10 Most Important LessonsAchieve Bodybuilding Results

By Scott Jameson

Transforming Your Body
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Table of Contents
Lesson 1:

Setting Goals that Make Gains
Lesson 2:

Finding a Gym that Makes You Train Hard
Lesson 3:

Muscle Up Through Consistency
Lesson 4:

Get a Routine that Effectively Creates Muscle
Lesson 5:

Training Partner Push your Muscular Limits
Lesson 6:

Training without Interruption
Lesson 7:

Intensity not Longevity to Build
Lesson 8:

Diet – Eating to Achieve Lean Muscle
Lesson 9:

Supplements to Accelerate Growth
Lesson 10:

Rest – Grow Muscle to their New Size
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Lesson 1-Creating Goals - Start with an Result in Mind Goals-The Foundation of Your Bodybuilding Success – Making Muscle
“If you don’t know where you are going, any path will do” As with any worthy endeavor including the sport of bodybuilding, goals are an essential part of being a winner. I know what you are thinking, I just train hard and eat right and everything will turn out right…right? Wrong. Oh sure you can make progress, but how do you know if you have pushed hard enough or watched your diet close enough. Goals will help you choose the path that supports the outcome. I remember as kid that a farmer told me to keep his rows straight he focused his eyes on a fixed object off in the distance. As soon as he dropped his eyes lower to the front of the tractor, the rows began go wavy. Whether you are driving a Ford tractor or driving weights to build your chest, goals are an essential. So what are good goals in bodybuilding? I have spent 30 years in business world and good goals are goals that are SMART. SMART is an acronym for Specific Measurable Aligned Realistic Time bound “Specific” means to clearly define what is to be accomplished. For example, specifically you may want to gain 10 pounds of muscle in the next 12 months. If you are concerned about body fat you may want to include “at what % body fat”.

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“Measurable” is an aspect of specific. Measurable means that the goal is objective rather than subjective. A subjective goal might be “I will have more of the bodybuilder shape in the next 12 months. A nice goal but it is not measurable. An objective goal would be the quantification of the bodybuilder shape. For example; “I will achieve a 40 inch chest/back measurement and a 32 inch waist measurement in the next 12 months.” Notice how the Measurable goal drives your behavior in the gym and at the next Home Town Buffet meal.
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“Aligned” means to be in harmony with other life goals. Bodybuilding though it may be important to you, need to align with other goals such family, work and health. For about 8 years, I lived and breathed bodybuilding. At 31 years old, my wife gave birth to twin boys, “Daddy’s Training Partners”. At this time, I had to make some tough choices. Was I going to be a Dad or completely a gym jock? My choice was, I think a wise one. I reorganized my gym time and became more flexible to my wife’s needs. Believe me I kept the gym important but not at the inconvenience of her. When I did this for her she was more sympathetic to an occasional inconvenience. Be wise. Be holistic in your approach to your life goals. Failure to choose wisely can cause an even greater loss in all your life goals (especially Bodybuilding) if you go through a divorce or deal with out of control kids. Get your priorities right and align bodybuilding appropriately. Okay enough preaching. “Realistic” means to choose an accomplishment that is reasonably attainable in the time frame mentioned. For example, don’t set your goal to win the National Bodybuilding Contest next year when you haven’t even competed this year. By the same token, don’t set the bar (no pun intended) so low that you can loaf your way to success. Make the goal a stretch but realistically attainable. When I suggested a goal “to add 10 pounds of solid muscle next year” that would be a good stretch goal. By the way, 10 pounds of muscle is a lot. This is not same to 10 pounds of weight on the bathroom scale until you check that body fat. My favorite ridiculous goal Right after the first pretty spring day where guys can and do take their shirts off, the following Monday you’ll see a lot of guys flock to the gym that you haven’t seen since Christmas holidays. I laugh when I hear them say, “I am going to get in shape for the summer”. Well bud, if you aren’t 90% in shape right now, you are not going to be in shape for summer. It just don’t work that quick. “Time Bound” means to frame what you want to accomplish with when you will complete it. If you noticed in my examples above, time was included in the goal. “I will achieve a 40 inch chest/back measurement and a 32 inch waist measurement in the next 12 months.” Now with your goal complete, go create in between milestones and measurements. If you goal is to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 12 months, work to gain 5 pounds in 6 months. If you goal is attain a certain body part measurement, create some in between milestones.
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Okay so there you have it, the framework for creating a SMART goal. Now snap to it. Write it down. Write it on 2 index cards and place copies on the refrig and bathroom mirror.

"Now go harden some sweat into muscle…. Scott"
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Lesson 2-Finding a Gym that Makes You Train Hard Look Around! Is Your Gym Maximizing Your Muscular Gains
I bet you are thinking that my gym has all the equipment I need. Well, it is true that having the right equipment is an essential of bodybuilding. BUT there are many other factors that play a LARGER role. First of all let me say this article is going to focus on training at a gym. If you have chosen to train at your home, basement or garage or buddy’s private gym, you really need to really need to read this article, perhaps even more than the reader that goes to a gym. Over my bodybuilding career, I have trained just about every place imaginable but my workouts pound for pound and push for push where best achieved in a public gym.

