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Department of Electronics Engineering

Subject: System Programming & Operating System 304188 Subject Teacher:Mrs.V.S.Salunkhe 2012-13 Subject Code: Acad. Year: (Semester II)

Teaching Plan
Un it 1 Lc t N o. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 8 9 10 11 12 13 , 14 15 3 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 4 23 24 25 Name of Topic Planne d Date

Unit IV: Introduction to Operating System, Process and threads and Deadlocks

Evolution of O. S. Function, various OS Types, OS concepts, OS structure Processes, threads, Inter process communication, IPC problems, scheduling Resources. introduction to deadlock, ostrich algorithm, deadlock detection and recovery, avoidance, prevention, other aspects
Unit V: Memory management

Basics of memory management, Swapping, Virtual memory, Page replacement algorithm, FIFO, second chance PR, clock PR, least recently used, working set PR, WS clock PR, Design issues for Paging systems, OS involvement with paging, page fault handling, Segmentation
Unit VI: Input and Output, File system

Review of computer hardware, principles of I/O hardware, principles of I/O software, I/O software layers, disks, clocks, graphical user interface, network terminal, power management Files, directories, file system and implementation, file system layout, implementing files,implementing directories, shared files, disc space management, examples of file system: CDROM, MSDOS, Win98, Unix Unit I: Basics of system programming Language processors: Language processing activities, Fundamentals of language processing,Fundamentals of language specification,

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Language processor development tools. Data structures for language processing: Search data structure, Allocation data structures. 28 Scanning and parsing, Assembler: Assembly language programming, 29 simple assembly scheme, 30 pass structure of assembler, design of two pass assembler
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Unit II: Macro processor, Compliers and Interpreters Macro definition and call, macro expansion, Machine Independent macro processor features, Nested macro calls, advanced macro facilities, Design of macro pre-processor, Basic compliers function Phases of compilation, memory allocation, compilation of expression compilation of control structures, code of optimization, interpreter.
Unit III: Linkers and Loaders and Software tools

Basic loaders functions, central loaders scheme Absolute loaders, Subroutine linkers, Relocation Loader, Direct linking loader, Dynamic linking loader, Implantation of MS DOS linker, Software tools for program development, editors, debug monitor, programming environment,user interfaces.

Text Books:
1. D. M. Dhamdhare, Systems Programming and Operating System, TMH. 2. Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems, Second Edition, PHI.

Reference Books:
1. J. J. Donovan, Systems Programming, McGraw Hill. 2. Siberschatz A; Galvin P.B; Gagne G, Operating System Concepts, John Wiley. 3. Leland L. Beck, System Software, Pearson Editions.


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Department of Electronics Engineering

Subject: System Programming & Operating System Subject Teacher: Mrs.V.S.Salunkhe Subject Code: 304188 Acad. Year: 20012-13 (SemesterII)

Practical Teaching Plan

Expt. No.
1 Implement Job scheduling algorithms: 1. FIFO 2 2. Shortest Path First 3. Round Robin

Name of Experiment

Planned Period
December 1St-3Rd week January 1St-3Rd week February 1st week February 2nd-3rd week

Bankers Algorithm for deadlock detection and avoidance

3 4. a

Implementation page replacement algorithm : 1. FIFO 2. LRO Write C Program to implement Lexical Analyzer for simple arithmetic operation. Involving equal to E) P arithmetic operators (+,-) Expected O/P to Create:1. Identifier Table 2.Literal Table 3.Symbol Table 4.Uniform Symbol Table To implement simple arithmetic operation using Lexical analyzer and compiler using LEX and YACC

4. b

February 4th week February 4th week March 1st-2nd week March 3rd week March 4th week April 1stweek

5 6 7 8 9

Design of PASS I of two pass assembler for a subset of 8086 Design of a MACRO PASS-I Design of a MACRO PASS-II Write an interactive shell program on UNIX / LINUX Case Study: A. UNIX/LINUX/WIN 2000 B. Device drivers

List of Text Books & Reference Books:

Text Books:
1.Systems Programming and Operating System - D. M. Dhamdhare 2.Modern Operating Systems - Andrew S. Tanenbaum 3. Operating System Milan Milenkvoic 4. Operating System William Stallings 5. Operating System - Achyut Godbole

Reference Books:
1 .Systems Programming - J. J. Donovan 2. Operating System Concepts - Siberschatz A; Galvin P.B; Gagne G 3. System Software - Leland L. Beck 4. Unix Commands Sumitabha Das 5. Unix Operating System - Batch