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In addition to being able to help you understand matters of love, Magi Astrology helps you to maximize your chances of attaining happiness in love. One way to do this is to know whether someone is the right person for you and we have taught you the bare bones about that in the previous lessons. Another way Magi Astrology can be very useful to you is by helping you to know what the stars have to say about the type of times you are having. For example, is this the right time to get married, or the right time to meet someone new who could be the ONE? Or is it the right time to change jobs? The ancient Hebrew Prophets believed that there was a right time and a wrong time to do everything. That is why they wrote "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born,A time to get and a time to lose;A time to love, and a time to hate" (Ecclesiastes 3, 1-8) The Hebrew Prophets were amazingly wise and they used astrology to help them know what type of time it is. They really knew what they were doing. Their culture still thrives today 4000 years later and we are still reading the Old Testament. Because we now know about planets that the Hebrews were not aware of, we can improve upon the Hebrews' astrology. CINDERELLA TIME An important transit occurs whenever a planet in the sky makes a Magical or Turbulent Angle to the position of an important planet when you were born. Every instant of time, we are all experiencing transits. TRANSITS ARE THE KEY TO KNOWING YOUR TIME. Let us look at Monica Lewinsky's transits when she first seduced Bill Clinton on the night of 11/15/1995 and see what type of time it was for her. To analyze Monica's transits on the night when she first had sex with Bill Clinton, Magi Astrology uses a Combined Alignment Chart just like the ones from our earlier lessons. You should already know that a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) is really two charts, one overlaid on top of the other. In the previous CACs that we have seen in these lessons, the two charts belong to two different persons. But when we create a CAC to analyze transits, only one of the charts belongs to a person, the other chart is the chart of the day that the transits occurred. In the case of Monica's initial seduction of Bill, the CAC is shown below and the black planets represent the positions of the planets when she was born (7/23/73), while the red planets represent the positions of the planets on seduction time, the night of November 15, 1995.

We have highlighted the most important transits that Monica was having on that night. The two green lines highlight the fact that two Magical Angles were being made by the planets. Transiting Chiron (the Chiron that was in the sky on that night and drawn in red) was making a Magical 120-degree type angle to the position of Jupiter when she was born (drawn in black). Additionally, transiting Jupiter (in red) was making a Magical 120-degree type angle to her Chiron (in black)! If you have read our book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, you probably realize that both of these transits are CINDERELLA TRANSITS. Monica was not a typical Cinderella. But she became mistress to the most powerful man on Earth so that makes her a sort of Cinderella. In any case, when you have a Cinderella Transit, you get what you want most. At the time, more than anything else, Monica wanted to seduce Bill. Remember those thongs she was wearing? The Jupiter-Chiron Magical Transit is one of the most powerful ones anyone can have. Monica was having two of them when she first seduced Bill. Could we tell that the affair was not going to be lifelong and would not develop into marriage? Yes! If you have mastered Magi Astrology. As those of you who have read our books know, the MARRIAGE CHART of Bill and Hillary Clinton is a very important factor here. Their marriage chart is very powerful and strong and was not going to break just because of Monica. Also, Monica was not born with a CINDERELLA ASPECT. As explained in our most recent book, most women (and men) who marry high above their station were born with planetary alignments that foretell they could do so, and we call them Cinderella Aspects. In addition, Monica's good transits on that night was somewhat offset by her bad transits. On that fateful night, Saturn was making a Clash Angle (150-degree type) to the position of Uranus when she was born.

And Uranus was making a Clash Angle (also 150-degree type) to the position of Saturn when she was born. Those who have read our books know that these two transits were astrological signs that her affair would become infamous (the understatement of the century?) and her affair would not last. HOW TO LEARN MAGI ASTROLOGY AND BENEFIT FROM USING IT IN YOUR LIFE Magi Astrology is no longer just a theory. Since the publication of our books, the principles of Magi Astrology have now been confirmed because they accurately explain the major current events in the lives of celebrity lovers. The success of Magi Astrology is detailed in the Celebrity Lovers Section of this website. Magi Astrology can explain the headlines in the personal lives of celebrity lovers in a way that no other form of astrology can. Magi Astrology is the best way to avoid future heartbreaks. It also helps you to know if someone is right for you, when love is likely to come and fulfill your dream or when you have to be especially careful in your love life. Magi Astrology provides a reliable unbiased guide as to the most likely outcome of any relationship. You can also use this knowledge to significantly improve your whole life. For the above reasons, it is unwise to ignore Magi Astrology. We should all learn Magi Astrology and check it out for ourselves. The principles of Magi Astrology are quite easy to learn. Anyone with common sense can learn them. Compared to Traditional Astrology, Magi Astrology is easier to master because it is more straightforward and is consistent. All of our books teach the basic principles of Magi Astrology and our books are a good place to start to learn. Another way to learn is to join the Magi Society. At the Magi Society, we provide anyone who joins us with detailed step by step lessons on Magi Astrology. In addition, members are the first to learn of our new discoveries. The Magi Society is making new discoveries regularly and the world of Magi Astrology is growing rapidly. For this reason, the scope and capabilities of Magi Astrology have already expanded well beyond the boundaries of our books. Our last book was published in March of 1999. Since then, we have made so many discoveries we could easily fill a thousand pages with the new knowledge. We are working on a new book but it takes a long time to write good books. For this reason, we provide our members with knowledge of Magi Astrology not yet available in any of our books on our Members Only Section of our websites. SPECIAL SOFTWARE FOR MAGI ASTROLOGY Magi Astrology is not complex but like any other knowledge, it is helpful to computerize it. Although you can do everything in Magi Astrology by hand, it would be very time-consuming and you might overlook something important or make a miscalculation. To make it easy for anyone to fully utilize the principles of Magi Astrology, the Magi Society has developed its own computer software for Magi Astrology that is called MAGISOFT. MagiSoft is a million times faster than the human brain and is reliable and will not skip any calculations. MagiSoft also completes its intended calculations flawlessly. THE MAGI SOCIETY HAS UNIQUELY ADVANCED COMPUTER SOFTWARE, WITH CAPABILITIES NO OTHER SOFTWARE HAS. Some of our software is a free benefit of membership. The Magi Society provides the basic MagiSoft program to all of its members as a free benefit of membership. Members may also purchase more advanced software including our Professional Level MagiSoft programs that includes detailed interpretations not available anywhere else, including our books. If you are interested in membership information and an application, you can e-mail us by clicking here.

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