Articles of Co – Partnership Of DAMAKERS Manufacturing Company KNOWN BY ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS That we, the undersigned, all Filipinos

, of legal ages, and residents of Batangas, Philippines, have on this day, covenanted to establish a partnership in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and we hereby certify that:

Article I The Partners That the names and addresses of the respective partners as follow

Maria Aurora P. Bayan Danilo V. Imperial Jr. Marie Kristel B. Montero Ellen G. Nambio

Poblacion, Malvar, Batangas Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas San Jose, Sto. Tomas, Batangas Poblacion, Malvar, Batangas

Article II Name of Domicile That the name of the partnership shall be DAMAKERS Manufacturing Company Manufacturing of Egg – Nyog Jam. The principal place of the partnership business shall be located at Ramonita Coounty Homes, Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas.

Article III Terms and Existence That the partnership shall exist on the 7th day of January, 2014 and shall continue until terminated by death or mutual agreement of the partners.

for the contracts which may be entered into in the name and for the account of partnership under a signature and by person authorized to act for the partnership. including industrial ones. or any penalty is incurred. shall be liable pro – rata with all their property and after all the partnership assets have been exhausted. However. the partnership is liable thereof to same extent as the partner so acting or omitting to act. Philippine Currency. Nambio Php. 60. by any wrongful act or omission of nay partner acting in the ordinary course of the business of the partnership or with authority of his copartners. 1816 All partners. not being a partner in the partnership. 60. . loss or injury is caused to any person.500. Marie Kristel B.00).00 Php. broken down. in contributions as follows: Maria Aurora P.500.000.00 Php.500. Imperial Jr. any partner may be enter into a separate obligation to perform a partnership contract. Article VI Jointly Liability – Art. Article VII Solidary Liability Where. Montero Ellen G. 60.500. Bayan Danilo V.00 Php.00 Article V Retirement / Withdrawal of Partnership A partner who retires from the partnership shall not directly or indirectly engage in a business which is or which would be competitive with the existing or anticipated business of the partnership for the period of five (5) years within the City of Tanauan where the partnership is currently doing or planning to do nusiness.Article IV Capital Contribution That the capital of the partnership shall be TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY THOUSAND PESOS (270. 60.

Philippines. Aurora P. Imperial Jr. we have here to set our hands this _________________________ at ____________________. Montero ________________________ Ellen G. All partners are liable solidarily with the partnership for everything chargeable with the partnership. where one partner acting in the scope of his apparent authority receives money or property of a third person and misapplied it. Bayan ________________________ Danilo V. and where the partnership in the course of business receives money or property while it is in the custody of the partnership. Nambio SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF: _________________________ _________________________ . (SIGNATURE OF PARTNERS) ________________________ Maria.The partnership is bound to make good loss. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. ________________________ Marie Kristel B.

and DAMAKERS Manufacturing Company. Marie Kristel B. Batangas represented by each general partners Bayan. Ellen G. the LESSEE hereby expressly warrants that the lease premises shall be used by it exclusively for legitimate business purposes and assumes full responsibility for any legal action or processes that may . Filipino Citizen.000. 2. Danilo V. WITNESSETH THAT: WHEREAS.. the LESSOR agrees to refund the deposit made by the LESSEE upon termination of this lease. THAT.CONTRACT OF LEASE KNOW ALL MEN BY ALL PRESENT This contract of lease entered into by and between __________ of legal age. single. all of legal age. and other utilities unpaid at the time. Filipino Citizen. THAT. THAT.M. Imperial Jr. THAT. Batangas. Tanauan City. due and payable regularly within the first five days each month without need of prior demand. Nambio. with residence on _____________ herein referred to as the LEASOR. the LESSOR is their absolute owner of a house located at Blk. 17 Lot 28 Ramonita County Homes. with the principal addresses at Blk. Darasa. the LESSEE agrees to pay ONE MOTH advance rental and ONE MONTH deposit upon signing the contract. Maria Aurora P.. WHEREAS the LESSOR is willing to rent out the said property and the LESSEE also signifies its intention to rent the same subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. 17 Lot 28 Ramonita County Homes.) more clearly described in Transfer of Certificate _______________________ at the Register of Deeds of Tanauan City. provided that the latter will not have any delinquent bills or accounts of electricity. Tanauan City. Herein after refer to as LESSE. Montero. 4. containing ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE SQUARE METERS (175 SQ.00) PHILIPPINE CURRENCY. 3. single.. 2014 for a monthly fixed rental of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (5. the LESSOR agrees to lease the above described property to the herein LESSEE for a period of ONE YEAR subject to extension to commence on January 7. water. Darasa.

(SIGNATURE) _______________ LESSOR DAMAKERS Manufacturing Company – LESSEE Represented by: BAYAN. the LESSEE shall pay for defray all its utility expenses and other business. mortgage or in any manner of encumber its right over the leased property or any portion thereof under any circumstances whatsoever band any contract that maybe made in violation of this clause shall deemed NULL and VOID. assign. MARIE KRISTEL B. General Partner IMPERIAL JR. DANILO V. MARIA AURORA P. useful and necessary expenses on the leased premises during the period of the leased and the LESSOR shall not be liable for them. General Partner NAMBIO. the LESSEE is hereby allowed to introduce useful and necessary repairs and improvements at the leased property at its own expense even without the consent of the LESSOR at the end of the lease contract. 6. this ______ day of ________________ 2013 at the City of Tanauan. THAT. We affix our signatures on this document . convey. ELLEN G. THAT. General Partner instituted by third person or any other property against the lease property during the period of such lease. the LESSEE shall not directly or indirectly sublease. 7. IN WITNESS THEREOF. transfer. General Partner . THAT. 5.

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