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South Africa is a net exporter of agricultural products.S. This is due.Overview and Trends South Africa’s agricultural sector is unlike those of other countries in that it is not dominated by subsistence farming and is self-sufficient in virtually all major agricultural products. maize. nectarines. pineapples. wool and th th cotton.1 billion to ZAR2. 2 / 14 .5 billion in the third quarter of 2010 to ZAR4. black tea. meat. South Africa’s total agricultural and food imports from Germany rose significantly from ZAR2. Total gross agricultural production was ZAR17 billion 2008/2009. The largest export groups are raw sugar. 50% of which is exported. South Africa is the 10 largest producer of sunflower seed in the world and the 13 -biggest th producer of sugar cane. which increased by 132% and 21% respectively. from ZAR7. in the main. Despite the drawbacks. The U. fresh grapes.4% of GDP and 10% of total employment. to the lack of availability of water and the uneven distribution of rainfall. 25000 20000 Total agriculture 15000 Fruits Beverages 10000 Datenreihen4 Datenreihen5 5000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Agricultural exports ZAR million from different industries against years (2001 -2009) DAFF South Africa’s primary agricultural exports declined significantly. citrus.osec. even though only 13% of SA’s surface area can be used for crop production. Download: www.5 billion.. Other important exports include avocadoes. plums.2 billion in the fourth quarter. driven by a rise in imports of pork and coffee extracts.A. It is also ranked 9 as a wine producer eeven though there is only a relatively small domestic market whereby per capita consumption is barely 9 litres. while primary agricultural imports moved more or less sideways. The estimate was that agriculture accounted for 3. wine and deciduous fruits. Germany and the UK are the primary food importers. groundnuts.

(billion ports (%) Rand) ports (%) Rand Argentina 14 5.1 Argentina 12 4.The Market South Africa’s top ten major agricultural food export 2010 Calendar year 2009 Major export Share in Exports Major export markets SA total value markets agric (billion exports Rand) United Kingdom Netherlands Zimbabwe Kenya Mozambique Germany USA Angola United Arab Emirates China 10 10 8 6 4 4 3 3 3 2 4.3 1. Sugar & food preparations 4 1.SA total value markets SA total value into major markets kets agric ex.9 Wheat. cocoa butter & vegetable fats & oils Indonesia 4 1.4 Palm oil.8 2.Share in Exports Major export Share in Exports Top 3 products exported port mar.8 United King6 2. food preparations & whiskies Malaysia 4 1. tobacco & sugar China 6 2.3 Soybean.2 Germany 7 2.7 3. wheat & sugar 6 2.6 Sunflower seeds & oils.6 2. grapefruit & maize 3 1.1 Grapes.9 1.5 Brazil 7 2.6 1.4 Rice. oranges and macadamia nuts 3 1.5 Beans.6 Grape wines.7 USA 5 1. animal offal & apple juice United King5 1.9 Ethyl alcohol.3 3 / 14 . rum & tafia & dom dom food preparations Netherlands 5 1.9 Grape wines.(billion agric ex.3 Indonesia 4 1.4 Grape wines.3 Netherlands United Kingdom Zimbabwe Mozambique Germany USA Japan United Arab Emirates Angola China markets and product drivers by value in 2009 & Calendar year 2010 Share Exports Top 3 products exported in SA value into major markets total (billion agric Rand exports 11 5.7 Chicken meat. fish meal flour & grape wine Source: World Atlas.1 1. Sunflower seeds & oils and chicken meat Thailand 11 4.osec. meat & grapes 3 1.5 1.6 3. grapes & apples 3 3 1. cigarettes & whiskies Wool.8 Palm oil.6 Malaysia 5 1. oranges & grape vines 9 4.1 Whiskies. coffee & cocoa powder Source: World Atlas. 2011 Download: www.0 Thailand 9 3. cereals & starches Brazil 9 3.2 Fermented beverages.4 1. grapes & apples 8 3.5 Sugar. 2011 South Africa’s top ten major agricultural food imports and product drivers by value in 2009 & 2010 Calendar year 2009 Calendar year 2010 Major ex.