Gold’s Gym South Beach, FL

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I can’t begin to tell you how many seriously minded people I know have bought the home gym equipment and never stuck with it. Or if they do they often get lackluster workouts that at BEST produce mediocre gains. The home (usually the basement) is so full of distractions that training is gets bombarded into oblivion. The phone rings, the doorbell chimes, the wife interrupts, the TV distracts or that home projects begs attention are all deterrents to a superior workout. I have a very close friend that moved his training from the local gym to his basement about 10 years ago. This guy had a spectacular physique and was on the road to greater contest wins. He had the money and created a really sweet personal gym in his basement. He had all the goodies. The gym was loaded with the equipment, mirrors and posters. But it might as well be museum because a year after he created the gym, he chucked working out all together! I know you say you may be different. If you are, you are in the minority. I’d say 99% can’t do it! I can't say it strong enough, find a good gym because the environment is essential to mind blowing workouts that produce extraordinary gains.

Okay enough preaching. What makes a truly great gym? Basic Free Weight: Yes, the starting point is about right equipment. A good gym should have plenty of free weights, dumbbells and benches. It should also have plenty of machines that will provide isolated muscle training. Spend some time evaluating what equipment the gym has for each muscle group. For example, if you are checking www.bodybuildingprogramzone.com 10 Lessons 9 of 43
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the gym for the chest workout, then does the gym have flat benches, incline benches, decline benches and heavy enough dumbbells? You should do this for each muscle group. Machine Essentials: Machines isolate muscle groups better than free weights and are central if you going to pump the muscle to the max. Nautilus, Icarian and Hammer Strength are recognizable brands that have traditionally produced high quality machines for bodybuilding. The gym should also have a decent selection of cardio equipment. Again determine what is available for each muscle group. By the way, if you don’t know which muscle group a piece of equipment works, most machines will generally have a label describing what it does. Some equipment is more generic and if you don't know how to use it, you need to go read an article in the article in the Routines Book call "Which Muscles – Which Equipment". Okay so what’s beyond the weights and equipment? While you cannot have a gym without the weights and equipment, the following gym qualities will detonate your routine to be nuclear! Clientele: What kind of persons are training at the gym. Go to the gym during the time that you will normally attend and CHECK THIS OUT. If you see primarily geriatrics (old farts) recovering from a heart attack or knee replacement, it is not likely they are going to stimulate you to intense workouts.

Look for gym jocks! Those are the guys that are obviously serious about their training. Observe the: www.bodybuildingprogramzone.com 10 Lessons 10 of 43
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The intensity of their workouts. How much sweating is going on? Their words of motivation during training. Do you hear anyone saying, “get it up” push it out, you can do it or one more rep” Their present level of muscular development. It helps to have some that are significantly superior bodybuilders that motivate you to excel, some that are similar to your physique to create competition and yes some less than your physique, so you can help them to improve. If some newbie asks for your for advice, figure you just received a compliment to your physique. Now don't you feel like working harder! Other qualities to look: Does the staff look like they practice what they sell? At least a portion of the staff should be into bodybuilding, fitness or other sports that the gym can prepare them for. They should be able to teach you about the equipment and also offer a spot to you during an exercise. Mirrors and equipment placement: This may sound silly but mirrors are important to your training. This is not about narcissism. It is about feedback. When you exercise it is important to see if you are maintaining good form. Properly placed equipment will allow this to happen. Mirrors can help you lock out those triceps, keep you back straight and prevent excessive cheating during the movements. Also seeing the muscle work will provide positive feedback push out that last rep. Juice Bar: Can you get a protein shake or energizing drink before a workout? Also this is location for chit chat and small talk….not the gym floor. If you are working at home, find a gym. If you are working out at a gym, determine if it's the best. There was a time in my training that the best gym was 30 miles round trip, while the lesser gym was a mere 4 miles away. You can guess what I did….and it made a difference. Why do you think the best bodybuilding in the world all train in a handful of gyms in California? Location, location, location; it makes the difference in their training.

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott
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Lesson 3-Consistency You Have to Show Up to Muscle Up!
I have often said the single most important step in getting a good workout is to simply, SHOW UP. I know there are bazillion reasons and distractions that will annihilate a workout, but that is NO EXCUSE. IF YOU WILL JUST SHOW UP YOU WILL WORK OUT. Is that too tough!? In other words, be consistent and regular in attending the gym. Be so consistent that if you did miss a workout for a legitimate reason (and I can’t think of too many) your bodybuilding buddies ask “where were you?” You should be a fixture in the gym; you are always there on your scheduled days. Okay so how do you do it? Go straight to the Gym after Work- Do not go by the grocery, the bank or your house. If I go home for even a few minutes after work I am tempted do a few things, eat a quick snack and before long a few minutes turn into hours and then it too late to hit the gym. I am better off to drive directly from work to the gym every workout day. Make this a habit.

