mi-Energy – Mobile Application

Basic Application Requirements – L&T Metering & Protection Systems
These are the basic requirements for the mi-Energy application. Details will be discussed through a con-call to get consensus. The layout of the app will not be restricted by us, and you are free to paint it through your creative best. Please provide us with different approaches, and we will select the best among them.

The software for mi-Energy meters should enable consumers to track power consumption on mobiles and tablets. This software should be available for Android, Windows, Symbian and Apple’s iOS platforms. The software should do the following: Collect data from the meter on demand Display instantaneous and cumulative parameters Display kWh consumption (energy) on hourly, daily and monthly basis (last 30 days) Provision for entering consumption rate per kWh for providing usage in rupees Settings page for entering the IP address of the meter Availability of software on respective OS markets free of cost Compatible with future OS releases Should work on mobiles and tablets of all the above OS (We will decide on the number of platforms once the approaches are finalized)

Brief Working
mi-Energy meters have a Wi-Fi module. Once in a network and on knowing the IP address, the meter can be read directly. The meter works in both the Wi-Fi modes – Ad-hoc and Infrastructure. The application should collect data from the meter and present it in the above mentioned ways.

Application Requirements
This information is the property of L&T MPS and is strictly confidential Page 1

including but not limited to the following: 1. Provision to show consumption in terms of kWh or rupees Provision to select any range of dates and get the consumption pattern Provision to see the consumption pattern of one particular day.mi-Energy – Mobile Application The app should have navigable screens. This tab should also provide a means to access the meter’s WiFi configuration page through the mobile device’s inbuilt web browser (The address would be the IP address). as a bar or line graph. Settings The settings tab must have provision to enter the IP address of the meter. We will provide inputs. The app should show the consumption of last 30 days. if any. By mapping the MAC ID and IP address. cumulative values and demand parameters. Other Requirements In case the app is used to read more than one meter. The application should display last read meter data until a new one is read.e. The day with the highest consumption should be highlighted in a different colour. Home This will enable the consumer to view meter data. The consumer must be able to assign the meter a name. 3. Facility to sync meter clock with that of the mobile device must be provided. the consumer can use either IP address or the assigned meter name to download data. in steps of a one day. regarding changes/alternations. instantaneous values. This information is the property of L&T MPS and is strictly confidential Page 2 . Double clicking on the date from the graph should also enable day-wise viewing. 2. in steps of one hour. the app should show a list of previously read meters with their IP addresses. a different drop down for day selection must be provided. The last read meter data should be stored on the mobile device. To view the particular day consumption. After Sales Service Customer support for this application must be provided for a period of one year. Time of data collection must be displayed. i.. Trends The trend screen will enable consumer to view the consumption pattern in various timeframes.

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