beer and malt. If the liquor industry is included the sector grows rd substantially as a company like South African Breweries (SAB Miller) is the 3 largest brewing company in the world.e. primary production. chocolate and sugar confectionery.5 billion: flour and other milled products. Many South African companies have formed associations with overseas ones to gain access to the latest technology and expertise in their respective industries. Food and beverages manufacturing accounted for 16." and until recently it has been one of Africa's bestkept secrets. at a rate of 3’600 tons per year for the domestic market. bakery products.S. Rooibos continues to be used extensively in South Africa.6% and 37. canning and preserving of fruit and vegetables. There is a variety of food processing industries such as corn starch and syrup manufacturer.A.A. The food processing industry has 12 downstream sub sectors. 14% and employs 451’000 people in the formal sector. and North America (U. bakery products and other food products. Packed and bottled fruit juices and processed meats can also be found worldwide.) in savoury foods and soups and NCD Clover with Danone (France) in dairy products. This is. and wine and distilling. more than twice the amount for 1999. Rooibos appears to be headed towards becoming the second most commonly consumed beverage tea ingredient in the world after ordinary tea (Camellia sinensis). mainly. preservation of food and vegetables. due to the emerging black middle class which is driving consumer spending. Examples of such are Simba with Frito-Lay (U.osec. making it the third largest manufacturing sector in South Africa. are starting to invest in these areas. See appendix 1 for Swiss food and beverage trade with South Africa Download: www. i. such as Pick’n Pay. Canned and frozen fruit and vegetables are well known internationally as is South Africa’s frozen seafood. South Korea. dairy products. However.One of the success stories of South African produce is that of Rooibos tea. sugar mills and refineries. China. beverages and tobacco) contributes 16. 10%.4% (ZAR131. Netherlands. sugar. etc. chiefly.500 metric tons of Rooibos exported in 2000. grain mill products. animal feeds. Another industry that appears to be growing rapidly is that of Dairy products whereby there has been a significant increase in turnover of yoghurts and dairy drinks. Shoprite and Spar. Robertsons with Bestfoods (U. 4 / 14 .4% of SA’s manufacturing production and ZAR165’841 million in sales in 2006. prepared animal foods. Food consumption in South's an Afrikaans word that means "red bush. Rooibos . canning and preserving fish. The South African export control board reported 4.A. fruit canning and jams. The agro-food complex (inputs. the bigger supermarket chains.1% forecast respectively. Consumer exposure to a greater variety of foods and an equivalent reduction in the time that is available to prepare meals has meant that there has been a marked increase in sales of convenience foods. These developments are in turn affecting what is eaten. as a result of the lack of formal retail outlets on the outskirts of urban and in rural areas. vegetable and animal oils and fats. in both overall dollar terms and per-capita terms is set to increase considerably over the next five years leading up to 2010 with growth of 39.3bn) to total manufacturing sales in 2004.) in the snack food industry. such as starch and starch products. The food industry in South Africa is partly a reflection of its major agricultural activities and partly of a sophisticated smallish First world economy in a larger third world one. and Malaysia). The following food processing sectors all have turnovers in excess of ZAR2. and United Kingdom). The Agro processing sector (food. Asia (Japan.S. Major destinations include Europe (Germany. and ready-made meals.e. processing) contributes approximately ZAR124bn to South Africa’s GDP. slaughtering and preparing of meat. Food distribution patterns are also changing in that it has been estimated that 50% of South African food sales go through wholesale and cash and carry outlets. with the growth of disposable income outside of cities. i. and Canada).S. They are meat processing.