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Schedule Your Gym Time- Just like work; you have certain hours you need to be at wok and this is same for the gym. If you have standard 8 hour work day, it is pretty easy to maintain a consistent arrival time. If your hours vary, then lay out your schedule accordingly. Let Your Others Know Your Schedule- Tell your wife, friends or parents this is your scheduled gym time. If someone wants you do something or be somewhere during these hours, they know it is like asking you to take off work. Tell them you need advance notice of any such event. If there is a mandatory event that smacks your workout, plan ahead and make schedule rearrangement. But don't miss a workout. Feelings don’t count! –I’m sorry but they don’t. There are days I too feel tired and just don’t fell like going to the gym. Well my fellow bodybuilders, it is not about how you or I feel. It is everything about getting your butt to the gym. I remember reading that Arnold said one time when he didn’t feel like hitting it hard in gym he just went through the motions finally left the gym mad at him self. The next day he used that disappointment to motivate himself back to his peak. But notice AT LEAST ARNOLD SHOWED UP.

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Plan Ahead to Find a Gym-If I am out of town, my gym bag is packed with me so I can go the gym while I am away and right after my plane hits the tarmac. Hunt down the local gyms in new cities. Before the days of the internet, I would get to the hotel, whip out the Yellow Pages or ask the concierge for the local gym choices. Nowadays, you search the internet for gyms in your traveled city prior to arrival. I know this sounds fanatical but it can be fun seeing how the rest of world trains and at the same time getting a workout. You might even learn something. Sometime circumstances don’t allow me enough time so I must hit the hotel gym. I don’t like working out those lousy hotel gyms (if you call them that) but psychologically I at least did my best under the circumstances. Surprisingly, workouts aren’t too bad because many times the equipment is so unfamiliar and cranky; it tends to work your muscles differently. Show Up and Sweat will eventually harden to muscle!

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott
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Lesson 4-Your Routine Pack on the Lean Muscle with Your Routine!
Do you really want gains? Will others notice that you are significantly bigger more ripped this summer? Is there no mistake, you have the look of a bodybuilder? Well your next most critical move is to implement a routine that will blast your body to your goals. (See Lesson 1 above) Step one is: Plan before you step foot in gym! To create your plan, define the 6 steps below to create your routine: 1. Training Days per week
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2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Body Parts per week Body Parts on which Day Exercises for those Body Parts Sets for each exercise Reps for Set

Days per Week Factors that are going to determine how many days per week, should start with your goals. If you intend on doing some serious bodybuilding, two or three days per week is more of an interruption to your life than a routine. Unfortunately too few days will not likely help you achieve your goal. If your goal is pack on 10-12 pounds of lean muscle (no fat increase), you are going to need to spend some serious time in the gym. This site will not tell you that it easy. Four days is pretty much a minimum, 5 days is better and 6 day means you are taking your goals seriously and are likely to succeed. Seven days a week, I think is overtraining and part of training is resting appropriately. Keep in mind even God rested on the seventh day. If you can only dedicate four day a week to the gym, then you should reevaluate your goals. (My assumption is that you had a serious bodybuilding goal)

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Body Parts per Week How frequently will you train each body part?... twice a week, three times a week. I see the trends in the gym and normally what I see is people training every body part only once a week. This is crap! If you think competitive bodybuilding is achieved with this little of time in the gym, you are kidding yourself. I know some are thinking that steroids will compensate for the fewer training hours. Well it might a little, but keep in mind, the muscle does not build on drugs it responds to exercise. Steroids only help rebuild the muscle. By the way, if you are doing steroids, then YOU above all should be taking advantage of the faster recovery by training body parts twice or more per week.
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If you are able and really want explosive growth, train youir body parts twice a week. See Routines book for a great ROUTINE! Some body parts should trained even more. Work those abs 6 days a week. They won't complain and neither will you when you take your shirt off next summer. Train those slow growing calves 4 times a week and see the calves become cows!

Body Parts on Which Days There are bazillions of combinations to train various body parts on which days. Each will have a certain advantage. See Routines book for a great ROUTINE! You could take the three day Push Pull routine and simply double it and have a six day routine. You need to determine what your body needs. To set up your Routine: Prioritize your body part needs. Weak parts should get preferential treatment with extra training. Place your toughest day of your training when your body is freshest. After your scheduled day of rest, blast the next day with your most intense routines. Combine body parts achieve maximum workout intensity. Push Pull is efficient but it is also the most tiring for the triceps. Works what is right for you not what someone's else routine
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Experiment with different arrangement of body parts.

