some of my most...

1/10/13 1:58 PM

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Barbara Karnes

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Diane Armitage
Tuesday at 6:36pm ·

some of my most simple/favorite things: a fire in the wood stove, coffee, freshly washed sheets, sound and smell of rain after a long dry spell, first snowfall, the sound of my horse crunching her hay, the sounds she makes whilst she sips her water, the song of the chickadee, the chatter and banter of the Stellars, wool socks in the winter, our fur-houseguests curling up next to me, my bath tub full of steaming hot water when I come in from the cold, how the stars on some nights seem to crackle, the sight of trees silhoueted in the moonlight as it rises over the mountain, the sound of the 'gentle' wind as it rustles thru the dancing trees, my bed, my pillow.
Unlike · Comment You and 7 others like this. Diane Armitage ...and sometimes wool socks in the summer! Tuesday at 6:37pm · Like Elizabeth Hillen I love the IDEA of wool socks, but as soon as they settle onto my poor cold feeties the ITCHING starts and quickly becomes unbearable... even through another liner pair of socks. Lame but true. Tuesday at 6:42pm · Like Joni Trowbridge Amen .. Tuesday at 6:48pm · Like · Diane Armitage ah... Tuesday at 6:55pm · Like · 1 ..Friends like you 2 ..and the warmth of the Sun upon my face !!!

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Diane Armitage Elizabeth, that would seriously suck!! then I would have to find some fleecey substitute! D) Tuesday at 6:56pm · Like · 1 Bähb Hudson My friend, you should write a book! Could I talk you into it? Tuesday at 6:56pm · Unlike · 3

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Bähb Hudson It's really not that difficult. I'm posting one on here now. Check it out. Just write as you talk. Tuesday at 6:59pm · Like · 2 Louise Senior I'm one for the sun on my face/body too! love to curl up like a kitten on a comfy chair in the sunshine Tuesday at 7:00pm · Like · 1

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Diane Armitage I remember when I was little, I would pretend to be a kitten, (when I wasnt a horse lol), and curl up in the sunspots on the floor...I swear I was more animal-like than human - my poor parents. lol Tuesday at 7:02pm · Like · 2 Diane Armitage directing that Q to me? Tuesday at 7:03pm · Like · Tuesday at 7:05pm · Unlike · Bähb Hudson Why yes! Tuesday at 7:06pm · Like · 2 1 1

Diane Armitage Wow... Barbara Karnes! do you see THIS SYNC??? lol my.....

Louise Senior as a child I far preferred the company of my animals than my humans Tuesday at 7:08pm · Like Diane Armitage LOL oh Bahb, the reason I am getting such a buzz on this is due to the sync of it....last night someone else brought up this very thing!!!! I guess the 'writing is on the 'wall' lol Tuesday at 7:08pm · Like · 2 Bähb Hudson The Universe has spoken, dear. Your move. Tuesday at 7:08pm · Unlike · 3

Diane Armitage Same here Louise...and generally speaking, I still am guaranteed solice and comfort from my animal compadres - some humans/sometimes - but always from those of pure spiirit. Tuesday at 7:09pm · Like · 2

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some of my most...

1/10/13 1:58 PM

Diane Armitage Bahb, I agree - actually I am feeling a bit tingly coming up my legs! Tuesday at 7:10pm · Like · 1 5 winners, 5 Denali Jackets! Click "Like" and enter!

Louise Senior off you go Diane, see you in 9 months!! or keep us updated Tuesday at 7:11pm · Like Diane Armitage I do enjoy the art of pen to paper, if you will. When I do write, it seems to be on 'it's' terms and then it just flows out, more like it isn't really from me because minutes after I write, I often couldn't tell you what it was lol Tuesday at 7:12pm · Like · 1 Diane Armitage Louise - 9 months! Nah, I will be here - would miss you all way too much!!! not going to happen. Tuesday at 7:12pm · Like · 1 Barbara Karnes Bahb says... "... you should write a book!... Just write as you talk." So Diane, what wall was that fly stuccoed to last night during our call, and how did it get to Bahb's house so quickly?? Tuesday at 7:13pm · Like · 2 Diane Armitage Bahb, back to your question....did you have a thought about 'what'? Tuesday at 7:13pm · Like Louise Senior seemed just the right amount of time to bring a book baby to fruition Tuesday at 7:14pm · Like Louise Senior can I offer a thought to that "what" well thanks go off and meditate on your favourite view of nature and listen to the message you receive from within Tuesday at 7:15pm · Unlike · 1

