly believe it when I touched your pussy and you were wet.” Quincy chuckled and ran his fingers along the crack between her ass cheeks. fr owning slightly. Debbie wriggled on his lap.” he murmured.” “That’s why you said I was jealous.” h e nodded.His eyes narrowed and she felt heat fill her body as her pussy clenched. “I woke up this morning thinking the w hole thing had been a dream.” His hands slid under the silk and caressed her back . And not jus t from when Hammond threw me against the wall. finding out how you take your coffee was a real eye-opener. “Fingerfuck you to two orgasms?” he suggested.

” she spreading her legs wide. . “How about I show you?” he suggested. He reached around her to move the candles then set her on the counter.

she moaned and grabbed for his head. No one had ever done that to her. Her heart thudded as she realized what he was going to do.Chapter Nine Debbie felt the hard surface beneath her ass. no. It was still slightly warm from his plate. Her hands came up and he caught .” He straightened and went to the far side of the fridge. and nibbling along her thigh. “I thought you might not be able to stay still. She had never responded to any one the way she had to him from practically the minute she’d seen him. Or be quiet. tongue.” he told her. She’d been tr ying to figure it out all day. she watch ed him kiss the inside of her right knee. catching her wrists. as he secured it b ehind her head. protests muffled.” Her jaw fell open in shock and he slipped the soft ball between her lips. licking. and teeth did a craz y seductive combination of nuzzling. She didn’t understand their connection. “Cuffs and a gag. As his fingers massaged her inner thighs. She shook her head. “Oh. His lips. “What are thos e?” she frowned. When he stopped just short of her pussy. No one had ever done any of what Quincy had d one to her. she did n’t think she’d be able to concentrate much in the near future. In a daze.

sh e snapped her legs shut. I’ll satisfy you. You know that when I seduce you. I do it because it feels right. To know that I’m fully responsible for her pleasure.” he said quietly. “Because that’s what most people think.” She trembled as his hands circled her upper arms and stroked up and down.” His hands went to her shoulders. wrapping the s oft leather around them before latching them behind her back. Others do it once for a thrill and that’s all they want.secured it behind her head. De bbie. Glaring at him. his hands planted on either side of her hips. “W hat’s really got you upset? The fact that someone else is in charge?” He leaned towa rd her. “To have a submissive trust me completely.” Her gaze sought his eyes and she found the truth in the dark . stop. Her hands came up and he caught them. Unless they’re actual ly doing it. Be honest with yourself. Some play at it to spice things up in their relationship. How did he know ? “I know. Because you trust me. “Or her pain. “You won’t be able to be quiet o r keep your hands still and you know it. she shook her head vehemently. “I d on’t do it for spice or thrill. “Oh. Not for spice or thrill .” His mouth bit slightly on her ear lobe and she moaned.” Furious.” Debbie inhaled swiftly and leaned back slightly to see his face. You want this. “The fact that it really aro uses you and all you’ve heard about bondage and submission is that only perverts d o it? And you’re scared that liking everything I’m doing to you makes you a pervert.” he shook his head. and then you can be honest with me. but because it feels right.

Slowly. You certainly don’t cop an attitude with me. “This has be en a lot thrown at you on top of everything else. U nless you’re sick or hurt. “Shh. She nodded. Taking a deep breath. even before h e’d been assigned as her protector. On all levels. What had he said? She remembered the parts about automatically obeying him in public and getting behind him in elevat ors as she’d done earlier. you don’t deny me. What the hell else had he said? “You don’t argue with me. “I’ve probably done everything wrong with you that I could.” He paused and frowned. The rules. You certainly acted like it. She’d hardly been paying attention because her body had been trying to unde rstand what he’d done to her and put on her.” he murmured. The hard look in Quincy’s eyes softened slightly. fear that she’d screwed up agai n racing through her. He was righ t.” she whispered. Debbie held her breath. his thumb brushing over her lips.” His lips firmed. hasn’t it?” The knot in her stomac h loosened slightly and she nodded. eyes on his face. “It’s .Her gaze sought his eyes and she found the truth in the dark depths.” “No. “Shall I go over the rules from this morning again?” Debbie didn’t move. he raised his hands and removed the gag. “I thought you under stood fully. “Good. she exhaled slowly and f elt something settle inside her. Some part of her had understood that last night. That’s a step we skipped over ea rlier because of the conversation in the car. Do you now?” She nodded again.

” she insisted.” “Exactly. Yours is to work for MacLauren. “You were vulnerable after the attack on Serena and then Claire leaving with Paul.” Debbie didn’t know what to think as he stepped awa y and leaned against the other counter. “Quincy. “After everything. unable to believe he was doing this. “Everything you’ve told me and shown me. I’ve rushed you into things that—” “I want this. I shouldn’t have. We act the way we’re supposed to. you think we can just slam on the brakes and act as if nothing has h appened.” he said. I’ve connected with you in ways I didn’t think possible. how the hell can you say that now? In twenty-f our hours. as if she hadn’t spoken. wishing he would release her hands as well so she could wrap her arms around him.” she breathed.” . “We back off. Now he was pulling away from her? After everything they’d done and talked about and…not to mention leaving her on the counte r with her hands behind her back. I’ve learned thing s about myself that blow my mind.” he nodded.not your fault in any way. It’s mine. I know better than this. My job i s to protect you. “S ow things down?” she echoed.” “You’re serious. Everyt hing you’ve done to me —” “We need to slow things down. I took advantage in ways tha t I can’t believe. “So what do you suggest?” she whispered.

thoughts spinning through her head. You just took somethin g beautiful and made it trash. “You’re a tease!” she yelled. wouldn’t believe he was doing thi s. he was clearly of two minds about it. she would think he meant it. you don’t give a shit.” Debbie clenched her jaw. From the look on his face. Fine. No way. Let go of me and don’t ever come near…. With emotion that had been bottled up for years. “Sto p this. One hand caught the back of her head while the other held her wrists at the small of her back. From the erec tion tenting his sweats. “Bullshit. she brought both h er hands up and shoved at his chest. she twisted and kicked out with her legs. “You took what you wanted and for all yo ur spouting about taking care of me.” she replied steadily.” he said firmly. she could play that game and make up the rules as she went as well. “Fine. She couldn’t. She caught him off-guard and he stumbled ba ck a step. “Then uncuff me and get me off my own damn counte r. When he grabbed her wrists. “No shit. .” Now he was clenching his mouth shut as he stretched his arms around her and re leased the cuffs. she charged him.” he stated. As soon as she felt her feet hit the floor. He held her at arm’s length so she couldn’t reach him.” she shook her head. as furious at how easily he held her as the tears streaming down her face. If that’s the way he wanted it. hit ting him everywhere she could reach.” He jerked her toward him.“We have to.

Barely. I don’t know what to do .” She frowned.” she tossed back at him.” she urged. “Debbie. “Quincy. we want the same things. The master stuff during sex is one thing.” “For starters. Couples do that. They tell each other about how they grew up and what they like to do and…” “That’s what you were doing.head while the other held her wrists at the small of her back.” he ground out. I’m feeling things with you that I…” he g rimaced. I know that. I want us! I want something real and d eep. not just sex and physical hunger. Not at me like I’m a child. but it never went beyond the s cene. raking through his hair befo re resting on the counter behind him. “I want something that lasts. That’s why I said we should back off and take it slow. but for other stuf f we have to talk and decide together. Talk to me.” He nodded and she pressed a . “At least those I’ve seen go beyond a few months do. “I am thinking of y ou. “I’ve never felt before. you can’t decide everything all on your own.” she advised. “Talk with me.” The hand at her head left her. that’s t otally different. realizing ho w few couples she really knew. could I fuck thi s up anymore?” “Let’s not ask questions like that. groaning and rolling his eyes.” he whispered. I’ve had subs before. “If there’s danger.” He opened his mouth and she shook her head. Don’t just arbitrarily decide on how t hings will be. not a damn flash in the pan that f izzles out at the first sign of problems. then you have to talk with me. The throbbing cock pressing against her stomach was a serious distraction but sh e managed to focus. “God. “If you want us. I’ve never had anything like this and I don’t want to screw it up.

I know that. “Baby.” “Anything.” Debbie blinked as those words registered.” “And Brody Custis?” s he whispered. “Yeah. h e was riding me about us anyway and I didn’t appreciate him questioning me like th at.” Visible relief showed on his face and his arms wrapped around her. Just one thing. About dinner and getting a good night’s sleep. “Of course.” she swallowed.” He nodded and she pressed a quick kiss to the bot tom of his throat. “Maybe you were right earlier. “Is this how you felt when you closed the bathroom door? Like you’d dam n near lost everything?” “Until you knocked on it. I’m not sure…” “At least until midnight. pressing a kiss over h is heart.” she murmured. his mouth twisting slightly. voice low. he’s a dominant also.totally different. “Maybe. That you were going to call Ben and have him assign someone else.” he nodded.” she nodded. Ben Hancock is a…” she snapped her mouth shut with an audible click. “I was scared to death that you wouldn’t want to be with me.” Quincy told her. “You mean. “Then you can show me you idea of a midnight snack. I think we’ve both been put through the wringer.” “Just hold you?” he fro ned. not sure if she cared or .” “I damn near killed Ben when h e suggested that today. “Hold me tonight.

“They’re just normal people who like som ething a little different when it comes to sex. you go on and get in bed.” he sm iled. did I?” “Nothing broken. “Oh.” **** Q uincy didn’t take more than five minutes to secure the apartment and take care of his own needs in the bathroom. If we don’t kill each other by Friday. s he looked absolutely perfect to him. “I don’t believe this. but I didn’t hurt you when I hit you. Carefully. Everything I thought I knew is being turned upside-down. I’ll double-check everything and be there in a few minutes. I barely blocked it.” he assured her.” he sighed.” she closed her eyes. “This is probably a stupid question. he immedi ately saw that she was already asleep. “I’ve ne ver thought of myself as normal.” “People into this are not perverts. He’d never had anyone like her in his life. In the pale light from the bathroom night-light. it will be a miracle. he lifted the covers and slid in next to her. She hadn’t had a problem wi th him being half-Sioux. my God.” h e told her. She hadn’t hesitated to say that he couldn’t have done anything to deserve a court-martial. he gazed down at her. facing the door. Instead she’d .not when he nodded. moving his jaw around. When he walked into her bedroom though. Curled up on her side. “You’ve got a good right hook. hands gently stroking her back.” “You’ll fit in fine. “Okay.” “Do I still fit in?” she smiled.

At least. but no personal experience and… . babe. It took two breaths to know that he had to have his snack. she tried to say his name. not sure if she was dreaming or awake. the neighbors might complain about that. Quincy knew two things—it was nearly midnight and Debbie was curled up next t o him.” Oral sex. he curled himself around her body and closed his eyes. Sliding an arm und er her head. Holy crap! “Shh. Someone was stroking her legs. That’s when she realized that she was gagged and her hands were bound and s ecured over her head. Instead she’d mentioned how they’d bot h come from poor backgrounds and pulled themselves out of it. “Quincy?” she murmured. Waking up la ter. **** Debbie sighed.” he whispered. She wasn’t exactly going to win any awards for being quiet. right up to her pussy. she had a vague idea of what he was going to do. sl ow caresses along the inside of her thighs. but not quite touching it. She opened her eyes and realized she was blindfolded. shifting his body. “Now. she nodd ed. Yeah. I’m going to have my midnight snack.” Swallowing around the ball gag. And he knew ju st how he wanted it. “I didn’t think the neighbors would appreciate hearing you as you orgasmed. Long.hadn’t had a problem with him being half-Sioux. the thought flashed in her mind. He was going to… Well. And that same someone was leisurely kissing her breasts.

His thumb flicked back and forth over her clit and fire built up inside her. The thought struck her. The pressure inside her increased and her fingers clutched at the leather strap securing her. hooking up to press against her nerv es. She gasped. For all she knew. to not give in to the rising urg ency to explode. His finger s—she had no idea how many—slid into her pussy. Whimpering. “Don’t come until I give you permission. he had lights shining down right there so he could see her. She had no idea if the lights were on or not. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and she sighed in relief . Debbie held her breath wondering what he was going to do. “Be a good girl and keep your legs the re. she shook her head. wet with her own juices.personal experience and… His mouth began kissing where his fingers had been stroki ng her earlier. she tried to hold on. trying to breathe normally. His tongue pressed into he r before he sucked on her clit. Desperate. And felt one finger. Debbie closed her eyes as she felt the heat form a tight spiral deep in her core. Quincy’s thumbs parted her folds and his tongue began la pping at her dripping pussy. His hands lifted and parted her thighs so they were nearly perpe ndicular from her hips. Debbie trembled. totally vulnerable.” he murmured. push against her anus. then moaned.” Completely exposed. even if he couldn’t see in the dark. She twisted slightly and his hands pushed her le gs until her knees were near her shoulders. not sure if she .

his palm went under her butt. then his cock was pressing into her pussy. He was rel entless though. The finger in h er ass twisted slightly and ratcheted the friction. Come for me hard. She whimpered. determined to obey him and not orgasm until he gave permission.” His mouth nuzzled the side of her neck and worked its way t o . feeling two on each cheek. she let her body soar. she realized. frantic to hold back. She felt control slipping an d the orgasm build rapidly. As his finger slid completely into her as s. “Come for me. nibbling on her clit to give her a second orgasm fast on the hee ls of the first. But it was growing harder with everything he did! His mouth moved and now he focused on her pussy. The thought of that long thick finger inside her aroused her. all combined to drive her crazy. She was on the e dge. baby. tongue and teeth. “So fucking hot. Her pussy tried to tighten around him as he thrust in and out. Then he said the welcome words . Her thighs trem bled as she tried to hold them up as he’d told her. She felt his body shift . His middle finger.” Released. his hands on her hips to lift them. Benea th the gag. His mouth clamped down on her clit and tugged. She was his and wanted him to lose himself in her the way she just had . She could do nothing else and wanted to do noth ing else. her hips wriggled.” he m oaned. “So damn wet. On th eir own. Lips. She floated as the euphoria filled her.was excited or bashful at the thought. she accepted his lust. Panting. she shouted as sensations of need shot through her.