Exercises-What are the best. Your exercises should include: Basic movements are a must and should be first. For Chest you must do Bench Presses, for Back you must do W–I–D-E grip Chin ups, for Legs you must do Squats, for Shoulder you must do Presses, for Triceps you must do Dips and for Biceps you must do barbell or dumbbell Curls. Equipment or Machine exercises are essential for isolated muscle training. Nautilus, Cybex and Hammer Strength have all developed specific machines with clear instructions to blast specific body parts. Add these in after you do the Basics. If you are not sure which exercises develop which muscle, please go to the Routine Book and read "Which Equipment – Which Muscle Group". Sets and Reps I have an entire article dedicated to this subject to help guide you through the selection of Set and Reps. See Routines Book article call "How Many Sets – How Many Reps". The point this lesson is you must predetermine the Reps and Sets before you hit the gym. Don't make those decisions while you are standing on the gym floor and waste valuable training time! Final Steps Now that you have determined your Routine you still have a couple more steps: Write it down. Write down the Day, the Exercises, the Sets and targeted Reps of your routine. Put it in log format. Here's an example. Here a blank for you too fill in. Record your Reps and Sets for each Exercise Adjust your routine Scrap the Routine once it becomes stale Replace with Fresh Routine.

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott
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Lesson 5- Pick a Training Partner Training Partners-The Key to Extreme Workouts
Are you doing Your Squat to failure? Are you limiting your down time between sets? Has your bench press increased in the last month? Is every workout a sweat grueling event? Well if answered "no" to any of these questions, you likely don't have a workout partner or at least not a good one. A Training Partner is critical to achieving mind blowing and muscle frying workouts that leave your body in a state of muscular pain for a day or two after that training session. So do you really want to GROW? REALLY!? Then get a training partner and together take each other to limits of training intensity. Notice I said TOGETHER! This is not about finding a person that will push you through. You too must have that intense drive to order up an extreme workout in the gym! These types of workouts compel the muscle to grow and Grow and GROW.

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So how do you find a good training partner? (BTW these should be your characteristics too!) Training partner characteristics: Desire- A yearning to improve. The craving for that good muscular pain that changes to muscular growth. Commitment- The dedication to Show Up for 99% of your workouts. Accountability- Insisting excellence from your partner. Encouraging excellence when the attitude wanes. Persistence-The perseverance to do the right thing regardless of the natural feelings to slack off. Personality- Compatible and likeable. You have to get along if you are going to train long. Physically Comparable- Your level of development and strength must be comparable to precipitate competitive training (motivation) as well as the efficiency of using similar weights. Okay, do you have a person in mind? Or are you still wondering how you find such a person? Okay here's how to find a partner? Finding the right partner: 1. Go to the Gym where bodybuilding is the norm. (See article above on How to Pick a Gym) 2. Train at your regular time and observe those persons that seem to have the characteristics above. 3. Get a spot from a perspective partner. A good partner will encourage you even if you don’t know him. 4. Train a body part with a person to understand his Desire. 5. Understand his workout schedule. Determine if there is match or arrangement can be made to align workout times. (Assumes step 4 went well) 6. Inquire if he would like to train together for a week or two. Evaluate Commitment, Accountability, Persistence and Personality. 7. Share Goals. Are they similar and compatible? 8. Gain agreement to train as partners regularly. This is a natural extension if the trial period went well. 9. Keep the partner long term (a year minimum) Step 9 is a difficult step sometimes. Living in the gym day after day with your training partner can become a drag. Keep in mind this arrangement is bodybuilding partnership not a marriage.

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Okay, now that I have a partner what next? Responsibilities of the partner: Encourage the each rep of training. Compliment improvements. Expect success. Create Accountability: Show Up on time. Expect your partner to Show Up on time. Communicate necessary schedule changes. Provide feedback and tips real time during workouts for training improvements. Push the Limits. Make intensity a priority by adding more weight, limiting rest between sets and driving force reps. Help. Provide a lift off, a spot and push the reps to failure. Prepare your partner for a contest. Evaluate his posing, keep his diet in check and encourage his attitude. Work toward improved routines. Modify exercise selection. All set? Good! Get a good partner and your old workouts will seem mediocre!

