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ATA Electronic Newsletter
June 2012 – Volume 2, Issue 2 A Message From the Editor
Dear ATA Supporters,

It's hard to believe that summer is practically upon us. It seems that 2012 just began a few short moments ago and here we are already halfway through the year. So far it's been an incredible year for ATA and tinnitus research. From the AZ Walk to Silence Tinnitus held A poem about tinnitus submitted in Arizona in March, to Tinnitus Awareness Week (TAW) in May, to the Tour de Tinnitus by Lois A. Troutman which started during TAW and continues into the summer, we've had ATA supporters and staff have been busy fulfilling ATA's mission. And, at the March ATA Board of Directors A Subject of Walking meeting, our Board funded two very deserving tinnitus research proposals and one student grant which you'll read more about below. I used to walk along a track
In Other News
And in a place I dubbed Richville

Both off the beaten path In calm and tranquility

As we look to the second half of 2012, there are even more exciting tinnitus-related events happening. Perhaps the most important one is our big national fundraiser - the Jack Vernon Walk to Silence Tinnitus. This annual event is one of the ways ATA raises money restricted to funding tinnitus research. This year, we have worked to secure a matching gift opportunity from several anonymous donors, which can make this our most successful Walk ever! For every donation of $25 or more to the 2012 Walk, ATA will receive a donation of TWICE that amount! For example, a $100 donation would receive a matching gift of an additional $200 for a total of $300 to support ATA-funded research. And as you know, all of ATA's ability to fund research comes from the generosity of our donors and supporters, so this is a prime opportunity to really make a difference with a gift of any amount. Please tell your friends and family about this opportunity as well! We owe a debt of gratitude to the incredibly generous donors who made this matching gift opportunity possible. They have given us a chance to raise an additional $70,000 in matching gifts which will be restricted to funding tinnitus research. Please make a gift of at least $25 today, and consider giving as generously as you can! It does not matter what team you "join" since all donations are being directed to the same place.

I heard everyday peaceful sounds Birds chirping, children playing

Sounds we hear everyday Entering my mind as I walked

But still keeping the peace The tranquility that I so craved

I hope you find the content in this newsletter enjoyable, informative and inspiring in your own journey with tinnitus. If you have questions, comments or submissions for the ATA Now that peace is interrupted all Electronic Newsletter or for the print edition of Tinnitus Today, please send them to me at day
I hear harsh sounds in the distance

Kind Regards,

All around me wherever I go I hate that harsh sound

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It seems to amplify in my ears In the house that should be my haven

Jennifer Born Editor, Tinnitus Today P.S. - One more thing I forgot to mention! Just because we're having a "walk" doesn't mean you have to physically "walk" to participate. Mr. William Shatner is a great example of this - he will not be joining us in Portland on June 16, but he has started a team by making a gift and recruited team members who are all participating online only!

Where did my peace, my calm My tranquility, my quiet go?

Heroes of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012
I long to have days like the Walking track and Richville days again

So I can walk with the birds singing And I would feel like singing along

Please God, give me back days When I can hear things like the wind

Blowing as my feet go about The pavement of the beat of my feet

The tinnitus community is filled with unheralded stars who work tirelessly through their own struggles with tinnitus to help others with this condition. They also raise important funds for tinnitus research. This year, we decided to honor the heroes of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012 with a special page dedicated to them on While not all of these highlights took place during TAW 2012, we would like to share with you the efforts of some who have helped fulfill ATA's mission with their advocacy in their own communities and in their own ways. Please visit to read about some of these extraordinary individuals and if you have a TAW 2012 story to share, please email us so we can add it to the page!

Tour de Tinnitus 2012
Restore pleasant sound that my Ears can hear and I would say

The second annual Tour de Tinnitus began during Tinnitus Awareness week with the Missouri and Florida rides and continues throughout the summer. National Tour de Tinnitus Director Mark Church (pictured far right) who spearheaded the event last year said, "Like last year the ride was challenging but a lot of fun. I like to mix work and play so I made sure that the ride was an enjoyable experience for everyone. What better way of doing that than to have our halfway stopping point to be in a town known for their wineries!" Mark was joined by his wife Vicki (pictured above, second from the right) this year who said, "I'm so glad I decided to ride with Mark this year - it was truly enjoyable to support my husband in his battle with tinnitus, and enjoy the company of good people for a great cause. I look forward to future Tour de Tinnitus events!" The Missouri ride picked up two additional teams this year, including team captains Briston Davidge and Steven Taaffe, and combined they raised $3,407. We thank all the riders in Missouri who truly went above and beyond in support of ATA's mission to cure tinnitus. The Florida state team leader Sal Gentile (pictured far left) and his team, including his wife Mattie (pictured second from right), did their 100 mile ride on Saturday May 19 and raised a


