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Protection, Substation Automation, Power Quality and Measurement

6.2 Protection Systems

Three-winding transformer Notes: 1) The zero-sequence current must be blocked before entering the differential relay with a delta winding in the CT connection on the transformer side with earthed starpoint. This is to avoid false operation during external earth faults (numerical relays provide this function by calculation). About 30 % sensitivity, however, is then lost in the event of internal faults. Optionally, the zero-sequence current can be regained by introducing the winding neutral current in the differential relay (87T). Relay type 7UT613 provides two current inputs for this purpose. By using this feature, the earth-fault sensitivity can be upgraded again to its original value. Restricted earth-fault protection (87T) is optional. It provides backup protection for earth faults and increased earth-fault sensitivity (about 10 % IN, compared to about 20 to 30 % IN of the transformer differential relay). Separate class CTcores with equal transmission ratio are also required for this protection. 2) High impedance and overcurrent in one 7SJ61. General notes: In this example, the transformer feeds two different distribution systems with cogeneration. Restraining differential relay inputs are therefore provided at each transformer side. If both distribution systems only consume load and no through-feed is possible from one MV system to the other, parallel connection of the CTs of the two MV transformer windings is admissible, which allows the use of a two-winding differential relay (7UT612).

HV Infeed 52
I>>, I >, t > I2 >, t





7SJ60, 7SJ61 or 7SJ80

51N 7SJ60


51N 7SJ60 1) 87N 7VH602) 87T 7UT613

I>, t I E >, t

I>, t I E >, t




51N 7SJ602) M.V. 52

87N 7SJ61 or 7SJ80 M.V. 52 52 52


Backfeed Load


Fig. 6.2-89: Three-winding transformer


Notes: 1) 87N high-impedance protection requires special class current transformer cores with equal transformation ratios. 2) The 7SJ60 relay can alternatively be connected in series with the 7UT613 relay to save this CT core. General note: Two different protection schemes are provided: 87T is chosen as the low-impedance three-winding version (7UT613). 87N is a 1-phase high-impedance relay (7VH60) connected as restricted earth-fault protection. (In this example, it is assumed that the phase ends of the transformer winding are not accessible on the neutral side, that is, there exists a CT only in the neutral earthing connection.)




50/51 1)


87N 7VH60

7SJ60, 7SJ61 or 7SJ80

52 87T 49 7UT613 52 1) 51 50/BF 59N 7SJ60 *) 7RW600 or 7RW80 Fig. 6.2-90: Autotransformer 63 50/51 46 50/BF 51N 7SJ60 *) *) Alternatives: 7SJ80



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