1 Grégoire de Kalbermatten’s welcome speech at the International Christmas Puja Seminar, 29-12-2012, Kiev, Ukraine.

Edited for written publication

I am very honored to be here with all of you to celebrate Christmas in Kiev. I would like at the onset to refer to the way Shri Mataji begin Her public programme addresses. She said “I bow to the seekers of truth”; She did not say, “I bow the seekers of joy”, or “I bow to the seekers of consciousness”. It is important for us to understand. God is Sat, Chit, Ananda––Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. Truth is coming first, and there is a reason, Because it is the gate. So what is the truth? Shri Mataji says the truth is that we are the spirit. But there is a play in Sahaja Yoga because on one hand, yes we are the spirit, and on the other hand we have to become the spirit because we are still with our ego and our superego. So we need to desire the truth and to desire the truth about ourselves we need to introspect because we are still human beings and if we make mistakes, with introspection we find out. And this is our honesty towards ourselves that we try to uncover our own mistakes, not the mistakes of others. So this is the truth about ourselves and the truth about the others, how do we find it? We find the truth about others when we forgive because when we forgive, it means we don‟t see their mistakes; their truth is that they are something more than the sum of their mistakes. The truth about the others is that even if they make mistakes, they are even more than the mistakes that they make so, when we forgive them, we go to that truth. So we find our truth on our axis, on the Sushumna. Now, when Shri Rama worships Shri Shiva, it is very beautiful and it is very powerful and I mention this because here, you are the children of the son of Shri Rama - the Slav people. And so when Shri Rama, Shri Vishnu worships Shri Shiva it means the entire world of action, the entire management of this universe, is put at the feet of Shri Ishwara, the Lord. So when we put our action at the feet of our Lord we go to our axis. But there is something else I want to tell you because I had a dream last night, my first night in Ukraine. Because Shri Shiva also pays homage to Shri Vishnu and I think it‟s important that we understand this point here in the Ukraine. Because your national symbol is the trishul of Shri Shiva. Now I hope I can explain this because it‟s the first time that I‟ve tried. One day Shri Mataji gave me a big correction, a big „papatch‟ and a friend of mine went to Shri Mataji and asked Her, “Shri Mataji, why do you correct Grégoire so strongly because he loves you so much?” And she said, “But in this way they‟ve always loved Me. They have built mosques for Me, they have built cathedrals for Me.” She said human beings have always loved God but what about loving each other? Now

2 this is an important point we need to understand. You see, some yogis felt that if they love Shri Mataji so much this was the core of their faith and then they are protected by that. But to love Shri Mataji is not enough because once we understand who Shri Mataji is, we cannot help but love Her like the iron dust has no choice but to go to the magnet. You see Shri Shiva gave boons to the rakshasas because they loved Shri Shiva very much and with the boons they had they started dominating others. So when Shri Shiva wishes that we pay homage to Shri Vishnu it‟s because our love of the divine is not complete until we love each other. It‟s important to understand this in Kiev because you have been Shiva bhaktas. Actually, we all in this hall are Devi bhaktas, this is understood. If we understand that our love for God has to be global then it needs also to cover our love for ourselves, then we should all desire unity because we are cells in the body of Shri Mataji and how long is the war between the cells to go on if we don‟t unite and love each other. (At this point Grégoire says after the translation , “I don’t remember what I said!” – Gentle laughter) Understand this, if you had been in India in 1945 the British colonialists wanted unity and the one who broke unity was Gandhiji! Because he started the revolution for the independence of India. Unity is only possible in dharma and remember at the beginning when we said, “I bow to the seekers of truth.” The seekers of truth can only accept an authority, which is just, this is the other thing that Shri Shiva wants from us, is Sahaja dharma. So to love God, to love Shri Mataji is not enough! We need to have Sahaja dharma. There were very big Sahaja Yogis in the beginning, they loved Shri Mataji very much, they were very capable. Today they are not in Sahaja Yoga either because they could not love each other or because they failed dharma. Now, if you have a collectivity which is divided, that means there are two truths. How can you have two truths? That means everyone is confused. So what do we do? We go inside, we have vibrations, we have Hamsa, we have enlightened consciousness and also, in Sahaja Yoga it is not forbidden to have common sense. Am I trying to take material advantages out of Sahaja Yoga? Am I trying to exploit Sahaja Yogis? Am I trying to speak ill of those who are not following me? If the leader does that he is not in Sahaja dharma. So we can forgive but we cannot follow because She bowed to the seekers of truth, not to the followers of A,B,C,D. And this is what Christ also taught us. If we all introspect and look at our own failings and if we forgive the others who make mistakes because we can all make mistakes, then we will come out of confusion. And in any case it will be good for our meditation so it will be a win-win solution.

