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Act 1 A bored Undertaker prepares to start a job on a recently received cadaver.

It had been common knowledge within the building that the man had died in such an odd way that it had astounded everyone, everyone except the very bored Undertaker who has seen everything from car accidents to clown deaths. However, never in his 50 years in the job had he ever seen anything quite like this. As the Undertaker stared down at this tuxedoed body he had just exposed, his mind boggled over how he had come to such an untimely death and how he had managed to be found with a painting shoved over his face, and a bowling ball implanted into his stomach. The sheer shock at the sight of this humorous death restored some life into this old Undertaker. The Undertaker contemplated how on Earth this could happen, checking the mans records he reads the time and place of death. Knowing he had a lot of work ahead of him, the Undertaker recovered his composure and got to work, lifting the bowling ball from the mans stomach he stares at the object in amusement. Transition into Act 2: Focus on bowling ball and change scene to a bowling alley. Act 2 A man bowling gets distracted while taking his shot at the 10 pins, slips and chucks the bowling ball down the lane badly, it bounces and rebounds and rolls itself out of the bowling alley and out into the car park where some construction work is going on. Dropping down the path, the bowling ball finds itself rolling through the construction site, rolling through a concrete tube and firing itself out the other side and rolls into a half-pipe that has been lifted by a crane. As the crane lifts it, the ball continues its rolling, rolls out the half-pipe, and falls until it hits some scaffolding and breaks through it, leaving a hole behind. Free falling, it slips into some U-Bend piping and launches itself over and out of the construction site, knocking a builders hardhat before flying over the chain fence. As the bowling ball feels its glimpse of freedom, it finds itself encountering a waterbed that is being moved into a near-by house, dropping on to the waterbed, it slowly sinks into the bed, stretching the waterbed, it finally breaks through and sets off on a roll down the hill, leaving behind the soaked movers. As the ball cascades down the hill, people are forced to move out of its way as it gathers speed, sending a bicyclist hurtling off their bike and encountering a small dog owned by a snooty lady, flattening it and carrying on, the cries of the woman can be heard down the street. People from surrounding shops pop their heads out to see this bowling ball making its way rapidly down the road towards the recently refurbished art gallery that is having its open day. Rolling towards an array of construction material that had been left at the side of the road, the bowling ball finds itself speeding up a construction sign that had been left and hurtles into the air towards the art galleries new polished windows. Act 3 Transition to Art Gallery A man is standing in his tuxedo holding his elegant flute of champagne, having just purchased the famous Scream painting, he feels satisfied with himself. Grinning at this achievement, he watches as the helpers take down the painting and take it to be packaged. He hears a sash of glass and people screaming, before he manages to turn around, a force hits him in the back and sends him flying head first through the painting. Transition to Undertaker The Undertaker removes the bowling ball and places it on the working bench next to him; he picks up the needle ready to attempt to sew the mans stomach together. Taking a step forward, he trips on his lace and he lands face first on the body and kicks the working bench, knocking it over and sending the bowling ball crashing out of the room. Credits: You see the bowling ball roll across the bottom of the screen

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