ch 5 / 14 Value 1) Plastics 2) Paper 3) Metals 4) Glass .co.osec.5 Million tons of packaging in all types .5% (Source: BMI Foodpack) Packaging is produced using four primary raw materials and these are reflected in size ranking in 2008. There are already some companies such as ‘Green Home’ (www. The average real growth rate for the last ten years in the SA Packaging Industry has been approximately 2. It is anticipate that this will be formalised and gazetted by the Department of Environmental Affairs by the end of 2011. as follows: Volume 1) Paper 2) Glass 3) Plastics 4) Metals Please see Appendix 2: Food packaging companies There is also an increasing awareness of green issues in packaging and PACSA is currently (April 2011) writing the Industry Waste Management Plan for the Packaging and Paper Industries and expect to complete this document for approval by government before the end of July 2011. Download: www.greenhome. plastic. metal and glass . Green issues are an ever growing trend within South Africa and should be taken into account when considering doing business in SA.This figure excludes exports of empty and filled packaging and includes imports into that produce exclusively recyclable packaging and ‘SAAPI-Enviropack ( ).greenerpackage.Food Packaging In 2009 South Africans consumed an estimated 2.

ch/sbhsa Download: 6 / 14 .ch/pretoria www.osec.Sources and additional information:        Standard Bank Economic Profile 2007 National Agriculture marketing Council (NAMC) Date: Author: Author’s address: Pretoria Physical address: 225 Veale Street New Mucklenneuk 0075 Pretoria South Africa Postal address: PO Box 2508 Brooklyn Square 0075 Pretoria South Africa Tel: +27 12 452 06 60 Fax: +27 12 346 66 05 pre.wikipedia. 2011 Jonathan Packaging Association of South Africa The Institute of Packaging South Africa www. Trade Officer Swiss Business Hub South Africa c/o Embassy of Switzerland.

6% SECTION VII: PLASTICS & ARTICLES THEREOF.273 3.9% Section IMPORT (R 000) Rank Download: www.696.986. SPIRITS.643 13 16 0.091.076 4.351 10..232.2% 44.4% 95.8% -68.446 124. ELECTRICAL EQ 497.951 17.3% 99.031 4.258 7 4 1. ASBESTOS.746 6.953 10 9 0.8% -76.4% SECTION XII: FOOTWEAR.6% 86.0% 17.678 8.1% 28.488 332.553 34.5% -24.1% 94.095 132.PLASTER.224 6.847 125.4% SECTION IV : PREPARED FOODSTUFFS.1% 99.422.9% SECTION XVIII : OPTICAL.571 419 5.0% Total: Section 763.9% 5.852.694 174.438 19 20 0. FURSKINS& ARTICLES 362 1.270 521. M 1.849 7 / 14 .205 1.735 9 15 0.378 5.Appendix 1 for Swiss food and beverage trade with South Africa South African Trade by countries . MEASU 100.7% 1.1% SECTION VI:PRODUCTS OF THE CHEMICAL OR ALLIED INDUSTRIES 112.1% 99. ANIMAL PRODUCTS 691 3. CEMENT.890 306.3% SECTION XXI : WORKS OF ART.454 10.738 24.752 362.420 1.599 75.9% 24.526.325 1. CINEMATOGRAPHIC.491 112.2% 76.398 17.278 28.0% 42.914 7.503 9.360 16 17 0.995 248.188 2.895 5.690 24 0 100.313 16.423 242.2% 91.697 31.592 1. WOOD CHARCOAL.846 36.641 7.SWITZERLAND CH .844.2% 99.907.960 24.488 17 10 0.542 24.460 18 18 0.7% -6.017 1.655 21.878 8 8 1.0% -9.0% 66.0% 100.772 52.804 149.4% SECTION IX : WOOD & ARTICLES OF WOOD.972 1. BEVERAGES.049 3 3 10.238 6.981 13.949. UMBRELLAS.653 2.352 6.596 37.1% SECTION I: LIVE ANIMALS.087 142.280.434 17.426 4.3% SECTION XIV: NATURAL OR CULTURED PEARLS.425 74.SWITZERLAND CH Proportion Annual 2011 Growth APR2011name 2011 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2011 2010 %Total Cum.591 3.658 344.128 17.442 104.8% SECTION XVII: VEHICLES.7% 315.062 152.250 197.713 7.949 61.1% 99.012 19.WA 406 737 1.953 2.2% 97. VESSELS & ASSOCIATED TRANS 7.157 2.2% SECTION V : MINERAL PRODUCTS 5 48.302 615.406 4 5 4.7% 97.640 29.7% SECTION II: VEGETABLE PRODUCTS 2.4% -27.9% SECTION XV: BASE METALS AND ARTICLES OF BASE METAL 9.926 35.085 19.0% SECTION X : PULP OF WOOD OR OF OTHER FIBROUS CELLULOSIC MATE 5.848 1. PRECIOUS OR SEMI-PR 1.899 14. LEATHER.708 12 14 0.462 45.518 10.1% 99.189.9% 149.689 17.0% 100.2% 99.1% 61.401 6 6 1. AIRCRAFT.3% -17.677 159.823 14 12 0.4% -9.417 20.542 28.036.468 1 1 61.125 7.8% 92.2% SECTION XXII: OTHER UNCLASSIFIED GOODS 1.340 13.577 4.8% SECTION XXIII: SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION PROVISIONS:ORIGINAL EQ 103 349 1.706 13.5% 94.4% -22. HEADGEAR.493 17.657 2. & ANTIQUES 0 3.454.7% 98.0% -13.698 22 22 0.5% SECTION III : ANIMAL OR VEGETABLE FATS & OILS& THEIR CLEAVAG 143 8.422 15 13 0.0% 30.9% 14.568 25.7% SECTION XIII: ARTICLES OF STONE.6% SECTION XX: MISCELLANEOUS MANUFACTURED ARTICLES 570 4.PHOTOGRAPHIC.419 21 21 0.536 8.061 2 2 15. RUBBER & ARTICLES 9.COLLECTORS' PIECES.3% 98.557 216.058 617.770 11 11 0.Sections South Africal Trade .105 20 19 0.770 6.678 961.887 40.1% SECTION VIII: RAW HIDES & SKINS.067.osec. &VINEG 9.396 1. SUN UMBRELLAS.970 5. CORK & 727 1.262 12.711 198.026 945.974 5 7 1.002 22.811 1.504 298.358 24.541 852.0% 100.1% 99.7% SECTION XI: TEXTILES & TEXTILE ARTICLES 1.IMPORT: .134 3. 2010 SECTION XVI:MACHINERY & MECHANICAL APPLIANCES.0% 100.

