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Name : Farheen Memon. Div- D Roll no - 85 F.Y.B.Com. Semester II Retail management.

. One of the reasons for the growth of organised retailing is the sales promotion strategy. Sales promotion is an important component of a company's marketing communication strategy along with advertising, public relations, and personal selling.

Promotional Offers Run by Big Bazaar :

Big bazaar believes in advertising its brand and offers. The various promotional schemes are decided by the main office and all the outlets run these schemes. The Future Group has created a category for the growing media industry called Future Media, which is to be a medium through which advertisers can communicate with shoppers in the store. The company is considering all types of ways to reach the customer, including digital signage, audio, video and blue-tooth technology etc. The various promotional schemes undertaken by big bazaar are as follows:

The punch line of Big Bazaar says IS SE SASTA AUR ACCHA KAHI NAHI. This line gives the feeling that Big Bazaar gives merchandise which is cheapest in the market or in other words the value for money which a customer will be getting here will be more than anywhere else. Wednesday is the cheapest day. This is done to divert some of the crowd coming on weekends to a relatively free day. Big bazaar advertises Wednesdays as the cheapest day in all the leading dailies across the capital. This offer targets housewives and encourages them to purchase groceries and vegetables because no one purchases vegetables on a weekly basis, they purchase it at least two times a week. Big Bazaar has announced a unique exchange offer `Bring anything old and take anything new. Under the exchange offer, old garments, utensils, furniture, plastic ware, newspapers or just about anything will be weighed and valued and customers will be given exchange coupons. There is also a direct exchange on mobile and electronic goods during the period with attractive discounts on new purchases. Big Bazaars `The Great Exchange Offer has mobilized more than two lakh families to actually carry the junk of the house and offload it at the nearest Big Bazaar. Retail analysts say that generally February and March are dull months for consumer buying in the country and therefore this kind of a promotion campaign is needed to boost sales during the period. PANTALOON groups hypermarket chain, Big Bazaar, celebrated Republic Day as the Maha Savings Day, when shoppers at Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar outlets across the country, were offered merchandise at rock bottom prices. The Maha Savings Day saw shoppers got deals they have never seen or heard before. The offers spread across categories from electronics to utensils, from apparel to furniture and also food. For example pressure cooker for Rs 299, two Ruf n Tuf Jeans for Rs 499, and a Motorola C115 for Rs 1,399.

Big Bazaar usually runs a full page advertisement on Saturdays and Sundays in all the leading dailies communicating various offers. This is done to attract crowds on weekends because most of the people usually shop during weekends. Big bazaar in association with ICICI banks has launched loyalty cards for the customers. They


ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Silver Credit Card It gives you the benefits of regular cards and additional features to make your shopping not only enjoyable but also a way to save more with Big Bazaar.

ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Gold Credit Card The card brings to you more reasons to save and earn rewards on its usage. It gives you all the benefits of regular cards and additional features to make your shopping not only enjoyable but also a way to save more with Big Bazaar.

Shakti is a credit card for housewives. You need not submit income proof. Simply show your Big Bazaar bill of more than Rs. 500 and a lifestyle proof like club membership card, health club card etc. And get your Shakti. You can use Shakti at all the Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar outlets

Shoppers stop - First Citizen The name "First Citizen" reflects their commitment to offering you the ultimate shopping experience. As a First Citizen, your shopping experience becomes even more enjoyable with: Reward Points for every time you shop at Shoppers Stop. Exclusive benefits & privileges. Exclusive offers ever so often. Updates on what you can look forward to shop for at Shoppers Stop. Exclusive cash counters at Shoppers Stop so you can spend more time shopping than waiting in a line.

Advantages of FDI in the retail sector in India.

Modern Retail has advantages that are well documented all over the world. Modern Retail has indeed changed the dynamics of how supply chains work and how customer can be better serviced using endto-end integration techniques. The following are the top advantages or benefits of FDI in the retail sector. 1. More investments in the end to end supply chain. 2. Low spillage and wastage. 3. More options for the consumer. 4. Higher competition would lead to higher quality in products and services. 5. Better lifestyle as better products would be introduced. 6. Exports would increase due to greater sourcing of major players. 7. Investment in whole supply chain would increase. 8. Technology would be upgraded in terms of logistics, production, and distribution channels. 9. The markets of the sector would flourish and develop. 10. Employment would increase and skills & manpower will develop. 11. A strong retailing sector would promote tourism. 12. Economies of scale would help lower consumer prices and increase the purchasing power of the consumer. 13. In the long term it will be beneficial in the up-gradation of agriculture and small scale & medium scale industries.