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ECDL Module 1 Quiz 06

Which of these is an input device? CD-ROM Mouse Printer Zip drive

What does RSI mean? Repeated Syndrome Injury Replicated Strain Injury Repetitive Syndrome Injury Repetitive Strain Injury

Which of these computer based operations uses bar code input? Marking an online test paper Issuing a book in a library Paying for goods using a credit card Ordering goods from a web site

Which type of memory holds the basic operating system commands? ROM RAM Cache Auxiliary

Which of these storage devices holds the most data? Floppy disk CD-ROM Zip drive Hard drive

Which is the first stage of the systems life cycle? Feasibility Study Systems Analysis Programming Testing

Which type of software would you use to prepare a budget forecast? Word processing Database Presentation Spreadsheet

Which of these is an output device? CD-ROM Mouse Printer Zip drive

Which of these is a characteristic of electronic mail that does not apply to other methods? Attachments can be sent Message can be sent to more than one person Mail may get lost Can only send to some people


Which upgrade will have the most impact on the performance of your computer? Adding more RAM Reducing the peripheral devices Adding a network card Fitting a second hard disk


What type of software controls the file system on the computer? GUI Network software Operating system software Application software


Which is the smallest unit of computer storage? Byte Bit Kilobit Megabyte


Which type of printer prints fastest? Laser Inkjet Bubble jet Dot matrix


Which device would you chose to print the layout of a house? Printer Plotter Speaker CD-ROM


Which type of software is used to access the Internet? Interface Presentation Browser System


What is connected in a LAN? Computers on one site Computers in many sites Computers in one office Computers on the Internet


You have created an email group. Where is the group stored? Inbox Outbox Contacts Cabinet folder


Which type of software would you use to store customer data? Database Spreadsheet Presentation Word processing


How are computers in a WAN connected? Cables Telephone lines Internet Intranet


Why is it important to make regular back-ups of computer data To prevent loss of data To comply with the law To protect the computer To increase the storage capacity


Contact details can be automatically added to email messages. What is this called? Autograph Closure Signature Footer


Your modem runs at 2Mbps. What does this represent? Speed of your computer Speed of transferring data Speed of your hard disk Speed of cache memory


Which type of system would use bar code input? Payroll Invoicing Training Supermarket


Where should you store back up copies of your data? Near to the computer In a different location In your car In an off-site fire proof store


Which device is used to enter details of books issued into a library computer system? Mouse Keyboard Bar code scanner Mark reader


You have a modem and a telephone connection. What else do you need to connect your computer to the Internet? Browser and printer ISP account and printer ISP account and network Browser and ISP account


Which of these describes a computer program? An input device A set of instructions An interactive user guide A help system


You have installed more memory in your computer. What type of memory is this? Cache Virtual ROM RAM


Which type of computer is used to process large amounts of corporate data? Notebook Mainframe Mini computer Desktop


Which is the best way of protecting a computer system from unauthorized use? Ensuring all users have passwords Locking the office Using a screen saver Maintaining an audit trail


Which of these devices can be used to input and output information? Scanner Printer Bar Code Reader Touch Screen


Which type of system is used to provide information for employees within a company? Internet Intranet Extranet Electronic mail


Which of these is an example of an e-commerce activity? Viewing a travel timetable Checking theatre availability Downloading a screen saver Booking a flight


Computers are much used in supermarkets. Which of these computer based applications will be of MOST use to the managers of the supermarket? Scanning the items sold Providing stock information Producing itemised bills Checking prices


Which of these applications of computers would store information about which course a student is enrolled on? Computer based training Timetabling Student record Fees database


Which of these is always an advantage of buying goods online? Longer opening hours Greater choice Personal service Cheaper prices