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott
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Lesson 6-Training without Interruption To Muscle Up You Got to Pump Up
Interruptions are the arsenic of muscle growth. A guy by the name of Keith came over to me tonight during my arm workout. I was having a great arm routine. Veins were popping out all over. The both bi’s and tri’s were pumped and felt great. I was sweating too which is often difficult since arms are relatively small muscle group. Anyway Keith said, “What do charge to help me figure out what I am doing wrong?” My first words were “nothing”. (As you should know by now I just want to help you succeed.) Anyway he wanted to discuss his routine right then and there but I politely cut it off and said, “I’ll be done with my routine for the day in 10 minutes, can I get with you then.” Of course he said "no problem". There was no way I was going to stop my arm exploding workout, blow the pump that I had, so that I could talk bodybuilding routines with Keith. Granted I did want to help him. Are you minimizing muscle growth? Are you turning an intense 1 hour routine into a mediocre hour and half? Do you get distracted, mind wanders and look around? Quit it….can I say it again…just quit it. Discipline yourself to get all the muscle development in the gym you can. The gym floor is place of business. The business of building massive amounts muscle over a period of time. It is not a place to shoot the breeze, become the personal trainer for 10 minutes or read Muscle and Fitness magazine before your next set. You work your butt off without interruption, and when you are not pounding the weights, you are preparing your mind for the next vein popping lift. If you will stay focused and intense on the gym floor, over time they’ll figure you out and pretty leave you alone. Can you imagine Jay Cutler stopping his routine to talk? I laugh just thinking about this. He didn’t get to the Olympia on words but on work.
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Remember Lesson 3 "You Have to Show Up to Muscle Up"? Good for you. Now this next lesson, “To Muscle Up you got Pump Up”. And that means working without interruption because the pump is achieved by pushing more and more blood into muscle. Stop for just a few minutes and it’s gone. And when it’s gone, you aren’t getting back in this routine with the same intensity. So kiss that muscle growth good bye! How do I discipline myself to train without interruption? Set a time limit to complete each body part. For example, maybe you allow 20 minutes for biceps and 25 minutes for triceps. That will keep you moving and focused. Feel the pump and work to keep the pump. You’ll know if you are losing it by taking too much down time. Have a library’s mind set to the gym floor, “No talking”. Conversely define the fun zones as the locker room, juice bar and front desk. Talk there. How do I handle others? Inform others, like I did Keith that you cannot talk right now. Ninety nine percent of the gym jocks will get the point and allow you maintain your training. For those that don’t get it: Stay focused and don’t make eye contact
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Avoid training within conversation distance If sharing equipment, push them to spend less time and do their next set. Not only will they find less time to talk but will likely quit early avoiding too intense a routine. Excuse yourself by saying, “sorry I need to do my next set”. Redirect conversation to later time Now with all this said, does this mean that you can’t speak to others on the gym floor? Well for regulars I’d say NO. Frankly, I try to greet everyone and be friendly. I see the “regulars” daily and consider them my gym friends. We also may help each other with a spot or some feedback. It would be totally appropriate for another gym jock to coach me, correct my form or encourage me. But this is in alignment with an intense workout. It would be totally inappropriate after a simple greeting to discuss during your workout the football game from Sunday. So get pumping with workouts that are focused and uninterrupted…and I will see you at the top!

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott

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Lesson 7-Intensity not Longevity Sweat Eventually Hardens to Muscle, Really!
You’ve just worked out and spent an hour and half in the gym. You stayed focused, lifted and avoided making the gym floor a social area. You did your duty…right?…well maybe or did you just loaf through the motions?

The next level up from not wasting your time in the gym is pushing your time in the gym to be intense. Sweat really will eventually harden to muscle. The norm today seems to be to do a set and rest 5 minutes. What are you a power lifter or a bodybuilder? The body returns to about 80-90% of the original strength in about 60 seconds. In one minute you should be able to swap plate and take a brief rest. But now back to gas. Tear down those muscle fibers, force feed the blood into the veins, make the muscles bloat into pump and cause the body to tax the respiratory system to the point of sweating! Now that is intensity.
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Now take a minute (maybe a minute and half) to swap and rest. Now get going again. Remember I said that your strength recovers to 8090% in the first 60 seconds. Well if you are tearing down your muscles on each set, your muscles are weakening. Good! Muscle recovery is really 80-90% of your previous set’s strength. You are working yourself down in weight. This is good. Lower your weight; do not increase your rest time. Need I mention that intense workouts are going to require a training partner (See "Picking a Training Partner" article above.. How else are you going to move this quick, get a spot to be safe and push your sets to failure? It screams partner! Here’s the Set Cycle: 1. Start your set 2. Do reps to the point failure, force reps or negatives. Help me partner. 3. Rest minute to minute and half. (I’ll concede that there are differences between bodies) 4. Start your next set (repeat back to step 1) Once you have completed your sets within in an exercise group, take a 2-3 minutes rest to replace the weight, get a drink of water and locate and start your next exercise. Here's an Example for Training the Back: T Bar Rows Start set 1 of T bar rows Rest 1 minute Start set 2 Rest 1 minute Set 3 Rest Set 4 Rest 2-3 minutes before going to next exercise Wide Grip Chins Start Set 1 Rest 1 minute Set 2 Rest
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Set 3 Rest Set 4 Repeat this Set Cycle for your remaining back exercises, Close Grip Rows and One arm dumbbell rows. Take 5 minutes rest between body parts. At the end of the routine the Back should be fried. If your next body part is Biceps, it’s okay to take 5 minutes between body parts. Your Back has gotten all it’s gonna get and it should have been a good one. But use those 5 minutes to prepare yourself mentally for the Bicep routine. Here are the benefits of Intensity Training: Accelerated Gains…and isn’t that what it’s all about Creates a good soreness of the muscles for a couple of days Elevated heart rate and aerobics benefit Reduced time to complete your bodybuilding routine so that you can: o Use this time to add in few extra sets of Abs or consider adding another body part to your routine. o You use as an early out the gym occasionally If you can now finish your routine in 45 minutes, you really need to consider upping the content of your routine. One hour is a minimal amount of time to workout. A routine with an hour and half content will move you faster to your goals. I am sure you might have weak body part that could be trained twice a week. Or do some specialty muscle training like neck exercises. This was true for me. Sometime ago, I found I could do Bi’s and Tri’s in about 45 minutes. So I added forearms into my routine as a complimentary part. I also added some additional Ab work .