He lifted off of her and she heard the switch of the lamp. mouth on the other nipple. “So submissiv e to what I want for sex and so smart outside the bedroom. He pulled out and held still. drawn-out grunt as his seed rushed into her. She felt his forearms tremble along the sides of her head. Her walls clamped hard on his cock a s it drove into her. Could a man ask for m ore?” “Could a woman ask for more?” she wondered in reply. “How did I get so lucky?” He murmured something she didn’t understand and nuzzl ed against her neck. his cock barely inside her. Remembering what he’d said about how tight her pussy was. D ebbie moaned beneath the gag. As tight a nd hard as you can. hips flexing w ith each pulse of pleasure. delighted by his reactio n.” he whispered. He thrust back in and she squeezed her muscles with everything she could. I love fucking you. one hand finding the release to her gag. Quincy collapsed on top of her. That feels so damn good!” She nodded. she focused on that part of her body. “Do that again. “A hot man taking care of her in and out of the bedroom?’ She sighed and pressed a kiss against his sweaty shou lders. “God.” Another flick of his wrist and her hands were free. Pinned beneath him. Her legs splayed on either side of him as he caught his breath. covered with sweat from his exertions. Great Spirit.” he shuddered. Debbie reveled i n the feel of his heavy body. The bed jolted and he st iffened with a long.His mouth nuzzled the side of her neck and worked its way to suck on a breast. “Oh. “You are so dam n perfect for me. Her blindfold came off and she saw his dark shadowy .

Rolling to his side. one hand caressing her b ack in long. Her blindfold came off and she saw his dark shadowy profile.” he told her. slow strokes.” She opened her mouth to argue. “I have you. babe. but his mouth covered hers and she forgot what she wa s going to say.the lamp. “I’m the lucky one. he held her close. He had le ft the bathroom night light on. . Body sated. she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

and push of Tuesday. rush. “At least someone has a home. After the initial fall-out. not caring at the looks they were getting as ot her people filed past them “Yeah. In de ep conversation with Keith. neither saw. And everyone at MC realized just what the effects were. Debbie was at her desk or in meeting s from the second she stepped into the building at eight in the morning until ni ne that night.” Quincy felt Debbie’s shoulders rise and fall in a shrug before she lifted her he ad. things started settling down. closing her eyes. “I’m starting to understand why you did. babe?” he murmured.” Penny’s waspish voice came . “You never call the apartment hom e.” she sighed. well. that’s good. “Yeah.Chapter Ten Quincy was grateful for the busyness of Wednesday.” Quincy was surprised by the wistful expr ession on the PR assistant’s face and sent a quick glance to Paul and David. “Ready to go home?” “Home ?” Claire’s voice came from the doorway to the hall.” was all Claire sai d. Thoughts of dominating her in bed faded when she finally walked o ut of Keith MacLauren’s office after a late meeting and practically collapsed in h is arms. “Tired.

“Is there a pro blem?” “Just wondering if you could use another hand or two in Programming. “I’m a big girl. so to speak.” Quincy nodded. “Plea se. but…he shrugged. Keith stared at him.” Forget th e pin dropping. “I would hate to get you in a foul mood.” . he saw it in her eyes before she nodded. “Why nothi ng at all. “It’s just you’re in the line of fire.” Quincy told her. really bad mood if you’d like. and I do n’t want you to have to deal with it if you didn’t cause it. Quincy figured you could have heard an ant crawl across the carp et in the sudden quiet.” “Uh-huh. then back. glanced at Ben’s dumbfounded expressi on. At l east.” Penny’s waspish voice came from Keith’s office door. Glancing at Debb ie. “Or is he always thi s incredibly charming and polite?” “I could get him in a really.” she shook her head.” She rolled her eyes. I can take care of myself. He hadn’t had a chance all day to ask Keith and these sure as hell weren’t the surroundings or the people he would have wanted.” she smiled sweetly at him. “What is that supposed to mean?” demanded Ben from his position at Serena’s desk.” She looked at Quincy.” She leaned against the credenza and waved her hand. I’m assuming this is your good side. “Now or when…” “Now is good. “Keith?” “Yeah?” The weary-looking CEO glanced up.“At least someone has a home. “Fire away.

“Now is good.” “God dammit, Quincy!” Ben exploded. “I should have reassigned someone else yesterday when….” “No,” Debbie yelled. “I don’t want anyone protecting me but Quincy.” “He’s nvolved and that…” “Means he’s even more alert and aware of what’s going on to make sure I’m safe,” she fired back, turning to face him. She stepped back against Quincy who p ut his hands on her shoulders. “Even if it’s just Brody Custis in the elevator.” Quinc y managed not to laugh at the expression on the faces of Ben, Keith, Paul and Da vid. Debbie couldn’t have aimed better. All four were stunned at her tone of voice and the implications. Keith swallowed. “So you don’t mind if Quincy splits his time , so to speak?” “I’ve been bouncing ideas off him already,” she said. “Keith, he saved at least fifty man-hours yesterday and the same today. You might as well put him on the payroll.” She leaned forward slightly. “Everyone on my team likes him. Make him a comanager with me…” “No,” Quincy shook his head, hands rubbing her upper arms. “Those a re your projects, babe. You and Keith need to focus on those.” “But you’re practically leading now and…” “We can assign other projects in the new year,” Keith nodded, coming toward them, hand extended. “You sure you’re ready for this craziness?”

“It’s not the mountains of Afghanistan,” Quincy smiled, right hand moving. His left ar m tightened around Debbie’s waist. “I can handle it.” Across the room, Ben muttered un der his breath. Penny had a gleam in her eye. Quincy saw the lawyers glance at C laire, who whirled around and out of sight. The thud of her footsteps faded down the hallway. “Claire?” Debbie whispered, her eyes hurling accusatory bolts at Paul and David. “What are you two doing to her?” “Debbie, not here,” Quincy whispered. Penny’s interest was aroused immediately. “The two of them…” she echoed. “It didn’t occur to you t hat she might be worried about Serena coming home tonight to the apartment she w as attacked in?” Paul tossed back. “And being alone?” “Oh, God,” Debbie groaned, closing h er eyes and sagging back against Quincy. “Serena. I’ve got to call her.” Pulling her c ell phone out, she moved to the doorway Claire had been in. Quincy saw what he t hought was pain and heartache in Keith’s expression before the CEO recovered himse lf. “Get her home,” he said quietly. “Make sure she’s getting enough rest.” “Pot meet kettle ,” Quincy replied. “Kettle being ready to fall over on his feet,” Penny chimed in from behind them. “Keith, will you please leave the office with the rest of us tonight ?”

“I’ll leave eventually,” Keith shook his head. “Quincy?” “I’ll take care of her,” he promised od,” Keith murmured. “She would want that.” Quincy frowned as the CEO turned around an d reentered his office. Penny turned to follow him. “Not going to give me two week s’ notice?” Ben snipped. “If I tried, you’d refuse and fire me,” Quincy replied. “Damn strai ght,” he glared. “You’ve known her forty-eight hours, Quince. And…” “I’d like to spend more t an that with her every couple months.” His former commanding officer stared at him . “You’re fucking serious,” he frowned, as if trying to understand it. “In two days —” “Ben, on’t go there,” warned Quincy. “I’m not going to try to explain it to you or anyone else .” Hancock glanced into MacLauren’s office then back at him. “How serious is this?” he a sked in a low voice. “I mean, if you just want to play for a couple months and the n…” “I’m taking her to the Club on Friday,” Quincy told him. Silence filled the room as Be n, Paul and David—all three dominants—absorbed that statement. “Yeah, it’s pretty damn s erious.” “Everyone always said you’d either be the first or the last to fall,” Ben mutte red, shaking his head. “That depends on how you look at it,” he replied with a shrug as Debbie came back in. “Serena all right?”

as Debbie came back in. “Serena all right?” “She’s drained and Claire got in the elevato r,” Debbie replied, going to Keith’s door. “Which one? Resident or business?” Paul frown ed. “I couldn’t tell,” Debbie glared at them. “Why are you doing this to her?” Paul and Da vid swore and took off. “Well, that’s something at least,” Debbie shook her head and w ent to Keith’s door. “Excuse me, Keith, but Serena said she could be in tomorrow if you wanted her to be. All you have to do is call.” Quincy couldn’t hear Keith’s reply, but Debbie nodded. “All right. I’ll go make sure Quincy eats food before he starts gnawing on the furniture. Good night.” There was a short bark of laughter from Kei th before he replied with a good night. Quincy gave her a droll look as he wrapp ed her coat around her shoulders. Putting his arm around her to tuck her against his side, he started for the door. “Actually, babe, I was thinking about a small snack,” he murmured as they left the outer office. “Quincy,” she squealed as he nibble d on her ear. “Gnawing on the furniture?” he murmured as he pushed the elevator butt on. “You know damn well I wouldn’t do that.” “I was trying to get a smile from Keith,” she explained, burrowing under his coat. “You should have seen his face when I said a ll he had to do was call Serena and she’d be in.” Shaking her head, she looked up at him. “I’ve never seen anyone look as if it was the one thing they wanted more than anything else in the world, and the one thing they couldn’t have.”

world.” he nodded. her cheek muscles tightened around the plug he’d put in he r that morning. being the clever man that he was. “I’ll let this one go. “Yeah. deep kiss. And the plug had .” The doors slid open and she stumbled forward. babe. Leaning against the wall. So. O bviously he was more concerned about his. Reflexively. It made sense— she was pretty sure there were a lot more things to worry about.” s he muttered as he caught her. he ha d teased her clit and pussy until she had gasped. her sp hincter muscle had refused to relax. The harness from Tuesday had been placed around her waist. The night he was going to take her to his sex club.” he told her. he pulled her to hi m. he’d placed a we ll-lubed one-inch long and half-inch thick butt plug into her. and. “Leftovers?” “Think we have enough from last night?” she wondered. pushing the button for the garage. Friday. as she’d spread her legs wide and rested her upper body on the bed. Naturally. Beyond the fact that he was going to fuc k her ass.” h e smiled.” “Don’t apologize to t he man who’s responsible for not letting you sleep through the night. “Sorry. Thursday was her night for clubbing. “All right. “You going to be all right for Friday?” **** Debbie closed her eyes.” Quincy felt the shaft tremble as the e levator approached their floor and gave her a quick. and the one thing they couldn’t have. “Guess I’m more tired than I thought.

flushing at the memory of his last “snack”. “I’ll be with you. As she’d found out on the way in. “I’ll have to take care of that to make sure you get a very good night’s sleep. He lifted her in and went around. “I’ve been on edge in more ways than one. “There are certain rules that a submissive is to follow . “What about them?” he asked.” he told her.” “To make sure I don’t mess up?” “It will keep you safe. babe. “What about dominants?” she wondered. .” she smiled as the elevator doors opened and he pulled her out into the garage.” he nodde d.” “Well. “I think tonight I’ll start teachi you to be ready for then. “I’m not sure how I survived today.” “And still have a snack?” she wondered.” s he sighed.” he replied.slid right in. Oh. “We’ll see. One strap had gone from the back.” he nodded.” his deep voice rumbled in he r ear as his hands stroked her back under her coat. looped through the circle at th e end of the plug and then split to be secured in the front. But that wasn’t enoug h for her sexual master. “I don’t want you sore for Friday. “I’ll be safe. raising t he remote to unlock the doors.” “Sore? I…” “It can happen. all three vibrated wi th a click of the remote he kept in his pocket. no! He’d decided that she should have Tuesday’s dildo i n as well as the clit cup.

but he pulled it out now. Why the hell would I let someone else fuck you?” “I’m s orry. turning on the seat. “Would you give pe rmission?” Inserting the key in the ignition. He lifted her in and went around.” she gasped. “I ought to spank you until you can’t sit down for asking that question . What if he answered in a way she couldn’t handle? What the hell was she going to do then? She had to ask. he pulled her closer. Then came the cuffs to secure her . Quincy froze and turned his head to look at her.the doors. “Or join us just because they wanted to? Or spank me or—” “No. “I damn near took the head off of a man I would die for when he sugge sted someone else protect you.” he growled. no one would be allowed to touch you or join us without my permission. but I’m talking about—” “No one would be able to touch me besides you. feeling doubt creep in for the first time.” That floor ed her. “You’ve never said anything. Was he thinking about letting someone touch her? Or fuck her? Or punish her? She stared at him. right?” she press ed. “Aren’t there rules for them as well?” “Yes . The left hand pushed the ball past her lips and quickly secured it arou nd her head. “And would…” she sw allowed. stunned at his explosion. You defended Paul and David for sharing Claire and…” She had had no idea he’d had the gag in his p ocket. pulling back against the door. Reaching out with his right hand.

secured it around her head. You are not to come. Pulling the belt tightly over her waist. her body jol ted off the seat. “You’re mine. She . He set her firmly in her seat. I will release your h ands long enough for you to take off every piece of clothing before I spank you. she nodded. little one.” Her eyes widened as she watc hed his thumb move on the remote. Then came the cuffs to secure her hands behind her b ack. Helpless. Debbie. he leaned over her. Sh e looked up and saw the gleam in his eyes. She closed her eyes and moaned. Immediately. His chuckle was low and promised wicked things. “Oh.” He held the remote in front of her eye s. “And then. he wouldn’t. Almost immediately. do y ou understand me?” Gulping. “I’m going to keep these going on you all the way home. Understand?” Swallowing again. the vibrations began. she writhed as the toys had their way with her most sensitive nerves. right ha nd cupping her jaw. Your punishment starts now. fuck you. “And when we get home. she nodded. No one will ever have my permission to tou ch you. or punish you in anyway. The longer you hold it back. the more pleased I will be. slid it as far back as he could and reclined the back. Oh. like last night.” Her gaze flew to the hand holding the remote and watched in shock as he pushed it relentlessly to the max.” His thumb stroked over the ball in her mouth. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t help but orgasm. yes. “Good. “I want to see how long you can hold out now. Her body was hyper-sensitive to the slightest touch and alr eady the orgasm was building.” She shook her head.

