Title: 96 Minutes Score: B Comments: I don’t know if it was a mismatch or if they chose to end a scene with the sound

track to the next scene. I’ve seen it done intentionally, but not on every scene. The entire story is told through a montage of flashbacks. I suppose a little background on the victim is necessary to sympathize, but this story paints the picture of a woman who is creating her own problems. She is mad at her cheating boyfriend that her friends call “Man-whore”, she sees him with a woman and cracks up her car. Then she leaves the bar because he’s there, but needs someone to drive her home. She refuses to stop screaming when a gun is in her face during a carjacking and she is shot in the head. This looks like a bad day but these are her choices and the survivor becomes a victim because of them. Showing that this is her fault as well is not necessary. The casting is great up to the character called Kevin (white kid). The actor is far too white to have grown up in the hood in Georgia. He can’t articulate certain slang idioms or interjections the same as his cast mates, which throws off the continuity of the story. He looks too intelligent to match the actions of his character and his partner in crime looks like Chris Brown. In the end he says the partner got what he had coming to him. But the elusive logic that he was also convicted of the same crime never connects. The surviving victim comes to the prison to berate him and this ten-year prisoner, straight out of high school, starts crying, I can’t imagine anything less likely to happen. The costumes were good the sets were adequate. The music was not at all memorable. Title: Dead Saints Score: C Comments: These are the random moments in the lives of mental patients, who spit out their psychotropic antihallucinogenic medications. The black and white scenes have the picture quality of 1960s TV programs. Most of the rest of the scenes are like watching a soap opera. The majority of the scenes in the room look like straight

fluorescent lighting. It is harsh and so is the make-up. The moments are not all sequential but this is not what establishes the insanity plea. It seems one woman comes in with behavioral issues and the delusional out-of-body experiences of the other woman are contagious. The references to historical religious events could be fictitious or well-researched, however either way it does not matter because the character thinks she is speaking French. It would be a waste to research Latin dialogue and saintly endeavors for inclusion in this film. The music is thin and that fits this film because it is thin, there are pauses, staring blankly into space, silent watching, and boring dialogue that is comparable to teenage banter. With editing it would be a good short film but as a feature it can not be compared to “Girl Interrupted” because there is not that much going on in the film. It starts the same, with the introduction of the ‘Bad Girl’ of the asylum, but it ends up with guided meditation. There are literally three settings, outside in a field, the lunch room and the dorm room. It is claustrophobic to watch a feature length film with so little room to breathe. Usually this works better in a play because the head at least turns from side to side on the screen, big or small, it is very confining. Title: Dick Night Score: C Comments: The main character in this film is operating on the idea of being in control of her emotions but appears to be emotionally reckless. This must be the year of the woman scorned. I find it hard to believe that today’s modern woman is the most immature version of femininity yet. She takes advice from everybody and suppresses her own feelings to the point of becoming a recluse and never confronts her problems. The way this is shot is through scanning the trashed house and showing her bored Mother. This might seem like a supportive character, but she has an ulterior motive of renting a room out in the house. This is not a story with mass appeal, if it were a video game it would be rated ‘T’ for teen. It reads much like a video game, it has skaters, haters, victims and vampires. The gore effects are

inconsistent, the suspense is nonexistent. The mauling scenes are too dark to see anything. Even the advancing of the vampires (which looks like “Night of the Living Dead) is too dark and choppy to feel scary or foreboding. The conclusion is a let-down and the weird chick character is completely un-reconciled. Title: Ruby Booby Score: C Comments: Technically this is an unattractive film. The daytime scenes all look like high noon, washed out colors, harsh shadows and such. The indoor scenes are contrastingly well lit. I don’t like the subject, this isn’t the female “Rain-man” and it isn’t a reality TV show about ‘Little People’. So it seems to make fun of two mentally challenged women, one an alcoholic the other developmentally delayed. One is eventually taken in by a neighbor man, for no evident reason, what’s the connection, it doesn’t appear to be romantic and if it is (creepy) he seems to be taking advantage of her. Forrest Gump meets the President and Ruby meets five people in her entire life so far. I’m trying to express how uninteresting this film is, I know this is a popular genre right now. Everyone has a reality TV show about hoarders, overweight people, garbage pickers, and people who eat anything. That’s TV, and I expect a film that charges a ticket price to do something more than bland airtime filler. The film has no point the character still writes to Jose Feliciano even though she now knows he is not her real Father. The quest was uneventful and the incentive is gone. The costumes were great they seemed a little dated or too thrift-shoppish. It would be difficult to find some of the items without going to a vintage store and paying dearly. The make-up was also fantastic even on the extras. The music was underutilized the rest of the sound was also bland. It was as if the sets were too quiet. Birds chirping, traffic or airplanes could have been used in the walking alone scenes. The dialogue was predictable, as were the behaviors. The writing of this film doesn’t have the layering of “Joe Dirt”.

The story could have used many more vehicles to keep it interesting.

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