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Implement Intensity training into your routines and harden up!

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott

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Lesson 8-Diet – Eating for Lean Muscle Diet: The Hardest Part of Bodybuilding
I have often said the training is easy, the diet is hard. Why is that? I think by nature we prefer greasy, sweat junkie food over drained can of tuna or a broiled chicken breast. You know what I mean! Secondly, eating is not something you can just give up. You can live without smoking cigarettes but you cannot quit eating. Eating right (dieting) is as important as training. If you have Trained with Intensity (and you better be!) as described in previous lesson, you need to feed the muscle the proper nutrients to rebuild muscular size and strength back. Muscles stay sore longer when we fail to feed them. A few years ago, I did something really stupid. Funny thing is that I know better but thought I could get by. I had picked up a few extra pounds. I hadn’t competed in sometime and was unmotivated to stick to strict diet. I felt I had a fairly fast metabolism but as I have gotten older, the weight came anyway. I was probably 10 pounds over weight.

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I started what I call the typical world diet. I was skipping meals, adding ephedra to my diet and was way down on what I ate. Well I lost weight alright but picture was not pretty. I continued to work out of course. I whipped off 10 lbs in no time…unfortunately it was mostly muscle. The body is funny. It will strip the muscle along the fat. Doesn’t make sense does it? I took some time but eventually wised up and returned to the basics of bodybuilder’s diet. Let me give you a quick disclaimer here. First I am not dietitian, so I will not be laying a exact intake program. Check with your doctor. Secondly, if I did lay out my diet, that which specifically works for me generally does not work for someone else. Lastly, yes there are fundamentals of eating that work for all bodybuilders. So let’s dig in here. Most of these fundamentals are not new. I heard an old preacher say one time, “We really don’t need a new message, we just need to be reminded of the old one”. Well ditto here.

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Diet Fundamentals (non contest or off season): Food content should be high protein, medium carbohydrates and low fat. This is different than what the USDA recommends but hey look at the rolls of fat flopping around on the typical American. We need the protein to rebuild the muscle. A rule of thumb is that you need 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Do this and this will reorganize the carbs and fats. Eat often and smaller meals. As a kid I was told, don’t eat too close to a meal or you will ruin your dinner. So we abstained from eating then pigged out at dinner. This is backwards. You want to eat about 6 small meals a day. Actually, I would not call some of these meals but rather snacks. I frequently snack on nuts or a protein shake between meals. Eat Fresh foods before frozen, eat frozen before processed foods. We live in a world where food is loaded with preservatives, artificial coloring and is bleached, and stripped of
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its original nutritional value. Eating fresh peas over canned peas is a huge improvement. Eat fish, foul before you eat red meat. When eating red meat, find the leaner cuts. Pork gets a bad rap, but it is easy to trim the fat most pork. Pork tends to have the fat layered on the outside of the meat. On beef, the fat tends to marble through the meat. It is difficult to trim out. A juicy steak means a fat enriched steak. The fat on both beef and pork are saturated, the worst of fat. Broil, bake or grill. Avoid fried anything in saturated animal or hydrogenised fat. These are saturated and trans fats and are bad for your heart and circulation. Any fat that is solid at room temp is generally saturated. Even though we often eat too much, fats are an essential part of your diet. Be sure you eat right fats though. The best fats are unsaturated. Use olive, peanut and vegetable oils in that order. I love peanut butter. It’s sad how an excellent food can be trashed by processing. Peanut butter was originally, peanuts ground into paste. If you leave this natural peanut butter sit for a period of time, the peanut oil will separate to the top. Jif and Skippy, take natural peanut butter, strip off the good oil, put in hydrogenated fat then add loads of sugar and salt. They have the nerve to say “tastes more like fresh peanuts”. That’s crap. Nothing tastes more like fresh peanuts that pure peanuts ground into butter. Thankfully you can now buy again natural peanut butter from Smucker’s. Keep in mind most of these have a good amount of salt. The best place is to go to a health food store and buy fresh ground peanut butter. It is delicious. How do I stay on a diet year round? Stay balanced by adhering to a clean diet 90% of the time but occasionally let loose and enjoy the other stuff? No one meal will ruin you.