Attention Hyperacusis Patients!
The University of Iowa researchers invite people with loudness- hyperacusis for an online survey. In 1983, Dr. Richard Tyler, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the University of Iowa first found a link between tinnitus and hyperacusis - which is sensitivity to "normal" everyday sounds. Many people with tinnitus also have hyperacusis. To this day, very little is still known about loudness-, annoyance- and

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


fear-hyperacusis. If you have loudness-hyperacusis, please click this link to take the University of Iowa survey and help them learn more about loudnesshyperacusis.This survey should take approximately 30 minutes. They are hoping to learn important characteristics about hyperacusis that might lead to more helpful treatments.

total of $5,250. Of the ride, Sal said, "What a wonderful way to help our tinnitus cause. I can't wait until next year to see if this ride doubles or maybe triples with riders across multiple states." Another member of his team noted, "Mattie was such a wonderful hostess we felt like we were on a picnic with all the food, drinks, and support! If we had some shade it would have been a picnic." We thank the team in Florida as well for their dedication to this event and particularly Sal for his many efforts to raise awareness of tinnitus and funds to support ATA's mission. The Tour de Tinnitus is still ongoing! Team New England captained by Marlon Dale will begin their "Connecticut to Canada" ride next Wednesday, June 6 in Hartford Connecticut and end the journey on Lake Ontario in Cape Vincent, NY on June 10. Team Northwest, captained by Ed Ruttledge will be final ride, and will take place from June 11-16, 2012, beginning and ending in Portland, Oregon. They will cross the finish line in solidarity with our walkers at the completion of the Jack Vernon Walk to Silence Tinnitus! Best of luck to team New England and Team Northwest in their endeavors in the coming weeks! If you are interested in becoming part of the Tour de Tinnitus in the future, please contact ATA Development Director, Wes Breazeale.

Further Reading
Sound Cure, a new ATA Corporate Champion shares Michael's Story about a musician who benefited from their new tinnitus treatment.
Ian Punnett , international radio personality, shares his story of tinnitus, so far, with our readers.

ATA Advocacy in Action
ATA Honors Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) for His Leadership to Promote Tinnitus Research On May 1, ATA leadership presented U.S. Senator James Inhofe, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), with our 2011 Senate Legislative Champion Award for his dedicated efforts to include tinnitus research and funding to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12). Ultimately, an amendment that would have addressed hearing injuries and hearing loss of service members failed, but will be resubmitted to this annual legislation for FY13.

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Tinnitus Today member archive
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said Inhofe. “With over 350,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with tinnitus, we must ensure they receive the proper resources to treat this debilitating condition. Last year, during the FY12 NDAA markup, I was dissatisfied with the failure of an amendment that would further assist our nation’s veterans. As the second ranking member of the SASC, I look forward to once again supporting a similar measure in FY13 that will address and treat this condition found in many of our nation’s veterans.” ATA thanks Senator Inhofe for his leadership and looks forward to continued work on this issue with him in the future. Stay tuned to for updates on the progress of the FY13 legislation.
Pictured above from left to right: Linda & John Bates (former ATA Board Member), Jennifer Born,ATA Director of Public Affairs, Senator James Inhofe, Scott C. Mitchell, J.D.,(ATA Board Member), Deborah Outlaw, J.D.,(ATA government relations rep.)

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New ATA-Funded Research
ATA received numerous high-quality proposals from top researchers from across the globe for its FY 2011 annual funding cycle. This past March, ATA’s Scientific Advisory Committee met and discussed the grants they deemed innovative and worthy of support by ATA. Their votes and careful evaluations were forwarded to ATA’s Board of Directors for the final funding decision, and the following projects were approved:

ATA Membership Dues Reminder
$35 – Online only Tinnitus Today in a PDF format online only – it will no longer be mailed to you) $40 – Regular members Tinnitus Today in its print version $55 – International members who wish to receive Tinnitus Today in its print version

Sarah Hayes, State University of New York at Buffalo Student Research Project: Contribution of Stress to Tinnitus Generation: Role of GABAergic Inhibition Roadmap to a Cure Path: B Funded: 1-year student grant, $10,000 Type: Animal research study Ms. Hayes and mentor Richard Salvi, Ph.D.: “This proposal addresses Path B of ATA’s Roadmap to a Cure (Elucidation of Mechanisms of Tinnitus Generation). The goal of the experiments is to better understand how factors such as stress contribute to tinnitus generation by altering GABAergic inhibition along the auditory pathway. A better understanding of how stress-induced changes in GABAergic inhibition can contribute to tinnitus generation, can lead to future development of therapies to prevent and treat tinnitus (Path C, Development of Therapy).”