and Robotic Palletisers Aztec Packaging .ch 8 / 14 .Food Heating. Sieving and Separation Equipment Anhydro .FT-NIR Spectrometers for Process Monitoring.foodprocessing-technology.Inspection and Contaminate Detection Equipment.Thermal Processing Solutions for the Food. and Microbiology Culture Media Bizerba .Rigid Plastic Packaging for the Food Industry Download from: www. Red Meat and Fruit Processing Machinery Barry Callebaut .Food Safety and Biosecurity Services Atlantic Coast Crushers .Compressed Air and Gas Systems Au2mate .Fish. Chocolate.Whey Powder and Concentrates. Chocolate-Related Products.Cocoa. Bagging and Packing A               B             BAADER . Sensors and Leak Testers for Food Quality Control BET .Dairy and Fruit Processing Automation BENEO .Plate Heat Exchangers and Plants for Thermal Processing APV . Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Acemal .Healthy and Sweet Functional Carbohydrates Bestech Australia . Brewery Equipment.Process Components and Plants for the Food and Beverage Industry AsureQuality .Measurement Instrumentation.Bulk Material Weighing and Bagging Equipment AMKCO Process Equipment . Pasteurisation and Sterilisation bawaco . Poultry.Instruments and Test Kits for Food Safety and Quality Indicator Analysis.Food Grinding Equipment bawaco .Ovens for Waffles and Galettes Active Weighing Solutions .Automation and Industrial IT for the Dairy and Process Industry Worldwide Azano . Beer and Wine Tanks and Wine Fermentation Tanks bioMérieux Australia .Screening.osec.Hardware and Software Systems for Food Processing BMI . Lactose and Casein Bruker Optik .Evaporation and Drying Equipment Anton Paar .Microbreweries. Fillings. Inclusions and Decorations Bauermeister .Appendix 2: Food processing companies www.Online Product Monitoring and Quality Control in the Laboratory API Schmidt-Bretten .Size Reduction Machinery Atlas Copco Airpower . Quality Analysis and Control AB&CO-TEKNIK .