The Clean Period-Sunday evening to Friday noon
I stay strict on my diet, Sunday dinner through Friday noon. That means all these meals will be clean. By clean I mean no candy, cake, cookies or anything else that is remotely sweet. No fried foods, butter, margarine are allowed. A bit of oil may be used in some fish preparation. Meats are lean and vegetables are fresh. Limit your breads to mostly in morning. Any bread should be whole grain. Fast food is always a no-no with the exception of salad….and they are that great at these places. I can’t think of any snack food, potato chip or the like, that is good for you. Get rid of them. Show your discipline.

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Protein shakes are a must along with protein bar snacks to boost your gram per pound of body weight. Milk is okay but skim. Nuts are great snack food. Maximize protein and limit your carbs. Generally meals prepared at a restaurant are prepared for taste, in quantities as if you haven’t eaten in weeks. Don’t go during the Clean Period!

The Loose Period-Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch
Don’t think this is going to be a pig out time. But you can relax a bit. A meal prepared at restaurant is okay but order as if you were in your clean period. You’ll get more enough fat and sugar in these supposedly "good for you" meals. Bake potatoes are to be eaten without butter or salt. I know many places will let you substitute steamed veggies in place of fries or a baked potato. Order the grilled instead of fried. Watch that endless basket of bread that is borderline cake….it’s pure trash. Drink water. No soft drink is good for you. All alcohol is catabolic, the opposite of anabolic. The reason being drunk is called intoxication is because alcohol poisons the body. That is why the word toxic appears in the word intoxication. Simple, don’t drink and body build. Occasionally I will share a dessert with my wife. I know it adds a ton of calories with almost no nutritional value. This is a really letting loose but actually I can turn it to a positive. I feel guilty and that means tomorrow I will be watching my diet all the closer. Once Sunday evening rolls around, I am back on the clean diet. Keep in mind a contest diet is cleaner yet and there are no loose periods. Again I must emphasize the diet is critical to building lean mass. In all my lessons, I have not told you any of this would be easy because it is not. Bodybuilding is hardest sport I know requires so much to succeed. You can do as many have. Check out the inspiration pics of those that have.
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"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott

Lesson 9-Supplements to Accelerate Growth Supplements: The Easiest Part of Bodybuilding
Physical Recovery: I got to beat on this drum awhile longer. Feeding yourself the right stuff after a grueling workout is necessary to put the body on the road to recovery so you can hit it hard again at the gym.

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As I have said before bodybuilding is hard work and done right, the body is continually in a state of recovery. As I mentioned in the previous article on Diet, eating right is the first step to recovery. However since the body is over stressed and eating often fails to give you enough vitamins/mineral and protein, these two supplements need to be included in your daily diet. Good new is, doing this pretty easy. It only takes money and minor amount of discipline to consume these body repairing substances. I look like a hypochondriac in the morning. I have one of those pill dividers that are labeled with the days of week. I have learned that shaking out a tablet from eight bottles every morning is pain. So I set my week up by shaking out an entire week's worth on Sunday evening. That means Monday morning; I pop the lid and gobble down my daily dosage.

Here is what I take. I consider these the vitamin basics. This is not intended to be prescription or recommendation for you. You should however layout your own combination. As usual consult your doctor. My daily intake is: Vitamin C -1000mg B Complex Vitamin E 400 IU Calcium,1200mg with Vitamin D and Mineral Potassium 90mg Garlic 650mg Multi Vitamin and Mineral
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Glucosamine and Chondroitin (750mg and 600mg respectively) Here’s why I take what I take and you may want to as well. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and an essential for healthy bones. Help heal the body after a workout and aids the body in resisting disease. B Complex- I won’t go into which B vitamin does what. That an article within itself. The B vitamins aid in the metabolism of carbs, protein and fats. They promote muscle growth, muscle tone and the production of red blood cells. They fortify the white blood cells and the formation of antibodies. There more benefits of the B’s but these are the basics Vitamin E is another major antioxidant that supplies oxygen to the blood and provides nourishment to the cells. Calcium builds and strengthens the bones. It also builds healthy joints that we bodybuilders tend stress by our heavy use. Potassium aids to prevent muscle cramps. Garlic-I don’t know if it an old wives tail or there’s really solid evidence but I take garlic to prevent the common cold. I believe it. I haven’t had a cold in years. Garlic is an antioxidant and medical science has shown that it has antibiotic affects. Multi Vitamin and Mineral- I take primarily for the main and trace minerals that affect mental well being and muscle strength. Glucosamine and Chondroitin- If you have been in the gym long enough, you will have joint pains. I feel like it give me some joint improvement. Buying Vitamins I have been “around the block” on this one. I paid premium prices for the supposedly best available. Those folks claim they take greater care to process and claim you will digest better. I have also bought by price. Frankly I can’t justify the difference. I find the generic brands work just as well as famous brands even though the name brands advocate their superiority. I buy my vitamins at Sam’s Club. They have a great selection and good prices. I feel as good at 58 year old as I did at 34. And I still train 6 days week. Vitamins are an important part of my recovery plan.
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The next supplement that I consider an essential is protein. It is difficult to eat all the protein we need in a day. Again the rule of thumb is that we need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. So for a 200 lb guy, he needs 200 grams of protein. Protein shakes are easy, finally taste good and help you consume the quantity you need without more time in the kitchen. Protein has come a long way since the 70’s. Back then soy protein was just about all that was available. It tasted like chalk. Whey protein is made from milk and when added to skim milk it makes concentrated meal in minutes. I have tried the egg protein but am not crazy about the taste. There are a bazillion different brands of protein out there but I find little performance difference.