Cool Products in the ATA Online Store - Use Your Member Benefit!

Jennifer Melcher, Ph.D., Massachusetts Eye & Ear, Harvard Medical School Project: Brain Function and Attention in Tinnitus Roadmap to a Cure Paths: A,B Funded: $49,983, 1st year of 2-year project Type: Human research study Dr. Melcher: "There are multiple aspects of attention controlled by different parts of the brain. For instance, we sometimes pay 'selective' attention to a particular thing – someone’s voice, for instance - or ones tinnitus. The focus of attention can sometimes be EarPeace hearing protection is controlled voluntarily or, it can be involuntarily captured, for instance by someone calling unique and high performance. your name or, again, by tinnitus. This project begins to examine whether the brain The patented design is ultra processes of selective and involuntary attention are different in people with tinnitus and if low-profile, delivers superior so how. There are already researchers working on tinnitus therapies that involve attention quality sound, and is very training exercises. Our hope is that this project shows ways to improve on these comfortable. Each plug is constructed of soft and therapies, perhaps by showing which aspects of attention need shoring up. The research comfortable, highly elastic, seeks to understand brain processes underlying the condition of tinnitus and thus hypoallergenic silicone. When intersects paths A and B in the ATA Roadmap. By working directly in people with tinnitus used properly, EarPeace and on an aspect of tinnitus that is being targeted by therapies, this project also has a reduces sound pressure by 75% while maintaining sound quality. clear eye toward path C."
($11.50 ATA Members) EarPeace has a noise reduction rating of 11 to 17 decibels

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


Josef Rauschecker, Ph.D., Georgetown University Medical Center Project: Tonotopic Map Reorganization and the Effects of Frequency Discrimination Treatment in Tinnitus Roadmap to a Cure Paths: A,C,D Funded: $50,000 1st year of 2-year project Type: Human research study
($6.00 ATA Members) Relieves air travel ear discomfort, clogging and popping with the exclusive CeramX™ filter that regulates air pressure naturally. EarPlanes are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Approved by flight attendants, recommended by doctors, EarPlanes earplugs have a 20 decibel noise reduction rating (NRR).

Dr. Rauschecker: “The research project overlaps with Paths A, C, and D of the Roadmap. It addresses the question of whether tonotopic map distortions occur in all cases of hearing loss, or only in tinnitus patients. While tonotopic map distortions are a proposed source of the tinnitus signal, to date there is no direct evidence that such distortions occur exclusively in tinnitus (Path A: Identification of Generators). Second, the project investigates the efficacy and neural sites of action for acoustic-behavioral therapy, which has shown some success in alleviating tinnitus. Our proposed treatment variation (specifically targeting low frequencies) has never been tested and can therefore be considered “Development of Therapy” (Path C). Finally, the combination of pre/posttreatment fMRI and treatment success measures will identify the neural sites of successful treatment, and will thus serve as a guide for further refinement of the treatment (Path D)." Read more about the studies funded at

Special Charitable Offer Through Jewelry
In partnership with our Jack Vernon Walk to Silence Tinnitus, Holly Tripp, a Silpada Jewlery consultant is donating 50% of commissions on her jewelry sales to the Walk. This will run through June 17.
($10.00 ATA Members) A message from creator, Stephen Harrison:

All orders must be placed online at During checkout, make sure you select "Tinnitus Fundraiser." For contact information and full details, including exactly how to take advantage of this

"Sounds to Soothe is the opportunity, click on the image below. culmination of eight years of personal experience with tones, melody, noise, soundscapes and synthesis. This collection of music has been written to mask tinnitus and provide relaxation and relief from the noises that sufferers report. I've composed it using sounds that I find soothing for my own tinnitus (I have mid range and high pitched tones with occasional low rumble), coupled with those that other sufferers express help them." To read more about this CD or to listen to samples before you buy, visit:

Volunteer for ATA
Are you interested in volunteering for ATA? There are

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


many ways to give your time, below are a few opportunities for you to consider.

Spring 2012 Tinnitus Today Available Online
Did you have a chance to read the Spring 2012 issue of Tinnitus Today yet? If not, you can read it online in the Members Section of Simply log in with your last name and member number MERGE_ACCT_NUMBER. This issue focuses on ATA's "Everyday Heroes" and includes articles about: - The Progressive Tinnitus Management Program - Questions and Answers with Allen Rohe, Au.D., and Amy Rohe, M.A., CCC-A - A feature on Ian Punnett, radio personality who has tinnitus - An interview with tinnitus sufferer and musician Drew DeFour - ATA-funded research report by student Na Zhu, Ph.D.

