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Post : Production Supervisor.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. To prepared the daily production report. 2. To prepare inward material note. 3. To plan & arrange the raw material. 4. Production planning & control. 5. Check on line component. 6. Monitoring the consumable items. 7. Attend the customer complaints & corrective action. 8. Development activity. 9. Jig fixtures maintenance. 10. To take follow-up of breakdown maintenance. 11. To send the rejection material to party. 12. To prepare monthly report & analysis. 13. T P.M. activities to be carried out. 14. To prepare Q.C.P.C. ( Once in a year ) 15. To prepare delivery challans. 16. To prepare P.D.I. Report. 17. Collect drawing of component & relation gange from BAL. 18 To supervise on workers on the Shop floor 19. Training & development of workers. 20. To ensure that the daily targeted production is achieved. 21. To ensure good housekeeping & cleanliness in the shop. 22. To attend & participate in the various meetings conduced by the Superiors. 23. To maintain discipline at the Shop floor. 24. Take efforts to minimize in process rejection.

25. Give training to newly appointed workers. 26. Give multi skilling training to permanent operators.
27. Prepare the man power management for production. 28.To release the labors payment. 29. Daily production as per schedule. 30. Required consumable material & its provision. 31.Daily dispatch.

Designation. Department

: Production Incharge : Production

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Received customers complaints and solve them. If any problems exists at the shop floor, solve them. Implement new developments in the production. Over look on production report, process parameter and other reports and give correct instructions. Support to TPM related work. Guide & supervise the Production Supervisors. Responsible for the entire shop floor activities & the daily production . To arrange the daily ,weekly &/or the monthly meetings of the Supervisors. To report to the Management about the production activities on regular basis. To report to the top Management about the any discrepancy observed at the shop floor. To manage the shop floor activities in such a manner that the production is not stopped for any reason whatsoever.

Designation : Quality Assurance Engineer.

Dept. : Quality assurance. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. Responsible for quality of incoming, in process & finish goods. 2. Taking corrective preventive action for any non-conformity found on line. 3. Customer interaction for quality problems. 4. Vendor visit for showing quality related problems. 5. Vendor follow up for quality problems. 6. Material testing as per schedules. 7. Welding process qualification as per schedules. 8. Calibration of measuring instrument & gauges as per schedule. 9. To prepare QCPC & other documents for regular & development items. 10. Interaction with M.E. (Bajaj Auto) regarding development item activity. 11. Active participation in component development activity. (R.E. Body) 12. Preparation of check sheets of all items. 13. Active participation in quality circle activity. 14. Taking interviews of fresh Technical persons as per requirement in the group. 15. Going out side for company work, as per instruction from the seniors. 16. Making fixtures & gauges of development items. 1. 2. 3. 4. A. B. C. D. 5. 6. 100% Inspection of body assembly complete to be carried out. To maintaining the ISO documents related to Q.A. department (Final) Interaction with customer (Bajaj Auto) for various quality problems. Visit to Bajaj Auto for dittesent issues like : The green channel vehicle when driver changes. The permanent gate passes renewal once in three month. The Q.C. presentation once in a month. To attend the Q.C. meeting Daily. To make the in-process inspection of three cells (HP, HB, R/B) after each stage. To prepare the daily rework data at end of shift and taking the necessary corrective to overcome the defects. 7. To communicate the defects observed in day to day production to the concern workers. 8. To look after quality circle and Kaizen activities. (2 presentation done in Bajaj Auto Ltd. & 6 Kaizen done in shop floor.

Designation : Stores Officer.

Dept. : Stores. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Daily GRN & bill passing of vendor. 2. Receive the schedule from BAL. 3. To complete the dispatch of Chasis item. 4. To inform the raw material requirement to vendors. 5. To visit the vendors in case serious problem. 6. To unlode the material in Rucha Engg. 7. To prepare daily shortage list. 8. To unlode the vendors material. 9. To make the record of consumable item. 10. To maintain the ISO document. 11. Monthly consumption report. 12. 57 f 4 and sales invoice preparation daily. 13. Consumable bill and job works bill monthly. 14. Daily inventory level control. 15. Daily rejection material sending to party. 16. Weekly sale the scrap by arranging the vehicle. 17. Maintaining proper records in Stores so that the inventory is minimum.

Post : Manager Materials

Department : Materials Job Responsibilities : 1. 2. 3. 4. Responsible for entire Materials functions of the Company. To ensure the regular & non-stop supply of the Raw Materials. To see that the inventory level of the raw material is kept at bare minimum. Negotiating with the parties for the quality & the competitive prices of the raw material. 5. Maintaining good relations with the suppliers so that the Company does not face any problems as far as quality, quantity & the prices of the raw material are concerned. 6. Establish & maintain excellent systems for the records of the materials. 7. Responsible for the Purchase, Stores & Vendor Development functions of Company. 8. To develop & maintain good record keeping system in stores. 9. Training & development of the Staff working in the department. 10. To handle the Excise function of the Company with all the legal compliances. 11. Responsibility includes dispatch of the finished goods & maintaining proper records. 12. Responsible for the scrap disposal management. 13. Coordination of the material movement among all the manufacturing places. 14. To keep the cost of the raw material movement at the lowest. 15. Coordination between the Production, Stores, Finance & Maintenance Department.

