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Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management

5. Finance and Accounting for Healthcare Centers and Hospitals Overview of accounting Forms of business organizations Use of financial statements Financial planning in the new healthcare environment Analyzing credit worthiness Allocating capital Financial statements Managing the capital cycle Managing risks Cost management 6. Improving Medical Performance (Total Quality Management) History of quality Understanding patients' perspectives and rights Informed consent Judith bruce framework Balanced score card Six Sigma Tele-medicine and e-heath DemingÕs 14 points for TQM Quality assurance ISO 9000 Total quality management Geographic information systems and alternative medicine


About the Management Center
The School of Business at the American University in Cairo is home to one of the region's principal professional development training institutions. In 1977, the Management Center (MC) was founded as a center of excellence to serve Egypt and the region, offering professional development programs using a modern perspective of delivery and incorporating the latest management concepts and techniques. The MC offers professional management education to more than 16,000 professionals and trainees annually through its different programs and projects. MC alumni amount to more than 160,000 professionals and trainees from Egypt and the region dedicated to continued networking, professional development and educational activities. The professional development programs presented by the MC cover a wide range of studies including postgraduate diplomas, professional certificates, executive seminars, short courses and workshops, in addition to tailor-made programs, totaling more than 350 different topics and titles. The MC is comprised of three institutes: Institute of Management Development (IMD), Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) and Institute of Quality Management (IQM).

The health sector is in dire need of managers who have an in-depth understanding of general management principles, combined with the ability to apply them appropriately to healthcare delivery systems. The accredited diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management provides candidates with the knowledge and skills that encompass both the business and healthcare perspectives. Candidates with a management background will become qualified for healthcare management roles, and similarly, candidates with healthcare experience will enhance their practical knowledge of management. Career development Performance appraisal and review Wages and salary management Training for effective performance Contracts and negotiation skills Logistics and supervision 3. Marketing Healthcare Centers and Hospitals Part One Introduction to marketing The marketing orientation Basic definitions in marketing Part Two Introduction to Healthcare Marketing Managing the satisfaction process, assessment of the customer needs and elements of consumer behavior Segmenting and targeting your customer The marketing management process The marketing mix - CAPS (cost, access, promotion and service) Marketing information systems and marketing research Marketing planning and control Organizing the marketing department in a healthcare organization 4. Information Systems in Healthcare and Hospital Management The new definition of modern management The difference between the classical business school and the new systems approach The new definition of the manager and his responsibilities Dimensions of new management Problems with today's management The relationship between information technology, Information systems and management Information systems applications Flow of Information in a medical institute Management of information systems in medical institutes: - Systems theory - Information handling

Admission Requirements
An original university degree certificate with a minimum pass rate of good. If not, an experience letter with at least two years of work experience Participants should take an English placement exam or score a minimum of 550 in TOEFL ID and two photos

Learn How To:
Create unparalleled standards of medical and service excellence Improve the managerial skills of senior and middle management professionals for the effective and efficient performance of hospitals and healthcare organizations

The diploma is delivered in a minimum of two academic years. The semester is four months with a weekly threehour session per module. Participants can enroll in a maximum of two modules per semester.

Why the Management Center?
Comprehensive and diversified portfolio of programs for professionals that addresses their vital educational requirements Alliances with top-notch international institutes and educational bodies that guarantee the transfer of upto-date global knowledge in different areas More than 30 successful years of experience providing niche-focused educational services to clients in Egypt and the Middle East Our continuous quest for the best quality standards through the use of the best instructors, as well as the use of a unified methodology that guides its educational process Proven record of satisfied customers in Egypt and the Middle East

The diploma will be granted to participants who earn a minimum grade of 70 percent and attend 80 percent of the classes in each course.

Program Outline
The program consists of six required attendance modules and a final project. 1. Management One (Management Functions) The challenge of management Understanding competitive environments and organizational culture Managerial decision making Establishing organizational goals and plans Strategic management Basic elements of organizational structure Change management and innovation Leadership and motivation Managerial communication and interpersonal processes Managing groups and teamwork Controlling the organization and managing conflict 2. Management Two (Human-Resource Strategies) An Introduction to human-resource management HR planning Recruitment and selection Job design

Who Should Attend?
The diploma is ideal for medical doctors and dentists interested in healthcare management skills. It is also suitable for non-medical professionals who are employed or planning to work in the healthcare sector.

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