Membranes and Membrane Filtration Systems for the Dairy Industry DTS Food Laboratories .Specialised Food Hygiene. Food Thermometers.High-Quality Hoses for the Food Industry Corazza . Baking Ovens and Baking Forms Carl Zeiss MicroImaging . Lamination and Dough Processing Equipment.Enzyme Immobilization and Biocatalytic Process Development ContiTech .Atline / Online / Inline Solutions for Quality and Process Control of Grain. High Brix Coating Systems and Impingement Ovens CFS Aquarius .ch 9 / 14 . Data Logging and Monitoring Systems. Rotary Cookers.Packaged Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Chiorino Australia .Food Testing Laboratory Capway Systems Group . Butter.High-Power Ultrasonics for Liquid-Phase Agri-Food Manufacturing Centreline Engineering .Integrated Food Technology and Business Solutions for the Food Processing and Beverage Industries Drivdon . Proteins and Fibres ExxonMobil Chemical Films .Freeze Drying Machines CytoGenex . and Food Safety Temperature Kits Ecowize .Hygienic Load Cells and Weighing Solutions Eimco Water Technologies . Bakery Robot Systems.osec.Process Components and Systems for Bakeries Denomega Nutritional Oils .Premium Omega-3 Ingredients for Foods. Yeast and Soup Cubes RC . Beverages and Dietary Supplements DNL .Temperature Probes.Microbiological and Molecular Biological Analysis Download: www. Flour and Meat Cavitus .Special-Purpose Machinery and Product Handling CEREX .Processing and Packaging Machines for Sugar Cubes and Lollipops Chatoyer Water .Conveyor Belting CLEA Technologies .Cereal Puffing Systems.Industrial Water and Effluent Treatment Processes Emsland-Stärke .C              D        E       ECEFast .Potato Starch and Refined Starch Products.OPP Films for Flexible Packaging Daxner .Bakery Automation Systems.Complete Lines For Pressed Soup Cubes and Machinery Reconditioning Cuddon Freeze Dry .Fruit and Vegetable Handling Systems Douglas Chapman and Associates .Dosing and Packaging Lines for Processed Cheese.Hygiene and Monitoring Lights DSS . Cleaning and Sanitation Services Eilersen .

Confectionery and Dairy Products G         H          I        IBC Water .Separation.Labels for the Food and Beverage Industry Harrington Electric Motors .Training Courses and Consultancy Services for the Meat and Food Processing Industries FILTROX .F        FANUC .Contact Cookers.Multihead Weighers and Packing Line Machinery Hally Labels .Pumps for Food Processing Download: www.Liquid and Powder Processing Systems van Geffen .Direct Steam Injection Fluid Heating Systems Hygiena . Drafting and Project Management Services for the Food and Beverage Industry Grundfos Management .Hygienic Conveyor Belts for the Food Industry Ishida Europe .Flat and Hollow Wafer Machines and Production Plants Hill Laboratories .Ceramic Industrial Flooring Gerstenberg Schröder .Magnesium and Calcium Products for the Food and Nutraceutical Industry IDI SAS .Sanitary Fluid Handling Systems and Components GRG Consulting Engineers .Conveyor and Processing Belts for the Food Industry Formcook .Customised Production Lines for Bakery.Supercritical Botanical CO2 Extracts Forbo Siegling .DSP-Scora . Mixers and Pumps Hydro-Thermal Corporation . Isolation. Recovery. Packaging and Freezing Equipment Graco .Crystallised and Emulsified Food Processing Equipment GMS International .Used Processing.Factory Automation and Robots for the Food Industry FGM Consultants . Clarification.Laboratory Testing Services for Food Products HN Fusgaard . Filtration. Hot Air Steam Cookers (HSC). Filtration and Ozone Disinfection Equipment ICLIP .Filtration Systems and Media FLAVEX . and Pre-Concentration of Food and Food Ingredients GEA Process Engineering .Design.und Keksanlagen .ch 10 / 14 .Food Safety Management System Auditing and HACCP Consulting Intralox .osec. Purification.Food Colorants and Flavorings from Fruit. Concentration.Load Cells and Weighing Components Hebenstreit . Combi Cookers and Forming Machines Franz Haas Waffel.Rapid Hygiene Monitoring and Food Safety Solutions GEA Filtration .Stainless-Steel Electric Motor for Food Processing HBM .Water Treatment.Custom-Designed Stainless-Steel Equipment for Food Processing and Food Handling Integrated Consulting Solutions . Nuts and Spices Huhnseal .Dairy Ingredients and Solutions Supplier for the Worldwide Food Industry Industrial Stainless & Design .Hygienic Mechanical Seals and O-Rings for Agitators.