Join the Action Alliance
Sign up here ! Help spread the

word about the importance of increasing federal funding and other support for tinnitus research. Contact Jennifer Born, ( for more information.

Join ATA's Support Network And much, much more.
Become a tinnitus help network volunteer: Provide one-on-one support via phone, email or mail to others in your area who, like you, have tinnitus; or Start a tinnitus support group: Meet with others who suffer from tinnitus, learn from special guests, and realize you are not alone. Please contact Katie Fuller, Director of Support ( for more details on becoming involved with ATA’s Support Network. If you have a particular skill that

We've already begun work on the Summer 2012 issue which will come out in August. The focus of our summer issue is always on the current-state of research, and what progress has been made over the last year on the path to a cure.

Frequency Charity Event Benefits ATA

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


you think would help us achieve our mission to cure tinnitus, please feel free to contact us about that, too!

Frequency, a new Dallas-based non-profit organization committed to curing tinnitus and hearing loss, held a special kickoff event last month during Tinnitus Awareness week to support ATA's mission of curing tinnitus. All the proceeds from the event will be split evenly between ATA and the Virginia Merrill Bloedell Hearing Research Center. Jason Vasilas of Frequency said: The event was a huge success! Approximately 225 people attended and are continuing to collect donations through the end of May. The event primarily took place on the patio and the ambiance was fantastic. We had amazing catering, great music, and a lot of excitement around the raffle table. At the end of the night, people left with gift bags containing your brochure, among other items. All in all, the support we've received so far has been amazing - 51 companies backed our debut event with sponsorship or prize donations and we look forward to even bigger things in the future. ATA thanks Jason and everyone who sponsored and attended the event and look forward to a continued partnership with Frequency into the future. Learn more about Frequency here.

Tinnitus in the News
Upcoming Events

Internet-Based Therapy Relieves Persistent Tinnitus
Mark your calendars for these important events coming up:

June 13-16
Sixth International Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference

New research shows that internet-based self-help training for tinnitus is as successful as group therapy. In a study conducted by the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy division of the Institute of Psychology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), and the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning at Linköping University in Sweden, researchers showed that those suffering from tinnitus can benefit from internetbased therapy just as much as patients who take part in group therapy sessions. Counteracting Tinnitus by Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation In a prospective, randomized, single blind, placebo-controlled trial in 63 patients with chronic tonal tinnitus and up to 50 dB hearing loss, researchers studied safety and efficacy of different doses of acoustic CR neuromodulation. A reduction of at least 7 TQ points, was obtained in 75% of patients with a mean TQ reduction of 50% among responders. CR therapy significantly lowered tinnitus frequency and reversed the tinnitus related EEG alterations Implantable Drug Vial Cold Ease Tinnitus

June 16
Jack Vernon Walk to Silence Tinnitus

June 20-22
Audio Engineering Society's 47th Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders

Draper Laboratory in Cambridge has received a grant from the Department of Defense to fund the development of a device that could one day be implanted in the ear to deliver drugs directly to the source of the problem. There are currently no specific drugs to treat tinnitus, but researchers building the device said it could be used to deliver drugs that

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


June 21-14
Hearing Loss Association of America 2012 Convention

might help relieve the symptoms, such as lidocaine, a local anesthetic. SoundCure(TM) Launches FDA-cleared Serenade (R) Tinnitus Treatment System

SoundCure Inc., a new tinnitus solution provider, announced the launch of the Serenade Tinnitus Treatment System. This marks the formal commercial release of a novel 20th Annual Iowa Tinnitus Conference on the Management of advancement in sound therapy based on the development of S-Tones®, customized the Tinnitus Patient treatment sounds developed independently by leading hearing researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).
October 5-6
For a complete listing of ATA and tinnitus-related activities, including support group meetings, visit the ATA Calendar.