We’ve got the rest of our lives for me to train you. He really wanted her. babe. “It’s all right. Fury had roared through him and only experience had kept him from yanking her over his lap and spanking her righ t there in the parking lot. “Mmm. quickly followed by the t hird. He wasn’t going to let anyone else touch her in any way. What am I going to do about that mouth of yours. Debbie. For both of them. she just looked up at him. she focused on those five words. The toys were a better punishment. Her cry was only slightly muffled as her entire body s pasmed.” he murmured. bending over her. He s miled gently and kissed her forehead. He wanted her for the rest of their lives. How the hell was she able to flip his switches like that? He knew h e shouldn’t have reacted. **** Quincy tapped the steering wheel. though? It keeps getting you into trouble. but her thinking that because he hadn’t condemned Paul and David meant that he would share her had stung. s he relaxed her body. Mercifully. With a sigh. even as he kept his eyes moving. Moaning. hoping that would work.” Debbie closed her eyes as he straightened and started the engine. You do try so hard to obey my o rders. As the toys continued their teasing.started counting. she panted as the next one swept her. “I could watch you come all day.” Struggling for breath. but she had hit only five when the fir st crest overwhelmed her. The rest of our lives. She was kept at a fever-pitch and . he decreased the vibrations to half-strength.

punishment. For both of them. She was kept at a fever-pitch and he was tormented with knowing how hot and ready she was. When they got home, he was going to spa nk her, hard, and then make sure she fully understood a few absolutes in their r elationship. After parking the truck, he removed the gag, raised her seat, and r eleased her hands. “You’ve been good so far and I’m not as angry as I was, but…” he held u p a finger in front of her face. “I am still going to spank you when we get home. I will then explain a few things. Understand?” “Yes, master,” she whispered. “I’m sorry. I don’t know if I could trust another man or woman to do to me what you do.” “I underst and that,” he nodded. “Your trust in me is what makes this relationship work. If som eone else does touch you, it will not be with my permission. We clear on that?” “Yes , master,” she nodded, smiling slightly. “We seem to go two steps forward, one step back, don’t we?” He nodded, holding her to him. “But we at least keep going forward.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Ready to walk home?” She swallowed. “Sure.” He chuckled. “You’ll be fine.” “Easy for you to say,” she muttered as he opened his door. “You’r not the one with toys vibrating.” He ignored her comment and went around to her d oor. Debbie curled her body into his and took it one step at a time. The stairs of the brownstone were hard because of the way the

The stairs of the brownstone were hard because of the way the toys pressed into her as she mounted the steps. Next time she was going to live on the ground floo r. Quincy put the key in and glanced down at her. “You remember what to do as soon as you get inside?” She nodded. Strip off everything but the harness so he could spank her. He pushed the door open and she waited in the hall for him to check t he apartment. Silently, he came back to her. Pulling her in, he put her just ins ide the door as he bolted it. Without hesitating or moving further into the apar tment, she took her coat off and put it on the hook, before taking off her lowqu arter boots. Not moving from where he had put her, she removed her clothes and p iled them on the boots. After securing the door, Quincy removed his coat and pul led off his boots and watched her strip. Naked, she looked at him, not sure wher e he wanted her. The intense expression on his face had electricity zipping thro ugh her body. First he put the cuffs on her, securing her hands behind her back. He gagged her next, carefully checking to make sure her hair wasn’t caught in the strap. Then, as she stood by the door, he went to the stereo, changed a CD and turned it on. It was a New Age band with an erotic theme to their music. The vol ume wasn’t obnoxiously loud, but it would mask most sounds they made. That thought had her trembling. He turned the lever for the gas fireplace and stood. Turning to look at her, he pulled his sweater over his head and tossed it toward her pi le of clothes. As her gaze went over the

muscles rippling with each movement, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped and unbutto ned and, in one action, shoved his pants and boxers down his legs. His cock jutt ed out, hard and ready to go wherever he wanted it. With deliberate steps, he ca me to her, towering over her. Still without a word, he took the blindfold from t he side table and rendered her completely helpless. He stepped away and she shiv ered at the loss of his body heat. She heard him moving about the apartment but couldn’t tell if he stayed in the living room or went in a bedroom. Foil ripped an d anticipation flashed through her knowing that he was putting a condom on. His long fingers gripped her upper arm as he took her into the living room. She stum bled slightly, then found her hips pressed against something. She thought it was the chair near the fireplace as she felt the heat on the left side of her face. Her upper body was pressed forward and down until her head rested on what she w as sure were the throw pillows from the sofa. Her legs were adjusted until they were as far apart as possible. “Remember, little one,” he whispered, one hand stroki ng her back. “Do not come unless I give you permission.” She nodded and his hand gri pped hers in a reassuring squeeze. “I want you to be fully aware of why I’m spanking you. I’m spanking you for doubting me. I’m spanking you to remind you that I am you r master. No one else will ever do this. Any more than anyone else will ever fuc k you as I will when I’m finished spanking you. Understand?” She nodded again. “The to ys will stay on.” She

whimpered. “Oh, no, little one. Part of this is to see how long you can control yo urself.” One hand lifted her bound wrists, forcing her up onto her toes and her he ad further against the pillows. The other hand came down on the slight curve of her left ass cheek. Then her right. Back and forth until she was sure her ass wa s hotter than the fire in the hearth. But not hotter than the tight coil in her belly. A spanking as foreplay would have seemed outrageous Monday afternoon. Now , after just two days with Quincy, she almost welcomed it. He was making sure sh e understood that she was his. His to protect. His to seduce. His to satisfy. Hi s to dominate in any way he wanted. Because she trusted him. Her legs buckled sl ightly and she writhed against the chair she was bent over. Letting her hands fa ll to her back, his fingers worked on the harness. She felt the toys shut off ju st before they were pulled from her. From the soft thump near her head, she real ized he’d dropped them there. His hands gripped her hips, lifted her feet off the floor and held her in the air for a moment. Hold still, she told herself. Hold s till, don’t wriggle. It was so hard! She knew that his cock was near and she wante d that cock inside her! She gasped behind the gag as she felt the tip of him jus t outside her anus. Trust him, she thought. He won’t until you’re ready. Taking a de ep breath, she forced her muscles to relax. Then felt him move lower, to her pus sy. The next instant, he was balls deep inside her. His heavy upper body partial ly rested on hers. She could feel his breath in her ear.

Understand?” She nodded eagerly. As his release pumped into her. “Such a good girl in taking your punis hment. “Such a good girl. filling her. “I couldn’t have described the perfect submissive for me until you. she was ready to arch back. He gently bit her ear. she was writhing against the pillows. “Christ!” he ground out. He cradled her. she stayed where she was a s he removed the . Panting. her teeth were clamping around the ball gag. Ten! She let go of her control but clamped her walls around his cock at the next thrust. “Now. just as I’ll do the same for you…” “But it’s still perfect. I’m going to fuck my good girl. My good girl. “Good girl. The frict ion as he moved into her sent her flying. you might driv e me crazy at times. eyes squeezed tight b ehind the blindfold.” he whispered. By five. making her want more. pulling out of her. “Yes.” she murmur ed. she sighed. their bod ies bent double.” he murmured.” Pleasure at his approval fille d her. screaming in sa tisfaction. Then you can come. She could feel his breath in her ear.” She’d had no idea how hard waitin g ten times would be. blindfold and cuffs. By the second. By eight. “Absolutely. Her torso arced up off the pillows and even the gag couldn’t silence her cry. gradually removing the gag. I want my good girl to wait until I’ve th rust ten times. Each thrust was hard and deep. collapsing against the pillows.hers. rubbing her ch eek against his.” he nodded.

he tucked her in. “I’ll get us something to eat. understand?” Relaxing. she stayed where she was as he removed the condom and threw it in the t rash. With a warm washcloth. She had found incredible sexual sa tisfaction by letting Quincy do what he wanted. “Yeah. Carrying her to the bed. she tried to get control of her trembling limbs and moved forward.” “I sho uld…” she shook her head. She trusted him completely. smoothing back the tendrils that clung to her sweaty face. Helping her straighten. he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom .” he whispered. she smiled. in forty-eight hours. She had pent-up frust rations from having to deal with everything. And now. Taking a deep br eath. but held his hand to her cheek. including trying to understand her own feelings toward sex.” he smiled. “Try to stay awake until I get back.” he whispered. that’s okay. “Stay here. “Shh. “Taking care of his submissive is something this master will do. she had been reeling from the swiftness of t he terminations at work. she had the support and protection of a man whose sole focus was her. he tenderly cleaned her and soothed her still smarting ass. she hugged the pillow to her chest. Obvious ly she had wanted him from first sight.Panting. She smiled. followed by the attack on Serena. slipping out of bed and grabbing onto the foot railing. . Two days ago. “Can I go to the bathroom?” The corner of his mouth crooked up.” Alone in her room.

Now. and flushed skin. . kiss-swollen lips. Did that mean Claire was spanked? Or Sere na? Given what she was learning… No. She’d wanted someone to satisfy her that way. She just hadn’t wanted to admit it. She’d known that Paul called all the shots. She frowned as she sat on the toile t. she wasn’t going there. Flushing the toilet. He’d been so right about her being jealous about Claire with Paul and Serena’s my stery lover. She couldn’t wait to see what the next forty-eight hours brought. The difference was amazing. Monday morning she had been frustrated and scared. Now? She looked aliv e with sparkling eyes. sh e washed her hands and face before gazing at her reflection.otherwise she wouldn’t have let him spank her. but hadn’t thought it might b e like what Quincy was doing with her. life was fantas tic.

the two wineglasses on the ir sides and tucked the napkins and flatware in the side pocket. babe . Her hands straightened the wineglasses and he poured. “I know you’re tired.” She no dded as he put the tray over her thighs. there are some permanent dominants and about two dozen . he put the wine bottle under his arm. “And the dominants?” “Obviously they have more freedom. moving to the bed. she pushed herself upright and looked at hi m. “What do I do when we go to your club?” “Two main things—keep your eyes down and stay where I tell you.Chapter Eleven Quincy put the two plates on the tray. I will make sure you’re in a safe place o r with someone I trust not to touch you and keep others from touching you. then fallen asleep. After loosening the cork. “Still hungry?” he asked. Debbie had piled up the pillows for them t o sit back against. picked up the tray and headed t o the bedroom. sitti ng on the bed while letting his left foot rest on the floor. but you still need to eat. Her eyes flickered open and she gave him a sleepy smile. If I leave your side. “As I told you. At the door he smiled.” Nodding.” he smiled.

” He could practically hear the wheels of her mind spinning. The subs are in light gray or blue and wear silver collars. The main exception w ould . can they?” “No. The founder was English.” he nodded. “Dominants are forbidden from doing any p ermanent damage to a slave that isn’t theirs. eyes rounding. “What…” she swall owed. and slaves. It won’t be too hard to pick them out.” “What do you mean ?” “The Club submissives can refuse a dominant if they want. they can’t.” he smiled. “What do they do at the club?” “Doms take care of any member who wants a submiss ive experience. The subs are avail able to any member who wants a dominant experience if they agree. he wondered if she was ready for the p ublic areas of the Club. brown. She ate two bites. “There are booths and tables like any bar. “They are also not to touch a submissive that isn’t theirs. subs. Briefly.there are some permanent dominants and about two dozen submissives or slaves in the club. “And the slaves? They can’t refuse a nything.” He saw the color drain from her face. She might feel better if he explained that.” She nodded and he could tell she was slightly reassured. “The pub area of the Club is like an English tavern. Paneled walls and such.” “Naked?” she whispered. They also train other Doms. The dominant may want a scene that they don’t so the submissive can refuse. or navy. The slaves are naked with black leather collars. The Doms are in black.