Filling. Abattoirs and Commercial Buildings Mouvex .Compact Chocolate Production Plants Next Instruments .Intermediate Bulk Containers for Lean Food Processing Matthews Intelligent Identification . Labelling and Traceability Systems for the Food Industry MJ Hygiene Services .Hot Air Systems.Frost Prevention in Freezing and Cold Storage with Humidity Control LACTOSAN-SANOVO Ingredients Group .J      J4 .osec. Level.Cheese and Egg Powders LAWER .Coding. Metal Detectors. Silos and Filling Machines Kroma .Eccentric Disc Pump Technology for Food Processing Applications MSC Engineering . Cosmetic and Paint Industries Lawson Software . Cosmetics and Chemical Products NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik .Cleaning Services for the Food and Beverage Industry.Industrial Switchgear and Automation Novatech Controls .Fresh Fish Processing with Gutting Machines and Filleting Machines KUKA Robotics . Agriculture and Nutrition Industries NHP Electrical Engineering Products .Load Cells. Integrated Systems and Service Support Matcon Pacific . Check Weighers.Oxygen Probes.Band Baking and Bakery Lines Production and Development Jimco .Air and Water Purification Systems John Morris Scientific .Food and Beverage Industry ERP Software and Products Leister . Freezing and Gas Compression Systems Magnesia .Analytical Instruments for the Food.Ceramic Industrial Flooring KIW . Liquid Analysis.Dispensing Systems for the Food.CHOCOEASY™ . Pressure.Automatic Weighing . Dosing and Packaging of Food. Heaters and Blowers Kagetec .Cooling. Analysers and Sensors NRS Process Systems .ch 11 / 14 .Magnesium and Calcium Ingredients and Additives Marel Stork Poultry Processing .Global Supplier of Poultry Processing Equipment.Sensors and Automation for Temperature.Robotic Systems for the Food Processing Industry Download: www.Scientific Instruments for Food Processing and Testing JohnsonDiversey . Flow and Humidity for the Food Processing Industry K     L     M         N      O  Optima Group Consumer .Screw Conveyor Systems and Materials Handling Machinery Munters .Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry JUMO .