Serenade is a handheld device that is programmed in the audiologist's office for each individual patient according to his specific condition. Through the device's earphones, the patient listens to therapeutic sounds which are designed to address the underlying neurological cause of tinnitus. Four different treatment sounds are available, anchored by advanced, proprietary S-Tones. Long-term relief can be achieved when used in an ongoing sound therapy program. The American Tinnitus Association provided a grant to UCI to develop the exclusive technology. Serenity System for Tinnitus: 10-Patient Clinical Trial Successfully Completed MicroTransponder, the company studying vagus nerve stimulation to determine its effectiveness in tinnitus patients, has announced that their 10-patient tinnitus clinical trial demonstrated that their Serenity System* therapy is able to clinically reduce tinnitus in the patients. Using the Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire, 70% of the patients experienced a significant reduction in their tinnitus. Study: Insomnia Takes Toll on Tinnitus Patients Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital, including Kathleen Yaremchuk, M.D., and George Miguel, M.D., conducted a retrospective study of 117 patients treated between 2009 and 2011 at Henry Ford. Information was gathered from patients through telephone and written interviews using the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (or, TRQ, which determines the emotional effects tinnitus has had on a person’s lifestyle and general well-being) and the Insomnia Severity Index (or, ISI, a brief screening measure of insomnia) scales. Chris Martin Reveals His Tinnitus and Support of Action on Hearing Loss Campaign Chris Martin, frontman for the band Coldplay, announced he experiences tinnitus and is working to help others. Martin says, "Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don't think about until there's a problem. I've had tinnitus for about 10 years, and since I started protecting my ears it hasn't got any worse (touch wood). But I wish I'd thought about it earlier. Now we always use molded filter earplugs, or in-ear monitors, to try and protect our ears." BHI Raises Awareness of Hearing Aids as Potential Therapy to Help Quiet Tinnitus The Better Hearing Institute joined with ATA in recognizing National Tinnitus Awareness Week (TAW), from May 13 to 19, 2012, and is raising awareness of hearing aids as a potential therapy to help quiet chronic "ringing in the ears." According to a BHI study published in The Hearing Review, 43.5 percent of people with tinnitus were helped at least mildly with hearing aids. And 3 out of 10 were helped moderately-to-substantially. For those whose audiologists used best practices in fitting hearing aids, the figure jumped to 50 percent. Cellular Mechanisms of Tinnitus Identified

Five Ways to Help your Family and Friends Understand Your Tinnitus
1) Direct them to so they can learn as much as possible about tinnitus and how it impacts a person. 2) Share examples of the Sounds of Tinnitus: 3) Invite them to attend a tinnitus support group meeting with you, which can also be educational for

file:///C|/ATA/Tinnitus%20Today/ETT/ETT_ATA_Electronic_Newsletter_June2012_Final.html[1/9/2013 2:12:52 PM]


them. 4) Ask them to accompany you to your next tinnitus-related medical appointment. 5) Remind them that tinnitus can be very distracting, stressful, and irritating. It often affects a person's mood and ability to concentrate or sleep. Also, remind them that it is often hard to hear over the tinnitus, and parts of conversations can be lost or misunderstood. Ask your loved ones to be patient .

Researchers in the University of Leicester's Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology have identified a cellular mechanism that could underlie the development of tinnitus following exposure to loud noises. The discovery could lead to novel tinnitus treatments, and investigations into potential drugs to prevent tinnitus are currently under way. Randomized Controlled Trial: CBT and Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Cognitive behavioral therapy, in which patients are encouraged to discuss their difficulties with tinnitus, can also help patients to think differently about the condition and learn manage it better in the long term. Scientists at Adelante Department of Audiology and Communication, Hoensbroek, Netherlands, studied 492 patients and found those treated with CBT and sound therapy saw significant improvements in their quality of life after a year, compared with sufferers who had standard sound therapy. Other Tinnitus-Related News and Links of Interest: Congressional Hearing Health Caucus Has Record Attendance of Representatives

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Tinnitus Prevalence A Visual Guide to Tinnitus Neuromonics Clinical Summary Details Results in Effective Tinnitus Treatment New Approach Could Help Relieve Ringing in the Ears

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Since February 2012, six new support groups have started and five new help network volunteers have joined our listing! Thank you to the individuals who are lending their time to help other tinnitus sufferers! Bill Altland - Medford, OR help network volunteer Sal Gentile* - Tampa tinnitus support group Chris Martin - Eatontown, NJ help network volunteer Steve McDowell* - Durham tinnitus support group Tom Merrill - Ft. Meyers, FL help network volunteer Rebecca Parrish* - Inland Empire tinnitus support group Mike Rose - Midlothian tinnitus support group Linda S. Saraceni* - Syracuse tinnitus support group Carl Varner - Fairfax, VA help network volunteer Jerry Wilkinson - Upper Keys tinnitus support group Art Winterfeld - Wesley Chapel, FL help network volunteer
*also a help network volunteer

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To view ATA’s full Support Network listing, and obtain the contact information for these groups and volunteers visit Check ATA's online calendar for upcoming support group meetings. If you are interested in becoming a support group leader or help network volunteer, please contact Katie Fuller at

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