” He took a large bite and swallowed. Completely private and sound insulated. Reaching out he cupped her jaw. “I’ve booked one for Friday night. show you off. They contain bedrooms. f ully equipped playrooms. “I’ve asked for a special spanking bench.booths and tables like any bar.” “In the pub?” she breathed. then take you to our own room. That’s the first two or thre e floors. I can secure you. Getting back on the bed. spank you—because we both know you’ll do something to de serve a spanking—then…” he put his hands on either side of . She pressed back aga inst the pillows. I can tak e you to the bar. “Just think of it.” He put the winegla sses on the nightstand before putting the tray on the floor.” He raised his wineglass and gave her a knowing look. He could see her eyes dilating and hear her breath come fast a nd shallow. and bathrooms.” When she turned beet r ed. There are several floors with private suites. There are rooms where a master can publicly d iscipline or fuck a sub or slave. T he dominants or masters are usually in leather or loose silk pants. Most masters use those two rooms to show off their subs or slaves.” H e waggled his brows at her. he laughed. The main exception would probably be that subs a re in various stages of dress or bondage and the slaves are pretty much naked. babe. “Pants that are easy to drop so we can fuc k our subs or slaves whenever we want. Debbie was slowly eating. “That doesn’t usually happen there. put a dildo in that hot pussy of yours. “Or in the dining room. “Those double as teaching rooms as well. he pulled her legs straight and straddled her thighs.” he admitted.

“I told you. wh en you’re begging me. catching her wrist. “Don’t argue with me on this. then I can’t do them then. Her hand came up and wrapped around his cock. “To make sure his every need was met. I can fuck that tight little ass of yours. He could see the internal struggle before she finally sighed and nodded. “What do you want. the innocent a ct not fooling him for one second. he caught both her wrists and stretched them over her head.” H e could see the arguments in her eyes.” she said. The anticipation will be more than worth it.” he groaned .” Her eyelids flutte red closed and she moaned. “Please. “You’re really trying to earn that spanking on Friday. I want you to take it easy fo r a couple of days.” She was already shaking her head.” Gritting h is teeth. “Please. “Am I going to have to bind you while we sleep to get you to behave?” “I thought a submissive took care of her dominant. aren’t you?” . “What do you say?” “Yes.” she sighed. “Then.” she murmured.” she whispered. Her eyes flew open. I have a number of things planned for Friday and if you’re sore from my fuc king now. babe?” “For you to do what you want to me. master.” “Not yet.” he smiled. sitting back on his heels. babe. D ebbie. “Do I still get to touch you?” “Tease. He lifted his head when she whimpered.her hips and nibbled on her neck. master.

” He heard her go to brush her teeth. sitting up. English muffins. he tightened his grip on her. Smiling. and two steaming mugs of coffee. “I wanted to take care of you. You go to sleep.” he whi spered. She climbed up and sat cross-legged before taking her mug. When the hell had a nyone said that to him? That was the easiest question—never.” she nodded. he pulled her to him and close d his eyes. In her hands was the tray with a large plate of scrambled eggs.” He paused. “Woman. Smiling. “It’s about the extent of my cooking skills. He . “Let me g o put it away. After a moment. “You’re kidding me. she gave up and giggled.“Well. I think we deserve each other. Pulling her into the curve of his body. **** Quincy opened his eyes to see Debbie standing at the s ide of the bed. Kissing the top of her head. the mug at his mouth. hard look.” “Just think of the people we saved in the process.” she quipped. but by the ti me he returned to the bedroom. sound asleep. he turned off all but the bathroom nightlight and cli mbed into bed. snuggling against him.” she smiled as he too k the tray from her. sausage. he exhaled and was asleep almost immediately. I know you’ll feel better if I deserve it. she was curled on her side in the middle of the b ed. “Did you get enough to eat?” “I did.” Quincy gave her a long.

” he said. he was going to make sure she was safe. and a master. Even if he now worked for MacLauren. “The Gray Shadows?” he echoed. They introduced us to the security people and the bartenders who promised to take care of us.” she said. “That’s a rather exclusive club. fork halfway to her mouth.said that to him? That was the easiest question—never. brown eyes shining with contentment on many levels—and knew he had what he’d been so sure he didn’t need or want. paused. “What’s the name?” “The Gray Sha dows. That usually meant she was about to admit something she was embarrassed abou t. a friend. A woman wit h intelligence. She hadn’t put those pieces of the puzzle together yet. “Paul and David took Claire and me a few times for happy hour. forcing himself to focus on the future. and loyalty. That piqued his intere st. picking up a fork and scooping up a large clump of eggs. Cl aire said Paul knew that I liked to go clubbing and that she worried about me. A woman who wanted him as a lover. He made her promise not to be there after nine if he wasn’t with her. He stare d at her as she ate it. wit. A woman in his life. He looked at her—silky black hair falling softly about her shoulders. “Quincy?” “Tell me about this club we’re going to today.” She scooped up more eggs and. How did you start going th ere?” Her mouth twisted and her shoulders dropped slightly. H e knew the owner and security chief at Gray Shadows and that we’d be safe. “Is the Gray Shadows…” . warmth.

All this time. “The son of the Club’s owner came up with the idea. I’ve been an idiot.” Her brown eyes flew to his face and she di dn’t move. reaching out and taking a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. but instead he protected me.” She groaned.” Quincy nodded. shaking her head.” she whispered. Paul. don’t go there.” “He did.way to her mouth. “He could have let me go there in ignorance. Focus on me now. the reason Paul told Claire not to be there without him after ni ne is because many Club dominants go looking for people to seduce after that tim e. my God. “G od. “Is the Gray Shadows…” “Part of the Club?” he finished. “I need to apologize to him. She gasped as he pinched her breast.” he told her. was looking out for you.” “Oh. “After the way I’ve acted toward him. They’re quite aggressive and they know exactly what they’re doing. despite all th e anger you’ve shown him. He was protecting you. paused. “Focus. She h ad to have known and it must’ve killed her not to say anything to me. No one would t ouch Claire because the security detail would know she belongs to Paul.” he squeezed her breast. “You would be a ripe target for them.” she murmured.” she breathed. “Debbie. Thank him. I thought I was protecting her and she and the man I was ranting about were protecting .” She close d her eyes. “And to Claire. “That mea ns Paul and David are and Claire…” “Debbie. But you. He nodded. Members can access a back door in and out. Debbie. swallowi ng the sausage patty whole.

” .” She ga ve him a puzzled look.” Her lips parted slightly and he smiled. maybe I shouldn’t…” “Uh-huh. “We’re going to the Gray Shadows after n ine. “And I am going to fuck you there. when I pull you away from others. “There’s always a chance they could. grimacing. Others prob ably won’t be able to see us.” she whispered.” she sighed.” he leaned forward over the” “Thank you. but.” “All right. There was a little exhibitionist in her after all. “Move the tray to the floor. but the risk of being seen was eno ugh to arouse her.” “Do it quietly. you will know that you h ave permission to come whenever you need to. She would prob ably never want to be on full public viewing.” Setting the tray near the nightstand. “Debbie. “To Paul.” he shook his head. master. “He still protected you.” he advised. I think he might need the reassurance. kneel and put your hands together be hind you. dropping her hea d in submission. pinching her nipple. “Well. she clambered back up and knelt w here he pointed.” “Becau se of David.” he told her.” She raised her head. In a public place.” she snorted. They probably won’t be able to hear us. “So. “Intertwine your fingers and stretch your hands behind you. “I think he and Claire have a few problems to work out. Get back on the bed.

He gazed down at her dark head . He did it to the other and then smiled at the sight.” His free hand went between her shoulders blades as his mouth fastened on a breast. Moving forward. When he fel t the rosy flesh harden in his mouth. he was too damn hot for her to even want to control himself. he was her master. Do not look up. She knew it as well. This is how a submissive sits or kneels at the club. He could see it in her eyes. opening th e nightstand drawer. “I’m going to put someth ing else on your nipples. he guided her to his groin as he sat and straightened out his legs.” he instructed. If he tried that. She was his completely even if she didn’t yet wear his collar. “Very good. he leaned back against the pillows and closed his eyes . She gasped. and he had a hard-on that could fell tr ees in a single blow. She would be permanent ly aroused with those on. he dumped the contents in the palm of his hand. It wasn’t about holding back now. struggling to stay in place. “Master?” Smiling. he stood next to the bed. Pulling out the small pouch. Yes.“Intertwine your fingers and stretch your hands behind you. she might feel she was doing something wrong and they’d made too much progress for him to risk that kind of se tback.” She obeyed and her pert breasts were thrust upward.” As her eager mouth and h ands surrounded his cock. he released her. he climb ed onto the bed. quickly putting the clamp on. Catching the back of her neck. “Lower you r chin.” he murmured. “Take care of me. Besides.

the tightness .” Her delight in pleasing him lit up her eyes before she went back to her task in hand. Her mouth took the head of his cock while one hand wrapped around th e root and began to squeeze. He was pretty sure she wasn’t ready for that.” he ground his teeth together to control the need to shout. she hummed around his cock a nd wriggled her hips. She couldn’t keep him that deep for long. “Debbie. “That feels so damn good!” In response.” he assured her. “No more teasing.” She smiled and nodded. his fingers tangling in the silky strands of her hair. he closed his eyes as she took him to the edge. Her tongue licked the slit at the tip of his cock and Quincy felt the shudder throughout his body. And took his cock as deep down her throat as she could. the sensation of her doing this for him. With a groan. He groaned. She moved slightly and her dark eyes met his. “Use your hands and mouth on me.” he told her. The heat. “Just l ike that. “That’s even want to control himself. He pulled on a last strand of control even as the instinct to hold her in that position and release into her throat. His hands fisted in the covers as he felt the familiar tightening . His hands pulled her head so their eyes c ould meet. but the fact that she’d tried as long as she had made him mentally run through every sexual reward h e could do for her. He inhaled sharply as she lifted her hips up to change her angle. He gazed down at her dark head and stroked her hair.

Quinc y’s hand moved from the small of her back to her shoulder. He tangled a hand in her hair. “Unnggh. he gave the man a warning glare. The other man looked startled. tried to swallow everything. Quincy had thought it a miracle he’d not tackled her to the living room floor and fucked her on the spot. sir. Debbie. .” he said quietly. pulling her up and holding her t o his chest.begin in his groin.” A man at the co rner of the bar shouted as they passed him. Debbie. “Hey. **** Feeling the bass of the music throu gh the walls. it would definitely take an a ct of God to keep him from beating to a bloody pulp every man who saw her. Now. Pulling her closer to h im. “Welcome to The Gray S hadows. Debbie’s small hand was in his as she waved the other at people she knew. my good girl. girl!” Debbie was wearing a red see-through blouse with a nude camisole underneath. The man twice his size tapped his name into his handheld device and blinked. a matching mini-skirt and thigh-high boots.” he dragged out the sound as he exploded in her mouth. lifted her head and let the rest of his ejaculation spew ac ross his abdomen. opening the door for them. willing submissive that she was. Quincy showed his ID to the bouncer at the door.” he whispered. Debbie sighed and relaxed. “Oh. “Looking hot. Miss.

“Got it. “Her boyfriend.” she replied softly. “How do you think I’ll dance the n?” she grinned. “I wasn’t sure at fi rst.” she told him. “Thanks.” Scott nodded. “Rum and Coke.” “Wh o’s he?” Scott jerked a thumb at Quincy.” Debbie nodded. nestling against his side. yo ur usual?” “Sure.” “Hey. Quincy. “Quincy. “How many people are we going to be with?” “About a dozen or so at time. “How long has this been going on?” “Since the MMAs at MSG. She saw Scott’s puzzled look. “Hi.” she added.” she replied.” .” Quincy replied. they follow ed him through the crowd. his hand cupping an ass cheek. “What’s your usual?” Quincy murmu in her ear.” “They say you can tell h ow a woman is in bed by how she dances. The other man looked startled.” So many things he realized he should have covered before they came.” he told her. but Quincy can be very persuasive.” she smiled. a hand running up and down the black tee he’d worn. “He moved in after what happened t o Serena. I can understand that. Quincy? Deb. “I want to dance with you. “Thanks.” he answered shortly. He chuckled. “You’ll be lucky if I don’t fuck you on the dance floor. Taking the drinks from Scott. “You want a a warning glare. Scott.” “Wow Really?” Scott’s gaze went to Debbie for confirmation.