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Diane Armitage LOL Barbara - you have a point! Exactly!!! funny thing is, Barbara, since our chat last night, I was going about my day wondering 'hmmm, suppose i won't get one sync today just because!!! Tuesday at 7:16pm · Unlike · Diane Armitage 2

to all of you - love that you are a part of my sync's!!! 2

Tuesday at 7:21pm · Like · Louise Senior

and you part of mine

Tuesday at 7:24pm · Like Louise Senior I seem to be surrounded by people writing books... hmmm wonder if theres a message in that for me?! Tuesday at 7:25pm · Unlike · 1

Barbara Karnes Diane... I can see that fly visited Louise, too. And, like the childhood game of telephone tag it swapped the word ON for IN. Otherwise, it got the quote right. "Go off and meditate IN your favorite view of nature and listen to the message you recei... See More Tuesday at 7:26pm · Edited · Like · 2 Louise Senior Not lost on me Barbara! I always listen to my own words of advice amazing to just listen to oneself speak the words one needs to hear?! Tuesday at 7:28pm · Unlike · 2 and maybe its time I changed its quite

Louise Senior Can't say I act on the message, but I DO listen that?!!! Thank you!! Tuesday at 7:30pm · Edited · Like

Louise Senior how's this for sync?...I leave you to go home to my my newsfeed and whats sitting there at the top?! a new chapter from another friends book!!!! Tuesday at 7:33pm · Edited · Like Barbara Karnes Hang out with Diane and me for a while Louise. We'll change that. know how the book writing goes. Tuesday at 7:31pm · Like · 2 And, let us

Diane Armitage I feel, really feel here, that we are all getting a 'message' here. and there is a sense of closely woven among us. Barbara, it's like that picture I posted for you of the rock/face/native...and the note in the foreground - I since named the photo, Message from beyond! Tuesday at 7:32pm · Unlike · 2 Diane Armitage Louise is very insightful...a kindred and is soo very intuned! Tuesday at 7:33pm · Like · 1

Louise Senior as you say....kindred Tuesday at 7:34pm · Like Louise Senior are you writing too Barbara? Tuesday at 7:35pm · Like Barbara Karnes Yes. Always. I write every day in one way or another and and have both published and co-authored a number of books - most of which are e-titles under one of my pen names. Tuesday at 7:37pm · Edited · Like · Tuesday at 7:37pm · Like 1

Diane Armitage Barbara, would you share some of your titles with us?

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some of my most...

1/10/13 1:58 PM

Barbara Karnes Privately I will. Like that who anonymity thing I've got going'. Tuesday at 7:37pm · Like · 2

Diane Armitage ...and more connections are made here Tuesday at 7:37pm · Like · 1

Diane Armitage yes, understood and I was actually going to PM you on it, but...didn't listen to that knowing ;/ Tuesday at 7:38pm · Like · 1 Louise Senior its more a "of course" you write!! from me! sounded very much the mentor! just wanted confirmation Tuesday at 7:39pm · Like · 1

Louise Senior I'm like you Diane, not knowing what to write! I've had so many ideas over the years, but its just a matter of making a start isn't it?! Tuesday at 7:41pm · Like Diane Armitage I do know in the moment; spirit I guess kind of moves me and it just rolls out. But there is always a window of time that that rolling out seems to manifest. I guess if I am to write a book, I had best write fast! Tuesday at 7:43pm · Like · 1 Barbara Karnes Going rouge girls. TCI Radio in about 15 mins. Gotta get ready. Come join us. Link on the FB page. Tuesday at 7:44pm · Like · 2 Diane Armitage great, I am going to be listening!! Tuesday at 7:45pm · Like · Tuesday at 7:45pm · Like Bähb Hudson OH MY! I didn't intend to cause a Pep Rally! I've just read so many posts from you, Diane, that focus on simplicity and beauty. You have the soul of a writer. Write from the heart if you choose to pursue that. I would expect photos from you too! When I... See More Tuesday at 7:59pm · Like · 2 Diane Armitage Bahb, I am moved by your words here....and now, cannot possibly find the written word suffice to express how I feel, but simply, thank you. Tuesday at 8:04pm · Like · 1 Bähb Hudson Hugs! Tuesday at 8:04pm · Like Diane Armitage hugsback - I sense you would be a powerful support. 1 1 1

Diane Armitage Louise, have you tuned into TCI?

Tuesday at 8:05pm · Like · Tuesday at 8:06pm · Like · Nancy Eccleston Beutiful. Yesterday at 7:29am · Like

Diane Armitage ps. the pep rally has been a blast tho ;D

Donna Stiles love your list, but you forgot the smell of fresh sawdust in the stalls Yesterday at 11:14am · Like · 1

Bähb Hudson And the sound of squirrels chattering in the trees. Always loved that! Yesterday at 11:15am · Like · 1

Diane Armitage Donna, you're right, sawdust is one of my euphoria's :D) Yesterday at 12:25pm · Like Write a comment...

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