Position : Works Manager

Department : Production Job Responsibilities : 1. 2. 3. 4. Entire responsibility of Manufacturing To ensure that the Factory runs smoothly To achieve the targets on daily, monthly & yearly basis. To decide the production norms & implement them effectively. To maintain excellent Industrial Relations in the factory & to avoid labour problems. To maintain discipline at the shop floor & take disciplinary actions whenever necessary To coordinate with Materials Manager & Finance Manager for smooth in flow of raw material. Daily dispatches to the parties as per the schedule. To assess the stock situation of raw material & consumables in the factory. To ensure that the machines are well maintained. Production Planning function to be carried out efficiently. To maintain the shop floor clean & neat. Excellent house keeping to be maintained at the shop floor. Identifying the training needs for the shop floor staff & workers & arrange for the suitable training programmes in consultations with CEO. Technical Developments & modernisation of process is to be continuously thought of and discussed with the Management. To maintain routine production reports & bring the discrepancies to the notice of the Management. Monthly presentation of the last months review & next months programme to the higher authorities is a major for this position.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Position : Finance Manager

Department : Finance Job Responsibilities : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Maintaining the Books of Accounts as per the Law. Finalisation of Accounts Costing Budgeting Audit. M I S. Banking. Finance. Funds Flow Management.

7. 8. 9.

Position : Maintenance Engineer.

Department : Maintenance JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. To carry daily maintenance activities. 2. To arrange the maintenance spares from the party. 3. To plan the shut-down maintenance & to do the same. 4. To manage the man power for maintenance & other related activities. 5. To do the House keeping. 6. To monitor the electricity power factor. 7. To prepare daily maintenance report of shop. 8. To maintain the general discipline. 9. To attend the breakdown maintenance. 10. Co-ordination with die maintenance. 11. To take safety precaution & give safety training to worker. 12. To ensure that the spare parts required for the maintenance are always available in the stores. 13. To bring the down time to bare minimum possible. 14. To ensure that the production is not hampered due to the breakdown. 15. To train & develop the workers in the department so that they would be independently handle the work in case of emergency. 16. Technical developments to be tried & carried out continuously.

Post : Asstt. Manager - Vendor Development.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. Production and planning of materials of vendors. 2. Interaction with suppliers. 3. To interact with customer regarding quality complaints of the item supplied by vendors. 4. To suggest & implement about the corrective action. 5. Proper planning of dispatch of item as per production schedules received by BAL. 6. Costing of new items. 7. Working on the automation of costing data which is change on the basis of raw material rates. 8. Fulfillment of information and requirement for new item development. 9. Development of new vendors . 10. Follow up with the vendors about the timely dispatch. 11. Planning of Vendors Production for smooth functioning. 12. Responsible for the entire quality assurance of the vendors to avoid rejection at Bal. 13. Preparation of statements which is time to time required by CEO . 14. Training to junior Staff & monitoring their work. 15. Materials Planning for Vendors. 16. Continuous development of Vendor,s working so that the problems are avoided at Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Post : Engr. (Vendor Development )

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. To dispatch the material as per the schedule. 2. Material follow-up with vendors. 3. To check the quality of the components. 4. To maintain the minimum stock level. 5. To keep the records of the stock. 6. To interact with Bajaj Auto Ltd. for quality problems and any other reasons. 7. To make samples inspection reports. 8. To ensure that the transportation cost is maintained at minimum level. 9. To plan daily dispatch & arrange vehicles for its transportation. 10. To communicate to superiors and concerned persons from vendors regarding rejection in BAL. 11. To submit the daily reports to superiors.


: Engineer - Design
: Design / QS.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. To draw a drawing in auto cad / solid edge. To draw a tool design in solid edge and components surface modeling. To prepare the documentation of development items ( i.e. V.Q.M.S. ) To control new modified and development drawing. To co-ordinate the weekly & monthly meeting of the group. To attend the internal quality audit of every department & each unit. To give departments non conformities and observation. To handle and maintain all the quality system and ISO documents. To masteries documentation of drawings in Rucha Group.

Designation : Chief Executive Officer

Department : Administration

1. Overall responsibility of the business of the Company.

2. To act on behalf of the M D & take appropriate decisions. 3. Responsible for Technical departments like Production, Materials, Quality Assurance, Design & Development and Commercial departments like HR, MIS & Purchase of all the Group Companies. 4. Technical Developments at all the units. 5. Business developments of the Group. 6. To ensure that the cordial relations are maintained at all the levels of the employees of all the units. 7. Administrative functions like liaisoning with Govt. Departments & outside agencies like Bajaj Auto Ltd.& also to maintain good relations with all outsiders. 8. To guide & to motivate all the Heads of the Departments 9. Deciding the business plans for long term & to plan the long term strategies for overall growth of the group.