” She stared up at him in shock. “Dance with me?” she whis pered. he move d his left hand from her thigh and put it in his pocket.” His other hand reached in his pocket and she bit her bottom lip. Guiding her to the middle of the floor. He’d pinched her nipples erect and put rings on them. Just enough so she went closer to the edge. He sat down and pulled Debbie onto his lap with her legs dangling between his thighs.“You’ll be lucky if I don’t fuck you on the dance floor. “That or I lift you and put my cock in your hot pussy. he set the t oys to a low-level vibration. Now. Before they’d left the apartment. he had put the harnes s back on. she trembled and moved her left leg to take his . Her pussy was empty. He s miled. they sat and chatted as much a s possible given the proximity to the dance floor. Hi s whispered words had her hot and ready to skip the club—From now on. he nodded and she stood. For a couple songs.” E yes closing. but her ass had a butt plug and her clit had a t iny clamp. he’d pressed up against her. A song with an er otic beat and thumping bass came on and she looked at him. Before she had dressed. He saw her eyes widen s lightly and felt her butt tighten as the vibrations increased. Ready to up the heat. Quincy was relieved that there were only a coup le others at the table. “Straddle my right leg and ride it.” she breathed. I’m not using a condom when I fuck your pussy. he smiled. Smiling. “Quincy. pinning her to the door.

but one woman was between two men who clearly ha d their cocks in her pussy and ass. his head under her skirt. Debbie looked up at Quincy.” She took a deep breath for courage and raised her head. he was going to take her someplace so he coul d get his cock in her without others seeing them. but nothing she’d ever done compared to what passed for normal in the club. Was this happening to her? Yeah. Debbie.” his mouth was hot against her ear. He wouldn’t fuck he r in public like that. She was about to enter a brand new territory and Quincy was her guide and constant. While at first stunned at the total lack of inhibition. She was also very sure that once she’d hum ped his thigh to his satisfaction. the more aroused she became. She was certain. the more she looked around. Look around. b aby. “Move like you’re riding my cock. rising on her toes and pressing her . Would he really fuck her in public? On the dance floor? “Come on.thigh between hers. Not only were a c ouple women now on their knees. “All right. She heard and felt his am usement as his chest shook under her hands. She decided to give him someth ing to think about. Dragging he r eyes from the sight of a woman braced against the wall as a man knelt in front of her. What I’m asking is nothing compared to what is happening arou nd you. “That’s not even close and you know it.” she nodded. she was wild compared to Cl aire and Serena.” Her fingers clutched his tee as her hips rubbed against his thigh.

the man holding her . They were in a back corner. Feeling something hard ag ainst her back. completely in the shadows. He’d simply taken her to the side of the DJ’s booth. she found herself trying to get the friction and pressure right so s he could orgasm. Hungrily. Her toes touched the floor and she bent her knees slightly. rubbing hard against his black denim-clad thigh. she blinked as the volume hadn’t changed. She f elt him move and buried her face against his shoulder. His groan vibrated through her body before his arms tightened in steel ba nds around her and his tongue plunged into her mouth. One of his hands slid unde r her butt and lifted her. Eagerly. and see them. Eyes half-closed. I’m thinking about your hard cock inside my pussy.body against his. Her body moved on its own. wanting him to know how hot and ready for him she was. “Quincy?” He held her up and slightly away fro m him with one hand while he tried to work his pants with the other. everything he’d done to her and everything he’d promised to do.” His breath hissed and she smiled as she lowered herself on his thigh. but anyone could come. she tangled her hands in his hair and pulled his head down. Peering over his shoulde r. probably with the same intent he had. desperate. “But just so you know. up and down. Her tongue made one thorough exploration of his mouth. Pressing. she l et everything take over—the erotic beat and words of the song. Looping her arms around his neck. Not wanting to . she kissed him. she felt dizzy. she wrapped her legs around his waist.

” she whimpered. b abe. He’d never fucked her with the toys inside. “I want you to fall apart on me. . Not wanting to wait.” “I can’t keep quiet. she moved her hands from his shoulders to his waist. Then he surged up and into her. Her head fell back against the wall as he filled her. She would indeed fall apart on him. stroking hard and deep into her. In seconds. The butt plug gave his cock something to rub against and the clit clip w as a trip-wire for her nerves. she just held on for dear life. keeping her at the height until he gave a final heave and his cock flooded her pussy. Debbie groaned as the toys went to what she knew was maximum. “Come on. F or a heartbeat. Her hands went to the hem of her skirt and pulled it out of the way. The wall braced her back as he hammered her pussy. she clung to him.while he tried to work his pants with the other. baby. their gazes held. The toys continued. she relaxed and her body clenched with her orgasm. pulling his tee into her mouth.” He held the re mote and pushed the button. “Quincy. He wasn’t done. And she was lost before it really started. Come for me. Panting.” he whispere d. “Come. I’m going to come. He was n ever done with her. “Yes!” she exulted. With that stress gone. the two of them had his d ick free.” she whispered. “I…” is mouth found hers and gratefully she accepted his possession. Wrappi ng her arms and legs around him.

“Mmm.” “Definitely. “I think I could get used to it. . “Absolutely spoil me. definitely. “Quincy. “ man likes knowing things like that. “By taking care of me the way you do. breathing heavily as he rested his cheek on her head.” “How’s that?” he wondered.” she nodded.” “See?” shook her head. She smiled. “I like that.” Her fingers teased the ends of his hair where it curled near his right ear. resting her head on his shoul der. babe.Panting.” he nodded.” she sighed.” he assured her. the only orgasms I’d ever had were from the dildo Sarah gave me.” “Really?” he smiled. “I tell you everything and your ego could become too big for me to deal with. It lets us know we’re taking care of our woma n.” “Excellent idea. she clung to him. Protecting me.” “It’s all good. until Monday night.” “Everything?” “Yeah.” she nodded. “Quincy?” “Mmm?” “Can we go home? I think I’ve had enough of cl g.” “You think?” She chuckled at the harsh tone in his voice.” she said sof tly as he looked at her. Seducing a nd satisfying me the way you do. “You spoil me. “I knew I shouldn’t have told you.

she stayed silent as the truck came to an abrupt halt. The pedestrians gawking at the van in appare nt disbelief now scrambled to get out of the way of the truck. angry expression. As she stared in horror. tilting her head up to see his fierce.” His hand s caught her shoulders and pulled her upright and then against him in a tight em brace. “Dammit. What the hell is that asshole doing?” J erked awake. Debbie looked around and froze. sped up. Debbie felt his h and between her shoulder blades and let him pull her toward the middle of the ca b. he je rked the wheel toward the sidewalk. Over her head. Blasting the horn. She put a hand on his thigh and caught her b reath at how tightly his fingers gripped hers. As flat as she could. “Yes. “You all right?” he asked. I can’t .Chapter Twelve Friday morning. he crossed into their lane.” she whi spered. Christ. “You?” “Fine. Quincy’s eyes darted around and he swore. A delivery van was swerving in the road. and came str aight for them. Debbie pulled on her seatbelt and fell asleep bef ore Quincy had turned the ignition. Quincy was swearing. “Jesus H.

she wrapped her arms around her and fought to stay calm. I can’t believe that idio t.” Quincy replied. It’s New York City. She could get throug h this. The place is filled with crazy people who don’t k now how to drive. They thought this was an attempt on her. “Stay here while I check on things. for Pete’s sake. As they talked with Quincy. “Was anyone else hurt?” “He took off. A few min utes later. She c ould see a myriad of emotions on his face. she had a sinking feeling that something was very . The y worked for Hancock Security. As traffic was starting to pick up. Debbie. “Focus. She was not going to fall apart because some asshole w as trying to kill her. another black truck parked across the street. “Jesus H. she watched him cli mb out and click the alarm on. As he and two of the men headed towar d the truck. focus. Holding her with one arm.” “What happened? Where is he?” She held onto his jacket. she told herself. She watched Quincy pull out his cell phone and wondered who he’d be calling if the police were already there.and then against him in a tight embrace. she froze. Christ. Debbie watched four me n get out and trot across the street. he carefully backed the truck bac k into the street. Tremblin g.” Nodding. a mounted pol ice officer arrived as Quincy stepped out. his mouth moved and Quincy’s head turned toward her.” she whispered. “There has to be another reason that four Schwarzenegger clones are standing on the street with Quincy. They’re just being hyper-cautious with security and…” One of the men glanced her direction.

“Hancock and MacLauren are going to be all kinds of pissed. Don’t say one bad thing a bout Quincy around me. “Is she fucking serious?” A long arm shot out and caught the man’s jacket. As all three men looked at her. “And you can shut your mouth around me. “I suggest you do what she said. she kept her gaze on Quincy. “If Hancock knew there would be an attempt on her and didn’t tell me. “That’s ucking bullshit and you know it. jerking h im to the middle of the cab. then I’ll have his fucking ass on a stick to roast over a bonfire.” She turned around and gave Ryan a look that should’ve dropped him like a stone. This was either random or Hammond getting despe rate for some reason. raising his hands to form a T. Got it?” Ryan nodded a nd the other man whistled. then looked at Quincy .” The man stared at her incredulously. Ba d guy just made an attempt on . Ryan!” Quincy snarled. climbing i n.” “You would have known if you hadn’t…” one man in the back started. fellas. she had a sinking feeling that something was very wrong. “Looks like it. “Ben wouldn’t do that and you know it.the truck. “Okay. The men climbed into the back seat.” “And I’ll light it. “Hammond. Quincy opene d the driver’s door. shooting a hard look over his shoulder.” he nodded.” D ebbie whispered.” she stated quietly. focus.

“Yeah. she decided to let it pass. slumping against the back of the seat.someone’s life.” “Ass hole. Debbie stayed turned in t he seat. just a bit of a chauvinist.” “Good point.” muttered the man behind Quincy.” Debbie grinned. whether or not Hammond di d rape her. “Make sure that whoever is guarding Serena knows not to say anything around her. She’s dealing with enoug h. “She had one weekend of incredible bliss and he said he’d be over Monday night.” she nodded . “It wasn’t her fault. but he never picks up and never calls. “Ryan’s not really a bad guy. Let’s make sure he doesn’t get another chance. Gunning the engine. “Thank you. Not his fault. Oscar. You and Claire saved her and…” “I like you. De ciding that everyone had enough to deal with it. . who was glaring daggers at Oscar. making the right turn into the building’s garage area.” Quincy nodded. Her new boyfriend hasn’t called since the attack and she thinks that it’s because Hammond nearly raped her. Hammond attacked and she hasn’t heard from hi m since. eyes on him.” he win ked. he headed down the street.” Debbie glanced at Ryan.” Debbie whispered. Allen will need to increase building security. “We’ve got to report to Hancock and MacLauren. She calls and leaves messages.” “That’s what she said when you called her this morning?” Qui ncy frowned. His fa ther was an asshole.” “Not Serena.

” Quincy backed into his spot and shut off the engine. standing by the windows. “Guess we both need more caffeine before we’re around people in the morning. both MacLaure n and Hancock were waiting. “It’s not safe f or them to go back there. “Dammit .” he murmured before kissing her. Quincy released her. When the elevator doors opened. “I live there and…” “You’l ove in here. find a ro om.” Ben started. Chuckling.“It happens to the best of us. “Hammond made bail?” Quincy asked as they headed down the hall toward Keith’s office . Winking. she realized . There has to be a reason. I’ve already called . okay.” He pac ed about his office before sinking into his chair. “Yeah. having failed at this.” muttered the CEO. “There are several smaller apartments above the off ice levels. I don’t understand how they can keep doing this.” “What?” Debbie whipped her head around.” she nodded. Paul and David were already there. “We have to assume that. he caught the back of her head and looked at her. she waited f or him to come around to her door.” Keith interrupted.” Ryan muttered. he’ll try an attack at Debbie’s apartment. “As long as he doesn’t take h is coffee the way I do mine. Word had definitely gone ahead of them. In the way she was beginning to l ove. “He’s roaming the stre ets?” “Supported by my half-brothers and others in my family. you two. looking at Ryan who gave her a wary look .

“Claire can only say that he sounded like her boss.” Paul said. Please show them the apartments on the list I gave you and give them the keys to whichever they choose.” “Serena’s got three of my best men either with her or in the next apartment. she glanced at Quincy. “Adrenaline let-down. “Keith?” Debbie saw a curvy.” Ben assured Debbie.” he murmured. Kend ra beamed. et cetera.smaller apartments above the office levels. That c an be argued against as Claire didn’t like her boss. but is she going to be safe? She’s just down the hall an d Hammond’s already gone after her once.” she enthused.” Nodding. You actually saw h im. “What about Serena?” Debbie whispered. She’ll be here in a few minutes to take you around. I’ve already called Kendra. She’s dealing with enough. Wrapping her arm s around her body. pale blue eyes tha t were startling against the light. steppi ng up and holding her. fortyish woman in the doorway. “I don’t want her to know about this. “Wonderful. D ark brown hair curled around a heart-shaped face with lively. “She is never alone.” Debbie saw an index card pa ssed and frowned. then trembled. You are the one a jury would have to weigh his alibi against.” “She can’t positively ID Hammond as her attack er this time. Debbie relaxed slightly.” Keith spoke. “Quincy. this is Debbie a nd Quincy. the concie rge. “I’ve been hoping those would fill . You can have whichever on e you want. “Kendra. Her curiosity was piqued when Quincy blinked then smiled. coffee-colored skin.

Her gaze went from Quincy to Keith and Ben. “Cl aire cares about you.” she enthused. He nodded and she returned to Quincy. She slid the apartment key off the ring and handed it to him. When she crooked her finger. As they followed Kendra. I just need your key. Debbie froze.” he said simply. he lowered his head so she could whisper. Only as they stood at the door of the fourth and a lit tle boy ran out of one of the other two doors on the floor did Debbie blink and become aware of her . “Q uincy took me to Gray Shadows last night. you just come with me and I’ll show you around. Her boss nodded in understanding. “I’ll send men over now. They’ll pack everything up and move it to whichever apartment you pick. “And I care about her. who gave her a suspicio us look. Leaving Quincy. “Is that something I want to know about?” Debbie didn’t mean to be indecisive. I’m sorry about the way I’ve been.” Realizing she wouldn’t be going back to her apartment.” “Thank you. she barely paid any attention to the first three apart ments Kendra showed them. she heard Keith ask. “I’ve been hoping those would fill up with some nice people. Now. And tha nk you for looking out for me. That reminded her of something else.” His hazel eyes bore into hers for a long moment.” she nodd ed.“Wonderful. But with ever ything that had happened.” she replied. she went to Paul. Some already have some furnit ure in them while others are completely empty.

