N-78- 2010 Title: Breaking News Score: “C” Comments: First of all this does seem to be a student film; it credits

the communications department at Kent State University. I was not enamored of it simply because the acting was atrocious, I can’t imagine why they did not involve the dramatic arts department. The make-up was stagey on some characters and non existent on others. The wardrobe was too adolescent for college students. The script gave them the demeanor of high school teenagers with way too much time on their hands. The adult of the group was actually going to let them get away with beating a jogger and say nothing. although he found out later they didn’t do it. The camera work and directing gave the whole film the look of an episode of Outer Limits. It also seems older if not by the wardrobe then by the stereotypes. This is also a very short film but I wouldn’t suggest that it be part of any grouping of say “Ohio Students” because it is not representational. Title: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise Score: “C” Comments: This is the longest film yet, not by time but content. People take so long to get to the point in this film that no one cares by the time they get there. The same actress is used in two of the sections but has no relation to the previous segment. It’s one of the if the walls could talk films where there are three separate lives temporarily housed in one apartment, this time it’s a house. It gets tedious from the start with a man who wants to talk to his ex-wife hiding a painting she wants, which he gave her. No one gets particularly emotional and she takes the painting. Next she plays a walk on role of the woman retiring from the office, her boss lives in the house. He has received a love letter and the possibilities confound him. He confides in a

friend who shows up at the third segment visiting the widow of a friend. She is busy talking to her dead husband during the visit. That’s it, many indirect conversations and an hour and a half later, it’s over. There are hardly any views of the locale and it seems hastily put together. Using the same actress in the same clothes but as a different character was just confusing. The role of the friend seemed to have more continuity in the later two segments. What also seems not well thought out is the décor; most people change things to fit their tastes but the rooms hadn’t changed except for the furniture. Title: L’Amour Propre (Love Thyself) Score: “B” Comments: What an appropriate title for an egomaniac. This is a very short film that delivers less than was promised in the comments on the jacket. There was very little storytelling it was just a glimpse into the life of a super star comedian who continues to look for love through having sex. He is consistently disappointed because he is only interested in himself. He brings his super star persona into his personal relationships, and therefore sabotages himself. There is brief nudity and sexual comedy, I don’t usually comment on this but it is unusual. Title: Take Me Home Score: “B” Comments: On the road movies are not that great of an idea. It works once in a while, like lightening not striking twice. The car interior is claustrophobic in day light and is nightmarish in the dark. Pathological liars are not very attractive characters and they would rather lie about lying than admit it to anyone especially themselves. What seems strange is that the parents would not accept that he is a compulsive liar. This guy seems to be one of the un-dateables, so why write and star in a movie that puts someone in such a bad light. How does one write a line and deliver it wrong? The woman is a non-descript door mat who takes

back her husband after neglect and an affair. This is a couple of strangers that hardly relate to each other and certainly not the audience. At times they do team up and work cooperatively but those times are naturally more boring. The camera work is good but it needs to be more creative for the old school road trip format. The music is a nice addition to the story; the original scores for this film are strong enough to stand on their own. The wardrobe is pretty “Tar-get`” for a New York Executive.

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