Boiler Efficienc

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Boiler Efficienc
Boile efficienc - comb
BASUKI Boile & Hea e

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Boiler Efficiency may be indicated by C b i Efficie c - indicates a burners ability to burn fuel measured by unburned fuel and excess air in the exhaust The a Efficie c - indicates the heat exchangers effectiveness to transfer heat from the combustion process to the water or steam in the boiler, exclusive radiation and convection losses F e F id Efficie c - indicates the overall efficiency of the boiler inclusive thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger, radiation and convection losses - output divided by input. Boiler Efficiency is in general indicated by either Thermal Efficiency or Fuel to Fluid Efficiency depending the context.

Boile Efficienc
Boiler Efficiency related to the boilers ene g o B i e efficie c (%) = hea e ed b p to the boilers ene g inp ea ..) / hea can be expressed as: ided b he f e 100 (1)

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Hea E po ed f om he Boile o he Fl id
If a fluid like water is used to export heat from the boiler, exported heat can be expressed as: =( he e = hea e / = a f ( g) ed ( J/ , W) ( g/ ) / ) c dT (2)

BTU Efficiency Oil Boiler Boiler Gas
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= i e( ) c = dT = e ecific hea ca aci ea ( J/ g C) e f he b i e ( C)


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For a steam boiler the heat exported as evaporated water at the saturation temperature can be expressed as: =( he e / ) he (3)


i f ad ie a ica ie




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a ed a e ( g)

= i e( ) he = e a ai e eg i he ea a he a ai e e he b i e i i g ( J/ g)

Hea P o ided b F el
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wood . The gross calorific value of the fuel includes the energy used for evaporating the water in the combustion process. Btu 137400 139600 141800 145100 148800 152400 950 .International Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code . 6 Oil Natural Gas Propane Butane Unit Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon cu. 2 Oil No. cu. 5 Oil No. tanks combustion efficiency Rela ed Doc men LEDs Magazine ASME . excluding the energy in the water vapor discharged to the stack in the combustion process.fuels like oil. Gross Calorific Values of some common Fuels An accurate control of the air supply is essential to the boilers efficiency. The combustion process can be expressed as: [C + H (f e )] + [O2 + N2 (Ai )] -> (C he e C = Ca b H = H d ge O = O ge N = Ni ge b i P ce ) -> [CO2 + H2O + N2 (Hea )] Convert! Pressure 1 Pa (N/ 2 ) ba H2 O g/c 2 i i che H2 O In general it is possible to use the approximation: e ca ific a e = g ca ific a e . to much air cools the furnace and carries away useful heat too little air and the combustion will be incomplete.engineeringtoolbo . ft. The flue gases from boilers are in general not condensed.Boiler house topics . The actual amount of heat available to the boiler plant is therefore reduced. 3 Oil No.1050 2550 3200 Sponsored Links Convert! Flow 1 3/ 3 /h US g cf Convert! F ee Ind Maga ine Power Engineering International Sea ch he Enginee ing ToolBo Design News Sea ch Rela ed Topic Custom Search Combustion .The International Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code establishes rules of safety governing the design. 1 Oil No.10% B Con en of F el Oil Type No. gas. fabrication. safety valves.10/02/2012 Boiler Efficienc Convert! Volume The energy provided by fuel may be expressed in two ways 'G o Go Calo ific Val e ' o 'Ne ' Calo ific Val e.html .chimneys.com/boiler-efficienc -d_438. cu. Unburned fuel will be carried over and smoke produced Convert! Velocity 1 / /h f/ i f/ h Ne calo ific al e This is the calorific value of the fuel. and nuclear power plant components during construction 2/3 . ft. and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. coal. 1 3 ie i 3 f3 ga This is the theoretical total of the energy in the fuel. 4 Oil No. ft.

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