” Pale blue eyes lit up. son of Lily Lexington. Debbie looke d at Kendra. “He’s not always this loud.” a woman shouted through the open door. “Who are they?” “Alec Lexington. “Neighbors? That would be wonderful!” “Yeah.” came the reply as she keyed in the access code. “Ms. Lexington is…” . “Keith asked me to show Debbie and Quincy some of the empty apartments. “Good morning. touching the door and then running to the elevator. the door closed over Alec’s protests. “Come back here . “It was nice to meet you. backing up into their apartment. “I reached the box all by myself.” she said hurriedly. “Your mama and Aunt Rose are going to go crazy when they realize…” her voice trailed off as sh e saw the three at the other door. shaking her head as she smiled at the boy dancing in the hall.” A harried. “Hello.” “Good m orning. Really. Elle.” “I win. “Alec Lexington.” Kendra smiled.” Elle scooped him up in her arms.surroundings. s lightly overweight young woman appeared.” Debbie smiled. “Alec. and Elle CustisJe fferson.” he crowed.” Al ec shouted. “He’s really a good boy.” Elle turned bright red even as s he smiled back. Kendra.” “I’m s ure he is. A second later. what am I going to do with you?” she gasped.” she whispered. clapping his hands. He whooped and ran to them. “Neighbors.

Debbie looked around the entryway. “I don’t know the details. Brody was a sexual dominant.” Kendra nodde d.” she murmured. Brody had done a complete personality change and bec ome a tyrant over his younger sister. Keith was friends with Brody.” Debbie nodded. Brody and Rose Custis’ parents had been killed in a helic opter crash in the Rockies. Ben. Is Elle a relation?” “A cousin. Nearly five years ago. “I can imagine the tales you could tell. opening the door. If their name s had been linked. She’d heard all the rumors. Rose had m oved in with Lily. yo u wouldn’t gossip about them. that meant Lily had been his submissive. As soon as she’d turned eighteen. Debbie came to a fu ll-stop in the middle of the kitchen. None of the three involved had ever commented on the rampant gossip that Brody was the father and refused to believe it and Rose had been reduced t o near poverty because she took Lily’s side.” Kendra replied smoothly. “And even if you did. I heard she had a s on. Twist. Debbie couldn’t remember a cousin named Elle but that certainly added a new twist to things. and… suddenly Debbie’s head swa m as she remembered something each of the . They both lived in t he same building.” “If I thought about it. “She’s my financial advisor. one of her trustees.” Debbie smiled. refusing to name the father. Lily had been pregnant. practically from the moment she’d started working for MC .Lexington is…” “I know her. and that Rose Custis lived with her.

They were in it at the mo ment. Now. she went down the hall while he returned to the dining room where Ke ndra waited. He paused .” he replied. “This one. your birth month. And the other apartments had been on floors with no oth er occupants. but…” “I’ll work it out wit h Keith. “Problem.” he smiled.” . “What is it?” sh e whispered. babe?” Q uincy asked.” he smiled. to having neighbors nearby. “I like this one better than the othe rs. She saw the woman briefly as she passed through the hallway before Quincy came striding down toward her. At first she’d thought they we re panic rooms she’d heard the famously wealthy had. looked at her and nodded slowly. “And the coded rooms?” she whispered. then mine. “A soundproof room. kissing her swiftly. punching in first one code. Debbie was too used to some activity.Debbie’s head swam as she remembered something each of the apartments Kendra had s hown them had in common—a room with a coded entrance. and it felt right. pleased expression on Elle’s fa ce tugged at her. I like the fireplaces. I don’t know how much it is. He pulled out the index card. something about the startled. she wondered if they were something else. “Nice. And for some reason. coming in from the dining room. then a sec ond.” She nodded as he slid the do or to the right.” Nodding. with her growing knowled ge of those around her. “I want this one. “To enter this room. “Go to the coded door while I talk to Kend ra.” she stated.

we can order our own and put them here. even as one hand slid down her back and gripped her ass. Andrew’s cross. revealing stunning views of Battery Park and the rest of Manhattan.” He held out his hand and she joined him at th e window. spreading his arms out as if measuring and mentally placing things. by the time we get back after work tonight. babe. that had the door in it.” Debbie felt the heat coil i n her pussy as he pulled her against him. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her and wriggled. “Quincy?” “Welcome to the playroom. his mouth trailing kisses down the side of her face .” he growled. As it was in a corner. That way I can prop erly spank you when you’re a bad girl. She cried out as his other hand kneaded her ass cheeks. had a large cabinet to the right that had several drawers and doors in it. wondering if he would take her. “I can arrange for a number of interesting things in here. “But. “Not yet. Quincy paced the perimeter. “When am I a b ad girl?” “Right now.” he murmur ed. . A St. One wall was mirrored while the other.” he smi led. One hand pulled the silky cloth of her turtleneck down and his lips fastened o n her pulse. A spanking bench.Debbie stayed in the doorway and looked around. floor to ceiling. two walls were mostly windows. I can have some things in here. muttering to himself. “All sorts of wonderful things we can try out at the Club and if we real ly like them. looking around.” “Me?” She batted her lashes at him.

” “Well. No one but Quin cy to hear her pleas for him to take her. To do what he wanted to her. I’m sure you’ll continue to earn spankings on a daily basis.” Bl indly. she could see the heat in his eyes. “F irst thing I’ll do is order a spanking bench and a few toys to use on you. she reached out and caught the frame. to p lease. She got to the door before he replied.” she replied saucily. How the hell had her life changed so much . she nodded. “Please. “How can I not be torn between wanting to be absolutely perfect or absolutely horrible?” She twiste d and slipped away from his grasp.” he warned. “Beha ve. The effort had her trembling and she leaned against the wall. Her fingers tightened on the wood as she fought the urge to turn around and beg him to take her right then and there. It was mildly comforting to know that he was tempted to forget his pla ns and fuck her right there.” she panted. when you’re so good at givin g them.kneaded her ass cheeks. Whimpering. He looked around and his mouth twisted in a smile. Alone. All weekend. master. When he raised his head. “Please. wriggling her hips against his cock.” His teeth s craped her skin as his hand left her ass before returning with a hard smack. I’ll be go od. please fuck her.” he observed dryly.” “For now. And have a room where no one can hear you. “Debbie. but. master. head bowed and her eyes closed. Fuck me now. we’re going to be alone all weekend. relaxing against him. “Yes.

” “Wh at?” “You’ll see. Except get her more spankings.” Debbie pressed her lips together in frustration. turning her and bringing her back against his front. no.and her eyes closed.” His lips brushed h er ear. And not just because of the sex.” he smiled. leading her groups on the projects. she was convinced she’d done more in eight hours than she’d ever do ne in her life. “I’m showing you off and claiming you as my submissive publicly. “Do we still have to go to the Club?” sh e whispered. babe. “I can’t tell you how much I want to do that. And she had a feeling she’d get enough of those without adding to them . I’ve something special planned. “Debbie?” She hadn’t heard him cross the room. and up to . As if! “Oh. They were perf ect for each other in so many ways. By four o’clock. How the hell had her life changed so much in five days? One week ago she would never have believed anyone if they’d told her in seven days sh e would do anything for one man. “Can’t we just come up here when we leave the office and…” She saw the reli ef in his eyes and realized he had been afraid she was going to call off everyth ing. He stood next to her and she looked up at him. She already knew it wouldn’t do any good. She’d gone back and forth between meetings. His palms covered her breasts and she was very aware of the nipple rings . fighting the urge to ask more questions.

curl ed up on the chair by the living room fireplace. “Claire. I’m sorry. When Debbie called both the office and Claire’s cell phone number.” she muttered. “Throw them out.the apartment at three to tell the men where to put things. Debbie called another number. “Is it Paul and David? What’s happe ned? “ “It’s…it’s complicated. whatever.” “Paul.” Claire told her over the phone. d onate them. I just talked to her.” “Claire. “Miss Sheldon?” one man asked. “Quincy’s like them? Oh. then gave a litt le moan. talk to me. I told her I knew about Gray Shadows. she we nt to voice mail. not just her things. Talk to me. Paul.” Debbie drawled. I knew that already. I don’t care.” “Yeah. Debbie. “What should we d o with those boxes?” “We’ll put them in the far bedroom down the hall.” Debbie whispered. “I don’t c are what they do with my things. That meant getting h old of Claire because everything had been packed up. she said she was sorry and then hung up on me. I know about the Club. “Dammit.” “No.” “You hurt her. As the men began carrying the boxes.” The line went silent.” Debbie decided.” Claire gasped. I…I can’t talk about it. honey. “Paul Jensen.” . I know Gray Shadows.

Debbie let her cell phone fall to t he floor as she curled up and cried. Maybe not the way you want. “Like the two of you ju st wanting her as a sex slave or something?” “You don’t know anything about it.” “Complicated like t he man she thought loved seducing her only to be in a threesome with his best fr iend?” Debbie lashed out as Quincy appeared in the entryway. “It’ll work out somehow. Debbie b uried her face against his shoulder. . “What the hell are you doing?” “They brought Clai re’s things as well. if you and David have hurt her…” “Debbie. I swear. “I was trying to find out what she wanted done with them. kneeling next to the chair and holding her. Things are complicated.she wailed. My best friend.” The line went dead again. “How can I be so happy while my only two frie nds are so miserable? They’ve always been there for me and I can’t do anything for t hem.” he murmured.” She protested slightly even as she nestled against him. Oscar and Ryan were in the entryway with a large bo x. “And we certainly are not treating Claire like a sex s lave.” “Shh. but t he way it has to. babe.” Paul’s to ne was cold and forbidding.” She nodded and raised her head. Ryan carried a small leather bag. “Now. you have one more meeting to get through before we get the weekend to ourselves. I swear to you that we haven’t.” she sobbed. She…” Quincy came to her. “Claire’s my friend. I have to go.

Quincy pushed the .” the original moving men came back to the living room. pulling out his cell phone.” Oscar cal led. She s miled broadly. “You nee d anything else?” “No. Plus what you’ll wear to the Club. Quince. “Everythin g’s set. she whisked out the door and took the stairs to the Programming Division fiv e floors below. “Yo.” “Y ou seem to have picked up on a lot of things about her. and she probably headed down for the meeting. She wasn’t just some poor girl from the coal-mining hills o f West Virginia. “She turns it off for meetings. senior project manager for MacLauren Co mputing.” Ryan observed as they lef t the apartment. he shook his head and put it away. “No. He helped Debbie to her feet and whispered in her e ar. “No. “Did you tell her to wait for you?” Oscar wondered. “You wanna tell us where to put this? It’s a bit on the heavy side.” he muttered.” Her jaw dropped. and submissive to a man who was even now preparing a room so he could spank her whenever she deserved it.” They left and she pau sed to gather herself. “Where the hell is she?” Quincy frowned as he paused at the living r oom archway. About to p ush the button.” “Yeah. Miss Sheldon. thank you so much. She was Debbie Sheldon. He winked at her before leading the two men down the hall. Ryan carried a small leather bag.entryway with a large box. A woman who was strong and intelligent. Who would’ve thunk it? Grabbing her pur se. before giggling to herself. standing.” she shook her head. “Your spanking bench and some extra toys.” Quincy r eplied with a nod.

” he giggled.” she gasped. going after the Captain. except you still seem full of energy. “Coming back from the park?” “Yes. Thank you. “You were with Kendra. “I think seeing you helped Debbie make up her mind.” “Hello. eyes widening at the sight of the three men.” “Really?” Elle seemed astonished at the idea.” “Sounds like an excellent idea. win ing at Alec who grinned back at him. “El le. “I helped?” “I think so. “Not to mention changed your plans completely in one week. You’re sure about all this?” “I’ve only been absolutely certain about a few things in my life.” he told her. eyes darting from one man to the other.” The elevator door slid open and Quincy saw the woman and boy from that mor ning. “Hello. and making Debbie mine in every way pos sible.” Alec beamed.” Quincy said quietly. Quincy pushed the button for the resid ent elevator. “I bounce and bounce and bounce!” .Ryan observed as they left the apartment. “Oh. Her hand tighte ned its grasp on Alec as she pulled him closer. bo uncing on his toes.” he nodded. “I’m like a bouncy ball. “A storm is coming in tomorrow and Elle wanted me to get lots of fresh air.” “We’ve pretty much moved in. stepping back so she could exit the car.” Quincy commented. isn’t it? We met this morning.” she nodded.” “Yes. Jo ining the Army.

“What the hell is it about this building? Every man in it looks at a woman and wants to fu ck her. “What was that?” Quincy frowned. “Must be something about this building. Qu incy tuned out their verbal sparring.” Ryan retorted. “It was nice seeing you again.” “Maybe because we know how and can get it better than you. focusing on how soon he could get to his w oman and fuck her.” Elle shook her head as Alec pulled her to their door. Ryan winked at her b efore joining the two men. Oscar shook his head as the door slid closed.” s he smiled. . “I tried.” he muttered. “Ryan? You coming or going to stand here and enjoy the view?” Startled.” Quincy stepped in with Oscar right behind him. Elle’s head whipped around. Ryan’s head was turned to watch the pair.“And I get worn out.

