N2- 9/6/12 Title: everyday Saturday Score “C” Comments: This film could be a lot shorter and still convey a sense

of monotony. I would welcome less scenes of the door being unlocked and opened and locked. We will know she has been out shopping when we see her in the store and we see her pull the pillows out of a bag at home. It would still be as mundane. As an older widow myself I am of course writing this review because when our children have grown we get lives of our own. We volunteer, we get involved, we consult, gee, we might even play bingo. A productive member of society doesn’t retire and wait to die. People have social outlets when they are healthy so taking a vacation from retirement doesn’t make sense. The film seems under researched the point of view is narrow. The situation of being door-matted by her son is not a new thing. He has been living with room-mates they would probably throw things at him if he didn’t pick up after himself, so this is an established abusive behavior. I don’t understand what the point is in watching this since there is no climax or conclusion. I didn’t have any notes on what it was thought to be, so I don’t have a much to judge it by. The sound was done well the camera angles were varied and interesting. I was impressed by the performance of the actress. The apartment was great it was nicely contrasted by the furniture store. Title: Season of Darkness Score: “C” Comments: I am not a fan of the ‘horror’ genre of films. Yet, even so I noticed quite a bit of borrowing from other films. The masks from “Spiderman”, is one example the demonic possession has similarities to the “Alien” franchise. Since I don’t watch many horror films I can say how much else was borrowed. The whole film was very much like an elongated version of a “Night Gallery” episode. The music was organs and violins period. The daylight/nighttime incongruity makes the production look cheap, I suggest lighting and blackout shades on the windows. The script is barely tethered to a plot. If this is supposed to be the nightmarish ramblings of a madman then the plot isn’t even necessary. To that end the special effects are gratuitous, something dead transforms into one thing then another and another. In a supernatural ‘pot calling the kettle black’ the murderer who possesses the body of a cheater thinks it is too awful to live that way and kills himself leaving the woman he is so empathetic for completely alone. Almost everyone in the film is someone else it’s a runaway script. Title: Hills Green Score: “C” Comments: This film is for those who like watching people walk. It’s an hour and nine minutes and an hour longer than it needs to be. I t does however answer the burning question “How did you two hook-up?” The script is about one page in length, the male lead talks more to his estranged friend than he does to the girl he is crushing on. It’s not a love story because she is rebounding from a relationship and promises to see the ex when they get back. I can see that she is a photographer but that is only implied by the camera and the cinematography. The audience sees no intimacy between them except for adult

sex scenes, therefore we don’t know anything about them either. This is so disengaging, the music is wallpaper, I could barely watch this film through the end.

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