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We sat down and chatted with Lorenzo Borghese, every girls dream Bachelor and an actual Prince!!! Lorenzo's family goes back 500 years and can be traced to Napoleon’s sister, Paulina Bonaparte Borghese.

We sat down with Lorenzo Borghese, every girl's dream Bachelor and an actual Prince! Lorenzo's family goes back 800-years and includes an array of notable people including Napoleon’s sister, Paolina Bonaparte Borghese and Pope Paul V (Prince Camillo Borghese). But here we celebrate Lorenzo not for his looks or royal affiliations, but rather his entrepreneurial and charitable spirit. But before we dove into what Lorenzo is doing right now, it was important to discuss select choices that make Lorenzo the prominent presence he is in the worlds of industry and philanthropy. For some, the first ‘life-changing’ true answer we get to make for ourselves is: “Where will I go to College?” For Lorenzo the catalyst to leave New England (where he attended Pomfret Boarding School) and the NYC area (where he grew up), happened by chance during Winter Break. While riding the NYC subway, he spotted an airline Ad of a beautiful girl on a Florida beach. It read, “If you don’t like the weather change it.” Subsequently, he and four friends packed for Rollins College located in Winter Park, FL. For Lorenzo, it was a great decision partially due to the weather, but more importantly, because how the education allowed him to grow. He said, “What's interesting about Rollins is: the Teachers are incredible and the class sizes small. Many Teachers were successful people and shared their knowledge with children and we were children then” (points to our Founder, who also went to Rollins). Lorenzo added, “Plus, it's a beautiful school and looks like a country club. So why not?" Another big choice Lorenzo made was when he decided to make his private life public life by going on ABC’s, “The Bachelor.” This was THE choice that exploded him onto the pop-culture scene. When asked about how he was cast Lorenzo stated, “I’m not a model. Believe it or not I landed on [The Bachelor] because of my family history. If you go to Rome, our name is everywhere including on property my family once owned which is now a museum and the lands surrounding the property which is Rome’s largest park.” Of course, he realized that appearances on Reality TV can be risky depending on how one acts, but Lorenzo has always had an inherent savoir-faire about him. So, he was not worried about coming across ‘inappropriately.’ For him appearing on “The Bachelor” then later “Celebrity Big Brother Season 10” and The Dutch Show “Coming to Holland: Prins Zoeky Vrouw" gave him a means to promote his brand. “When I did ‘Celebrity Big

Brother,’ I didn’t do it because I wanted to be locked in a big house with a bunch of potential lunatics. I did it because of what I wanted to talk about, what I believe in...That’s my Company and Animal Rights Causes. So whenever I'm doing Reality TV it's marketing for me." Since he brought it up, we asked: “How was Celebrity Big Brother?” Lorenzo was candid about his experience with the UK show and said while [it] was educational he didn't love every second of it and felt at times like he was in jail. “They really take away your freedom, your phone, your computer, any type of communication to the outside world, you don’t know what day it is. They actually control what room you stay in, who you sleep with...the 12 other inmates (joking) I call them.” On the other hand, the Dutch Show, “Prince Looks for Wife” (loosely translated) was enjoyable for Lorenzo and ‘real’ because only two camera men followed him unlike “The Bachelor” where he was followed by an entire Production Team. “I felt it was more reality. For example, they would just tell us to walk the streets then they followed us and we’d do what ever we wanted. I really enjoyed it. They had me working at FEBO (Holland’s number one QSR). I LOVED it! Where else could I get to work in a fast food restaurant and get to know the culture? It was really fun!” From Reality TV we switched to Lorenzo's passion: Animal Advocacy. How did this become his Cause? Years ago, a video of animals being gassed to death was sent to him. He was horrified at the cruelty these hapless beings were put through and decided he must do something about it and do it now. Lorenzo founded Animal Aids USA with Karen Talbot. Karen is who introduced him to the appalling videos and she spends all her hours throughout her day finding homes for animals in jeopardy of being euthanized. Animal Aid USA raises awareness to bring an end to this archaic method of killing animals and saves an average 85 dogs per month. The not-for-profit is run by all volunteers. To further draw attention to the Cause, making the gas chamber illegal in the United States, Lorenzo ventured in a caravan journey with Grace, a dog in who survived being gassed in Georgia in 2007, and Grace’s Owner, Phil Draughon. The tour began in New Jersey and traveled down to Liberty County, Georgia. On the way, caravan volunteers encouraged people to sign anti-gassing petitions and share

Grace’s story. “When the State of Georgia was informed about what happened to this sweet dog, people were outraged and because of their anger, a bill was passed on December Dec 31st 2010, ‘Grace's Law,’ which banned the gas chamber in GA. Through Grace’s heartbreaking story (she survived being gassed for over 30 minutes), we hope others become aware of this cruel and torturous way of killing our pets and write their Congressman asking for the abuse to stop.” He will repeat the caravan journey with Grace in 2013 to raise more awareness and stop the practice in the 30 other states where gassing animals is still legal . Lorenzo's pet line, Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa, is an extension of his Cause. If you don’t know the brand…YOU SHOULD! It’s HSN’s Number 1 selling Pet Line and has been for the past 11 years. “It's been fun expanding [the business], yet I never thought I would be in the Pet Industry.” It all started so innocently. See Lorenzo had a dog that developed dry skin. In true Lorenzo fashion, he acted immediately (unlike many others today who look for someone else to fix their problem). “I made a shampoo for [my dog] and next thing I knew: I was selling it.” Of course, to Lorenzo, this is a labor of love as he generously donates a percentage of profits to the non-profit for he cofounded, Animal-Aid USA which funds free spay and neuter in low income areas throughout the United States. What’s next for Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa? Lorenzo’s increasing the line of products and launching internationally.Visit Royal Treatment
Italian Pet Spa Here

Well, Pblcty wishes you all the best Lorenzo, success in your business and non- profit causes too! Let us know what we can do to help!