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Integrated Riot Investigation Team 911 Calls
‘2a1-911 Call 1 (FD) (00:03:02) Incident #11-94478

?F – Unknown Female CT – Call Taker CD – Central Dispatcher ______________________________________________________________________

Phone rings ?F CT ?F Hello? Hi, ma’am. Where are you? We’re on Georgia Street, we’re a little bit trapped, and there’s a complete fuckin’ riot and there’s no police here. CT ?F OK. You’re about Georgia and Seymour? Yes. Between Seymour, and they’re kicking in all the windows of The Bay, they’re threatening people, and it’s, it’s absolutely bedlam and there’s…. I don’t see a police officer in sight. CT ?F CT ?F OK. We are downtown, but we’re not at that exact location at the moment. Well… Uh… The Bay is the target now. They’ve kicked in four windows and they’re stealing everything they can get their hands on, and I can see there’s Bay employees inside that are also terrified. We just stopped a looter and made him throw six purses back. But I see the employees inside and they’re terrified. CT ?F CT ?F OK. They’re busting in windows. And what are they using to broke, break into the windows? They’re using, they’re using the things they use for um, the pylons, the things with the, the metal spears on the end cause….. What are they called?

VPD #11-94478

911 Calls

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Sawhorses. And the sawhorses have the metal spears and they’re using that to bust the windows. Background noises ?F And they’re using the mailboxes and the newspaper boxes, and there’s now six windows out, I believe, and there’s about ten guys up on the roof… Background noises ?F …and they’re going into the store and the people in the store are not safe. And I don’t see one police officer. Ah, god. Oh my god. There’s a fire inside. There’s a fire… CT ?F CT ?F They’re starting a fire? …inside Sasso hairdressers. I see flames. Is that beside The Bay? (Unintelligible) and you’re there. Yes. Sasso hairdressers. Or maybe it’s The Bay’s reflection. There’s a fire in The Bay. There’s a fire in The Bay. It’s a reflection. So, honestly, you need everybody to get… CT ?F OK. …down here.

Background noises ?F My god. The place is going up and there’s people more going on the roof. They’re gonna get killed. CT OK.

Background noises CD CT CD. CD for file 529. There’s a fire started inside The Bay and there are people stuck on the roof. CD CT CD CT CD ?F CT We already know about that. OK. The Fire Department’s trying to get in there. All right. Cheers. Thanks. But we need more police. We need more police. Yeah. We are on the way.
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VPD #11-94478

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More. More. Honestly? Call out the National Guard or the Army. Like this is, this is actually…. It’s crazy. It’s insane.

Background noises CT ?F CT ?F OK. No. You need more. I know. I don’t see one police officer in armoured gear, and I understand what you’re doing but it’s not cool. You need more people in here. CT ?F CT We’re working to get more people there right now. There’s a lot of people here. There’s over a hundred and sixty thousand people downtown. We’re trying to get there right now, OK? ?F But a lot of people are afraid to move and we don’t want to be tear-gassed by going the wrong direction. CT No. I can understand that. And we are coming as soon as possible, OK? Just try to stay safe, OK? ?F CT OK. All right. Thank you.

Call ends

VPD #11-94478

911 Calls

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Integrated Riot Investigation Team 911 Calls
‘2a2-911 Call 2 (D6) (00:03:54) Incident #11-94478

Q – Queue ?M1 – Unknown Male 1 ?M2 – Unknown Male 2 A – Automated Message CD – Central Dispatcher CT – Call Taker ?F – Unknown Female ?M3 – Unknown Male 3 ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency tone Unintelligible background voices Q ?M1 Q 9-1-1. Police, ambulance, or fire? Police. Vancouver. Yes. Stay on the phone.

Dial tone Phone ringing ?M1 ?M2 Q A ?M1 A ?M1 A ?M1 Q ?M1 Tell them just to get out of there. (Unintelligible) Know where you are. …the Vancouver Police Department Stay here. Don’t hang up. We’re, we’re outta here. Tell them to get out of there. …next available call taker. Get out of there. What’s going on? Uh, 674 Granville Street. The Bay. They’ve broken our windows, they’re coming in and they’re stealing our merchandise. We need assistance now.

VPD #11-94478

911 Calls

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Q A Q ?M1 Q ?M1 Q

‘kay. Stay on the phone. …next available call taker. What side are they? The uh, Gr-, Georgia side. They’re breaking (unintelligible) And your staff? Yeah, the, yeah. Georgia side. ‘kay. Stay on the phone.

Background noises A Please stand by for the next available call taker.

Background noises Q ?M1 Q ?M1 Q They broke a window. They’re stealing merchandise? Yeah. And all throughout the store just stealing merchandise. How many people? There’s uh, there’s a whole lot of people. I can’t give you a number. ‘kay.

Background noises ?M1 V1 , get outta there. Get away.

Background noises Q A ?M1 CD Q Is anyone being hurt? …next available call taker. No. CD. CD, just you’re so aware of 53. People have broken the window to The Bay and they’re uh, inside looting and stealing merchandise. ?M1 CD ?M1 Get away. OK. Sorry?

Unintelligible background voices ?M1 A ?M1 Q Get away. Get away. Get away. Please stand by for the next available call taker. Go. Go. Go. Just get out of here. Who are you talking to? (Short pause) Who are you talking to?
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VPD #11-94478

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One of my co-workers. I’m just clearing the area.

Background noises Q ?M1 And everyone is safe? Yeah. Right now, but they’re, they’re coming into our building and taking our merchandise (unintelligible) A Q Please stand by for the next available… ‘kay. It’s just property, OK? Right now, we’ve got to make sure everyone is safe. What’s your first name? ?M1 (Unintelligible)

Background noises ?M1 V1 there’s glass coming through. Do not stand here.