3 You, the people of the Ukraine and Russia need to understand that we, the people of the West, have a great need of you because you are positioned on the Agnya chakra, this is the narrow gate. And it‟s the last step before Sahasrara and the last exam before graduation is always the most difficult, so we need your help. We need your help so that we may all, as a global Sangha, cross the Agnya chakra. Russians had the same problems as the French. Both the Russians and the French always loved strong leaders. So in France you had Napoleon and in Russia you had Peter the Great, Nikolai I, and the good uncle Joe, Stalin. The problem with Sahaja Yoga is that we need to follow ourselves; we need to be our own gurus. There is nobody between our Sahasrara and Shri Mataji. Maybe some brothers are older, but they are like benevolent uncles. No yogi is your guru. I, Grégoire, am nobody‟s guru! I am a disciple of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi like all of you. We are sitting on the bench of the same school. And if you follow somebody as your guru in Sahaja Yoga you make that person a false guru, don‟t do this to him. This is a karma we need to go over because communism is only possible with realized souls. You understand? (Applause). We have been in Russia with Shri Mataji, we have been in Ukraine with Shri Mataji, we have also been in other countries like Kazakhstan, like Estonia and wherever there was a Russian collectivity, I felt the vibrations were so beautiful, so peaceful and frankly they were so much better than in my own country. So you know, (emotional pause), Shri Mataji loved you very much. Whenever She spoke of the people of Russia and the Ukraine, She loved you so much. So we really need you and please rise within, become. Because spreading Sahaja Yoga is not the solution. The Muslims were very good in spreading something, and the Christians were very good in spreading something. If we spread Sahaja Yoga and we are not yogis, what do we spread? Who is against unity? Is it the one who denounces falsehood? The one who is against falsehood and denounces falsehood is not against unity. We are a spiritual movement and it is only in justice, it is only in sincerity, it is only when we stop playing games, it is only when we don‟t try to benefit materially from Sahaja Yoga, it is only when we don‟t use our position in Sahaja Yoga for personal influence that unity is possible. Because unity is not at the Vishuddhi chakra, for us unity is at Virata level, and for this we need to cross Christ, and Christ said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” The people who came here from abroad thank you for your hospitality, from the bottom of our hearts we love you and respect you very much. Ukraine and Russia should be very great nations in Sahaja Yoga, not if we follow this one or that one, but if we become yogis. Because in Sahaja Yoga we call ourselves Sahaja Yogis. We get a certificate before we pass the exam because our Mother was very generous but we still need to pass the exam. And this has to be with truth, at the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. And why is it so important to be with the truth?

4 And I will end this with this observation. When we say, “Om twameva sakshat, Shri Kalki…” Shri Kalki is the truth and this is why the truth is the biggest destroying power because eventually the truth will destroy falsehood. See what happened with the Soviet system, it was destroyed because it was no longer communist it was just a mandarinate. See what is happening to capitalist countries, they are being destroyed by the capital, it is finance which destroys the capitalist countries. Look at the game! Because Adam Smith was realized and wealth was created to be shared, but they didn‟t share it. You had two illusions, communism and capitalism and they are being destroyed because what is the next age, what is called the Golden Age? It is called Satya Yuga, the age of truth. If we want to be in that age we must be true inside, so no hypocrisy, no speaking about the love for Shri Mataji when we are fighting with the next one. No speaking of unity when we are destroying unity by our own behavior. Truth is Shri Kalki and Shri Kalki is the truth. And he is the Christ King, and today is Christmas, and we‟re all like little children, so will all take our ears, everybody please take your ears. “Shri Mataji, please forgive our mistakes, Shri Mataji, please help us to rise, Shri Mataji, please help us to become ourselves because you taught us that the truth is that we are Sat, Chit, Ananda. Please Shri Mataji, give us the courage not to follow wrong leaders, give us the courage to become our own gurus.” If we understand that we need to love each other, if we understand that we need to be dharmic, then we will not be like the rakshasas who loved Shri Shiva and still they were rakshasas. Then we will be blessed by both Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva, only with the blessings of our Mother, because without the blessings of our Mother we cannot please the Father. It‟s only when She blesses us that we can please the Father. Bolo Shri Jaganmata Adi Shakti Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi, Ki! Shri Nirmala Devi Ki! Shri Nirmala Devi Ki! Jai Shri Mataji!