“All right. On her feet were white ballet flats. boots. Debbie had thought she’d finished with the “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” list. Quincy came fro m his large closet and she stared. and a long black trench. he loo ked like the bad boy in every girl’s darkest dreams—black leather pants. Now.” .” he nodded. Again. and stay where I put you.” she whispered. keep your eyes down. though. he gently grasped her shoulder s and stood her up. no toys. no jewelry of any type. He came toward he r without a word. no talking. “Re ember. Pulling the hood over her head. master.Chapter Thirteen Sitting on the mammoth bed in their bedroom. Quincy proved her wrong. The night before she’d thought he’d looked incred ible in his dark jeans. His dark hair hung loose and she swallowe d down the delicious thrill that zipped up and down her spine. Had that really only been Tuesday? Covering her from shoul ders to feet was a black cashmere cape. She was dressed in a white satin slip-dress similar to the navy s lip she’d worn for him. She wore nothing else. No harness. blac k silk shirt. and black leather jacket. black tee. “Any questions?” “No.

That means no one is to approach you in any way. “The car’s waiting. Steve.” Keeping her eyes down. Quincy’s ha nd on her shoulder pressed her forward.” she nodded.eyes down. His fingers traced he r jaw. Everywhere was the murmur of multiple conversations. They suggest ed you wait in the Pub. and stay where I put you. he exited and reached a hand in to help her out. Quincy gently pressured her to sit down. out a few steps in the garage.” Debbie counted forty st eps before a right turn. The sound of low jazz music grew and she lifted her eye s slightly to get a feel for how large the room was.” . she g ot the impression of something the size of the MC employees’ dining room. Is the Board ready?” “Another fifteen minutes. and ducking down to enter a car. When the doors opened.” “Of course.” “Thank you. When the car stopped. Debbie simply went where he guided her. Gratefully. Let’s go. “Good evening. He was silent the entire drive. master. Debbie saw polished dark floors.” When they paused again.” Quincy replied. You’re in a safe booth. “There’s someone I need to talk with. “Hello. From a quick glimpse. Into the elevator. Master Quincy. Her hood was lifted off h er and his face came into her line of sight. “Master Quincy . “Thank you. she sank onto the soft leather seat.” a man’s voice g reeted him. The Club was that big.” “Yes. They entered another elevator and he punc hed in a code. S tay here. “The Board asked that a booth be reserved for you while you waited.” another man greeted them.

Seeing that in her eyes. groping her breast over the satin. you sonuva bitch. The thick fingers reaching toward her were not Quincy’s. doubling over.” Debbie shrank back against the leather.” he sneered. That means no one is to approach you in any way. The man just laughed and yanked the cape from her shoulders. wishing he wouldn’t leave her alone. “Quincy!” “Monroe.” “I don’t think so. raising her gaze to see a leering expression. Pulling her hand back. babe.” she whispered.” He grabbed her arm and dragged her from th e booth.” she yelled. she curled her fingers as her arm swung around.” Nodding again. “Leave me alone.” he shook his head. he smiled slightly. bitch. “I’m a ter and you are going to be booth. “Leave me alone.” a man growled. Eyes down and sit still.” She nodded. “This is a safe booth. Now. she kept her eyes on the table.” she shouted.” rang Quincy’s voice from across t e room. “Leave me alone. “Such a sweet morsel.” he howled. “He’s a fool. “G od damn. “He left you unguarded. “You’ll be a ll right. She felt him leave her and began counting to stay calm. . Her fist caught him at the temple as her knee collided with his balls. Was he back so soon? Had it been a test? She felt fear race through her. She reached forty when she saw someone stop in her peripheral vision.

” “You t old me that already. Pulling her to her feet. she searched the moving shadows for Quincy. The length of the blade seemed even more dangerous as he knelt next to the other Dom. sudden ly there. Debbie glanced around as she . “He’s about to ki ll a man. sprawling on the floor.” “I wa nt her punished.” Quincy shook his head. Oscar.” De bbie gasped as she saw a flash of silver in Quincy’s hand. “You saw me place her in a safe booth. She…” Quincy shoved him away and Monroe crashed into a table. and a cou ple other men she recognized from Hancock Security surrounded her. “I’ve got you.” she muttered.” Monroe screamed. babe. “You might want to hold off on the bitchy comments. she watched h im grasp the front of Monroe’s dark shirt and yank him to his feet.” “You saw her come in with me. He kicked out at her and she tripped. Scrambling. “Stay here. “She’s not wearing a collar. In shock. he put her behind him. Ryan. Oscar’s hand gripped her shoulder. giving the shorter man a shake. He fell to the floor only to look up and see Qu incy standing over him.” he said in her ear.” he whispered. tears blurring her vision. You went after her because you knew she was mine. “What the hell w ere you doing with my submissive?” he snarled. “She attacked a master.His grip on her arm loosened and she jerked away from him.

” ru mbled a deep voice to the right. she knelt before him.” he said in a strong.” The man in gray joined th em. Debbie looked up and saw five men in dark gray leather. she thou ght. She ran through the colors Quincy had told her about.” Feeling exposed in the white satin. Grate ful and relieved.” the man in the center of the five men spoke again. she realized. Okay. pic ked up her cape. “Quincy. There’d been nothin g about dark gray. Debbie felt the warmth of the cashmere surround her as he wrapped it around her shoulders before holding her to his side. . No one els e was moving or seemed surprised. taking the cape from her again. “Kneel. That last was obviously part of some ritual as it was obvious she wanted hi m.” he said quietly. “I am a master and I lay perm anent claim to Deborah Alicia Sheldon as my submissive.considered the very real possibility that Quincy would kill this man. sure voice.” Debbie saw the corner of Quincy’s mouth twitch. she leaned against him. and joined her. there are more than enough witn esses here. The Board. “Claim your submissi ve if she’ll have you. “I am Joh n Quincy Stormcloud. Quincy stepped back from Monroe. “Did you really think a submissive of mine would let anyone but me touch her? Be unable to defend herself? You should be punishe d for touching a sub who was clearly not meant for or interested in you. “Facing me.” “Agreed. He passed the cape to O scar.

” With a slight smile. The kiss was one of pure possession. Maybe he’d been in The Gray Shadows and she’d seen him. p ulling her up and toward him. duties. “Do you accept the permanent claim of John Quincy Stormcloud as your master?” “Yes. Master Grady. Dipping his right hand into his pocket. “Do you accept the responsibilities. Sweeping her hair over her shoulder.” he said to Quincy. Debbie saw blue and black stones alternati ng in the links—turquoise for his Sioux heritage and opal for her coal-mining back ground. She felt his hand slide around her neck and smiled as his fingers tangled in her hair. leader of the membe rship board. For one long moment. Master Grady.” she sighed. babe?” he murmured. “Mine. “J ust you.The man in gray joined them. His tongue swept into her mouth. You may look at me.” she wh ispered. I am Master Grady. lifting his head slightly. and rights of a submissive?” “Yes. Master Grady stepped back. Qu incy pulled out a thick silver chain.” he smiled. nodding. Her eyes drifted close and she whimpered in her need as the fire began burning in her. tangling and tugging on hers.” Debbie tilted her head back and recognized him f rom somewhere. Quincy fastened the collar around h er throat. their gazes held.” he stated firmly. Master. “You need something. claiming her before everyone watching. scooping her up in his . “Miss Sheldon. “Coll ar your submissive. “I’ve got that covered.

“God. babe. Master Grady’s brown ey es sparkled with humor as Oscar draped her cape over her so she was again covere d from head to toe. “You’re not angry with me?” she whispered. He paused at the door.” he told her. . He entered and turned toward the control panel. “I’m pissed at myself. “I couldn’t be more pro ud of you.” “Thank you. and th e damned Board itself for not being ready when we arrived. “Push eight. and dis appeared back under the cape. “Inside my right coat pocket is a key card fo r the door. “But I am not pissed at you. Curling into his chest.“I’ve got that covered. at others who did nothing to protect you. going to their left. Debbie closed her eyes.” He sho ok his head. She felt the long strides moving them across the room and back into the ha ll.” Quincy replied. Her hand snaked out.” The elevator doors opened and he strode out. “You enjo y your night.” Grady told Quincy in a low tone. jabbed at the button.” He smiled. The elevator was waiting for them.” he told her.” he smiled. “We’ll deal with Monroe. no. scooping her up in his arms.” He brushed a kiss agai nst her forehead. “Let’s s ee how long you manage to hold out when we get to the room.” “Hold out against what?” she wondered.

” he smiled. I’m going to fuck your ass. tossing the cape onto a nearby chair. Then he strapped her waist down. turning her around. .” he caught the hem o f her slip and pulled it off her. Her head hung down. He pic ked her up and carried her to the contraption in the middle of the room. Then. “Very nice. “M aster. teasing her clit. In a ma tter of moments. “When you’re hoarse from begging me to take you. The light blinked gr een and she turned the handle. feeling her legs go weak.” he murmured. He stepped inside and used his back to close the door behind them. “How long you hold out against that. her black hair like a veil on either side of her face.” he whispered in her ear. her torso supported by a leather-covered pad.” Debbie closed her eyes. He set her on her feet. The room was empty except for a dresser and a chair to the right of the door. Leather straps went over her ankles. “What…” “It’s a spanking bench. pressing back against him. I’m going to set the machine with a dildo so it fucks your hot little pussy whi le I spank that sweet ass of yours until it’s bright red. turning her head to look at him. She g asped. “I strap you in so you’re completely helples s. she was on all fours. just below her knees.” she whispered. And the object in the middle of the room.She retrieved and inserted the card into the key mechanism. She kept her eyes on him as he removed his trench coat and added it to the chair’s burdens. wrists and near her elbows.

“Now.” she repeated. he pulled out a paddle. “It’s a little early for you t o be begging. walking around her. “Discretion . A soft whirring noise and it began sliding further into her. Master. “And in the apartment I tried to go int o the playroom when you told me not to. People would have trouble accepting the fact that I spank you as part of fucking you. piling his thin gs on top of their outer garments. And w hen I buy new toys. one of the things we’ve never discussed is a safe word.” he said with approval. babe. “Let’s see what you think of the dildo fucking your pussy. what do you think you’ve done today to deserve a spanking?” She let her head hang down. babe.” “I’ll be careful. If you need to stop something. say ‘gigabyte. you will wait until I decide to give them to you.” she said quietly. Monitor means okay.” “Gigabyte means stop.’ Repeat those. standing. say ‘moni tor. babe. She felt his hand stroke along her back. We have to use discretion.” she whispered.’ And if you’re okay with what’s happening.” Quinc y squatted and adjusted the dildo. Going to the nearby dresser. whether something is too painful or you realize you really can’t handle what we’re doing. Or use the m on you. especially about the dominant-submissive side of our relationship. “Now.” h e nodded. turning her head to look at him. “I know. He removed his clothing. Debbie’s breath caught in he r throat and she wasn’t sure she would be able to exhale again.” she promised.“Master. carefully putting it just inside her. “Very good. She was really bei ng fucked by .” “Very good.” he smiled.” he replied. “I kept teasing you at work.

” he chuckled. master. master. Debbie. I…” Whap. Please. Debbie closed he r eyes.” “Yes. Please. tapping her ass with the paddle. God!” she groaned. fuck me. She cried out. Master. The dildo was ravishing her pussy an d she screamed. Whap. “Eight. Her pussy was weeping in its need to orgasm and she knew sh e wouldn’t make it to ten. shit! Had she really said that? He’d never intimated anything about em otions. “S…Six. please. Master. It wo uld slide in and hold still for a heartbeat before pulling nearly all the way ou t and pushing back into her. She was really being fucked by the machine. “Two. Whap.” “One. Please. Oh.” The room went suddenly still. her head going back. It had always been the physical and mental connections with him.would be able to exhale again.” “Four more.” By five. except for her sobbing and his harsh breathing.” “I can’t.” Whap. Fuck me. I love you. fuck me. “Let’s see if you can hold out for ten. master. Her ass cheeks throbbed from the eight smacks she’d already . “Count. “Oh. He chuckled again.” she sobbed.” Whap. “You like it. I need you to fuck me.” she mana ged to gasp as the dildo began moving faster. Please. “Sev lease. “Please. tugging at the straps. she felt as if she’d fallen into an orgy.

“I love you. She heard something that sounded like a rubber band snappi ng and then something else hit the floor. “Ohhhhh. sweetheart. “This is the closest you’ll ever come to having two cocks in you. Covered with a condom and lube. He pulled it out and a second l ater. found her clit and teased it. She was full. his e rection demanded entrance. Electricity was still zipping through her as he sheathed his c ock fully in her ass. Instead.” R elief swept through her at his words. she felt his cock at her tight hole. and so turned on she thought she’d explode in the need to have everything he would give her. As her muscles relaxed.received and she braced herself for the last two.” A hand in her hai r turned her head toward his. the orgasm uncoiled and rushed through her.” She twisted her head so sh e could see him.” Quincy reached un der her.” he whispered. His heavy tors o rested on hers as she waited.” he told her. His hands grasped her hips and the nex t she felt was his finger pushing into her anus. “You’re mine. He adjusted the machine and met her gaze. tense with nerves. It was like stepping on a live wire as h er body jolted. “Now. The dildo continued to fuck her pussy. His hands gripped the bars of the bench and he pulled nearly out of her. He loved her. She panted as he waited a moment for her to adjust. Debbie. “I love you. Another orgasm swept over her as he kissed her. She moaned and gasped for breath. .” he commanded. “Come for me. she heard the paddle clatter to the floor. stretched. “Master.” she moaned.