Phone ringing CT Q CT Q CT Vancouver Police. It’s OK. I tak-, I’ve taken the file. Sorry? I’ve taken the file. OK.

Background noises Q ?M1 ‘kay. What’s happening now? Uh, they’re just breaking out windows. They climbed in and grabbed some uh, some purses and YN watches. Um, they’re starting to disperse a little bit (unintelligible). Q ?M1 Do you guys have somebody that’s gonna come and fix the windows? Well, we’ll have to call the glass company but I’m just concerned about our safety. We’re…. We’ve moving every-, everybody up to the top floor of the store. Q ?M1 Q ?M1 Q ?M1 They’re…. You’re moving everyone to the top floor? Yeah. (Unintelligible) And the window that’s damaged is on Georgia? Yes (unintelligible). Is that right? Between Georgia and Seymour we’ve got multiple windows that are damaged.

Background noises
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Q ?M1

How many staff? Uh, there’s about 50 to 60 staff, and customers as well.

Background noises Q ?M1 Do you have a security company? Uh, well uh, there’s in-, four in-house security guards and uh, five contract uniformed security guards. Background noises Q ?M1 (Unintelligible) Sorry? Everybody went up… They’re just coming upstairs. They were bashing windows and were coming through. I took everyone upstairs. It was unsafe. ?F ?M1 ?F Q Yeah, yeah. But what about the onsite security guards? They’re all upstairs. (Unintelligible) OK. We have the file up. Everyone needs to be safe, and if that means evacuating, and security can stand near the windows, that’s the best thing to do, OK? ?M1 No, no, they can’t because there’s, there’s glass coming through the windows right now. (Unintelligible) Q ?M1 ?M3 Q ?M1 Q M1 So you guys could go out a front door, can’t you? Yeah, we can. But no we can’t. It’s unsafe. No no no no no. You can’t. Well, it might be safer than staying inside, sir. Yeah. We’re gonna stay inside right now. OK. Bye. Thank you. Bye.

Call ends

VPD #11-94478

911 Calls

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Integrated Riot Investigation Team 911 Calls
‘2a3-911 Call 3 (B6D) (00:04:07) Incident #11-94478

CT – Call Taker ?F – Unknown Female ?M1 – Unknown Male One ?M2 – Unknown Male Two ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency tone Background noises CT ?F Vancouver Police. Hi. Is anybody going to come to The Bay downtown Granville? ‘cause uh, there’s about a hundred people inside here and there’s about 50 thousand people outside with weapons. We need somebody to come here right now. CT ?F CT ?F CT Yes, ma’am. The police are coming there. Where are you in The Bay? Uh, the main level. OK. And how many people are in The Bay? About a hundred people downstairs. Are you able to get out of the building?

Background noises CT ?F Are you able to get out of the building? No. We can’t. We cannot leave the building. There’s people outside with weapons and uh, attacking the people inside. CT ?F OK. Are you able to go to a secure area? No. We don’t have a secure area especially because the fire alarm is sounding. There’s fire outside the, the door. CT OK. Just a moment.

Background noises ?F We have people here, we have (unintelligible) here, so rush. So rush.
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VPD #11-94478

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?M1 ?F

(Unintelligible) too eh? Yes. Everybody grab one.

Background noises ?F This way.

Unintelligible background voices ?F ?M1 ?F He said, he said go that way. Who is um…. Who is it? Uh, one of your guys.

Unintelligible background voices ?F CT (Unintelligible) I’m sorry. The…. Are you…. Who are you talking to, ma’am?

Background noises ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F Sorry. Um, the store security manager. OK. We’re going to a loading dock ‘cause that’s… OK. …the only place we can get to right now where there’s no people. OK. Where are you right now? What level is this? Pardon me? Uh, lower level. Lower level. Yes. OK. Are you able to leave through the mall? No. We cannot leave through the mall. OK. So the only way is to go upstairs? I’m sorry? The only way to leave is to go upstairs? To the loading dock. OK. Can you get out through the loading dock? I am not sure yet. We’re not there yet and now there’s massive crowds of people so we’re just trying to get them to the safest place we can.
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Background noises CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F OK. We have some police on scene there. OK. Having a look. How many staff are there? Um, I don’t know how…. I don’t have count of that. A-, approximately. We have a…. There’s about a hundred people with us right now. A hundred staff? They’re not staff. It’s a mix of staff and customers who were left behind before we closed the door. Background noises ?M2 ?F ?M2 CT ?F CT (Unintelligible) Go ‘way. Hey. This way. This way. Are you all going towards the loading bay? No. They have separated and I don’t know where the other half is going. OK.

Background noises CT Just a moment.

Background noises Short pause CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT ?F CT Hi, ma’am? Yes. Hi. There’s lots of, lots of police there. They’re just waiting to move in. (Unintelligible) OK. So my suggestion for you… Yes. …is to stay in the lower level. Stay together… Yes. …and wait for the police to come downstairs, OK? OK. We are waiting for the police. OK.
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VPD #11-94478

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We’re going to the loading dock. The other half I don’t know. They went back upstairs.


OK. Is the loading door going to be open, do you know? I don’t know. OK. Well, I don’t want you to get trapped somewhere… OK. …so don’t go… Yes. …somewhere where you’re gonna get trapped. OK? I’m…. Sorry? I don’t want you going somewhere where you’re going to get trapped. OK. But there’s a lot of police that are just about to move in. OK. OK? OK. So stay together and wait for the police. OK. All right? Yes. I’ll let you go. Just wait there for the police. OK. OK. Bye.

RECORDINGS END. END OF INTERVIEW Transcribed By (VA9451/2012-10-11) Transcript Proofed By Member (D/Cst R. JEFFREY 2620 / 2012-10-12):

VPD #11-94478

911 Calls

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