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Feniex 2010-2011 Catalog


Software compatible with any PC system, the Olympus is a 2 user, customizable interface featuring memory button functionality. With 16 different inputs, this innovative software and hardware combination allows a user to control all vehicle equipment with a mouse click, keyboard stroke, or finger touch of a digital button.

The 2 user interface set up allows officers running different shifts to customize and label their own digital buttons, as well as their three main memory buttons. Users can select to have buttons serve as an on/off, press hold or momentary switch.


16, 20-amp relays Two-user interface Laptop not included Fully customizable software Noise canceling microphone Dimensions: 9 L x 5.5 W x 1.5 H Screw in terminals for easy installation 3 programmable digital memory buttons Buttons can be labeled and positioned by the user The Olympus kit includes a three Hardware implements reliable MicroChip processor switch face plate, which serves as a fail Digital software and hardware all in one control panel safe option in the event of a computer Software compatible with any Windows operating system crash. Each button controls one of the Kit includes hardware, software,3-switch panel with 25 amp fuse programmed memory buttons. Memory buttons can be programmed to operate from any keyboard Fail safe switches communicate with 3 programmable memory buttons Allows users to operate all vehicle equipment and lighting from a computer Kit includes 3-switch panel as fail safe option in the event of a system crash Operational mode allows accessibility while running other software systems Buttons can be configured to operate as press hold, on/off, or pattern changer




Digital Touch Olympus



The Digital touch Olympus is a kit including the Olympus software, the fail safe switch panel, power supply and a 7 digital touch screen. The touchscreen mounts inside a vehicle console and serves as a dual-monitor to the vehicles current computer, operating system. It is not a stand alone unit.


Voltage: 12VDC 450 NIT brightness VGA/DVI compatible 7 touchscreen monitor 800x600 high resolution USB 4Wire touch integrated Installs with any operating system Console faceplate bracket included Dimensions: 7 L x 4.75 W x 1.25 H 7 digital touchscreen monitor display Works with the Olympus 16X software Hardware software and drives included Requires 6 of console mounting space Works as an add-on with any computer operating system

For console mounting, the following manufacturers provide the shown face plate bracket: Havis Jotto Ram Troy Gamber

The Olympus kit includes a three switch face plate, which serves as a fail safe option in the event of a computer crash. Each button controls one of the programmed memory buttons.