His hands brushed the sides of her breasts and then as he swept them down her sides. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the fucking. to know that he’d taken her in the last place he could. Debbie. completely his. She felt the hard length insi de her and wanted more than the easy. one teased her clit. He alternated his strokes with the dildo.” s he whispered. “Are you all right?” he asked. His hands held her hips as he slowly pressed back into her ass. Come for me.” she smiled softly. She needed t o feel him drive into her. D riven nearly crazy with the building heat.” His hands smoothed over her from shoulder to thigh before gripping her waist. slight strokes he was making. please. “I think you’re used to me now.bench and he pulled nearly out of her. “Come for me. concern in his voice. “Please. His hands stroked her b ack as the dildo’s pace increased.” The heat buil t up in her again and she lost track of the waves . The coarse hair of his groin teased her folds a nd she realized his cock was fully inside her ass. Her master had collared her. No one el se would ever touch her like this. “What’s your word?” “Monitor.” he murmured. fuck me. she wiggled her hips. letting her head drop down again . Her body began a constant trembling at the feeling of him filling her. “Master. She needed to know she was totally. The man she loved had said he loved her.

he dressed. pulling out of her. He had all wee kend to seduce and satisfy her. the white silk tucked in one of his coat pockets. Quincy’s shout as he released in her pushed her over one last time and she pa ssed out. then unstrapped her.The heat built up in her again and she lost track of the waves that rolled over her. . His sweet. incredible submissive. The car was wai ting to take them back to the security of the MacLauren Building. After carefully cleaning her. and wrapped her u p in the cape. Quincy thought.

pursuing dreams until th ey come true.About the Author Abby Gordon believes in love at sight. Visit Abby at http://abbysgardennook.facebook. http://www. join us at id=100001050773624 To chat with Abby Gordon and other Wild Rose P ress authors of erotic !/profile. and that having flowers nearby makes waking up easier.

Having withdrawn from society life. Can they overcome life’s obstacles to make fantasy reality? .Also Available Model Fantasy by Abby Gordon Supermodel Francine is the sexiest woman alive. Grant must again deal with the spotlight when Francine’s ex strikes back at her publicly . But afterward. Grant seizes t he chance to dominate the woman he’s lusted after for years. and she just found her fiancé chea ting on her. A tipsy conversation about her erotic fantasies brings about the se xual encounter of her dreams.

” Grant grinned. It was the perfect setting for those who wanted their business and social peers to consider them just like everyone else . People like those at his table. leaning back in his chai r.” Grant’s cousin Bronson laughed. “Thank God I was going slow. “I didn’t have a clue where we were going. polished silver.” Ben Hancock was saying. Everywhere he looked at the high-end. damnnear-impossible-to-get-a-table restaurant were people who came to see and be see n. The bump as we hit the curb gave me enough time to straighten out. . “Thank God there was no one on the sidewalk at two in the morning. Elegant furniture. “An d she wasn’t a brunette? Bron. and fresh flowers on every table. I was too damn busy looking at the damn billboard!” The men all laughed.” “You mean.” “You didn’t tell him whe re he was headed?” Ben’s older cousin Brian frowned. linens pressed to perfec tion. Grant Franklin sipped his water and nodded to a b usiness associate at a nearby table. classical music. “Damned near drove off the road into the mailbox .Chapter One Raising his glass. I’m impressed.

” Ben objected with a laugh.” Keith told him.” He reached down and lifted the old-fashioned leather briefcase he u sed. “I heard that it’s alr eady in the top ten downloads of all time.” Brian spoke up in his heavy Boston Brahmin accent. “I’ll take one. two waiters smoothly cleared their soup bow ls and set their entrees before them.” “I saw her first.” he offered his expert opinion.grinned. With impassive faces. “Open and drool at your own risk. Slender. please. Grant lifted the front cover. Flipping it open. yeah-rig ht look.” “Actually. what a woman. “Lincoln. “God.” “No woman’s that beautiful. “Francine. “You have to be exaggerat ing. “They’re not too far off the mark. “It nearly crashed the servers in Ja pan. picking up his glass.” he breathed. blinked and promptly turned the magazine to get the full effect. but I think she’ll only need t o use her first name from now on. with roses strategicall y placed on her breasts and the juncture of her thighs.” Grant finally shook his head. “And God created woman. Keith MacLauren nodded.” Giving the younger man a sardonic. leaning back in his chair.” Ben shook his head. having an international innovative software company. The Journal’s the only . “What’s her ame?” Grant wondered. he pulled out a heavy business journal and handed it to G rant. and a come-get-me-if-youthink-you’re-manenough expression on the most perfect face he’d ever seen. blonde.

They were all members of an exclusive. ass. Andrew’s cross.” Bronson murmured. secre tive club that had been founded over fifty years earlier for those with certain sexual tendencies. N ever get any work done. including their weekly lu nches. and mouth available. “Having her in your bed might be an aftert hought. “Back to earth. While the Club catered to a variety of tastes from the mild t o the extreme. depending on how he want ed to fuck her. The Journal’s the only magazine with a two -page spread of the advertisement and…” “Ad? Who gives a fuck what she’s selling?” Bron gr inned. Or slung in his newest additi on—a swing that left her pussy. “This is how to get a hard-on. “Having her . had sponsored the others dining with him. with the cascade of gold hair framing h er face as he teased her with a soft leather crop. in turn. Or secured to the St. All highly successful in their professional lives.” “Just your bed?” Boone queried in his low rasping voice.” Grant nodded with a slight smile. Grant. “Good point. He could just imagine her in his penthouse playroom. That slender bo dy draped over a spanking bench as she waited for whatever discipline he’d decided on.” murmured Grant as he felt the beginnings of o ne stir in his slacks. the men gathered leaned toward sexual domination. they helped each other maintain the façade of normalcy with public appearances.need to use her first name from now on. Grant had been sponsored by a maternal uncle and.” Those at the table chuckled. “Can you imagine having her in your bed? You’d never leave. Grant sipped his water and studied the model. As the conversation swirled about him.

“What’s your problem?” Brian wondered.” Ben smiled. Brody finally decided to show up.” .” Grant’s body stiffened at his cousin’s words and he gave him a hard look with blue eyes that had been compar ed to the Titanic’s iceberg. Their younger cousin Heather was just now emerging from the shell she’d retreated into.” Bronson frowned. “Yeah.” He slowly nodded. “Rose move d out. Collapsing into his chair between Grant and Brian.” “Hey. seeing the last of their group weaving his way through the tables .” he growled. Brody reached for the drink they’d had waiting for him. Bronson had turned the eve nt into a reason to make stalkers and paparazzi cases his priority and Grant had withdrawn from society completely. He closed th e magazine. “Mondays should be outlawed. not interested. “Seen it . The paparazzi had surrounded the entire Franklin family like piranha for weeks.” “So? She’s eighteen now. “Let me show you something to cheer you up.” Grant suggested. starting to open the magazine. it would. “It’s only natural that your sister would want to move out on her own.” Brody shook his head. “She probably wouldn’t be much anyway. His cousin knew better than to refer to the hell Gran t had been through five years earlier. A former girlfriend had created a scandal by claiming she was pregnant with Grant’s child. These lunches were practically the only time he went anywhere besides the Club.would garner a helluva lot more attention than you like.

The lawyer of the group. “One of her trustees and a secondary guardian. he shrugged. Brody!” “It’s no mine. Grant tried to recall Lily’s face and could only picture her with her arm s around Rose at the funerals for Brody’s parents.“She moved in with Lily. She went to Tahoe t o take .” snarled Brody. finishing the drink and raising the glas s to signal for another. “Your father’s financial protégée? Shit. He took a deep breath and chose his words carefully. Grant knew better than to automatically paint her in the same light as Sheila. “I don’t even remember seeing you w ith her in public. let me get this straight. Grant’s eyes skimmed over the stunned expressions at the table.” None of the men move . “At least you know she’ll be well supervi sed.” “Not hardly. dark eyes widening in shock.” Bronson nod ded.” elaborated Brody. “Lily’s pregnant and says it’s mine. but if Brody had actually taken Lily to t he Club and been seen with her by Ben and probably others. “I’ve been told by someone I trust implicitly that she ho oked up with someone in Tahoe when she went there…” Grant held up a hand and Brody f ell silent. Pulling from his memory.” stated Brody firmly.” Ben whis pered.” Grant said slowly. “Brody. “That’s who you’ve been with at the Club. then there was a chan ce she was telling the truth. God knew he’d bee n innocent against Sheila’s accusations.

and you’re saying she fucked s omeone and is trying to pass the baby off as yours.” “What do you m ean?” “I just talked to the other trustees. for crying out l oud!” “Shh. “Better bri ng another now. sir. all right?” insisted the man as a second drink was placed before him.” He shuddered. “Of course. “I sure as hell never expected her to do this. yeah.” “I sur e hope your source is right. “How can you be so damned sure it’s not yours?” “I just kno w.“Brody.” Brody whispered. but…” He downed the drin k.” observed Bronson.” he told the waiter. mouth twisting. “I haven’t heard abo ut any of this.” Grant warned him. “Have you lost your fucking mind?” Brian asked him. “Until she realizes that having Rose will cost both of them. let me get this straight.” Brody replied. . Be n. We knew we had to keep it quiet. so I’m assuming Lily’s keeping it quiet. I took her to the Club. My sister. glancing around as a few heads turned. but Grant couldn’t be sure if it was from the drink hitting his stomac h or the emotional pain. “Yeah.” Brody nodded. Grant could see the anguish in his eyes. She went to Tahoe to take care of your sister af ter your parents were killed in a helicopter crash.” “For now. And for Rose to take her side. his shock as obvious as everyone else’s.” came the quiet murmur. I get that right?” “In a nutshel l. We’re reducing Rose’s allowance by half. “I know I’m not the father. “I’m not sure which hurts more.

” The other men nodd ed.” His gaze swe pt the table. “We get that. “There are times in life when getting stinking dr unk is the only logical action. Leaving the restaurant.“I sure hope your source is right.” Brody said quietly. Below were other offices. “I don’t have anything planned so I’ll stick with him. Keith and Brian walked the four blocks to the building K eith had inherited from a maternal great-aunt. Bro. a bit more solemn as everyone kept an eye on Brody. What next?” “Next?” “What are you going to do no w?” “Get drunk. The Hancocks were a tight family who p ut each other first.” Grant shook his head at Brian who had opened his mou th. Above the business section were elaborate apartments and .” Ben nodded. I think this might be one for Brody.” observed Bronson. while Grant’s executive headquarters for Frankli n Enterprises had the two below.” “It’s not mine. Grant. “All right. Ben looked like he was also in shock. “Because if Lily sues for a pate rnity test and it’s proven that you are the father.” Brody replied with a sigh. including Bronson’s leg al suite. Grant could hear the pain and convic tion in his voice. and he could see how upset the three were with the situatio n. Brian and Ben seemed pissed on Brody’s behalf. but Grant was surprised to see B oone glaring at Brody. apparently already feeling the alcohol. “Sou nds like a good idea. Lunch continued. then both Rose and Lily will h ave your ass. MacLauren Computing occupied thre e floors from the thirtieth down.

my dear boys. “Serena. “Who is she?” “Serena Traydon. Her head swiveled and Grant saw the startled recognition in her eye s.” Brian murmured as the woman stepped in and reached o ut to hold the doors open. “I’m surprised you’re not out there already .” “Expanding again?” Grant wondered. “Hender son’s been in California for a month.penthouses.” Keith replied as they joined her.” “Don’t give him any ideas.” Keith smiled. while Boone preferred his cabin in the Connecticut woods. “Lots of opportu nities out there. a firm priority list.” Brian warned him. stepping aside as he opened the door. p lacing his hand on his chest.” Grant replied with exaggerated pomposity. Ashby and Miss Traydon.” the younger man told him. “Anything new happening?” “Mr.” “Excellent. “Speaking of stress relief. “I’m not sure how he keeps track of everyth ing as it is.” Keith returned. Two . “Good after noon. hold the elevator!” he called to a slender blonde ah ead of them. and regular visit s to the Club to relieve stress. Henderson just arrived with Mr. David.” the doorman greeted them. “Hello.” “I’m not at the point where I’m so big that I need to delegate.” “Delegation. sirs. The New York contingent of their lunch party lived there. Brian live d in Boston.” nodded Keith as they entered the building. “Delegation.

Those sea-gree n eyes though lingered on Keith. To purchase Model Fantasy and other erotic titles. If she had any idea wh at Keith preferred sexually. That would really make her too perfect. She looked to be in her m idtwenties. Two other men were already insid e. Would a woman who posed like that be intereste d in sexual submission? He doubted it.“Serena Traydon. Grant smothered a smile.” There w ere greetings all around and the conversation turned to business. Grant Franklin and Brian Hancock. Quietly.thewilderroses. Grant glanced at the young woman who had retreated to a back corner. wearing a pale green shirt-dress that skimmed her curves. That t hought reminded him of the model. s he tracked the discussion. “Serena.” Keith replied as they joined her. she’d be screaming to get out of the elevator. Tom Ashby and Jake eyes moving from one man to the other. . visit www.