Processing and Packaging Systems for the Food Industry SEMI-STAAL . Shop Ovens.Packaging Machinery and Equipment Palsgaard . Crate Washers.P        R      S                   S+S Separation and Sorting Technology . Calibration and Servicing Procedyne .Solutions for Steam Systems in the Food and Beverage Industries Spraying Systems Co. Pallet Washers and Handling Equipment Southern Engineering Solutions . Provers. Tunnel Ovens. Dairy.Chocolate Processing and Bar Manufacturing Equipment Pyrosales . Compounds.Emulsifiers.Fruit and Vegetable Concentrate. Metal Separators and Magnets Sartorius Mechatronics . Stabilizers and Specialized Ingredients PCA .Rack Ovens. Spray Systems and Spray Guns STEPHAN .Supply and Refurbishment of Seals and Sealing Products for the Food Industry Selerant .Food Quality Assurance Systems Saturn Spraying Systems .Process Engineering and Automation for Turnkey Lines Systems Integration .Fluid Bed Food Processing Systems Production Techniques Ltd (PTL) .Metal Detectors.Spinning Disc Spray System Sealing Solutions . Pizza Ovens.Churned Butter.Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Enterprise Software Selo .Industrial Electronic Control Products Priorclave .PUV and PEF Sterilisation and Nutrient Extraction-Enrichment Systems Sutton Group .ch 12 / 14 . Pure Butter Ghee. Vacuum Coolers.Meat Cutting Equipment.Food Processing Machines for Convenience Food. .End-of-Line Packaging Machinery and Engineering Services Sveba Dahlen .Box Washers.Grading Machines. In-Line Filters and Ultrasonic Sieve Deblinding Systems Russell Fraser Sales .Standard and Precision Temperature Measurement Sensors Download: www.Rack Ovens.osec. Conveyors and Packaging Equipment Spirax Sarco . Deck Ovens.Software and Hardware for the Food Processing Industry Revent International . Provers / Prover-Retarders and Humidifiers Reyco Systems . Anhydrous Milkfat. Purees. Confectionery and Meat SteriBeam Systems .Liquid Removal and Recovery Machinery Royal VIV Buisman . Tub Washers. IQF Fruit and Verifruit® Sweets Technologies . Bin Washers.Confectionery Equipment Manufacture and Repair Sympak Process Engineering . Butter Concentrates and Dairy Blends Russell Finex .Laboratory Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers. Retarder-Provers and Freezer-Provers SVZ .Spray Nozzles.Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Equipment Packmate . Check Screeners.

Heating and Cooling Treatment of High-End Food Products Ventilex .Mobile Wine Filtration Varo Process Equipment .Marine Omega 3 Oils TMI .Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps Wiseman Institute .Digital Automated Sorting Systems Voskhod . Bottling and Packaging Equipment Visys NV . Orbital Tube Welding and Pipe Welding Tromp Group Total Bakery Solutions .Fruit Juicing Presses. Vibrating Dewaterers and Vibrating Screeners Thermo Scientific .Bakery Ovens. Services and Equipment The Improve Group . Dough Processing Equipment and Provers TAMI Industries .Stainless-Steel Design and Fabrication.10.Food Processing Measurement Instruments TFG Group .Bakery Production Lines and Tunnel Ovens Download: 13 / 14 .000 Gauss Grate Magnets.Processing Units for Mixing.Specialised Fluid Process Equipment Testo .osec.Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers.Turnkey Bagging.Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers. Pressure Pipeline Magnets and Spherical Blow Line / Vacuum Transfer Line Magnets VA Filtration .Measurement and Monitoring Instruments Teralba Industries . Steam Sterilization and Pasteurization Equipment Viniquip International .Food Manufacturing Workplace Education and Training WJB Engineering .Carbon-Steel and Stainless-Steel Fabrication and Installation The Henry Group .Food Stabiliser Systems Temperature Technology . Dough Mixing Machines.Wholesale Bakery Ovens. Processing.Tangential Filtration Plate and Tubular Membranes Tate & Lyle Food Systems .Process Equipment for the Food Industry Wilden Pump & Engineering . Palletizing and Stretch Wrapping Lines TripleNine Stainless .Competitive Manufacturing Training The Witte Company .T               V       W     Waukesha Cherry-Burrell .Product Inspection and Processing Equipment TINE EPADHA .

za Download: Associates 14 / 14 .za Affiliates www.Appendix 3: Food packaging companies PACSA Members Astrapak Bowler Metcalf Consol Dairy Pack Diversified Paper & Plastic Greif Huhtamaki MCG Mondipak Nampak Rheem SA Sealed Air Africa Tetra Pak Hulett Aluminium Safripol Sappi Kraft Sasol Polymers Treofan BMI Cadbury Coca Cola Collect-a-Can Institute of Packaging SA (IPSA) Reckitt Benckiser Reclamation Group The South African Breweries Unilever Woolworths Converters www.nampak.safripol.

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