Here is a typical protein shake for me: 8-10 oz of skim milk 1 scoop of uncooked oats for fiber and good carbs ( Use the protein scooper) 2 scoops of protein powder 1 tsp cinnamon (optional for cholesterol benefits) Blend and chug
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This blend will give you about 50-55 grams of protein. Two of these a day and I am half way to meeting my 200 grams protein. So if you really want your sweat to harden to muscle, take supplements that repair and recover the good muscle tear down that you have done in the gym during a workout.

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle"…. Scott

Seth Feroce National Competitor

Lesson 10-Rest Rest-Grow Those Muscles to A New Size
Well here we are at lesson number ten, and I have been contemplating the last of your most important bodybuilding moves. At first I thought
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I would write about the necessity of routine rotation. Then I thought I'd write about creating a social life that supports your bodybuilding efforts. I have to tell you while these are all important topics that I will write about; I believe the subject of Rest is the final most important move. I was listening to an interview of the fitness-model Bodybuilder, Greg Plitt and he stated, “All the training in the world will not produce muscular results without Rest.”

Gregg Plitt, Fitness Model

I couldn’t agree more. So how does Rest become our tenth Most Important Move?

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Okay here's why. Let’s quickly review our first nine previous to set the stage for this last lesson: 1. Goals-Clearly you need goals to reach your bodybuilding targets. 2. Gym- Finding the right environment to train is fundamental to a good workout. 3. Consistency- Showing up at the gym is half the battle to training. 4. Routine- Finding a routine that fits, creates gains and bring you back for more as your muscle show.. 5. Partner- Your catalyst to gut busting workouts and extraordinary gains www.bodybuildingprogramzone.com 10 Lessons 41 of 43
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6. Training Without Interruption- Keeping the workout all business. Train first. Play later. 7. Intensity not Longevity- Keeping your routine efficient and effective. Maximize your gains at the gym! 8. Diet- Eating right to feed the muscles. 9. Supplements- Feeding the body nutrients to stimulate gains not normally achievable by eating. 10. Rest- Recovering the muscle to new size. Dissect the above lessons, here is what you have: Planning-your muscular gains in lessons 1 and 2. Execution- Tearing down the muscles to demand growth with every rep! Lesson 3-7 Recovery- Pampering the muscle with right foods, supplements and lastly with adequate Rest. Lesson 8-10. All three of these Stages of Bodybuilding are your important moves. Rest is absolutely essential. Unbelievably the bed is where you will be growing tonight (assuming you have diligently executed lesson 1 to 9). God recognized Rest long before we did. God’s plan is to work 8 eight hours, recreate 8 hours (family, hobby, put your gym time here) and sleep 8 hours. In today's society, most jobs really not physically toilsome. A hundred years ago, it was not unusual to work physically hard for 8 hours. Today however, even our labor intense jobs do not compare to digging a ditch or hand plowing a field with a team of horses for 8 hours. Today, we get our exercise in the gym! Rest the Body: Sleep 8 hours tonight! By Resting 8 hours a day, I mean sleep. This is the time to allow the body to go dormant, muscles to grow and mind to relax. You will be refreshed for work and workout time. Why do you think they call it beauty sleep? Because rest helps you will look better by being bigger the next day. Rest between Body Parts Rest comes in a second form. That is rest between body parts. That means if you work chest on Monday you need a minimum day of recovery before attacking the chest routine again. Frankly, take 2 or 3 days of rest between body parts for complete recovery. Work your back or arms or legs or whatever on those in between days, but not
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the chest. Give it a breather. It takes a night or two of rest to fully recovery that body part. Rest a day and do not train Again even God rested on the seventh after 6 days of work. If you workout 7 days a week which translates into 365 days of training per year, you are headed for burnout. If your body doesn’t give way the mind will eventually. Everyone needs a break. Take a day off each week from the gym. Let’s Summarize the Rest strategyRest your Body-Sleep Rest your body parts 2-3 days before re training that part. Take one day of rest away from the gym each week As usual consult your doctor, but this is a good guideline and it works for me. I truly want you to succeed in bodybuilding. That is why I wrote these 10 lessons. I welcome questions or comments so write me at scott@bodybuildingprogram.com.

"Sweat eventually hardens to Muscle".... Scott

You now have the fundamentals so get to man….and start building some muscle

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